bunch of fags

I had a bunch of fags staring at Me in the gym. I don’t blame them, if I saw perfection walking around I would stare in awe too hahaha these new kicks are getting as much of a workout as I am especially wearing these rank socks to workout in

anonymous asked:

If two pansexual guys hook up why is it called a "gay relationship" and not a "pansexual relationship"? I always thought that the term in front of "relationship" represented the couples sexual orientations, but I guess not considering people just see two guys and think to them selves "what a bunch of gay fags"... Just wondering about your opinion.

It’s called a gay relationship because people assume there is gay and straight that’s it, which is obviously wrong. Gay couple only applies if both partners a gay. Two pansexual guys together would be a pansexual couple. Then if the two partners of the same sex have differing sexual orientations like one is gay and one is pan then it would be a same sex couple. However not alot of people know this because there again they are misinformed and think there are only 2 sexualities.