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Hong Kong Disneyland Eats - April 2017

I was out at Hong Kong Disneyland last week and thought I’d share some pics of the interesting new eats I found this trip!

Iron Man waffles with chocolate dipping sauce in Tomorrowland…

“Korean squid” at one of the snack carts…

These Little Green Men vegetable buns have been on the menu at Crystal Lotus inside the Disneyland Hotel for a while now, but it was the first time I’d had them…

They recently added the adorable Baymax pork buns as well…

You feel bad eating him…

The painstaking prep work that goes into making this Mickey Mouse scallop soup is so impressive. And it was delicious…

Tsum Tsum jelly roll desserts…

Iron Man mango and strawberry sweets…

And while not a character-based food, the golden crab dish that this crab croquette was served in was so elegant…

I love how Disney continues to push the boundaries with interesting and entertaining eats at all their parks!


foods of thedas :  TEVINTER

as with most things in tevinter, the food aspires to be effortlessly stylish & oppressively opulent. for those who can afford it, every meal is fine dining, combining rich flavours with expensive ingredients. it is a matter of pride for magisters to be able to transport exotic items to their villas, no matter how far away the source is. the most impressive ingredient, however, is lyrium, which is often mixed with spiced wine or tea at the more decadent parties. being able to acquire these ingredients illustrates wealth & power, and many use this to their full advantage with the tradition of VENDITATI LUCRIS – the offering of food made to a new neighbour, as both a greeting and a statement of superiority. traditional dishes include fugu sashimi, bun bo hue, honey-roasted figs, and red jasmine tea.

things the fairy tail girls remind me of

Lucy Heartfilia: the smell of night, gold glitter, the scent of coffee, new clothes, vanilla essence, the warmth of a fire on a cold day, stars, sharing a blanket, seeing a very old friend again, pointing out constellations, smiling until your cheeks ache, cherry blossom trees, antique shops, melted chocolate, honey, rooftop gardens, holding hands, sunshine on sandstone

Juvia Lockser: wet hair, raindrops on glass, the sea swirling around your ankles, curling up in a blanket on a cold day, kisses on the cheek, the feeling in your chest when you see someone that you really like, the sounds underwater, hugging someone tightly, giving gifts, warm scarves, moonlight, the sound of very early morning before the world has woken, waves crashing against the shore, the smell of rain, the warmth of belonging somewhere, the feeling when you return home after a long time away

Levy McGarden: the scent of old books, warm tea, cozy jumpers, messy buns, fresh daisies, hot soup, hidden bookshops, dusty sunlight, the joy of finding something lost long ago, glasses slipping down your nose, the smell of cinnamon, the quiet of a library, the feeling of belonging in a friendship group, spiral staircases, peter-pan collars, oak wood, shakespeare, going to the theatre

Erza Scarlet: cool metal against your skin, the feeling of wind in your hair, boiled sweets, dainty china tea sets, sunsets, a quiet smile, poppies on long forgotten battlefields, strawberry cake, blushes, wild strawberries, secret glances, strong coffee, violin music, feminism, the endlessness of love, the sound of boots on a stone floor, dark wood staircases, velvet curtains

Mirajane Strauss: white lace, silk bedsheets, roses, earl grey tea, new lingerie, weddings, sentimental objects, nostalgia, long skirts, spring mornings, chandeliers, making someone else smile, old ballet shoes, plaiting your hair, clean sheets, kitchen curtains blowing in the wind, lilies, pink lipstick, the sharpness of a stiletto heel, birch trees

Cana Alberona: fireworks, the smell of gasoline, the burn of liquor, tight dresses, hair flicks, secret smirks, fire, the feeling of acceptance, poker, ouija boards, recklessness, laughing until your stomach hurts, the blurriness of alcohol, sneaking out, driving fast with the windows open, denim jackets covered in badges, the heat of a motorcycle

anonymous asked:

You reblog a lot of that carrot comic so im thinking about reading it. Is it acually gay? and is it nsfw??

It is most certainly a queer comic, however, that isn’t all it focuses on. Carrot Soup is definitely not PWP. It includes a multitude of wonderfully developed characters in a world that is far more complicated than meets the eye. It is enchanting, full of magic, chaotic, full of darkness and destruction. Adventurous is an understatement. 

As for the NSFW part, if you become a patron and support Carrot Soup at $7 a month, you have access to the NSFW blog which features some….. delicious content of more than just the professor and his bun. 

Basically, read Carrot Soup. I’m glad we had this talk.

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Creator: @housewatchcat  Blog: @carrotsoupcomic

Naruhina Week 2k17, Day 2

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Day 2: Cravings

Summary: There was only one thing Naruto could think to give Hinata for her birthday. Only one thing that would show how he truly felt for her.


Naruto Uzumaki, the hero of the Fourth Shinobi World War and Hokage-in-training, had been tasked with a mission of great importance.

It was late when he awoke to the news. Or early. He couldn’t really tell.

The deserted streets of Konoha were clouded with darkness, making it difficult to gauge exactly what time it was.

Naruto stumbled drearily down the road, his jacket half-open and some of the buttons mismatched, exposing his otherwise bare chest. He had had little time to prepare, needing to live immediately. In his haste, he overlooked his usual mission gear in favour of the clothes nearest by before stepping out.

Determined as ever to not forsake his nindo, Naruto resisted the call of sleep, continuing his trek, unimpeded.

His destination was not difficult to find. Amidst the cover of night, a harsh beacon of light filtered through the air, beckoning him forward.

Naruto took solace in each step, knowing that he was growing closer, his journey nearing its end.

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Brunch 6/2/2014: Harbor City Restaurant, 707 S. King Street, Seattle

Egg tarts, BBQ pork pastry, shumai, stir-fried noodles, soup dumplings, and BBQ pork pineapple buns.

This was our first dim sum experience in Seattle, and despite what people say about the Chinese food scene here, it wasn’t that bad. Our favorites were the BBQ pork pastry, shumai, and BBQ pork pineapple buns. The pastry and buns were sweet and meaty, while the shumai here were really juicy. The soup dumplings actually had too much meat, not enough soup, and the skin was very thick. Egg tarts were yummy, and the noodles were a nice neutral complement to the dishes. We still like Sun Sui Wah in Vancouver best!