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me : man idk about this Demencia character… I don’t think I might be intrested ://

my gay ass while doodling this : oh honey :)

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dark gayradwhitedad show me the forbidden student athlete AU

G O D OKAY so like

in reference to the headcanons list i made, i jokingly brought up a student athlete AU where evan would be a rly sporty dude? and then @stellaisgay and i started talking about this ridiculous OOC AU that is completely unfounded by everything and anything and isnt serious at all where evan is quarterback of the school’s football team and connor is a cheerleader and theyre a Power Couple

Why the Kiss and the Hairpin are Connected

I had an epiphany moment when I was in the washroom, and I must write it down before I become too lazy to do so. 

When Yona gave Ogi the hairpin as payment, it was her way of rejecting Su-won who now isn’t the most important existence to her anymore. We know that in the beginning of the series she wouldn’t have been able to do that no matter how much she tried but now, he isn’t the whole world to her anymore. Now her world is filled with Hak and her misfit family. Su-won in many ways has no real place in it anymore at least not in the way he once did. 

What’s important here is that the hairpin did a full circle after Yona had it taken from her in Sei, Suwon gives the pin to Lilly, who gives it to Hak, instead of Yona. Don’t people find it strange that rather than going straight to the source she gives it to Hak instead? Who in the following chapter ends up having a whole chapter of inner monolog about why he hates that pin and why he hates Su-won and in general why he is so broken about what happened. Because Su-won gave her that, the day he murdered her father. Why would he give her something with so much thought and then commit murder shortly after? These are the thoughts going on in his head and then its Yoon who gives it back to her instead of Hak because he is not ready to confront Yona or Su-won about his feelings for either of them. But then she casually throws it away because, Hak, Yoon, the Dragons, Lilly, all of them who brought back the hairpin for her, have a connection to her that is much stronger than the one for Su-won now as she was finally able to let it go.

Her feelings about Su-won are starting to get resolved and in many ways that hairpin connected Hak with Su-won as well. When Yona threw it away, it was a sign that Su-won isn’t the most important thing in her life anymore. That she isn’t the same person she was when she was in the castle, that’s why she was able to kiss him after she did it because it was a way of saying goodbye to the love she once had and accepting the love she now feels and the man behind it. 

Yona and Hak would never have been able to have that kiss with the hairpin around because it would always feel like Su-won was in between them but now he isn’t. Now they can love each other wholeheartedly. It took Yona possibly losing her family again to realize what mattered to her and what didn’t and that hairpin doesn’t have the power to control her anymore because it simply does not matter anymore.


as I’ve been gently descending into real hockey hell lately, I came across the anecdote that a certain famous rl candian hockey forward used to go to local pick up games, but he was so good that they made him play goalie so that the opposing team would have a chance.

when you combine this with my headcanon (for my bitty-navigates-his-early-20′s fic that i may or may not ever write) that bitty joins a local beer league after he moves to Providence….you get…

Bitty is thrilled when he discovers a local rec league in Providence. He’s missed being out on the ice and it sounds like a great way to make some friends. Even better, there’s no checking allowed. He signs up right away.

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Concept: Whenever Shepard gets interviewed by Allers in ME3, imagine somewhere on some planet (or Earth) a bunch of alliance dude-bro soldiers at their camp out in the field far from anywhere with gear lying everywhere, all crowding around the one tiny vid display they have, telling each other to shut up so they can see the episode of Battlespace where Shepard is gonna be on again. And when she says something to praise the alliance they all start hooting and hollering like a bunch of sports fans, so in the end they only manged to hear half the interview due to their enthusiasm.


Vines - Underfell Edition!

A bunch of comics with UF!Bros – featuring with UF!Frisk and my OC Nikki (the protagonist of my slowly upcoming series)~ Inspiration from this vines:

I vine - CLICK!
II vine - CLICK!
III vine - CLICK!

I’ve already told ya that I love messing with those hot boiz so much~ >:3

And The Poets Are Just Kids Who Didn’t Make It

Written for NurseyWeek, prompt Mistake.

Trigger warning for a panic attack

Nursey wasn’t sure where his day had gone to shit. He’d thought it was fine, he had his English Lit class in the morning, which he actually enjoyed, then a poetry workshop early in the afternoon.  Somehow, however, it had got to be too much, and he’d practically sprinted out of his workshop to go to the Haus, hoping for a piece of pie and a Bitty hug. He’d apparently forgotten that Thursdays were when everyone had class in the late afternoon except for him, meaning that he was now alone with his thoughts, which never ended well when he got to be like this.

Dropping to the ground, Nursey leaned against the back of the couch and drew his knees into his chest, closing his eyes and trying to breathe against the overwhelming sensation of everything going on around him and bearing too much weight and too many responsibilities down on him and he wasn’t good enough to deal with any of this and why did he think he possibly could succeed in life and why was he such a fuckup and why was everything he did a mistake-

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The Caps Bromances as People From Your High School

Alex Ovechkin and Nicklas Backstrom: The couple that fights like an old married couple, but literally oozes love for each other. Ovi makes grand gestures of affection and Nicky just gives a wry smile. They display a disgusting amount of PDA. The teacher tries to separate them, but it never helps. They have matching promise rings for each other.

John Carlson and Karl Alzner: The couple that’s been together forever. They’re completely in sync and know each other like the back of their hands. They do everything together; one time they even had a vlog together. They do disgustingly cute things like bring each other lunch, say things like “John would like that” or “that reminds me of Karl,” they surprise each other with their favorite snacks, they chirp at each other and at everyone else, and they lean on each other for support.

Tom Wilson and Michael Latta: The couple that’s always making a Scene. They fight and wrestle but you know they’ll be making up in 5 minutes because they cannot live without the other. Incredibly cute but constantly berate each other. Always doing the cute small things for each other. (However, they were recently forced to split up and you know they both cried about it for days)

The 3 Brobeans: The group that’s always causing trouble. They’re rambunctious yet entertaining. On the outside they look like a bunch of Bros. They constantly chirp at each other, but you know deep down they all love each other.

Carlzner + Jay Beagle: The tight group that’s been friends since childhood. Beagle surprisingly does not feel like a third wheel when with the three of them. They’re the physical embodiment of “True friends don’t judge each other, they judge other people together.”

The Russian Clique: The school’s most exclusive clique. Everyone wants to be part of the clique. They’re always hanging out and having fun. You never know what they’re talking about, but they’re always laughing and you want in on the joke.

The Swedes: Basically a family. Always pulling pranks on each other.

Braden Holtby and Nate Schmidt: The most fashionable and friendly people at school. Everyone wants to take them to prom for one reason or the other.

The Top Line: The most popular kids at school. Sitting on top of the heap and they know it. Even though Ovi and Nicky are dating, Osh never feels left out, as Ovi is incredibly affectionate.