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bigbulgingburrito  asked:

Absolutely love your work. The first thing I do every morning is read the newest page lol. I'm curious though, how do you guys manage to update daily?

Thank you so much!! We’re just really persistent :D We (Tem and Dusty) work really hard on the pages together so that we can still do them! It’s lots of fun and a good challenge (Anna also deserves lots of love for checking over our pages consistently for SO LONG)


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I have this tendency to see a ship or a character from a fandom and be like “omg they look like such a badass they must be so fucking cool omfg wow this show/movie/book/game/whatever must be so cool” and like.

Keith and Lance are fucking dorks. Haikyuu is about a bunch of adorable volleyball nerds. Homestuck is on crack.

I always think someone’s super cool and badass and is gonna blow me away and then I get into the fandom and they’re just another character who would complain about their untied shoelace that’s been untied for days because they were too lazy to tie it, who I’ll still end up falling stupidly in love with


Look at these two nerds. Bunch of adorable dorks.

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Peter breaking up with you for your safety would include…

  • Him spending weeks on how to break it to you
  • Feeling terrible, but he thinks it’s for your own good, now that he’s part of the Avengers
  • “She’s not safe with me anymore.”
  • Constantly getting nervous around you 
  • You putting it off as him being his weird self
  • Peter finally breaking the news to you at school, but in a really harsh way, because he thinks that if he seems like an ass hole you won’t try to fight back
  • “Y/n, I don’t think you’re the right girl for me. We should see other people.”
  • You laughing and thinking it’s a joke
  • Until you see how serious he looks
  • Staring at him disbelievingly for what seemed like forever
  • “Peter, you’re not being serious, right? Please tell me this is a joke. Please.”
  • But he just looks at you blankly
  • Even though on the inside, his whole world is crashing down on him
  • You walking away from him really quickly, because you don’t want him to see your tears
  • Avoiding him for the rest of the day
  • Going home and experiencing a whole flurry of emotions
  • First confusion - Did you do something wrong?
  • Then shock - Had the whole breakup really just happened an hour ago?
  • Then anger - Who does he think he is? Just suddenly out of the blue breaking up with you?
  • Then, finally, heartache. Just staring at the wall, tears streaming down your face. 
  • Peter not being much better off
  • Aunt May not understanding what was wrong with him, since she didn’t know about the two of you splitting up
  • “Peter, you don’t look too good. What’s going on?”
  • But Tony knowing exactly what happened, because he’s had a lot of experience with girls and women
  • “So you broke up with her, Parker?”
  • And him giving Peter advice
  • “I’ll tell you what. Go get her back. Before you lose her.”
  • Peter realising that he needed you back. He couldn’t lose you
  • Him going to your doorstep with a bunch of ‘I’m sorry’ presents
  • Being sceptical at first, because you don’t want to go through all the heartbreak again
  • But he just keeps apologising and pleading, over and over
  • You finally relenting, and taking himback
  • Ending the night with a bunch of sappy movies and cuddle
  • Because you’re both adorable dorks

Based on otpprompts lovely idea.

Anime: Naruto

Pairing: NejiTen, Neji Hyuuga, Tenten


By the way she clung to his arm, her smaller frame shaking at every step they took and her eyes turning into tiny crescents, Hyuuga Neji knew she was close.

A snort escaped her lips. Neji resisted the urge to roll his lavender-tinted eyes.

“Out with it,” he said. No sooner had the words left him, Tenten guffawed and her mouth let out a barking laugh that had people watching them curiously.

They pointed, they whispered, they judged; yet, Tenten paid them no heed. She laughed, clutching at her sides and wiping the moisture that pooled at the corners of her eyes. She sniffed, snorted again, and burst into a fit of laughter before she shook her head.

“Are you done?” Neji asked in exasperation, although there was a hint of a smile on his own lips. Tenten gave him a toothy grin.

“Yup!” She exclaimed happily, a slight skip in her steps. She giggled again. “Mrs. Hyuuga. What a joke.”

“You act like this is your first time being mistaken as my wife,” Neji commented. They stopped at a classy cafe, and wordlessly, Neji signalled if Tenten wanted to dine there. Tenten bobbed her head eagerly.

“Thank you,” she gave her companion a smile when he opened the door for her. “And you can’t blame me. It’s funny!”

Neji raised a brow, and Tenten puffed her cheeks.

“It is!” She defended herself. “I mean, imagine what people would say if they found out we’re not even a couple.”

They found a table for two, beside a huge window where they could also enjoy the view outside. Tenten quickly sat in her seat and enjoyed what the window could offer.

“They’d think we’re cheapskates, Neji.”

“There was a discount for couples and we took advantage of it,” Neji frowned a bit. “We’re not cheap, Tenten. We’re smart.”

“Whatever helps you sleep at night, hubby,” Tenten winked at him. Neji glared at her playfully.

A waitress then came up to their table to give them a menu each. In between explaining some of the dishes, the ginger waitress (her nametag says “Moegi”) gushed about how cute they were and how they looked good together.

Tenten flushed a bit at the waitress’ upbeat compliments, while Neji’s lips curved a fraction. Once Moegi had left with their orders, Neji was suddenly quiet, his gaze captured by the scenery outside.

“She’s right, you know,” he said suddenly, pale eyes turning to Tenten. Said girl tilted her head in confusion, and Neji felt the need to elaborate. “About us looking perfect for each other.”

“We should start dating. What do you think?”

Tenten shrugged her shoulders. “I dunno. Are you willing to marry me at some point?”

“I merely suggested we date. Marriage seems a huge step, don’t you think?”

Tenten stubbornly shook her head and glared at Neji.

“But if we’re serious, it’s gonna end there, right?”

Neji’s brow raised. “Are you saying you will and want to pursue a serious romantic relationship with me?”

“Well, yes!” Tenten impatiently blew her bangs and crossed her arms. “I’m always serious when it comes to you, Neji.



A pause, as both merely gave each other a calculating stare. That is of course, Tenten’s shoulders started shaking, and a giggle escaped her. Neji chuckled in response.

“Did we just…?” Tenten saw Neji nod and facepalmed. “That was so unromantic!”

“We were never good at romance,” Neji said but slyly added, “We’ll learn, of course.”

Tenten’s smile was simply breathtaking. “Together?”

Neji reached out and held her hand in his. He smiled. “Together.”