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((Let's pick on lil J whaddup)) Jeremy is plant boi. He has vines and stuff all over his house and flowers growing in his hair and its v v cute BUT in the winter and at night he kinda,,,, shuts down. He doesn't even get tired like at night he'll just sit with his eyes open and he looks a lil lost and a lil dead inside (he just kinda stares off into the void until sunrise) (1/?)

In the winter he gets really, really sick and all his little hair flowers wilt and he gets very very pale and everyone gets very very concerned and Gavin like tries to hug him or smthg and he’s freezing cold so they bring him to a fire place and it doesn’t help at all and jerum just sits and stares with a dead look out the window and frost slowly covers him 

And they bring Jeremy to rye’s house and Rye is like !!!! is he dead and they’re like no not YET and so Ryan spends Winter (And possibly christmas, if you’re into that) trying to bring jeremy back as frost covers his whole body and his heart rate slows a bunch and all the flowers on his head die and then when spring rolls around and ryan is crying on the floor because he thinks he’s lost Jeremy 

The sun comes out (I imagine the winter in Minecraft being brutal and stuffs) and the frost melts off jeremy and he coughs back to life and he gets kinda confused like “ryan? Ryan are you okay??” and ryan loses his shit because he thought jeremy was dead and within a couple days Jeremy’s flowers are back and he’s back in his house watering his plants like ‘hello my lovelies <3" and everyone is happy because the small plant boi is back 


Things to do for Ostara

Ostara is the spring festival, and the pagan pre-cursor to Easter, falling between the 20th and 22nd of March. Here are a list of easy things you can do to celebrate the festival at home!

  • Paint and decorate eggs! Hard boil them first and use vegetables to stain them or simply paint your designs onto them, they look lovely in a decorative bowl.
  • Collect a bunch of spring flowers, go outside with friends or while walking your dog and hunt for some pretty spring blooms. These might include daffodils, lesser celendines, dandelions, snow drops, primroses or blackthorn blossom. Be sure to be considerate with what you take, don’t take too much, and ensure to do your research first to make sure that none of the flowers you’re picking are endangered (such as bee orchids or cowslips). Place them in a pretty jug or vase with plenty of water to invite some life and spring freshness into your home. 
  • Bake bread! Any type of bread is good, but hot-cross-buns are traditional, the cross on representing the crucifixion to Christians, or the wheel of the year to pagans!
  • Do an Ostara-egg hunt, or an egg rolling competition. Simply line up your eggs with your fellow competitors at the top of a hill, and the first egg to reach the bottom wins! A great game for kids at this time of year, and a little different from the traditional egg-hunt. 
  • Light candles, place them in your window on Ostara Eve to symbolize your hope for the new season. 
  • Invite friends around and have an Ostara feast. Traditional seasonal foods include; lamb, rabbit, eggs, honey, bread, onions and leeks, potatoes, cakes, lemon, oranges, stews, soups and salads. 
  • Make an Ostara alter, dedicated to the goddess, or just the season itself. Decorate with painted eggs, rabbit/hare ornaments, candles, incense, fresh flowers and green and yellow cloth.

Have a blessed and safe Ostara everyone! <3

20 Questions Tag

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Name: Anya

Nickname: None…just Anya’s cool.

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Height: 5′7″ (used to be 5′6″ but I had back surgery a month ago and gained an inch)

Orientation: aro gray-ace

Nationality: American

Favorite Fruit: watermelon

Favorite Season: spring

Favorite Flower: irises (we had a bunch growing in our backyard when I was little)

Favorite Scent: fresh baked chocolate chip cookies

Favorite Color: purple or blue

Favorite Animal: cat, maybe?

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Cocoa?: tea (hot chocolate’s a REALLY close second though)

Favorite Fictional Character: Sam Gamgee from the Lord of the Rings

Number of Blankets You Sleep With: one

Dream Trip: New Zealand (so pretty and I’m DYING to see Hobbiton)

Blog Created: August 2016, though my art blog was created in May

I tag @fancynightmareninja and whoever else wants to do this! This was fun :)

Herb of the Week-Foxglove


Common Foxglove
Deadmen’s Bells
Fairy’s Glove
Folk’s Glove
Purple Foxglove
Witch’s Bells
The herbal plant known as the foxglove can reach six feet in height. The foxglove has a straight stem without branches and grows as a biennial plant. During the spring bloom, foxglove flowers hang in bunches on the stem - the flowers have a dull pink or purple coloration, and often come with white spots on the corolla. The large sized leaves of the foxglove possess distinct and prominent veins running along the lamina.

Among all the traditional medicinal plants of old, the foxglove is considered to be among the loveliest, the most significant, the best known and even the most lethal. The plant poison called digitalis is simply the powdered down dried leaves of the foxglove plant. Digitalis is a well known cardiac stimulating compound that has helped millions of heart patients stay alive due to its property of stimulating the cardiac muscles.

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