more fluffy mchanzo aka ‘i hope the new trope for overwatch is that mccree and hanzo are disgustingly in love’

  • holding hands whenever and where ever possible (even when its not necessary) 
  • hanzo stealing jesse shirts to wear around whenever jesse is away on a mission
  • taking every opportunity to call each other ‘my husband’ to literally anyone and being so giddy to say it
  • whenever someone calls hanzo ‘emotionless’ and ‘cold’ he emotional and clings to his husband while mccree tracks the poor bastard down to wreck them
  • on the flip side, whenever someone calls jesse ‘stupid’ or ‘an idiot’ he gets closed off and wont talk to anyone because he thinks hes so stupid. hanzo is fucking furious someone would do that to his husband
  • theres a contest going between them of who can find the weirdest souvenir while on missions. jesses best is a pair of flip-flops that look like clown shoes while hanzos best is a bumpersticker that says ‘honk if you <3 catfish’
  • while they are away, they both carve out easily 3 hours to talk on the phone. hanzo hides in the bathroom to get privacy while mccree walks around the base very loud and letting everyone talk to hanzo
  • hanzo can draw r e a l l y well, and will sketch mccree whenever they have freetime, whether it be while on a romantic walk or when jesse is passed out on the couch while drooling and snoring
  • they rotate who makes breakfast, jesse making southern comfort food and hanzo preparing traditional japanese dishes. they love each others cooking with a passion
  • jesse consulted genji about proposing and hanzo consulted fareeha, both of them being extremely nervous about the commitment but also knowing that they wanted to be married so fucking bad
  • mccrees panic attacks arent as common as they used to be, but hanzo is always there to hold jesse and give him space when he needs it
  • they sometimes get tipsy and dance in the mainroom, while hana records it to show them in the morning
  • jesses nicknames for hanzo: sugar, pumpkin, doll, baby, darling, sweetheart, my husband, archer (hes one for nicknames while hanzo generally is not)
  • hanzos nicknames for jesse: my love, jess, cowboy, my husband, luv
  • sweet nothings in both spanish and japanese
  • they are completely in love with each other and frequently kiss and hug and just be married in front of everyone with no shame
in universe merchandising head canons

i’m basing this on the fact yuuri has a ton of victor merch and that victor canonically has a phone case with his stammi vicino costume on it. so he has merchandising connections. and he would probably use them. a lot. 

(some of these are based on a couple different conversations i’ve had with @phoenixrei @thetwoguineabook @forochel and @kixboxer)

  • victor definitely gets his and his everything items custom made. and i mean everything
    • stammi vicino his and his aprons to match their pair skate costumes
    • definitely his and his briefs. yuuri’s are much tighter. victor does the worst innocent face
      • also eros briefs. 
    • the katsuki yuuri pedicure set aka the duetto which is a pumice stone and prostate massager (credit to kixboxer for this piece of genius)
    • katsuki yuuri trading cards victor set up a kickstarter for under a sock puppet account. the front is his face, the back is his ass. give the people what they want. (yurio contributes at the highest funding level.)
    • limited edition katsuki yuuri nail polishes that are made to match his costumes. for pedicures and “”””pedicures”””” (mostly the same thing in the katsuki-nikiforov household)
  • getting yuuri to do an ad for MAC’s annual Viva Glam color (obviously called eros). and then getting yuuri to let victor do his make up
  • EXTREMELY DETAILED NGE plug suits for their iconic shinji and kaworu pair skate (credit @doodlesonice​)
    • also art and posters of this moment

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Batman as that parent that won’t stop talking about their kids.

He alerts the entire Justice League every time Nightwing brings in another criminal, ostensibly so they all know said criminal is no longer at large, but really he’s just bragging.

Never misses an opportunity to namedrop the prestigious colleges Red Robin has been accepted into.

“Did I tell you that Black Bat took on five of Ra’s al Ghul’s men last week? She defeated them in less than three minutes. New record.”

“Robin’s taken up painting. You should see some of his landscapes. He’s very talented.”

Even sends everyone video of Red Hood’s latest antics, advising them to study up on the timing and precision of his attacks.

Definitely has a “Proud Parent of an Honor Roll Student” bumpersticker on the batmobile. And the batplane.

Just…Batman will not shut up about his kids.

my neighbours to the south

I don’t spend a lot of time in the states, but when I do, it’s because I have no choice and I hate every second of it. And not just because I have these abstract ideas of how awful the united states of america is, but because it’s horrible in so many tangible ways that you don’t see unless you’re there in the flesh.

I went to Oregon for the solar eclipse; Portland, more specifically. And if Oregon is the hippie capital of the great US of A then I’ll be damned. I spent zero time in the city, but I can assume it’s more free of religious and political propaganda than the rest of the state. I was honestly lost for words at the amount of propaganda. You almost can’t turn your head without seeing billboards and bumperstickers about jesus or politics. They have no context at all, like I saw one that was bright with the american colours with an eagle and it said “land of the free because of the brave.” Who pays for that?? Why would you ever? To what end? “How much of your income did you actually get to keep last year?” Republicans. And don’t forget, “jesus dies for our sins.” That stuff just does not exist in Canada, even during an election. The most we ever had was when people started putting “Harper” stickers on stop signs so they said Stop Harper.

And I get that there are good bits too, like we spent a night in Olympia National Park and it was beautiful, but it says something when you have to be completely outside of civilization to escape that blatant propaganda. And even then. We stopped at this little diner place on the Hood Canal in the middle of nowhere and behind the bar they had a sign that said “THIEVES WILL BE SHOT ON SIGHT, AND AGAIN IF NEEDED, AND AGAIN!!!” Like honestly, you are going to shoot someone for robbing you of $50? Just looking at those people, I don’t believe that sign was lying, but it seems like maybe shooting a live human being would be a bit of an overreaction. That sign itself is an overreaction to something that hasn’t even happened.

I get this kind of stuff is relatively insignificant, but it says a lot about american culture and public values. I’m not trying to be like hurr durr america sucks but quite honestly, that place deeply unsettles me. If you still think that’s the greatest country in the world you need to get your head outta your ass and look more than five feet past your doorstep.

Really tired jokes about wheelchairs.

It’s important to remember that the vast majority of people making these jokes are not malicious but just trying to say, “Hey, I’m okay with your disability but I’m not quite sure how to express it, so have a laugh instead!” These jokes are only tired because I’ve literally heard them like five trillion times and I kind of feel like a dick for resorting to fake “okay that’s enough” chuckles. Here they are in no particular order.

  • Hey! What’s up, Hot Wheels?
  • Look out, now! Don’t run anybody over with that speeding!
  • You ever get a speeding ticket in that thing?
  • Pop a wheelie!
  • Oh my God, lemme hook you up with rims and a sound system!
  • Can I call you Hot Wheels?
  • Ever think about putting a supercharged engine in it?
  • Hot Wheels is such a great nickname though!
  • Hook up your dogs to the front and run the Iditarod!
  • Get some bigger tires and you’re a 4-wheeler!
  • Lemme buy you a drink, Hot Wheels.


Originally posted by cheshircatfan

Again, the majority of the people who say these things are not trying to be offensive or mean. I get it that wheelchairs can make people nervous and they want to make us feel comfortable. But here’s the thing - we are comfortable with our wheelchairs. They give us independence. All these jokes do is send up red flags for us that you’re the one who’s nervous.

So let me help you out. These are cool things to say to people with wheelchairs that won’t rub us wrong as tired, cliche attempts at humor.

  • Wow, your chair is a great color. Why’d you pick it?
  • I love your stickers! [A lot of us like bumperstickers.]
  • What’s your favorite chair brand? [Hint: chair ownership is very similar to car ownership. There are a lot of brands, models, and we test drive them in showrooms just like buying cars.]

Essentially if you equate the chair to everyday life, you’re cool. Or just bypass the chair altogether and look at my eyes. Yo, my eyes are up here. I’m pretty interesting and I’m not attached by the umbilical cord to my chair. It’s a tool to help me live more independently.

It’s National College Colors Day, and boy are we proud of our LVC colors! Pictured above is a vintage pennant, a patch of our school seal, a bumper sticker, and tassels donated by Adora Rabiger Smith, class of 1955. 

I could be humorous here and try to make this post funny, but I’m loyal to my college and feel pride in these objects shown above.

So, what are your college colors? I’d love to hear from you!

Beautiful craftsmanship, bronze, a representation of a horse with a blanket which the Celtiberians traditionally used as a saddle. The tail and forefeet can also be used as fasteners for a warrior’s cape.

What is perhaps most interesting and curious about this piece is that it has become the symbol of Soria, where the hillfort of Numancia is found. The same as the donkey in Cataluña, the sheep in Navarra, this icon can be found on bumperstickers and postcards across the province. It has for this reason become the most famous piece in the Numancia Museum.

1.1k of 11.12 coda. just because it wasn’t in the episode doesn’t mean claire didn’t ask. angst adjacent. (ao3)

Claire shuffles her feet and clears her throat, “So, how’s…” 

She lets the sentence hang there for a second and Jody kindly averts her eyes. She doesn’t know everything about Claire and Cas’ relationship, but she knows enough to know that Claire asking is a big deal. 

Dean smiles a little awkwardly, rubs the back of his neck, “He’s… good. I think.”

Claire crosses her arms over her chest and nods, “Cool.” She turns around abruptly and goes over to Sam and Alex, apparently done with that part of the conversation.

He lets her go with an amused huff and shakes his head a little, “Teenagers.” 

Jody snorts, “You’re preaching to the choir, kiddo.” 

Dean grins and squeezes her shoulder, helping her pivot on the wet driveway, “You gonna be alright now that you’re outnumbered again?” 

“As long as everybody wears a condom, we’ll be fine,” Jody assures him.

Dean huffs, “Well I want that bumpersticker.” 

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When Meeting Another Vegan in Person is So Rare that You Can’t Handle it.

I was in the grocery store parking lot, sporting my giant VEGAN. bumpersticker,  and this woman ran up to me and was like, “Me too! And I raised 3 kids this way!” I was so stunned because I’ve never met another vegan so randomly that I just about completely froze, and then after a long awkward pause replied, “Wow, great!” And then quickly walked away embarrassed.

Note to self: OTHER VEGANS EXIST. Start acting like it.

you can safely assume anytime fckh8 shows up and does anything that they’re pretty much parasites trying to capitalize on anything - from oppressed groups to tragedy or tragedies happening among oppressed groups - all for the sake of selling more fucking t-shirts and bumperstickers and shit and don’t and will never give a fuck about actually listening to people (especially those criticizing their profiteering tactics) or doing shit to actually help beyond some middle school ass PSA shit and you will never ever be wrong