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Can you please do an in-depth description of the Sheith Fam House with screenshots and floorplan? Also, their villa in Japan cos you know that they would have one. Also, what cars would they own? Those rich ass bastards.

YOU ASKED. I WILL DELIVER. I’ve always said that Shiro and Keith’s house is big. Considering Shiro is one of the top neurosurgeons and Keith being a Best Selling Author, let’s say their annual income’s in the 7 digits each. So, their house kinda shows that too in a way.

What you see here is the back of the house because obviously, who even has a pool in front? LMAO I mean, maybe Shiro and Keith would but even they’re not that crazy. Also three floors because who needs two when clearly you can have three? This family can be frugal at times but there are times when they just don’t have any chill.

Let’s take a tour at the Shirogane Residence, so more under the cut.

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  • Nate Heywood: Fine, I admit it. I still can't swim! I never took those lessons at the community pool!
  • Amaya Jiwe: Nate, you promised!
  • Nate Heywood: They wanted to put me in the beginner's class with the little kids! I can't be swimming around with a bunch of 5-year olds! They can be so cruel when they sense weakness...
  • Mick Rory: That's why on the first day you have to beat up the biggest one in the yard.
  • Amaya Jiwe: Rory, that's prison.
  • Mick Rory: Only if you let it be!

Oh my goodness!! 
I haven’t posted anything in half a year! I have so much to share! I’ll immediately add a bunch of pictures to my queue, in time order starting from last year’s (2016) November.

During this time that I was gone from tumblr I got a new puppy, the tiny “black lamb” in this group picture. She’s now 5 months old already, merely just 9 weeks in the pic. The new pictures that I’ll be posting will introduce her to you better.

In this picture are all of the dogs that I officially own. From left to right:
Timonan Yettie Yezebel “Veila”, the mother of my A-litter and her kids Jucaides Aegis Aveyron “Nano” (lives elsewhere, co-owned) & Jucaides Aceia Aracaya “Mysna”. New pup Clingstone’s Rebel Soul “Nesca”, golden oldie Dandinas Put Up To Play “Titja” and the rough Maple Yard Oh No “Priya”.

Who is able to believe I was fully alone with the dogs while taking this? ;) 

get ready for the low down of episode 14 of vampire diaries.

Let’s start off with mother fucking malachai parker semi-living/waking on the face of the earth with no taste buds. He apps just got out of hell like the day Matt rung the bell.

So he goes to Dalaric, proposing an idea to get Elena back which caused a slight conflict between Damon and Alaric. Alaric tells Damon that he doesn’t want Kai near anyone he cares but Damon pleads that he needs him to get Elena back.

So the whole episode we have Kai and Damon on a road trip with eventual calls to Bonnie, hypothetically asking for her help but let’s not forget that our lil witch has psychic powers now (dw we’ll explore that later) and she felt Kai next to Damon so we got a lil argument with the bamon team.

Bonnie on the other hand - with her unknown powers and all - sought help from the devil, who she meets at a coffee shop aw how millennial. He tells her that the betrayal and grief she felt was the same things he felt when he was burnt at the stake. Which awakened her new abilities. He shows her the ropes because she wants to see Enzo, he helps her concentrate.

She sees Enzo but not in hell. He tells her not to trust Cade and that made her jump the Lets-hate-Cade bandwagon. She leaves the coffee shop only to see him in front of her car. He tells her that he is unaware of Enzo’s whereabouts and that her talent was rare. She was able to create a holding place for Enzo, much like he did to hell. (Not sure if that part came in before or after he sifted through her mind because he then) Found out that our lil mass murderer-Parker is on the loose. He tells her that they belong in hell.

We got daddy Alaric here, bringing his kids into the armoury. That’s not where things get weird, he phones Caroline and tells him that he urgently needs to bring his kids to her, well not urgently but lowkey and the camera pans to a bunch of crayons floating - weird shit to happen to what? 5? 6? 7 year olds?

Maroline??? Mattoline??? Cart?? Anyways, Caroline and Matt recently found out that when Stefan became human, everyone he compelled (and shit man, I fucking mean everyone) remembered the horrendous acts he did - tying him to numerous murders and supposed “animal attacks”. So the two of them ironically compel those victims to forget.

Remember my last episode update? Stefan being kidnapped by someone in a hoodie? Well guess what? It was Dorian Williams, which was luckily given a back story by Julie Plec out of the blue. Dorian tells Stefan that he remembers our former vampire, killing his family and compelling Dorian to forget. So now he sought out for revenge. Shooting Stefan’s stomach (right side I think???) and immediately freaking out bc ya know, ur a good kid WHO HAS NEVER SHOT ANYONE OR ANYTHING and u just shot a NOW HUMAN BEING like lmao ur bound to have a panic attack.

So he regrets shooting Stefan, tries to help him - calls Matt while our blonde vampiress hears about in the background. She runs quickly to them. Cade approaches Stefan as they are in the middle of the real world and hell. Cade tells him that it would be easier for Caroline to let Stefan go, he told him that Stefan was a hindrance to Caroline’s planned out future and that he would just burden Caroline with him getting old.

Stefan comes back and is taken to the hospital. He gave Dorian a choice on whether Stefan should go to jail or to move on from his sins (iM not really religious but it seemed fitting lmao). Caroline takes a look at Stefan, but got mad at Stefan’s choice to leave MF alone. She tells him that she’s been with him through it all.

With her new powers, bonnie tries to see Enzo once again - she does but only a physical embodiment of him but he still is - dead.

Alaric brings the Twitches™ to Caroline’s. She’s happy to see them all. She sets down a set of cups and Lizzie wanted the pink one. Mad, Lizzie accidentally syphon’s Caroline. Josie gets mad at her sister for hurting their mom, so she speaks the words “incendi–” but both Alaric and Caroline tells her that it was dangerous. Alaric tells Caroline that they’ve been like that for the past 3 days and he doesn’t know how to control it.

Now we are closed by Kaimon in the tomb where Elena’s coffinned body lays. Kai syphon’s some (a shit ton) of magic from Damon, leaving him veiny and grey. He disappears with Elena’s coffin, telling Damon that there is no such thing as redemption but only tricks for people like them.

*** In the promo for the next episode, we see:
- Stefan wanting to kill Cade
- Bonnie in an estranged 3 way battle with Cade bc Damon was in the way so, Cade + Bonnie + Damon = 3 that’s right bitches, I’m educated - Kai is still there
- Caroline’s head being twist buT OK


I could literally, write a much better plot than this crummy, rushed story line (some) people call magical. ANYONE could write a much better plot. We’d literally do it for free if it means, saving the essence of a show that supposed to be good but was ruined by Julie Plec.

Ya’ll keep pushing Delena and Bonenzo down everyone’s throat when half of those ships are either dead or unconscious. That’s not poetic in my book nor Shakespeare’s book and he’s a mother fucking playwright.

Someone fix this show.

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Hey love! Could you add V and Vanderwood to your drunk RFA + Saeran hc's

Sure thing!


  • He doesn’t get drunk often, and he doesn’t particularly like drinking either
  • He probably wouldn’t do it unless absolutely necessary 
  • (But lets just imagine a scenario when he did get drunk)
  • Since, as I just said, he doesn’t really drink, he would het drunk very fast. Even faster than Yoosung. And thats saying something
  • He would be the giggly type
  • Like, he’d just laugh and giggle at everything no matter what and its kind of the cutest thing ever, but also kind of creepy
  • Its kind of as if he was turned into a 5 year old
  • “Hey”
  • “Hey MC, come over”
  • MC: “What is it?”
  • “…”
  • “poo”
  • *snorting from V*


  • Out of everyone, he is the one least likely to get very drunk
  • He’s got some bad drinking habits, so he would be in the “watching over as the others are running around like a bunch of kids in a kindergarten” gang
  • On a more serious note, if he did get very drunk I don’t think he would handle it very well
  • He’d probably get some really bad memories from his past
  • We don’t really know much about Vanderwood’s past, but since he left his life to become a secret agent who could be killed at any given time, I’m sure his life wasn’t a dance on rose petals to say the least
  • But all of this is mostly if he drinks a looooooot of alcohol, since he can hold his drinks very well
  • When he’s just a little more tipsy than drunk, he’s pretty much the same but 120% more sassy and sarcastic
  • He’s probably there throwing shade at the rest with you and Saeran too

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JR never said Bellamy/Gina was a mistake. He said the WAY THEY TOLD THEIR STORY WITH THE TIME JUMP could have been done better. Continue to expect anything, people. Bellarke is endgame. But expect anything regarding space relationships, potential babies, etc. Nothing is off the table on the relationship front until it starts unfolding in canon. That's what JR seems to like - keeping his options open and making it challenging for himself as a storyteller if the IGN article is anything to go by1/2

2/2 But also, he mentions using a bunch of child actors isn’t ideal for the show strictly based on real-life logistics. It’s a pain to have a lot of 4-5 year olds running around and trying to direct them. It’s never been a kid-based show AT ALL, so space babies–I love Devon Bostick–is probably not going to be a main route they take in S5.


What they do with their kids when they’re on Return of Superman (Seventeen)

S.Coups: He would be on with his 2 year old daughter.

  • They would take daddy and daughter classes
  • He would do whatever she wanted to do
  • He’d let her do his makeup with little kids products 

Jeonghan: He would be on with his twin daughters who are 3.

  • He would do their hair 
  • They would play dress up and go out into public
  • He would take his daughters to visit his friends and hang out with them

Joshua: He would be on with his 4 year old daughter.

  • He would make her breakfast 
  • He would take her to the park and they would play something like tag
  • He would want her to spend the day with her friends while he sits there and watches them

Jun: He would be on with his 11 month old son.

  • He would play with his son’s hair in the morning standing in front of the mirror to laugh
  • He would take his son to go visit some of his son’s friends and hang out with the other parents
  • He would call you and chat with you when he puts his son down for a nap before he would go and join him

Hoshi: He would be on with his triplet 2 year old sons (he seems like he would be that lucky)

  • He would make them wear similar outfits but have them different colors
  • He would make them dance with him 
  • He would take them out for an adventure 

Wonwoo: He would be on with his 3 year old daughter.

  • He would have her in ballet because he likes to see her dance
  • They would go out for ice cream 
  • They would take a nap together after their long days

Woozi: He would be on with his 1 year old son.

  • He would play instruments with his son on his lap
  • He would take his son for a walk 
  • His son would become more recognizable than him and he would be glad to show him off

DK: He would be on with his 7 month old daughter.

  • He would be standing her up while they watched tv
  • He’d make her chewy foods while she sits around
  • He would sing to her as much as he could 

Mingyu: He would be on with his 10 month old son and 3 year old daughter.

  • He would be watching children’s programs and singing along
  • They would go to the toy store and buy a bunch of toys
  • He would video call you and have you talk to your kids before he would talk to you

The8: He would be on with his 5 year old daughter.

  • He would pick her up from school and take her out to snack
  • He would have her in a dance class so that they could dance together in the future
  • He would constantly tell her how proud he is of her

Seungkwan: He would be on with his 1 year old daughter.

  • He would take her shopping
  • They would go to classes to bond
  • They would make desserts together

Vernon: He would be on with his twin son and daughter who are almost a year old.

  • He would be a little awkward with them because it would be one of the first time he would watch them alone
  • He would take them out to eat for lunch
  • He would take them to the zoo or something large so they would have fun

Dino: He would be on with his 5 month old son.

  • He would be cuddling his little one most of the days 
  • Go out on walks and he would be pushing him around in a stroller 
  • He would take a nap with his son
Imagine being a trainee in SM and a staff touring you around the bulding
  • Staff: And to your right you'll see a bunch of old men who are barely their 30's
  • Staff: who act like 5-12 year olds who like cosplaying as frozen characters
  • Staff: but it's ok
  • Staff: bc their mentally kids
  • Staff: and is still waiting to go through puberty
  • Staff: especially the one that looks like a fish
20 “I Should Be Writing” Qs

I was tagged by @john-cousland and @fereldenpeach (thank you the both of you for not giving up on me <3 )

1. How tall are you? 5′5″, hobbit, blah, blah. FEED ME!

2. What colour and style is your hair? Brown, really meh.

3. What colour are your eyes? Shitty brown

4. Do you wear glasses? Since I was 7 years old

5. Do you wear braces? Nope, could never afford it, my teeth are sort of crooked though.

6. What is your fashion sense? Hobo. No, I didn’t misspelled boho, lol. I wear mostly brown.

7. Do you have any siblings? Not really. My father got a bunch of kids spread out with some random women, but I don’t have sibblings in the “connection” sense.

8. What kinda student were/are you? Lame, pretty meh.

9. What is your favourite subject? Biology!!! <3

10. Favourite TV shows? Monty Phyton, Black Books, The Office UK, Cosmo, The IT Crowd, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Green Wing, Cooking Shows in general (yes, judge me)

11. Favourite books? I’ll go authors because the list is long: Samuel Beckett, Jean-Paul Sartre, Lewis Carroll, Fiodor Dostoievski, Robert Frost, Eugène Ionesco, Georg Hegel, Albert Camus, George Orwell, Marcel Proust, Tennessee Williams…

12. Favourite pastime? Napping

13. Any regrets? A whole lot of them.

14. What is your dream job? Within the realm of possibilities, a (tenured -it said dreamy on the question) professor. If I could have afforded med school, I’d be a doctor (would have gone for traumatology because I am hyped about THA (Total Hip Arthroplasty) – yes, I know that specifically what I would like to do because nerds). Outside the realm of possibilitiesI’d be a highly overpaid subject in a longitudinal 50 years study about REM and get paid to sleep XD

15. Do you want to get married? Already married

16. Do you want kids? How many? I don’t think I’m equipped to be a parent.

17. How many countries have you visited? Two.

18. What’s the scariest dream you’ve ever had? I have always had a lot of nightmares, but the ones I find trully scarry are the ones that could be real, like those in which a family member is terminally ill, or related to unemployment, a car crash, etc.

19. Do you have any enemies? I am hardly relevant enough to have real enemies.

20. Do you have a datemate? No sure what that is (sorry old lady here)

Ok, so I have been away from Tumblr for a while, and I am not sure who’s done it and who hasn’t, so I’ll toss tags at everyone and in case you have already done it, feel free to reblog and tag me, or tag me in the comments, so I can read yours! :) @amarmeme @ladydracarysao3, @captainceranna, @cullenstairshenanigans, @crashed-down-in-a-hurricane, @ma-sulevin, @kirkwallgirl, @kejj, @mapplestrudel, @long-liv-prairies, @ekoorb03, @gwerian, @roguelioness, @dragonageamell, @gugle1980, @stregatadallostregatto, @the-queen-of-thedas, @nerdyholler, @talz2146, @evilangel1119, @omnipotentoverlord, @the-emerald-halla, and honestly, whoever decides to answer it, tag me, so we can get to know each other! :) 

got to watch my little cousin’s baseball team play tonight and let me tell you, there is nothing so mindlessly enjoyable as watching a bunch of 7-9 year old boys–none of whom have no idea what they’re doing–play something that vaguely resembles baseball for an hour.

Things That Happened At My Bastille Concert

After I hugged Dan he just went “was that good enough?” with this really earnest look

When Courtney was trying to get a video of them saying smth sweet and the radio person was ushering her away Dan stopped her and just went “no no no just tell us what to do!”

He said “how you lot doing” being all sweet and cute

Dan acknowledged Coop and talked about how he’s been with them since the beginning and it was so cute

Woody kept waving adorably at the crowd with both hands like a 5-year-old kid

Charlie and Woody kept throwing drumsticks back and forth during Flaws and kept missing and eventually Woody just threw a bunch of sticks at Kyle 😂

Will SPRINTED in front of the camera guy made a really dorky face at the camera after Flaws before shuffling back to his guitar. He literally dragged his feet and shuffled.

Dan talked about how depressing the next song is and proceeded to play Fake It

I threw Dan a flower when he sang “flower through disarray” and he picked it up and threw it back at Courtney before laughing while singing the next lyrics like a NERD

People were crowd surfing and the entire band looked confused. Will looked slightly worried

I died

I’m HARDCORE Bastille trash once more

i think that’s the real tragedy of anakin skywalker - how kind he was.

this is a kid whose first instinct, when leaving his mother behind, is to turn backward, hug her, and tell her he can’t do it. when his best friend (kitster) says goodbye, anakin says, “i won’t forget.” he wants to become a jedi to satisfy a boyish wonder - he doesn’t even consider power or the force at all - and because he wants to free the slaves. he fixed up cooling systems for the old lady jira who ran a shop in the square (and she said there was no kinder boy in the galaxy), he saved the life of a tusken raider and protected him throughout tatooine’s harsh night, and he even - at 5 years old - chased a bunch of banthas into a sand dune to save them from being shot.

he’s told he’s done a great, wonderful job after he wins the boonta eve, and padme and his mom are congratulating him, and you know what the future darth vader does? blushes, looks down, says, “just feeling this good is worth anything.” yes, that’s a direct quote from the TPM novel.

all of this by age 9 - and that’s supposed to be kids’ selfish age, when they’re just starting to learn what sacrifice is.

and then he became a jedi.

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Okay this random i was just watching primetime competition on the livestream and they were playing the YMCA song before (4-8 year old) awards and all the Stars kids where doing the YMCA dance, it was so funny i can just see Victor smalley teaching a bunch of 5 year olds that dance haha

haha too cute!


Can you pretty please (with a cherry on top) write a one shot (or you could turn it into a mini series) where y/n has an adopted child way before she met Harry (kind of like Angelina Jolie.) And then later on, y/n and Harry has their biological children but they still want to adopt

You find out that you can’t have children and you think harry will leave you. You decide on adoption and meet a 5 year old boy who refuses to be adopted without his 3 year old sister as he is her big brother and needs to protect her.

Can you please write a one shot where Harry met a single mom y/n and she has this independence point of view where she adopts kids (kinda like Angelina Jolie) and she met Harry and they’re now together and they adopt kids together after having one of their own.

Since this was a bunch of requests that dealt with the same topic but had very unrelated storylines, I decided to take bits and pieces from all of them and create something out of it.

This is a topic very close to me because I myself am adopted. I was adopted as an infant so I don’t have any memories of it; I’m sorry if I got any of the details wrong as I don’t really know all the ins-and-outs of how the process works. But hopefully you like it!


Ever since you were a little girl, you had been interested in the concept of adoption. At a younger age, it was more because the idea sounded interesting to you. As you got older, it became more about wanting to provide a child with a decent home when they otherwise may not have had one. You had also always dreamed of adopting with your future spouse but, as time went on, and you got no closer to marriage or a long-term relationship, you realized that you may have to start looking into single parent adoption.

You finally made yourself a goal: If you weren’t married by the time you were 30, you would start looking into adoption on your own.

When you were 29, you met Harry.

It was somewhat ironic timing because you had been starting to look into the process already, as you knew it would take a while. Then, of course, Harry came along and changed your entire perspective.

You opted not to mention your adoption desires to him right away, as to not scare him away or make him think that you were only wanting him as a partner to make the process easier for you. But, after several months of dating around the time that you started to become more and more serious, the topic of the future and family came up.

Harry was game on having his own biological children and, of course, you were as well. But the idea of adopting never left your mind. It was something you had wanted since you were a teenager and you couldn’t shake the desire to expand your family in that way.

You finally brought it up to him one night a few months after you had gotten engaged. You were past your 30th year by now and you hadn’t forgotten about your goal.

“Hey, Harry?”


“You want to have a family with me, right?”

Harry smirked, but kept his eyes closed as he rolled over and nestled his head down into your shoulder.

“O’course. Why? You wanna start now?”

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For the inbox word thing: snail

When i was 4 or 5 years old, there were a bunch of bricks piled up in my backyard. Naturally, alot of bugs, including snails, would manifest there.
Me, being the gross kid I was back then, would go into the yard, put those bricks apart, and play with those insects.
Needless to say, my dad wasn’t amused every time i’d do that.

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Hey, I see you've been posting a bunch about some Poppee show or something? It sounds/looks really interesting. Can you give me like a brief synopsis or something? Also do you know where I can watch it? Please and thanks so much!

Of course!!! It’s a CGI Anime for kids, but nothing really shows for it. It’s about a 17 year old clown named Popee. There’s no plot and no dialogue, and you can find the whole series in the youtube playlist ‘all of popee the performer". Every episode is under 5 minutes long. Hope this helped (and I hope you enjoy the show)!

HOW IT’S LIKE DATING iKON (pt.1 - Hanbin, Bobby, Jinhwan)

(see part 2 here)


  • Greeting you with ‘hey darling’s and ‘wassup beautiful’s
  • Always the one waiting for you to come when you guys date
  • Will ALWAYS default show up at your doorstep with a bouquet of carnations or some bunch of flowers
  • Forever throwing his gentle smiles at you and you gotta deal with it and try not to  hyperventilate but he can tell that you are nervous and asks you ‘am I really that irresistible’ and smirk
  • Outside dates are sweet af with him always feeding you, cutting up your steak, always sharing his lattes with you and holding the door for you when you leave the restaurant
  • At home dates are drastic disappointments as compared to when you are  outside where he acts like a 5 year old kid tickling you and throwing  flour at you when you try to bake his favourite matcha cookies and kicking you to get a larger space on the couch
  • But at times he can be super, duper sweet and hot at home
  • When you watch movies together you always fall asleep on the couch and he will gently carry you bridal style back to your room and sit by your bed just watching you
  • And when you wake up in the morning he will always, be the first person you will see and no matter whether you are having a grumpy morning or not he will never forget to give you his sweetest morning hugs where you just nuzzle at the crook of his neck for like 15 minutes until he remembers he forgot to take the toast out of the oven and springs out of the room door and tumbles down the stairs and you get worried so you ask ‘haNBIN are U OK DO YOu need me to go and take a lOOk—’ and he cuts you off and shouts ‘no WORRIES ivE GOT THIS’ and gets back to his feet but trips over his own pajama pants 


  • Always the one initiating every single date and he always suggest to go to your house
  • Every time he meets you he will be like ‘hey girl you got more beautiful after just 2 days’
  • Super competitive. If he knows his bro Hanbin gifts a bunch of flowers whenever he meets his girl, he will be those type that arrives at your doorstep in his BMW and he will be all dressed up in his tuxedo strutting to the car boot and upon opening it 100 balloons will fly out and at the bottom of the boot scattered are 1000 roses and he will be telling you some crap about how 1000 represents eternity
  • Always kakaotalk-ing you rubbish like ‘hey I just saw Jinhwan tripping on the streets’ or ‘hey babe should I buy cow overalls”
  • Always suggest to bake cakes and cookies at your house and swears that he will help but ends up staring at you bake and shower you with endless compliments
  • You actually didn’t want to bake anymore since he isn’t even helping you but because of his compliments and eye-smiles you toTALLY HAVE no choice
  • Definitely a arms-around-your-waist kind of person and wherever you go that will be your default
  • You can’t stay pissed at him for more than 30 minutes because he will do loads of shit to redeem himself
  • Has the most ridiculous outdoor fashion but he thinks he’s the coolest man on the planet


  • He will always ask you if you’ve slept well, if you ate enough, if you need another day of rest
  • Tells you to stop doing whatever you are doing in life if you are unhappy and vows that he will take care of you for life
  • Very serious and romantic boyfriend that plans every surprise with all his heart, not slipshod unlike people like June
  • Loves to just lie with you on the sofa at night and cuddle you to sleep
  • Always innovating new breakfasts for you and asking for your opinion
  • Does all them house chores and make you sit on the sofa while he whips up his gourmet dinner
  • Loves to boss over you like ‘hey babe its 9pm why haven’t you bathed?’ ‘hey dear if you don’t mind me reminding you it is 11pm and you got an exam tomorrow why are you still not asleep?’ 
  • Loves to text you things like gifts he bought for you when he was out shopping and always texting you things like ‘hey the last time i checked we ran out of canned tuna you want me to get some’ or ‘i bought seaweed and japanese rice we are going to make sushi’
  • Always showing you off to all his other mates 
  • Loves playing with your hair and disturbing you when you are supposed to focus
  • Tries every single method to get your attention from wriggling like a worm on the bed to peek-a-boos behind the door
  • Always attempting to do those surprise events for you but it always fails because he does things at discrete level 0
BTS react to finding out you have a pre-started family after a few weeks of dating them

this just popped into my head, i will also be doing another version of this for another kpop group

JIN: you would have called him saying you were to sick to move and your doctor said someone need to take care of you, so when he got to your house and knock on the door he would ever have expected you four year old daughter to answer the door.
Jin: umm i might have the wrong house
your child: MUMMY! APPA IS HERE!
JIN: appa? 
your child: yeah mums really sick so you have to take care of her
in his head:….she is a lot like her mother

SUGA: i think suga would be pretty calm about it…on the outside but on the inside mixed emotions, sad because you didn’t tell him but also angry at the jerk who left you but finally happy because your kid takes after him, meaning a bunch of swag.
Suga: wow…..
you: please don’t be mad that i didn’t tell you
suga: How can i be mad at you jagi you made a something that is full of swag
your kid: *strikes a lazy swag pose with suga*

J-hope: shock, happy, sad, angry and cuteness would be filling your living room as your 5 year old son was play tag with j-hope after only five seconds of meeting each other.
your son: *is having a giggle fit* GET BACK HERE HORSEY AH MUM CATCH THE HORSEY!

Rap Monster: ….ummm i think your going to need a new house, cause once your child meets namjoon,all hell will break loose with the sides of really bad dancing and laughter.
*both of them stare at the broken vase*
your child: opsie….
rap monster: if your mum ask anything it was the cat
your child: we don’t own a cat
rap monster:…then it was V
your child: okay….whos V?

Jimin: shyness overload, the two “kids” would be too shy to get close to each other, they would warm up to each other eventually but you just sat back and enjoyed the cute act that was happening.
your child:….*muffled hello as they hide in you arm while you three sit on the couch*
you: hey y/c/n why don’t you show jimin your big bang cd/dvd collection and that autograph you got from Taeyang
*both out of the room in five seconds*

V/Taehyung: okay…it obvious that your kid…or should i say kids (twins) and taetae are going to love each other instantly. they’ll probably be playing hide and seek when you get home (cause you asked tae to babysit)
You: I’M HOME! *looks at the empty house*
Tae: *giggling behind the curtain with the oldest twin* shhh mums home now so we have to be extra quite
your youngest:MUMMY I CAN’T FIND THEM!
you: hmmm *walks over to the curtain rips it open to be meet with screams of horror and laughter*

Kookie: children…children everywhere XD jk but like he would treat them as his own…siblings! 
jungkook: Yah i’m older than you so stop flinging your rice at me!
jungkook: yeah?
you: hes only two
jungkook:….oh right…why is he so cute?
you: *suppresses laughter*