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Adelaide Trevelyan

A present for @stardustlings, who has been the largest inspiration for my contribution to this fandom. I’ve wanted to draw her OC for a looooooong time, so I’m thrilled to finally have done so. <3 So… hope you like her. :)

Adelaide is from her gorgeous Solas x Trevelyan fic Les Mots, which is one of the best examples of realistic Sovelyan that I’ve yet read.


In which both boys are too shy and afraid to confess their love.


You asked for a doodle but the bun give me an idea for a comic lol

And I don’t mind taking requests Anon ;)

-Extra: I have a headcanon where Adrien always waited the moment where he would have friends so he could share the memes he liked and spam his messages with emoticon. Too bad must of the memes he loves are outdated.


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