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My birthday cake.

so my birthday came up and my birthday cake was CARRY ON PRINTED ONTO THE CAKE i almost cried it was one of the best cakes  Ive ever had (especially because Simon and baz were involved!) i love it so much what do you guys think! @rainbowrowell

Imo, one of the best things about Rainbow’s books is that they are so easy to read because she writes so conversationally. I feel like I know Simon and Baz, I feel like they know me back. They are comfortable dropping the f-bomb and talking about wanking off (um..Baz..why…) to me and it’s amazing because I really do feel like I’m with them. I really do feel like a creepy third wheeler all the damn time and it’s awesome. I love being the Snowbaz third wheeler

He also says I tried to throw him down a flight of stairs that year. Really, we were fighting at the top of the staircase, and I got in a lucky punch that sent him flying. Then, when my aunt Fiona asked me if I’d pushed Simon Snow down a flight of stairs, I said, “Fuck yes I did.”
—  Carry On, chapter 34

The best part about Carry On is that Simon never really seems overly concerned about other people judging his sexuality (*cough*bisexual*cough*) but more about the fact that he is dating sworn enemy and actual real life vampire Baz Bitch and I think that that is awesome

I can feel Snow staring at me all through Greek—actually feel it. He’s so worked up, his magic is leaking out all over the place.
Sometimes when he gets like this, I’m tempted to pull him aside. “Deep breaths now, Snow. Let it go. Some of it. Before you start another fire. Whatever it is you’re worried about, this won’t help.”
I never do, though. Pull him aside. Or talk him down. Instead I just poke him until he goes off.
—  Carry On, chapter 30
“This is why I’m going to beat you,” I say.
“We’re on a truce,” Snow says.
“I can still think antagonistically. I’m thinking violent thoughts at you constantly.”
He grabs my hand. I want to pull it away, but I don’t want to look scared—and also I don’t want to pull it away. Bloody Snow. I’m thinking violent thoughts at him right now.
—  Carry On, chapter 48