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Klaine one-shot - “Rude Interruption” (Rated NC17)

Tracy wakes up in the middle of the night to what she thinks are the sounds of her Papa being eaten alive …

Well, she’s almost right … (589 words)

This is another one-shot I had been writing for both Kurtbastian and Klaine and had been on the fence about. And again, there were a lot of humorous lines in here I was sad to see go, so I’m putting this up.

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“D-daddy? P-papa?” Tracy mutters in a groggy, sniffly voice. “C-can I sleep with you?”

“Hey, Bun-Bun,” Blaine says, watching his daughter rub her eye with the heel of her hand. “What’s up? Can’t sleep?”

“N-no,” she says, dragging her oversized, sparkly purple teddy bear – one of her favorite gifts from her mother - into the room, with Brian close behind. “I—I had … I had a nightmare.”

“Oh, love,” Kurt coos. “Did you really?”

“A-ha! I heard … sc-scary growling … and m-moaning,” Tracy whimpers. “I thought … I thought you were in pain, Papa! Like something was … was eating you alive!”

“Trying,” Blaine mutters. Kurt reaches back a hand and slaps his husband on the shoulder.

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I would like to state for the record that I will never not even in a million years ever be over the whole beth childs look with the suit and the sunglasses and the bun