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A Vinyl Scratch with a little hip hop twist. She’s probably bumpin that Mura Masa shit, I know I was when I was drawing her. I’m actually really happy with this one, hopefully y'all like it too. It’ll be a sticker for Trotcon and Bronycon as well, so I got you covered Vinyl fans.

Got7 in high school

-a freshmen
-friends with everyone
-competitive gamer
-tried to play resident evil but got too scared
-makes a lot of dick jokes
-is probably in VAPA
-suprisingly high grades
-like, top 10% of his class
-makes meme videos
-don’t give bambam the aux cord cuz he’ll blast meme af songs
-“all star” “all u ladies pop ur pussy liek dis” “dab on em”
-spam account for “real hoez only🍆”
-dates another memey person and their relationship is actually real like they stay together throughout hs
-dabs when he gets an answer right
-dabs when he corrects someone
-always dabs

-a freshmen
-new girlfriend every 2-3 weeks
-influenced by the fuckboys in the all male hip hop team
-Bambam’s best friend
-smol but tall
-hella eyecandy but also hella player
-the annoying af classmate that always goes “wait bro what did she just say?” “aye did u do the hw?”
-procrastinates on homework
-people always look for his dancing at pep rallies
-“aye whats ur snapchat?”

-A sophomore
-comes to school in a white T shirt, jeans, and a black jansport backpack
-in ASB
-friends with everyone bc everyone loves him
-president of the eco club or conservation club or smth like that
-class president
-the mediator of his group. everyone tells him the secrets but he doesnt tell bc friENDSHIP
-in show choir or something
-honestly just wants to get his work done
-gets froyo with his friends every friday

-a junior
-#NotMyRodrick #RIPHarambe
-has never had a girlfriend
-#wildin whenever they go to public places
-gets invited to all the parties bc he’s lit af
-gets a lot of recognition for fencing
-has a lot of money
-falls asleep in history class
-too shy to talk to his crush
-sometimes annoys the guys in the hip hop team because he’s extra
-but its also good thats he’s extra cuz he’s the go-to person to help with stuntZ
-has probably gotten high once
-has a family picture on the back of his phone
-friends with everyone

-A Senior
-judges all of the kids in the class who can’t pick up on the lesson right away
-“hey jinyoung do u have an extra pencil?” “did you not bring one? don’t you know we’re in school?”
-sits in the front of the class
-hella smart
-also hella smartass
-doesnt like most of the kids in his class
-doesnt fight / is all talk
-100 done™ with high school
-gets a scholarship for academics and also choir
-always on key in show choir
-talks shit about the people who can’t really sing
-low key fake but not to his friends
-isnt allowed to have a girlfriend but has one anyways
-she’s probably in show choir or in the girls hip hop team or something
-he stalked her social media when he first realized he liked her

-Nice guy with mean friends
-Also a senior
-shy/quiet type in class
-everyone loves watching him dance cuz he’s also in the hip hop team and bro mark tuan dancing at rallies 😩
-friends with his peers
-low key judging some people
-“bro wtf”
-always asking for a pencil
-has nothing in his backpack
-on the basketball team
-never brings food to school
-always asking youngjae or jr for food
-pool parties
-doesn’t do drugs
-asks his best friend to prom anD THEY’RE POPPIN AF
-dynamic duo with Jackson
-says hi to all his friends on the way to class and all the girls hug him as a greeting

-A senior
-also quiet in class but #wildin with friends
-low key has a soundcloud and its bumpin af
-used to have a girlfriend but doesnt want to get into another relationship because he’s still hung up on it
-fights bambam bc bambam always makes memes of him in the group chat
-captain of the boys hip hop team
-taking all AP’s and honors
-will throw hands™
-has probably skipped class a few times
-in the group but never really physically there but no one knows where tf he actually is
-falls asleep in class sometimes but still gets like a 5 on the exams gdi jb how did u do it
-a lot of girls like him but he doesnt really care lol
-goes to prom by himself but ends up meeting another girl there and they hit it off pretty well

Just Do It, Daryl

Request #1: Can you do a one were they hate each other with a passion, Rick sends them on a run together but they just keep arguing and smut happens (angry sex)

Request #2: Can you do one when Reader meets everyone in the prison and everyone sees right away how many things in common she has with Daryl but they both deny it and are arguing all the time or ignoring each other (whatever you prefer) until one day smut happens and they admit their feelings for each other?

Summary: Season 3 Prison Era. Daryl and the reader don’t get along and haven’t since she joined the group. Daryl thinks she wants Rick and he has a crush on her. Little does he know she feels the same way about him, she just doesn’t want to let him push her around. After yet another epic throw down fight, Rick has had enough and sends you two out on a run alone to figure your shit out. On the run Daryl finally decides to show you how he feels and angry, lovey-dovey smut occurs.

AN: I was in a lot of different places while writing this one, but I think it turned out well. Let me know if you like it! :)


Damnit! There he was again! You complained to yourself in your head as your eyes met the dirty redneck that thought he could just take and do what he wanted.

You huffed, wincing your eyes as he walked toward you down the long corridor or the cell block, you of course just had to be walking the opposite direction, so your paths were forced to meet.

His eyes hardened when you narrowed your eyes at him and his jaw clenched, as he continued to walk your way, not giving an inch or a moment of hesitation.

You both walked toward each other dominantly until your bodies finally met, both of you standing slightly more toward the center than was needed to pass by each other. Your shoulders met with impact and you both cocked your heads over toward each other, with angry eyes.

The moment was filled with tension, but you would not allow yourself to back down, he had been pushing your buttons since the minute you joined this group. He always was blocking your path, wherever in this place you seemed to be, dominantly swooping around you, like he owned everything. You had always pushed back, showing him you were the only boss of yourself, no one else.

You peered into his eyes, yours hard as nails, as you pivoted your right foot around and planted it firmly to the side, squaring your shoulder and your body into his.

He growls a little in the back of his throat, pivots his right foot and squares your body back in retaliation. He eyes squinted and he looked you up and down, “Better watch where you’re goin, Y/N.” He growled lowly and pushed his body into yours.

You shoved your shoulder into his in return and glared up at him, “You better watch who you’re bumpin into, Dixon.” You growled defiantly and forced your body to stay in its defensive position as you glared him down.

You both stood there for what seemed like an eternity, neither one of you budging, until you heard Rick’s voice echoing across the drab concrete walls.

“Not this, again…” Rick said loudly to himself, shaking his head and putting his hands on his hip.

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Warning: Sexual imagery, profane language, potential spoilers, potential seizure trigger

Title: Dat Bass Be Bumpin’

Editor: basharoftheages

Song: Boom Boom Pow

Artist: The Black Eyed Peas

Anime: Keijo

Category: For fun

Shance headcannons

If you ain’t about that #Shaladin life step off,, I will not be reduced to arguing with you or have you trigger anyone. So step off and go away


-as stated earlier, Lance can ice skate,, Shiro is absolute shit at it. Lance tends to cover the free skates he sees (give me all of the free skates!!!)
-Shiro loves seeing Lance dance (especially to bumpin’ reggaeton music)
-Jfc Lance’s hips do not fucking lie
-Lance is the domestic one
-Is an okay cook (Hunk is ready to tutor him)
-Don’t mess with his Champurrado or Horchata (unless you’re Shiro or willing to die)
-Shiro is the cuddler,, notorious for stealing Lance’s stuffed animals.
-especially the giant blue and black cat Shiro made (it looks pretty shitty) (all lop sided and what the fuck else)
-Lance has a YouTube channel (Chimi_Your_Changas) is a DIY/Cover artist/Boyfriend tag/reaction vid/beauty guru (is hella jealous of Shiro’s natural eyelashes)
-what the fuck bruh
-Shiro also has a YouTube channel Kieth made for him (Shiro-Gone-Ayyeee (not even a part of this fandom,, I just wanted to make a joke abt his disappearing act)). It’s where he posts him exploring abandoned places/game plays/vlogs/reaction videos
-They cuddle anywhere and everywhere
-both marathon yuuri on ice/Studio Ghibli/Poco’s Udon World/any gay friendly anime
-Lance cries eveytime
-They can’t have movie nights (After a minute into the movie Shiro will have already pieced the entire thing together & knows who will die//suffer)
-He loses interest and starts doing freaky shit to Lance under the covers
-Lance is very sore the next day


-Lance gets lost hella easily on the ship,, Shiro always finds him
-every time. (“Didn’t I say I’d always find you?”)
-Skirted around each other until Lance nearly dies
-Shiro doesn’t eat, sleep, or shower for days
-He snaps at the team when they make flippant remarks pertaining to how often lance gets hurt//how he goofs off alot without meaning to
-Lance is the only one that can be in Shiro’s immediate vicinity after being triggered by Haggar
-Haggar tries to play on Lance’s insecurities to get him on Zarkon’s side
-Lance don’t fuck with that Brujería fuckshit
-They eventually move into one of their rooms.
-Lance has too many plants and Shiro is a bibliophile
-The room is too fucking tumblr
-especially with the soft color changing running light
-One wall is glass. (“I think lotor saw my ass…”//“Where is my bayard ”)
-Everyone else is slightly motivated to protect their power couple
-Speaking of power,, Lance (under Shiro’s guidance gets better at fighting///yesssss)
-Lance is a staple in the Voltron family dynamic
-Shiro acts like a concerd brother/father,, Lance (has a very big family and knows his way in maternal instincts after babysitting so damn much) is the doting mother figure who isn’t afraid to “kick your scrawny ass, put my shit tf down right now”
-Lance realizes he is important and he has a place
-Space pets?? Fuck yeah! Lance straight up takes a strange ferret/cat thing,, Shiro takes a bird/dog.
-cuddle puddles?? Hell yes. Always find them in thier room underneath the pets and a mountain of blankets
-Kieth complains about how sweet and sickly they are (klunk happens and lance is merciless in teasing)

-Shiro is a hair puller, he also like to bite
-Mumbles praises in Japanese (Lance is a praise whore)
-on occasion Shiro cries
-Lance gets overstimulated easily
-babbles in Spanish or Gaelic
-drools/tears up when properly fucked out
-Lance is a screamer
-Shiro revels in bringing one of the most centered paladins to tears/a puddle of drool
-Lance likes lingerie and Shiro likes watching Lance model
-Lance wears the kinkiest lingerie under his civilian clothing
-both are slight exhibitionists
-Shiro is the kinkiest one


-Lance has a shit immune system and gets sick easily,, he isn’t a baby about it until the ear aches
-He cries only when he has an ear ache
-which can only be cured by roasting a clove of galric on a pan and wrapping that shit in a cotton ball and jamming that in his ear (old Mexican fix me up,, right next to drinking off brand sprite for tummy aches and The Egg™)
-theres no garlic in space
-Shiro feels like his soul has been torn just by the sounds of muffled cries and sobs of Lance’s pain
-Shiro has PTSD,, only Lance can get him to clam down
-Lance cusses in Spanish (if its bad enough in Gaelic)
-Shiro doesn’t cuss,, what kind of space dad do you take him for??
-Lance does yoga and pushes Shiro to join…both are incredibly flexible now and can pull of some Cirque du Soleil shit
-Lance is very religious//superstitious
-Shiro is polytheistic and gets excited about ghosts.
-doesn’t even care about aliens (give the man some damn ghosts)