Radix Anaheim Rookie/Mini Solo Results

Rookie Solos

8th: Kenzie Valencia – Skyscraper

7th: Arianna Miller – Safe

6th: Curren Williams – Lights, Camera, Action

5th: Lola Jolie – Salute

4th: Kendall Jundt – Sun

3rd: Kennedy Paige – Amazing Grace

2nd: Juliette Bunce – Sweet Child of Mine

1st: Anya Inger – Halo

Mini Solos

10th: Mackenzie Couch – Everywhere I Go

9th: Kaitlyn Ortega – Everywhere I Go

8th: Julissa Ortiz – Venom, Annie Finemel – Sinking, Ashur Taylor – Bottled Up Tight, Kylie Kwon – Summertime

7th: Samantha Chung – Visual Noise

6th: Sage Reeves – Fly

5th: Dyllan Blackburn – Exit Strategy, Addison Middleton – I Started a Joke

4th: Emma Donnelly – Avant Le Silence

3rd: Madison Bunce – All I Want

2nd: Carys Ashby – Tornadoes

1st: Charlotte Cogan – Dusk

Adjudications Under the Cut

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Suffer Davy (Carry On Countdown Dec 9th)

I hate the Mage and I love the idea of crushing him. In my fic Simon doesn’t leave Penny’s alone to find the Mage and I didn’t include the showdown with the humdrum. Hope you enjoy :) @carryon-countdown


He knew he had to say something. There was nothing else he could do but tell Snow the truth. But he still hesitated. Baz was relieved to finally know who was responsible for his mother’s death but he knew it was going to crush Snow. The Mage was like a father to him.
Penny had said Snow was still at her place. He wondered if him walking away from Snow for the numpties had been a mistake. Were they still together? He wasn’t sure. Especially with the new information.
Snow opened the Bunce’s front door. His new dragon wings drooped in a defeated way. His eyes were exhausted.
“Baz look…Penny talked me down. I was about to run off to find the Mage. But she said it was more important to gather all the info we could about my connection to the holes in the magical atmosphere before we talk to him.”
Baz looked away.
“Yeah that’s probably best. Snow…I found out who hired the vampires.”
He hadn’t looked up when he felt a tentative hand on his arm. He glanced at Snow’s hand and then his concerned face.
“I almost forgot, you went…”
He trailed off. Baz knew he was thinking about their argument. He watched Snow shake it off.
“Anyways who did it?”
Baz squeezed his eyes shut.
“Simon I don’t want you to freak out.”
Snow’s already tired body sagged an inch further.
“Baz, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
Baz took a deep breath.
“It’s the Mage.”
For a moment Snow didn’t react at all, his puffy eyes just sort of glazed over. A moment later however, he jerked back.
“That can’t…no. There has to be some misunderstanding.”
Baz sighed. “There isn’t. Nicodemus told me himself. Besides…I have to go help him.”
Snow was pinching the bridge of his nose between his thumb and forefinger.
“Ebb is missing. He thinks the Mage took her.”
Snow leaned against the wall and slid down.
“I don’t understand.”
Baz walked over to him and held out a hand.
“I don’t either. But I want to find out Simon. So let’s go together. We can even bring Bunce. We won’t hurt him…we’ll just ask him for answers.”
Slowly Simon took his hand.


He still couldn’t swallow the idea that it was the Mage who hired the vampires to attack Watford. He was also worried about Ebb.
Penny had already accepted that the Mage had done it. Simon tried not to think too hard about that.
When they found the Mage it was worse than he had ever expected. The Mage stood over Ebb with a bloody knife in his hand. She was motionless on the floor. Simon rushed over to her and found she wasn’t breathing. They had been too late.
Sir, why would you do this?
He could feel Baz and Penny spreading around the room, blocking any exit and flanking Simon’s sides. They anticipated a fight; Simon didn’t understand how it had come to all of this.
“Simon! Thank god…I figured out a way to fix everything.”
Simon wondered if he was going insane.
The Mage’s eyes were wide and unfocused. There was something crazed about his entire expression.
“If you give all the power to me I can control it Simon. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted this for you Simon but since it’s too much…well it came from me so I should be able to handle it.”
Simon paused.
“What do you mean it came from you?”
The Mage looked away.
“Well, from me and your mother. But she’s not here anymore. So I need to take care of this, take care of you for her.”
Simon felt the weight of too much information press on him.
“You knew my mother?”
The Mage cringed. “Yes…I…we were together.”
There was silence.
The first one to speak was Baz.
“Are you…Simon’s father?”
The Mage glared at him.
“Don’t you speak to me. I should have exposed you years ago for what you are. Without you messing with Simon’s head I could have found him days ago.”
Simon stood and gripped the Mage’s arm.
“Are you my father?”
He nodded. “Yes…Lucy and I, well we brought you into the world. So it’s my job to fix it.”
Baz sneered.
“You killed my mother, you abandoned Simon as a baby, and now you’ve killed Ebb. What could you possibly fix?”
The Mage grabbed at Simon desperately.
“Don’t listen to him. Yes I did all that but I only ever did any of it to protect the world of mages.”
Simon threw him off.
I don’t want to hear your excuses!
Both Penny and Baz came up behind him.
“I’m leaving to tell the Coven what you’ve done. Don’t try to run.”
The Mage put out his hands as if to stop them.
“Simon no! I need to take your power from you, you’ll only make the holes worse.”
Simon looked away.
“I think I’ve figured out how to fix that. I need…to give the magic back. Penny helped me figure it out. But I’m not giving it to you.”
The Mage ran forward. Penny pulled Simon behind her and stuck her ring out.
Can’t touch this.”
The Mage was flung across the room.
“Simon…wait…you can’t leave. I’m your father.”
Simon stared at him for a moment, trying and failing to feel a connection to the murderer across the room.
“No, you’re not. You never wanted me so why should I want you now?”
The Mage slumped.
“Goodbye sir.”
They left the building holding hands together and listening to the Mage howl. Penny had put a binding spell on him before they left. Simon felt horrified, sad, and angry. But he knew that it was okay now, that he had realized something very important. The Mage might be his father, but he wasn’t the kind of man Simon would ever look up to again.


Madison Bunce - All I Want

Mini Lyrical Solo
Signature Dance Academy
Radix Anaheim

Radix Anaheim Adjudications and Results

Rookie Top 4:

4. Kendall Jundt
3. Kennedy Paige
2. Juliette Bunce
1. Anya Inger

Mini Top 10:

10.Mackenzie Couch
9. Kaitlyn Ortega
8. Julissa Ortiz, Annie Finemel, Ashur Taylor, Kylie Kwon
7. Samantha Chung
6. Sage Rosen
5. Dyllan Blackburn, Addison Middleton
4. Emma Donnelly
3. Madison Bunce
2. Carys Ashby
1. Charlotte Cogan

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Okay! So there has been criticism previously over Rowell’s characters and the fact that sometimes their world can seem distant and aery-faery, yet I think if anyone tries saying it’s similar with Carry On I’ll go haywire. 


  • Struggles with family 
  • Is INSANELY intelligent
  • Red hair? Doesn’t care
  • Racial representation 
  • Born to an untraditional powerful magician to a non powerful magician marriage
  • She really doesn’t care what everyone else thinks about her
  • Simon Snow is her best best best friend - her notes are addressed to him. 
  • Tells things honestly 
  • Is a feminist
  • Has a long distance, American, magic boyfriend and is learning spells from him in spanish
  • Constantly wins over people’s pride because she’s so wonderful
  • Saves Simon from the Humdrum even BEFORE the book begins
  • Is completely accepting of SnowBaz and sexualities 
  • Has to deal with her lesbian, pixie roomate and her girlfriend who leave pixie dust everywhere


  • Bisexual representation
  • The fact that he doesn’t really think sexuality defines him in any form
  • He feels unable to fulfill the prophecies put on him
  • Has to constantly deal with the Mage’s utilitarian, shit
  • Has to constantly deal with being the solution to MULTIPLE wars
  • Fucks up all the time, and is scared of hurting those around him when he does
  • He IS angsty
  • He ‘goes off’ (gets extraneously angry) 
  • He IS an idiot and a massive dork
  • He IS lovable lmao
  • Never had any parents he knew of 


    • Real life angst bomb
    • Real life neat freak
    • YES he is a vampire, but he doesn’t want to drink human blood and is never really tempted by it
    • Is really self conscious about being a vampire
    • Is not at all self conscious about being gay 
    • Feels like a disappointment to everything he touches and everyone in his family because he’s gay and a vampire 
    • Makes compromises and does his best to not kill people, so forgive him
    • Has fleeting, sexy, violent thoughts that he can’t help and gets embarrassed by
    • Constantly excuses himself awkwardly to drink blood 
    • Constantly excuses himself awkwardly to eat food because he’s self conscious about his fangs when he eats
    • Loves his step mom 
    • Has to deal with his mother’s death
    • Teases his younger step sister about magic tricks 
    • Smokes
    • Feels like his life can only go downhill besides the fact that his whole life is so promising
    • Has super human strength, but makes other people do things for him while he just sits back
    • Has to make up for his mother’s moderately racist rule as headmistress (principal) 
    • Plays fucking VIOLIN and keeps everything in the bathroom neat and organized
    • Suffers from suicidal thoughts


    • Doesn’t want to be a prize to be won
    • Complete rebuttal to your average female character
    • Struggles with feelings towards the Mage
    • Struggles with trying to find her own path
    • Never feels accepted in the world of Mages, besides theoretically being perfect
    • Doesn’t really give a shit if she’s judged for using/not using beauty spells and is proud in her femininity 
    • Struggles with fitting into the magical world when all her friends are actually Normal
    • Likes pink and doesn’t   f u c k i n g   care if it’s stereotypical because it’s just a color that she happens to like
    • Feels like her parents want her to marry the perfect magician, and would rather not be a happy-ending-prize


    • The book deals with overcoming militaristic rules
    • Making up for the past’s mistakes
    • Resent, guilt, death of loved ones
    • Never fulfilling your destiny
    • Trying so hard to fix the past’s mistakes that you make more mistakes
    • Becoming crazed with fixed ideas that don’t need to be followed
    • Dealing with the effects of dissolving laissez-faire
    • Dealing with the separation of family members
    • Racism/Class divide
    • The book has modern things like wifi
    • The spells are easy to memorize
    • Casual references to people with disabilities
    • Portrays corruption of the kind in trying to know what’s best for others
  • baz, stretched out on the table, rose in mouth: welcome home babe
  • baz: *chokes on rose and falls off table*
  • penny: ...
  • penny: you thought i was simon didn't you
  • baz: *nods violently*
  • penny: well,
  • penny: *rips off face mask to reveal simon*
  • simon: then you were right !
  • simon: surprise !
  • simon: it me