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Soulmarks (And Those Worth Dying For)

(This is a part of a challenge I played with my friend: writing a ficlet within 20 shots; 140 letters or less each.) → in AO3


Someone was born to be alone. Severus’ arms were blank and always would be, even though he loved somebody more than his own life, always.


Peter didn’t have soul-mark. He tried to date and failed. Years later, he was glad he didn’t have one. It was easier to cut loose this way.


James had three thick Gryffindor-red lines on his left upper arm. Lily refused to wear short sleeves shirts even in summer until 6th year.


Snape hated James since the first time he saw the mark. Lily had never told him about hers, but he knew. He always knew and he hated James.


Lily didn’t want the mark to manipulate her so she hated James. She failed the moment James protected the disowned Black with all he got.


Lily failed not to love him. When she knew Remus’ secret, James was ready to hex the hell out of her if she’d showed any sign of hatred.


When the secret was out, James’ duty was to stop Black from strangling Lily. Girl or not, Black didn’t care. He was there to protect Remus.


Sirius had golden scratches all over his right arm as a soul-mark. He never hid them. In 1st year, Remus chocked every time he saw them.


Regulus had pure white lines on the back of his hands; Kreacher was the last to see them. His partner might be dying somewhere too.


Black brothers didn’t care much about the marks, but Regulus was happy to see Sirius found his mate. Sirius deserved it more than anybody.


Regulus asked him what it felt like at their secret meeting. Sirius claimed it was a painless Crucio. Regulus didn’t understand one bit.


Remus wondered why his mark looked like scars. When he was five, he understood. He immensely hated it. His partner must have hated him too.


Sirius found Remus’ mark after they forced another secret out of him. Remus thought he would be hated for life. Sirius just hugged him.


Theoretically, no one knew about Remus’ marks. Technically, Sirius made it obvious they were bonded. Nobody pointed it out to Remus, though.


Having best friends being soulmates was a gift and a curse, James and Peter realized. Sirius showed off by kissing; Remus just slapped him.


6th year, Lily gave in after James came back with several wounds. He was protecting Black when Greyback’s minions tried to kidnap Remus.


Black was sent to St.Mungo, too much Crucio and all that. He said he was used to it. Regulus secretly asked Remus to punch him hard.


James was always ready to die protecting. Lily knew he didn’t like her because of the mark. He was ready to die for Black. It was insane.


Lily wore short sleeves one day, her marks shining red under sunlight. James nearly fainted. If Black was there, he’d die from laughter.


Regulus thought Sirius and his friends were a bunch of idiots. Severus agreed, but with different reasons. They weren’t exactly wrong.

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Prompt: Clarke searching on craigslist for a husband and finds Bellamy

Special thanks to @ponyregrets and @reblogginhood for coming through with some details.  Also on ao3.

MARRY MY BEST FRIEND HE’S GREAT!!!  Clarke set down her beer and snorted.  A friday night spent with a six pack and Best of Craigslist wasn’t exactly living her best life, but it was all she felt like doing after the week she’d had at the hospital.  She clicked the link and moved her laptop to balance more comfortably on her knees.


He’s crazy smart and kind of a grump but that’s only because he loves his friends and we’re a bunch of idiots.  He’s pan and really hot, but he’d kill me if I posted a picture of his face so here’s a picture of his chest instead:

Clarke tipped her head to the side and considered the proffered torso while she took a long swig of beer.  He was wearing a grey Arkadia University t-shirt that looked soft and worn, and he did have nice, broad shoulders that stretched the shirt pleasantly.  It looked like he had one arm around someone— a male someone— and the other one held a bottle of the same beer she was drinking.  

She scrolled on.

I’m getting married to my fiance soon and I figured we should just make it a double wedding because he deserves to be as happy as we are and he hasn’t had a boyfriend or girlfriend in too long.  All you gotta do is show up and marry my best friend!!!


Guy, gal, or nonbinary pal

Patience with long, rambling historical anecdotes

Sense of humor because you’re really underestimating how many long, rambling historical anecdotes you’re gonna hear

I cannot emphasize enough how many long, rambling historical anecdotes he has

He hates going out so either you should be a shut-in too or maybe you should be the sort of person who can get him out of the house (I think the first one but my fiance says the second one is best idk use your best judgment there)

Burning hatred of the patriarchy

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Let’s Play Family as People You See in High School

(Sorry I didn’t do the whole Family because I don’t watch all of them and I wouldn’t be sure what to classify them as. Also I didn’t do all of the people from the groups because I don’t know them well enough )

Cow Chop

Trevor- Looks like he could be a stoner and like he’s a surfer and about to go catch some sick waves despite the fact that you’re no where near the ocean and the closest thing you have to sick waves is when your friend jumps into the pool and ripples the water
Aleks- The Actual Stoner kid whose parents would defend him at all costs. Like he’s the one who gets the nice car when everyone else has a car from like 10+ years ago.  Honestly not a bad dude, would probably do stupid shit for money if you dared him to.
James- That one kid who fights with teachers just to fuck with them or if they are actually being unfair. Would probably yell at the teacher if you asked nicely
Brett- Good kid is friends with the rowdiest because honestly they’re better entertainment than he could ever find at home.
Joe -that guy everyone knows somehow no one knows how or why everyone knows him but don’t question it

Achievement Hunter

Gavin-Mass Media kid always making cool videos for his friends to watch. Somehow all the teachers know him as well as a good portion of the student body actually would consider him a friend
Geoff-That kid everyone thinks is a stoner but is really just kinda weird and layed back probably ditches most of the classes except the one where he’s the library aid because he just spends the whole time reading and the librarian doesn’t give a shit
Jeremy- Fights with teachers in the funnest way possible. Teachers still like him though because technically he is participating and doing the work but he lives to give teachers a hard time if he can get a laugh out of it
Ryan- The kid who says the weirder things in class and people often just nervously laugh around him because they don’t know if its serious or if hes joking. Then some people realize he’s just a bit strange and actually pretty nice. He still creeps a few people out though
Jack-The guy you talk to in every class you have with him but you never talk outside of the classroom because the classroom has a weird aura and it just makes you guys connect on a really deep level
Michael-Probably that kid that skips all the time, you see him every now and then but its never for long. When he is there he tends to fuck around with his friends more than actually doing work but he somehow passes. This kid is a mystery that no one has yet uncovered
Lindsay-Like the horse girl but with cats like she has cat notebooks, pets with cartoon cats on them, always covered in cat hair, draws cats in the margins of her notes. Really sweet and she is always happy to see photos of your cats
Trevor- That smart kid who hangs around a bunch of idiots, like hes in all ap classes but with his friends his brain turns off and he can just become off the wall crazy
Matt-The kid that brings a fucking full meal to class, like he had a carton of milk and a box of fruity pebbles and just whips out a bowl and spoon in the middle of lesson in first period. If you ask nicely he may bring you a bowl the next day as well
Alfredo-The Cool Guy™, knows everyone probably plays sports, talk to him once he’ll make you feel like you’ve been friends for years and will say hi to you in the halls, remembers names really well


Adam-The guy in PE that looks like he should know what he’s doing but would honestly rather just not be there. You want to walk the mile, find him he’ll do it with you, don’t know how to throw a football that’s okay he probably tried and hit himself in the head somehow, nice dude and could probably lift you one handed but just kinda doesn’t want to
Bruce- You know that punk rocker that everyone’s afraid of well hes the opposite, he wears band tees sure but he does so like hes fucking ready to talk about why this band is the fucking best and everyone should listen to it. Kinda sucky music taste but oh well he has good intentions
Lawrence-The Nerd of the school like he knows about a million and four video games and movies are his jam. Could recite some movies word for word if someone let him. Kinda bulky so no one picks on him as well as being friends with the fucking built and tallest people in the school
James-Is the Kid that takes PE way too seriously “Come on guys its not even that hard of a run” is a football player but also a huge nerd
Elyse- That one that knows everything that happens in the school but shares absolutely none of it. Like tell her your secrets if you want like she wont tell anyone besides maybe her best friend but that’s honestly kinda expected at this  point. People will just vent to her, she may not be great comforting but hey she wont tell a soul
Matt Peake- Somehow everyone knows him despite never hearing him talk. Like hes a ghost people remember seeing him in class but dont remember him coming in to the room, they swear he teleports sometimes because they’ll see him still putting all his stuff into his backpack as they walk out of the room and then they look up to see him standing on the second floor with a group of people.

Kinda Funny

Greg- Is a teachers fucking worst nightmare, the kid is loud, smart, and will proudly voice his opinion and when your wrong. Half the time in class can be spent arguing with him if you let it. He is usually well informed but fucking stop interrupting the class we have to actually learn something
Tim Gettys- The guy who always looks strangely put together no matter if he has a extra morning class where he has to show up an hour earlier than most. He’ll be put together and have a happy smile on
Nick Scarpino- The kid who just wants people to fucking chill for a second like he’s the one who will actually do the work instead of fucking around because like hell he wants to take this home and finish it fuck that home is where he can be away from school he doesn’t want to bring it home. Is the kid that actually will turn in the assignment even if the teacher forgot to ask, but he’ll do it after class so the rest of the class don’t have to worry

Shut Up and Drive

This one is for @misswhizzy - hope you enjoy <3

You were laid back in Dean’s arms, crammed between him and the steering wheel, kissing him lazily, Dean’s breathing slowing, his muscles gradually relaxing from the fantastic orgasm you’d just given him.  

You had both been working all day, full-on fed suits and badges, clipped questions and Dean’s official-looking glare, trying to intimidate the truth out of the few witnesses that had seen what had happened.  Turned out it had been a hoax, a bunch of idiotic teenagers trying to freak out their friends, and Dean had done a good job of scaring them right out of ever thinking of doing such a thing in the future.  He had been pissed off when you had climbed into Baby together, frustrated at the waste of time and the fact that he’d been wearing that damned suit all day long.  He hadn’t seemed to mind you in the skirt, though, because his eyes had traveled over you at every opportunity.

You had tried talking, but he had been in a mood, his FBI persona manifesting itself as if it were real, and you had finally given up, looking out the window as he had turned the music up a little more.  You had almost decided to lean against the window and grab a nap on the way home, but you hadn’t been able to keep your eyes from his profile, that stubbled jaw line, the almost pouty set of his lips as he had stared straight ahead at the road.

You had slid over close to him, snuggling up on his shoulder, and he had given you a crooked little smile as he had put his arm around you, pulling you close as you had kicked off your heels and pulled your legs up beside you on the seat. You had let your hand rest on his thigh, the rock hard muscle there warming your blood a little from just that simple touch.  You had stretched up, nuzzling your nose against his scruff, reaching for his tie and loosening it slightly, undoing the top couple of buttons on his shirt and then kissing his neck.  "What’re you doing?“ he had asked, a little growl in his voice, but you hadn’t let him intimidate you.  You had just smiled, then continued, kissing and nipping at his neck as your hand had returned to knead his thigh, stroking from his knee up to his groin, smiling as you had felt his growing arousal.  "Liz.  I’m driving here.”

“Yes, you are.  And you always say you’re the best driver around, so why don’t you prove it?  If you can’t focus, you can always pull over.  I’d understand if you couldn’t handle it.”  You had thrown down the gauntlet, and his eyes had narrowed as he had glanced over at you.

“Baby, I can take anything you can dish out.”

And so the game began.

You had unbuttoned his shirt a little more, taken off his tie and tossed it in the back seat, and had moved your hand beneath his shirt while you had continued kissing and biting at his neck.  Your fingers had brushed over his nipples, teasing at him until they were hard as little pebbles, and you had wished you could just rip the shirt from him and attack them with your tongue and teeth.  But he was driving.  Sigh.  So you had contented yourself with using your fingers and nails gently, loving the occasional sharp intake of breath it had elicited from him. The bulge in in his suit pants had grown immensely in that few moments, and finally you had taken your hand from his shirt and let it glide slowly up the length of his thigh until you could squeeze him gently.

“Fuck, Liz,” he had growled, his hips shifting a little in the seat as you had slid his zipper down.  He had been fully hard, his black boxer briefs straining to contain him, and you had smiled as you had petted him like a puppy.  "Son of a bitch, babe, you’re killin’ me,“ he had moaned, and you had let out a breathy little laugh as you had brushed your lips over his ear.

"You seem to have a little problem here, agent.  I may have to investigate further,” you had whispered, and he had twitched under your hand, a low groan vibrating from his chest.  You had coaxed him to raise up off the seat just enough to get his pants down to the middle of his thighs, then you had run your nails lightly along the waist of his boxers, sending a shudder through him, goosebumps raising over his skin as you had finally slipped your fingers under the waistband and worked the last barrier out of your way.

You had sat up for a moment, removing your jacket and tossing it to the back seat, unbuttoning one more button on your crisp, white blouse, smiling again as Dean had cursed under his breath.  Then you had hitched your skirt up your thighs so you could kneel on the seat, stretching out a little so you could get in position, trailing  your fingers over his velvety smooth head before letting your tongue follow suit.  You had pressed little kisses down his length, then licked him from base to tip, and looked up at him through your lashes.  "I think you have a fever, agent.  And some swelling.  You may need treatment.“

"Stop fucking teasing, Liz,” he had managed to say, his voice tightly controlled, and you had run your hand over his steadily leaking tip, coating your palm and taking hold of him as you had smiled.

“Yes, sir.”  Without further warning, you had taken him in your mouth, and his hips had bucked up a little at the sudden sensation.  You had sucked as you moved back up, swirling your tongue around the head and over the slit, both of you moaning as you had tasted him.  You had begun moving in earnest, taking him in as far as you could as your hand gripped and stroked the rest, sucking hard as you moved up each time.  He had sworn, his voice wrecked, and turned off the highway, pulling over into a shallow ditch and throwing the car in park.
It hadn’t taken much longer after that, you had been determined to give him one of the best orgasms of his life, and you hadn’t disappointed.  He had come with a shout and several little growled curses, his fingers gently tangled in your hair as you had swallowed him down.  Then he had pulled you up into his arms and kissed you, and several minutes later, you were still there.

You nibbled at his jaw, your arms still around his neck, and then leaned back to look into his heavy-lidded green eyes.  "Well, you almost made it,“ you teased, a victorious little smirk on your lips.  His eyebrow raised as he stared back at you, a predatory gleam dawning in those forest green eyes.  

"Well, ‘agent’ - you can dish it out.  But can you take it?”  He sat you upright, then reached for the door, stepping out as he tucked himself back in and zipped up.  He reached for your hand, and you hesitantly took his as he helped you out of the car.  He pulled you against him, hard, kissing you fiercely as his hand pulled at your skirt until he was underneath, fingers gliding up your thigh and slipping beneath your panties to cup your ass and squeeze.  He kissed you breathless, then stepped back abruptly and smirked before climbing back into the car, sliding over into the middle as he patted the driver’s seat.  "Let’s go.“

Oh, shit.  This was a bad idea.  You were already riled up from pleasuring him, and he was dying for revenge.  But he wasn’t giving you a choice, so you squared your shoulders, raised a cocky eyebrow at him, and climbed in behind the wheel, turning the key.  He just watched you as you pulled back onto the road and headed back to the highway, but as soon as you hit the pavement, his hand was gliding up your thigh.  You focused with every fiber of your being on that stretch of road in front of you, determined to keep it together.

You hit 60 mph, your abdominal muscles contracting as Dean’s fingers moved to the inside of your thigh, then fluttering lightly over your rapidly dampening panties, so lightly that you barely felt it at first.  But he increased the pressure as he stroked between your legs, leaning over to whisper in your ear.  "Liz, baby, you’re already wet for me.  How are you gonna make it home?”  He nibbled at your earlobe, slipping his fingertips beneath your panties and letting out an evil chuckle at your soft gasp.

“I hate you,” you ground out between your teeth, and he laughed softly again.

“Oh, I know you do,” he said, his tongue sweeping around the shell of your ear before his lips began to nibble at your neck.  His index finger was dipping shallowly into you,  and he moaned softly, sending a shiver through you.  "Watch it, babe, you’re - uh - speeding a little.“

You glanced at the speedometer, taking a deep breath as you tried to refocus and back off the almost 80 mph that you were traveling.  Damn it.  "Dean, not fair.”

He slid his finger in deeper, nipping at your neck.  "Oh, really…  Seems to me you’re the one who had an unfair advantage.  You got to use your mouth.  I’d love to use mine, Liz.  All you have to do is say, “You win,” and pull the car over. I’ll make you feel so good, baby.“  He was sucking a mark into your neck, and you fought to keep your eyes from closing at the bliss of his lips on you, his finger plunging deeper and deeper into you.  And then he sat up, leaning over a little as he put his other hand up your skirt, and grasping your panties in both hands, he tore them apart.  "Much better,” he purred into your ear, settling back against the seat and cupping your sex in his hand, his thumb brushing over your clit as a strangled noise escaped your throat.  "Give up?“

"Fuck, no.”

You could feel him grin as he continued to kiss your neck, and then you stiffened for a moment as he slowly, so slowly, slid two fingers inside, and you could feel yourself clench against them as he let out a loud sigh.  "You are so wet for me, baby.  Do you know how crazy that makes me?  I want to taste you, Liz, I need to taste you.  Come on, baby just give in.“

Your teeth were clenched hard, your knuckles white as you held the steering wheel in a death grip, your eyes staring resolutely at the road as you fought to keep your composure.  "No!”

He nuzzled his nose in your hair and whispered, “Okay.  Have to up the ante, I guess.”  He moved his left arm from behind you, reaching over and somehow making it look easy to backhandedly unbutton your white blouse, pulling it free from the waist of your skirt, and then slipping your bra strap down your shoulder far enough to pull the cup down, exposing your breast.  Oh, damn, he was really determined to win.

He moved his body over farther on the seat and leaned in to take your already almost painfully hard nipple between his plush lips, laving it with his tongue as he mirrored the rhythm he was rubbing over your clit.  You were beginning to tremble, stubbornly refusing to cave in, but when his teeth nipped at you and he sucked the sensitive nub hard into the heat of his mouth at the same time he curled his fingers inside you, you whimpered like a child and took the gravel road turn-off at a speed that normally would have alarmed you.  You stopped in the middle of the road, slamming the car into park, and ground out the words he was demanding, “You win, okay?  You win!”

“That’s my girl,” he said, grinning, but the heat in his eyes showed that he was just as relieved as you were.  He kissed you hard, his hand cupping your breast and kneading at it as he removed his hand from between your legs, and he helped you turn, pulling your legs to the seat as he reached to the back for your jackets, tucking them behind you to cushion your head.  

You were half-sitting against the driver’s side door, one arm draped over the back seat for support as he worked your skirt up, somehow cramming himself into the space left and lowering his head between your thighs.  Both of you were moaning, breathing hard in the small space as he licked over you, murmuring, “God, you’re so sweet,” before moving to nip gently at your clit and then sucking it hard as he  plunged his two fingers back inside you.  He sent you, whimpering, into an orgasm so intense that you couldn’t breathe for a moment, your thighs clamped tight around his head as he savored the taste of your release flooding over his tongue.  

You felt him kissing your inner thigh, carefully pulling your skirt down to cover you  as you slowly regained more awareness.  He placed a gentle kiss on your exposed breast, then put your bra back  in place and buttoned your blouse again as you watched him, your body still unwilling to move.  He took your hand and pulled you upright, cradling you in his arms as he bent to kiss your lips softly. “Want me to drive the rest of the way home?” he asked, smiling, a hint of mischief in his eyes.

Once the two of you got rearranged, he put an arm around you and headed back to the highway with you cuddled up on his shoulder.  "Glad you finally admitted that I won, Liz.  You should know better than to mess with the master,“ he teased.  

You snuggled a little closer, letting your eyes drift shut as you smiled.  "Just shut up and drive.”

Part 2 - Or We Could Park - Parking Is Good, Too

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Remus I love you. Sirius loves you. James loves you. Peter loves you. We all love you. You are gonna be okay today. Its gonna be okay my love. It is a full moon but you are going to be okay my love.

Remus: I’m feeling very loved right now!  

Remus: Oh well, it’s not like I’m not used to full moons.  At least I have my bunch of idiots - I mean friends - to keep me company.

Unexplainable Love {Park Jihoon}

Park Jihoon Feat. Wanna One [Ending 1]



Synopsis: Ice cream date with Jihoon, texting with obnoxious people you call friends, and a short adventure in the park🍦

You were on he phone with your best friend, Eunmi, who is Seongwoo’s cousin.

“Can you come over so that we can watch PD101 on crack?” she asks while you slip your feet into your Converse.

You laugh. “You always want to do the weirdest things,” you tell her. “But I can’t, I’m going on a date with Jihoon. Maybe after, if you’re awake when I come by your place.”

“Okay, I’ll be awake for sure. By the way, do you have Woojin’s number?”

“Uh yeah, but your cousin is Ong Seongwoo. Ask him. I have to go so I’m not late, bye!”

“Alright, fine. Bye Y/N! Have fun! Tell Jihoon I say hi!”

“I will! And by the way, don’t watch that Unhelpful Guide to Wanna-One video yet because I haven’t watched it.”

“Uhm, too late.”

Eunmi hangs up so you roll your eyes and happily put your phone in your pocket while thinking about Jihoon. You call out to your parents that you’re going to be out and will be back in a few hours. After you close the door behind you, you make your way to the ice cream shop, nearly skipping in joy because you haven’t seen Jihoon for the longest time.

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Level Up (Thor/Avengers x reader)

Request: Thor x reader where you’re a mutant with mentifery and when Thor comes to you about pokemon go you use your powers to make them real and you and him are dating please.

On what was supposed to be a much-needed day of respite and relaxation at the compound, the team had gone from a pile of lazy superheroes gathered around a movie marathon and into a full-blown competition over a game that Tony had downloaded into all of their phones when he himself had become addicted to the newest craze.

“Over there!” Steve hollered out, jumping easily over the couch in one swift motion to land behind Natasha.  Not one to be outdone, she launched herself onto his back and grabbed his neck, twisting him firmly until he dropped to the ground so that she could take his catch.

“Got it!” she squealed in delight.  “This Squirtle is just the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!”

“Cheater,” Steve groaned, pushing himself up, shaking his head at the dizzy sensation that her attack had left behind, “that was mine.”

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Tears of an angel

Imagine Happy helping you get revenge or your ex boyfriend that cheated on you 

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The bar was a bit too much crowded for your liking and to be honest the clothes you wore that day weren’t exactly the type of clothes you wore to a chill Saturday night. The tight dress rode up your legs making you look out of place and the spandex like material flattered your ass perfectly. Winning outfit? Yes. Comfortable? Not likely. 

Bon Jovi was playing of course. So much for this red neck God forgotten like town of Tacoma. Was this your 5th cigarette? Probably. Whenever you were nervous you would smoke like a prostitute and you knew it. This was something childish to do but Happy was your best friend, practically raised together and he accepted doing this as a soft form of revenge on Calvin. His other form or revenge included a nice commemorative Happy face on his stomach and you hated Calvin, you did, but you didn’t wanted any blood on his hands.

This was Calvin’s favorite bar. It had pool tables and several more games, good beer and great music almost all the time. You saw Happy get into the bar, greet Lloyd, the bar man and owner of The Lone Wolf, the place you were supposed to meet. He got stuck on the road to your table while talking to some of his old friends, some other Sons, as well. You smiled as he finally got to your table and jumped immediately on his arms. “Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!” You said as you wrapped your arms around his neck and he placed a hand on the small of your back, nodding.

“Yeah, yeah…” He said sitting down in front of you. “I still don’t know how this is a good revenge.”

“Tina told me all about it.” You said, pushing an ice cold beer in front of Happy, who nodded, thanking you. “Apparently, Calvin’s justification was that through our 7 year long relationship; I was cheating on him with you. So there’s that.” You said as you sipped from your cranberry juice and vodka. 

“You want to make him jealous with me.” You nodded as he arched an eyebrow. “Why don’t I just kill him…?” You rolled your eyes and looked at him. “It’s easier.”

“Please, Hap. I need you for this.” Happy looked at you shaking his head. You threw the puppy eyes at him and you watched him roll his eyes and sigh. He was in the bucket. “Thank you!” 

“Don’t make this super weird and it would be alright.” He said as you waited for Calvin to arrive at his usual time. You talked about people you knew and things you used to do, and you almost forgot why you were there.  You missed Happy so much it was crazy. Since has was patched over to Charming, you didn’t saw him as much as you used to and work made you turned down almost all his invitations up to California.  But some weeks ago, when you called him a crying mess due to finding Calvin balls deep with some random bimbo, he knew he had to help somehow.  The clock hitted 11:30 as the so called Calvin entered the bar, looking like a boss, suit, loose tie around his neck. You tensed up at the sight and looked away; It was time for this plan.

Except there wasn’t a plan.

Happy noticed of course, and watched how Calvin walked past the table you were in and sat down with a bunch of equally idiotic friends he had for bunches.  “You don’t have a plan, do you?” He asked you on the low as you nodded and sighed, defeated.

“Just take me home, Hap. He won.” You said picking up your things from the table. Happy placed his hand on top of you and shook his head. “What?” you asked.

“I’ll take care of it. Go to the pool table near that table and wait for me.” He said getting up and walking way from you. The only available table was the one right in front of Calvin’s table and it didn’t seemed like a good idea. You grabbed the pool sticks and waited for Happy, as he told you to; but you could still feel Calvin’s eyes burning into your back. You heard someone coming next to you and a low wolf whistle. 

“(Y/N).” Calvin greeted as you turned around and smiled bitterly at him. “I can’t believe I’l l found you  here.” 

“Yeah…” you said sarcastically. “Because It’s not like I introduced you to this bar at all, Calvin.” You rolled your eyes and gave him your back. He eyed you up and down and smirked.

“No hard feeling, right? I already told you what happened…” You blood was boiling at this point. Calvin was the biggest asshole ever. You turned around and were ready to speak your mind when you felt the softest pair of lips even kiss the side of your neck, sending electricity down your spine and then a hard, calloused hand spank your ass right there making you gasp. Calvin face was priceless. 

“Calvin, man!” Happy greeted, leaning on the pool table behind you guys and pulling you to lean on him. You were taken back but also loving Calvin’s expression. “Long time no see…” 

“H-Happy…” Calvin greeted through his teeth. “What’s this?” You were blushed and taken back by Calvin’s question. You opened your mouth to speak but Happy came to be your salvation once again. 

“Just chilling man…” His tattooed arm was now around your waist. “Turn around…” He whispered in your ear making you arch your eyebrow but you obliged. “Nice night to get drinks with (Y/N), you know…” You wrapped your arms around Happy’s neck and he smirked. “I didn’t think you would mind…” He said. “Since you cheated on her, like a dog. Like a pussy, actually. It’s…whatever. I mean, you saw it coming, right?” You smirked and leaned your head on Happy’s chest as you felt him massage your ass cheek while still in front of Calvin.

“Wha…It’s…personal, Happy.” Calvin said, blushing. His hand went straight to Happy’s hand on your body as you turned around slightly, enough to watch his face. It was gold. “Honey Bunny?” He asked, thin voice as he stared into your eyes.

“Honey bunny? Funny.” Happy’s sarcastic raspy voice was in again. “That’s how I usually call her when she rides my…”

“Hap!” You said, pushing your finger to his mouth. “Stop…” you whispered. Calvin frowned and grabbed his jacket, fuming out of the small bar. You laughed, satisfied as you hugged Happy.

“Thank you, Hap!” You said as he hugged back. “Did you saw him?”

“Got what he deserved, right?” Happy said smirking at you. “C’mon, let’s play pool…”

He was indeed your best friend. 


Part II of: Nope. I Am Too Drunk for You Tonight, Jaime.

“No, stop”

A/N: Because so many people have requested for Tae tae scenarios?? XD + Read “Not just a blood bag” here - Taehyung X OC


Y/N whirled around, glaring at her classmate, Taehyung.

“Come on, Y/N, it’ll just literally eating lunch with me,” Taehyung pleaded, grabbing onto her wrist. Y/N shook her arm violently, until Taehyung let go of her hand. He’s quite hot, Y/N regrettably admitted.

“Yeah, with you, and your bunch of idiot friends,” Y/N retorted, retrieving her book from the bottom of her school bag, as well as her lunch. “Oh no, I would rather go and eat cow’s blood. Just leave me alone for one day, will you?”

“Look, can’t you stop playing so hard to get?” Taehyung demanded, looking at her straight in the eye. With his puppy eyes, Y/N almost gave in. Key word being almost. “I only want to be friends, you know. Stop making it seem as if I’m trying to marry you or something.”

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just going through my notes and reading old headcanons and stuff from this summer and i stumbled across this little gem and i felt like i’d share with you lil cute humans

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I was writing to ma petite chou-fleur when I got this idea. They are maybe a bunch of idiots, but they are still my teammates, my friends. This was the last thing I could do for them. Unfortunately, they didn’t take it seriously. That’ll teach me to be kind with them. -_-

- RED Spy

((OCC: He actually did write a letter. What is written? Who knows :D)) 

Awesomeness all around.

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Pairing: Dean x Reader,  Sam x Reader (friendship)

Word Count: 2554

I had to make sure to get this up tonight so I edited my favorite piece from this weekend which turned out to be this request that hit me with some great imagery right away and it was the first thing that got me into an excellent flow. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did!

REQUEST: Adore the writing! Can I request a Dean x reader where the reader is working as a hunter with the Winchesters and is out drinking with them one night? Dean winds up confessing his feelings after Sammy can’t hold his liquor… Humor. Fluff. Awesomeness all around.

 Bon Jovi – You give love a bad name.

Journey- Any way you want it

Journey- Open Arms.

Lyrics consecutively from the Bon Jovi and Journey-Any way you want it in bold.

It had been a quick and easy salt and burn that lead them to the local pub for a celebratory drink or two. You honestly didn’t remember if it had been Sam or Dean that challenged your hustling skills but you were definitely shoving it their faces like a fucking champion. Just for the entertainment value alone, you had played the last game as the drunken girl trying pool for the first time and Sam had played the baffled boyfriend role perfectly.

“It’s just like mini golf.” You smiled up at one of the two men as they glared at your final shot falling into the corner pocket.

You followed Sam back to the table where Dean was sitting nursing his beer. “I don’t think we’ll be able to get away with anymore tonight.” Sam slurred slightly and you thought he might have said weeble in there somewhere. “Not before guys start talking and I don’t feel like breaking any bones tonight.” Sam sat and you were pretty sure he almost missed his seat.

You sat with a soft chuckle and hailed a passing waitress. “Can I get a couple kamikazi shots please?”

Sam cleared his throat and you glanced at him. He was grinning ear to ear. “Do you want some?”  He nodded and you bit the inside of your cheek, and then shrugged. “You heard the man.” You smiled at the waitress who was smirking at Dean.

You turned to Dean. “Do you want in on this action too?”

He nodded with a look you didn’t quite get. “I’m always in for a party.” He smiled.

“Couple shots each, thank you.” You gave the waitress a bright smile not that she would’ve noticed.

Dean finished his beer and the waitress took it from him with a smile and maybe slightly too much eye contact. You rolled your eyes. Someone is probably getting lucky tonight. You brushed the thought away and turned back to face Sam. “So, mister I know everything Winchester.”

He scoffed, “I didn’t say I knew everything.”

You placed your elbow on the table and rested your chin on your hand. “You also said I was a lightweight.”

“Okay, if we’re being technical. One, I was joking for the guys you wanted to hustle and two, I said you were short so probably a low alcohol tolerance.”

Dean cringed comically. “Ouch. You can’t hold a hustle play against a guy. That’s just wrong. If the hustle worked anyway. Did it work?”

You held up the money and smirked. “It was my play, of course it worked.”

Dean grinned and brushed his hands together, “then there’s no flag on the play. Can’t hold it against him.”

You narrowed your eyes, “he’s your brother. How do I know you’re not just playing favorites?”

He leaned across the table, “if I’m going to play favorites, it’s certainly not going to be my brother.” The corner of his mouth lifted and he winked. “Sweetheart.”

Sam chuckled, “yeah. Definitely not me.” His ‘definitely’ sounded a whole lot like a sneeze.

The waitress placed two shots in front of each of you and you knocked your first one back as she took her time placing Dean’s down. She really kicked in the extra effort to touch him with each glass she placed down then practicality leaned over him to ask, “any of you want anything else?”

And by anything else she means her tits. Right in your face. You thought as you smiled at her. I can’t blame you but damn girl have some respect for yourself. You admonished yourself. If she feels comfortable flashing those bad boys, flaunt it if you got it girl. The man’s not taken so why not?  You knocked back your second shot and heard Dean’s voice interrupt your inner dialogue.

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He asked me to a party 20 minutes after matching with him and so I went! He was already super drunk and there weren’t any other females at this party….just a bunch of drunk idiots. After a while him and his friends kept asking me to go back to his room. I was super nervous bc 3 drunk guys wanted to be alone with me in a bedroom. I said no and they kept asking me. At this point, it’s getting a little sketchy, and my original date decides to leave the party completely. Finally, his friends ask me to go McDonald’s with them. I agree because it’s a public place. We get there and they run right into the bathroom. As soon as they can’t see me I bolt. I walked home.

"Remember that one night out?" A Bad Boy Harry Styles Fanfic

“Dumb ass!” I shout to myself as a car cuts me off. Ugh. I hated driving on the highway with a bunch of idiots. I’m on my way to my friends flat to hang out because of my recent breakup with my douche ex boyfriend, James. James was a dick, he was self conceited and always did what he wanted to do. It was his way or no way. I stayed with him because i kept telling myself that he would change. It was every typical deal with the girl thinking she could change a bad boy but it failed miserably. The girl always gets hurt in the end. I turn off my exit and drive down the first neigbourhood street. Down Mayberry St. the third house off the end. I park on the side walk and go to the boot of the car. I pick up a small back pack. That was all i could get during the fight before i stormed out. I walk up the driveway and bang on the door. “POLICE OPEN UP!” i joke. I hear things clatter before the door opens. Heather opens the door. Suprised it wasnt the police she laughs. “Stupid! I was so scared !” i laugh together and go inside. Her house was always warm during the winter and i loved staying there. Its always so cozy and nicely decorated. I go to guest room and set my things on the queen sized bed. The room was an aqua blue with an orange ceiling. It had a beach theme, there are beach signs like “CLOTHES OPTIONAL BEYOND THIS POINT” and other rad things like that. The bed was a white thick blanket with blue linings and the pillows were blue and orange. I walk out and go to the kitchen and search her fridge. “Sorry babe I didnt go shopping yet, I was just about to go to the store wanna go?” she says walking out of the living room. “Sure” i say. “Lemme pee first” I sprint to the bathroom. “I"ll be in the car!” heather shouts closing the front door behind her. *toilet flushes* *door closes* *running footsteps* *front door closes* *door locks* I hopped in the car and we drove to the nearest market. In the car ride we started talking about random things. “Hey remember that one really hot guy that one night we went out?” heather says. Immediatly I knew who she was talking about. His name was Harry. He was tall and had the gorgeous green eyes. His hair would be considered long and it had messy curls. He was wearing black jeans and a black t shirt with a leather jacket. I could see the tattoos peeking from under his shirt and some coming on to his hand out of the jacket .Ugh. Just thinking about him made me want to melt. He was so hot. I began to fade into a ‘daydream’ and relived that entire night. That night at the bar we would keep making eye contact finally I went outside for a some fresh air. He followed to have a smoke. He was right behind me the whole time i felt his heavy eyes on me the entire path to the outside. Outside we talked while he smoked. “You smoke?” he asked. “No, not anymore.” i return. he nodded. “Its a disgusting habit.” he says. “and yah i know i say its a disgusting habit yet, i do it.” he says again. I laugh “hmm” i mumble. We both smile. “You wanna get out of here?” he asks. Normally I would never ever go anywhere with someone I just had met at the bar. but with him i felt comfortable but i didnt let him know that. “I dont even know your name?” i say. “Its Harry, Harry Styles. ” he answers. “Okay that helps a little but youre still a stranger,” I say. “What is your name?” he questions. “Y/N” I answer. “See now were not strangers.” He shakes my hand and smiles. I nod and laugh. We begin to walk together. We find a little cafe that serves hot chocolate. He opens the door for me and motions with his hand for me to enter. I smile and giggle. We are greeted by a waitress. and she leads us to a booth. We both just look at each other, I make a weird face a he smiles. His smile was so perfect. “Is this a date?” he asks. “No,” i say “this is too boring” i joke. he scoffs. “So you think im boring?” he questions smiling. “well if this is the best you can do then yes.” i laugh. He takes my hand and pulls me out of the booth. “Where are we going?!” i shout. “Some where not boring!” he shouts back. He leads me to a chained fence and begins to climb it. “Should we be climbing over this?” i ask. “no” he says nonchalantly. i was confused but kept climbing. He started running through the field ahead. I followed. Soon I saw this abandoned shack near the shore. “Come here” he says. Walking up i see some blankets and one pillow and a camping lamp. “This is probably where you bring every one of your girls that you try to have a one night stand with.” you say insulted. “No its not.” he pleads. “liar, this is exactly what it looks like pillows, blankets, what do you expect me to think?” I say my voice raising. “Trust me Y/N this is a place where i go to think, i wouldnt lie to you.” Inside my head i was like of course you would lie to me you dont even know me. “I have never taken anyone here.” he pleads again. “How am i supposed to believe you?” i ask “you just have to.” he says. So what do i do? Should I stay with this really hot bad boy or should i just take my instincts and not believe him? but what if he is telling the truth? I stay with him. I sigh and say “fine.” he smiles and takes my hand. he brings me inside this little shack. it was so beautiful and peaceful. the roof was gone so we could see the stars. i could hear the was crashing on the rocks. “Where do i sit?” he looks to the blankets on the floor. I shrug my shoulders and sit on the floor. “Why did you take me here if you have never shown anyone this place before?” i ask. “I dont know, you said that the cafe was boring and this place, to me is the coolest. So,i- i didnt want you to be bored i wanted to let you see this place and maybe you’d enjoy it as much as i do.” he says quietly. I dont know why but when he said he didnt want me to bored made me smile like he didnt want me to leave, like he wanted to impress me. He sits down next to me hugging his knees. “So tell me about you? I want to know.” I smile and shrug I dont know what to say. “I get embarrassed telling people about myself i feel like I’d bore you” i say. “You wont.” he assures. I sigh again but smile. “okay, im 19 years old, i live on my own in a nice flat, i work as a bartender at the bar we were just at, I dont have any kids that i know of-” i joke “ and i like to go fishing.” he nods like he approves. I laugh. “I love your laugh” he says. I feel my cheeks burn as i blush. I cant do anything but smile, i hated that i always smile when i start to get shy. “and your smile” he says staring at me. Ah fuck why is he doing this to me. I bet i look like a fucking tomato smiling like a weird person. Finally i cool down. “okay now your turn.” i say in retaliation. “I 21 years old, i also live on my own, i also dont have any kids, that i know of. ” he laughs “and i like to sit in this shack and make shapes in the stars” we both look up at the stars in sync. he looks at me again and just stares. why the fuck does he keep staring at me? is there something on my face? in my nose? my teeth? ugh what is it?. “Why do you keep staring at me?” i finally ask. “oh, sorry i just I dont know.” i half smile. “is there something in my teeth?” i ask seriously. he laughs at my question. “No theres nothing wrong on your face or anything your perfect.” no one has ever talked to me like this or stared at me when there was nothing on my face or my teeth. I dont know what to do. “do you want to dance?” he asks. I give him a weird face and look around. but what the hell why not. “sure.” I smile yet again. “but theres no music.” “ yes there is ” he says he turns on this little cd player. Dare You to Move by Switchfoot starts playing. We go out of the shack and start slow dancing in the sand. I rest my head on his shoulder. “I love this song” i whisper. “Me too” his deep voice whispers back. suddenly he kisses me right as the guitar solo. I got chills. The kiss ends as the song ends. I look at him in the eyes and then kiss him again. we move back into the shack he lays me on the floor. we start kissing again. his hand reached under my shirt in the back. -Y/N! Y/N! I woke up out of my day dream as heather yells my name. “what the fuck is wrong with you ?” she says “Oh aha sorry i was just thinking about someone.” “well that was weird dont do it again, oh and hey whatever happened between you and that Henry guy.” “Harry” i correct her. “And i dont know,” “didnt you guys have to breakup because you were thought you were holding him back from something.” she says. “yah ” i say looking down at my phone. “hm” she says. i find a contact that says 'Harry Styles’ “hey” i text. immediately i get a response. “its about time you texted me.”

Amber Love *Liam Dunbar Imagine*

“Can you do an imagine with Liam from teen wolf? Like (y/n)’s good friends with the pack & Liam’s girlfriend so they get her to invite him to the ‘party’ instead of Kira. And she has to help deal with him wolfing out? Please”

I have to say this was fun to write and I didn’t realize until I read it over just how much I typed. Sorry it took so long I had to re-watch Teen Wolf’s last two episodes. I hope you enjoy and I’m sorry for making it so long. It was 5 pages O.o

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