I took some time off this weekend to keep working on my spacebun game project! As of now, I have a little spaceship that zooms around, and when it touches a planet, the game cuts to this level where you control the spacebun themselves! Well… kinda?

There was a weird bug for a bit where no matter where i placed spacebun in the room, they always ended up stuck in the ceiling. They could walk left and right no problem, but never fell down. I ‘fixed’ it later by copying/pasting the tutorial code from the file, but I really wish I’d been able to figure out what specifically I’d hecked up. Ah well, live and learn… next up, animations!

You can follow my progress and help support my other work at patreon.com/brianwolf!

216. Bun Maker, $5

*I actually bought this for myself and I tried it out today. It works REALLY well. I think this is really useful (: It makes really cute neat buns, but also really cute messy buns. If you tie your hair into a ponytail first, then it makes a really neat bun. If you don’t tie your hair into a ponytail and just use this, it makes a really pretty messy bun! I’m personally really bad at making buns, I don’t know why but I can never make one myself. I will definitely be using this handy thing in the future (:

*A week later:

I LOVE THIS THING. SERIOUSLY. I used it for the beach and it didn’t fall off and get undone at all.