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Store update August 30, 2017

  • RESTOCK LAST CHANCE Symmetra main care package is restocked, only two deluxe left before the A4 sparkle print is discontinued (it will be replaced with a mini A5 print). The holographic Teleporters are also back!
  • LIMITED I’ve started hand decorating accessories! Right now have 4 hand decorated canvas tote bags for for sale. They will be a con only item in the future so get these before they’re gone!
  • LIMITED Silver Blackwatch stickers, only a few available until further notice!
  • UPDATE LGBT+ pride sparkle stickers now include Pansexual and Asexual Pride stickers
  • NEW LIMITED XL GOLDEN GUN DECALS: Gold vinyl with a full spectrum holographic finish, see item description for more details! 
  • NEW Holographic crystal skulls, a new style that will be a regular item, more designs in the future.
  • LIMITED $20+ orders with Overwatch items placed before September 6th will get a free sparkly Pachimari! Not stackable with sale items.

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So I’ve always loved the bumper photos on SNL. These are always some of my favorite photography moments in pop culture, and I think they are often overlooked. But scroll through them sometime all together, they are really fantastic celebrity photos. Above are a few of my recent favorites, but there are so many to choose from. All credit to nbc.com and SNL of course. 

at first I was wondering why Harry was so dressed up for rehearsals, and then I realized…. they’re probably filming the commercials and taking the bumper photos right now…. wow