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Finally I’m getting around to posting my 600 follower celebration fics.  Apologies for the wait!  

This one’s for @tallcansholdhands Destiel, Florist AU.  Fluffy.  (Sorry, I couldn’t get the smut in there without taking it in another direction.  Maybe someday I’ll do a rewrite with my smutty plan one day…)

Summary: Castiel gets a frequent visitor to his flower shop.

warnings: none, just Destiel fluff

word count: 1270

Castiel was a couple hours into his daily shift, reorganizing the flowers in the display window to make them more enticing to the passer-bys on the street.  Arranging the flowers was one of his favorite parts of the job: placing different flowers next to each other based on color or shape, height or width, sometimes based on their meaning.

He turned from the display, walking to the sink behind the counter where he needed to trim some of the stems they’d be using for a wedding order.  Behind him, the bell tinkled lightly, indicating that a customer had entered.

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