“My husband treats me well, but while we were first married he was seeing another woman for a short time. When our first kid was 6 months old, he quit his job without me knowing. It turns out that when he said he was leaving for work, he was really going to meet some other woman. Back then I couldn’t think straight and couldn’t stand to look at my husband, so I got a divorce. However, once our oldest daughter turned three, she started looking for her dad. At that time my husband and I had been divorced for about a year, so she really missed him. Because of her, I decided to meet up with him again. He said he wouldn’t act that way again, I believe him, but not 100%. As long as things stay as they are now, I hope that next year we can continue forward as a happy family. It’s good to be normal. Even if we don’t have any money, it’s good.”

“우리 신랑이 잘 대해주긴 하는데, 잠깐 다른 사람을 만난 적이 있거든요. 첫째가 6개월 되었을 때, 신랑이 회사를 그만둔 걸 몰랐었어요. 알고 보니 출근한다고 나간 게 어떤 여자를 만나러 간 거였어요. 그 땐 아무것도 보이는 게 없었고 남편 보기 싫어서 이혼을 했어요. 그런데 첫째가 세 살 정도 되니까 남편을 찾더라고요. 남편과 떨어져 지낸 게 1년 정도 되니까 아이가 아빠를 많이 보고 싶었던 거죠. 그래서 아이 때문에 다시 만나게 됐어요. 이젠 그럴 일 없을 거라는 말, 믿기는 하지만 100퍼센트는 아니에요. 그래서 지금 이대로 내년에도 우리 가족이 행복하게 쭉 가면 좋겠어요. 평범한 게 좋아요. 돈이 없어도 좋으니까.”