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What will be the reaction of each boy of the Rampion crew if the girls were kidnapped??? Goodnight 💕🌙

  • Kai would panic for exactly ten minutes and then remind himself he is the Emperor of the Eastern Commonwealth. He will promptly notify Konn Torin and Deshel Huy who will alert palace security.
    • He’d want to join in the search for Cinder, but all of his advisors would urge him to remain calm and man the fort in case of any ransom calls. 
      • He’d do that for exactly two hours.
    • He’d also don his grey hoodie and try to sneak out of the palace in hopes of tracking down Cinder himself and save her.
  • Wolf would tear through the house, the farm, all of Rieux. He’s got his nose to the ground and is wild and threatening enough that anyone he corners will immediately tell him anything he wants to know.
    • He’d howl to the moon in frustration and anger and then get a hold of himself because that’s what Scarlet would want and he needs to keep his head if he wants to find her.
    • After he gets all of his initial shock, anger, and frustration out, he’d march to the arms cabinet, grab Scarlet’s favorite shot-gun, strap on some ammo, and go hunting.
  • Thorne would be the most frantic out of all the Rampion boys. He’d search the Rampion and anywhere he could think to look, but when he comes up empty handed, he’d reach out to his friends to form a search party.
    • Of course, Cress, being the genius that she is, has prepared for any and all occasions and has set up security measures all around the Rampion which Thorne would finally remember to check. He’d go through all of Cress’s security protocols (tripped alarms, video footage, etc.) for any clues as to her whereabouts. 
    • He’d make sure his gun was fully loaded and even if he knew where he needed to go or not, he’d rev up the Rampion and set off to find her.
  • Jacin would quickly and calmly strap on all the weapons he has, hop into a pod ship (he has no qualms about stealing one if need be, he’d worry about returning it later) and set off to Winter’s last known location. 
    • He’d ignore all Rampion Crew comms until he finds Winter, but when the insistent beeping finally annoys him enough to answer, he’d be curt and even less talkative than usual.
    • Like Wolf, he’d apprehend anyone he could get his hands on and insist they give him all the information, but unlike Wolf, Jacin’s calm and quietness is what scares people into revealing their information.
  • In the end, the guys all turn to each other for moral support and help in finding their beloveds. Game plans are made, weapons are readied, supportive claps on the shoulder are exchanged and when they’re ready to roll out to kick ass and to take names, the Rampion Girls will stroll in.
    • Some of them would be in more disarray than others, but the message is clear. These girls can rescue themselves!!
      • Winter would have charmed the guards and/or other captives into working together to free them.
      • Cress would find a way to hack into the kidnapper’s computer system to locate themselves and pull up any blueprints necessary.
      • Cinder would manage to override the locks in whatever place they’re being captive in.
      • Scarlet would make sure they are all armed and ready to take down as many kidnappers as possible.
      • And with Iko’s martial arts skills, they’d all fight their way out to freedom! 
    • The boys will look on, even more starry-eyed than before. 

“Hey, I just met you
Don’t say Wo Ai Ni
I don’t speak Chinese
So please just spare me!”

Wellesley students casually breaking down stereotypes in an AMAZING video set to the tune of “Call Me Maybe”. So much applause for Nicole T, Meliora Gadfly, and everyone else who participated in the making of this video!

Sydney: Vaughn, you have to get up. We have to get out of here. Come on! They’re going to be back in a second.
Vaughn: Syd?
Sydney: I’m so sorry. I’m going to shoot you with adrenaline. We have got to run.
Vaughn: Uh, don’t do that
(Sydney pounds the needle on his chest; Vaughn screams)
Alias 2x01 – The Enemy Walks In

Alt!Broyles: We don’t have much time, we have to get out of here. Come on, get up.
Olivia: You came back for me.
Alt!Broyles: Don’t thank me, I have to give you adrenaline
Olivia: Oh no, please don’t
(Alt!Broyles pounds the needle on her chest; Olivia screams)
Fringe 3x08 – Entrada