Love Notes

april 22 @snowbaz-feda

idea from some prompt about leaving love notes. idk why it went the way it did. im tired and miss my gf

word count: 295

Baz was bad at saying sweet things, but he was very good at leaving notes with them. Notes like “don’t forget to eat breakfast!” and “much love, si”, something he rarely ever called me.

Penny got annoyed with them. “For someone so brooding and vague, I did not expect him to be this lovey dovey.” She crumpled yet another note and threw it at me.

“Let me have these cute notes, okay?”

“It’s gross, Si. I’ve had enough flirting to last me three lifetimes just living with you.” She magicked the rest of them into my hands. “Please get them away from me.”

“You just need Micah to come into town. Right?”

Baz was already in a class so I couldn’t corner him about the notes. I went to my classes and by the time I got home, he was already there. Penny was gone.

“Hey, love.” I kissed his cheek when I walked by, not at all surprised to see him there.

“Si.” Baz was studying, or at least reading what appeared to be a textbook, so I dropped my bag in my room and plopped onto the couch next to him. He shifted so that I could easily lean into him, and when I did, he moved the textbook onto my lap facing him.

“I’m not your desk, babe.”

“Then what good are you?” He kissed my neck, probably on one of my moles.

“Penny’s annoyed at your notes.”

“Do you share Bunce’s annoyance?”

“No. But maybe limit them to places for me. Okay?”

I shouldn’t have been surprised when Penny woke the two of us up at 3 am because of an explosion of sticky-note I love yous in her desk. Baz feigned innocence, but we all knew who the culprit was.

Remembering Your Colours (Ch 1)

(A/N: a multi chapter fic based off a post that I can’t find (if u recognize the post and know who posted it LET me know please!! I want to give credit!) where a rogue teacher casts a spell on Watford that affects everyone…)

(PS- does anyone know how to link different posts on mobile? I want to add to this post once I write the second chapter)


By now, I’ve gotten used to everything being black and white. It’s been this way since year 3, and I think everyone is used to the spell by now. At least, everyone in my year, considering we were the only ones affected by it.

It took us a while to figure out what spell he casted. It took us even longer to figure out what it did for sure and how to reverse it. We still don’t know everything about it.

What we know so far is that immediately after the spell is cast, the person it is cast on goes colourblind. The only way the person can get their sight of colour back is to kiss their true love. (Disgusting, right?)

Some people in our class have colour back already. Trixie and Keris gained it back in year 5, and Penny gained it back when she visited Micah the summer before year 6. Agatha and I have been together since year 3. We’ve kissed many times.

I see nothing.

That’s part of the reason she broke up with me yesterday. The other part…

Well. Baz.

Basilton Pitch. My enemy. My rival. My roommate.

I’m sure he can see every single fucking colour from his cold grey eyes (at least, I think that they’re grey– I can’t remember). I’m sure that he’s been able to see it since the same week that he lost it- the bloke probably either found a spell to counteract it or went around knocking up every girl he could find until he could see more color than he had to begin with.

Agatha has been pining after him since year 5, and we both realized that no matter how hard we try, we’re just not right for each other. So she dropped me and went after Baz. She’ll realize soon enough who he really is.


Fiona and my father have tried spell after spell to counteract what that teacher did to me. To my entire year. With every spell they cast, we each realize more and more that I’m hopeless, unless we can find me a bloke willing fall in love.

What they don’t know is that I already know who my true love is. I also know that he’ll never love me back.

I’ve come to accept that I’ll never know that bronze hair or those blue eyes like I did before this all happened.

Simon fucking Snow. He can probably see every colour of the rainbow. He probably doesn’t know– or care– why I never will.


Okay! So there has been criticism previously over Rowell’s characters and the fact that sometimes their world can seem distant and aery-faery, yet I think if anyone tries saying it’s similar with Carry On I’ll go haywire. 


  • Struggles with family 
  • Is INSANELY intelligent
  • Red hair? Doesn’t care
  • Racial representation 
  • Born to an untraditional powerful magician to a non powerful magician marriage
  • She really doesn’t care what everyone else thinks about her
  • Simon Snow is her best best best friend - her notes are addressed to him. 
  • Tells things honestly 
  • Is a feminist
  • Has a long distance, American, magic boyfriend and is learning spells from him in spanish
  • Constantly wins over people’s pride because she’s so wonderful
  • Saves Simon from the Humdrum even BEFORE the book begins
  • Is completely accepting of SnowBaz and sexualities 
  • Has to deal with her lesbian, pixie roomate and her girlfriend who leave pixie dust everywhere


  • Bisexual representation
  • The fact that he doesn’t really think sexuality defines him in any form
  • He feels unable to fulfill the prophecies put on him
  • Has to constantly deal with the Mage’s utilitarian, shit
  • Has to constantly deal with being the solution to MULTIPLE wars
  • Fucks up all the time, and is scared of hurting those around him when he does
  • He IS angsty
  • He ‘goes off’ (gets extraneously angry) 
  • He IS an idiot and a massive dork
  • He IS lovable lmao
  • Never had any parents he knew of 


    • Real life angst bomb
    • Real life neat freak
    • YES he is a vampire, but he doesn’t want to drink human blood and is never really tempted by it
    • Is really self conscious about being a vampire
    • Is not at all self conscious about being gay 
    • Feels like a disappointment to everything he touches and everyone in his family because he’s gay and a vampire 
    • Makes compromises and does his best to not kill people, so forgive him
    • Has fleeting, sexy, violent thoughts that he can’t help and gets embarrassed by
    • Constantly excuses himself awkwardly to drink blood 
    • Constantly excuses himself awkwardly to eat food because he’s self conscious about his fangs when he eats
    • Loves his step mom 
    • Has to deal with his mother’s death
    • Teases his younger step sister about magic tricks 
    • Smokes
    • Feels like his life can only go downhill besides the fact that his whole life is so promising
    • Has super human strength, but makes other people do things for him while he just sits back
    • Has to make up for his mother’s moderately racist rule as headmistress (principal) 
    • Plays fucking VIOLIN and keeps everything in the bathroom neat and organized
    • Suffers from suicidal thoughts


    • Doesn’t want to be a prize to be won
    • Complete rebuttal to your average female character
    • Struggles with feelings towards the Mage
    • Struggles with trying to find her own path
    • Never feels accepted in the world of Mages, besides theoretically being perfect
    • Doesn’t really give a shit if she’s judged for using/not using beauty spells and is proud in her femininity 
    • Struggles with fitting into the magical world when all her friends are actually Normal
    • Likes pink and doesn’t   f u c k i n g   care if it’s stereotypical because it’s just a color that she happens to like
    • Feels like her parents want her to marry the perfect magician, and would rather not be a happy-ending-prize


    • The book deals with overcoming militaristic rules
    • Making up for the past’s mistakes
    • Resent, guilt, death of loved ones
    • Never fulfilling your destiny
    • Trying so hard to fix the past’s mistakes that you make more mistakes
    • Becoming crazed with fixed ideas that don’t need to be followed
    • Dealing with the effects of dissolving laissez-faire
    • Dealing with the separation of family members
    • Racism/Class divide
    • The book has modern things like wifi
    • The spells are easy to memorize
    • Casual references to people with disabilities
    • Portrays corruption of the kind in trying to know what’s best for others

The Women of Carry On

In icy fields.

Is water flowing in the tank?

Will they huddle together, warm bodies pressing?

(Is it the year of the goat or the sheep?

Scholars debating Chinese zodiac,

follower or leader.)

O lead them to a warm corner,

little ones toward bulkier bodies.

Lead them to the brush, which cuts the icy wind.

Another frigid night swooping down — 

Aren’t you worried about them? I ask my friend,

who lives by herself on the ranch of goats,

far from here near the town of Ozona.

She shrugs, “Not really,

they know what to do. They’re goats.”

300 Goats, Naomi Shihab Nye

Carry On Valentine's Celebration - Day 1: Friendship Day
  • Penny: Here, Baz, I made you a friendship bracelet.
  • Baz: Bunce, you know I'm not really a jewelry person.
  • Penny: Well, just give it back then.
  • Baz: No, I'm going to wear it forever. Back off.

agatha, video chatting penelope after long months spent apart: lmao so baz is part of your gang now?? how crAzY!!!1!!1! guess that makes him the third wheel now!!

penelope, thinking back to every gross coupley thing she has been subjected to since the start of snowbaz: … about that