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Store update August 30, 2017

  • RESTOCK LAST CHANCE Symmetra main care package is restocked, only two deluxe left before the A4 sparkle print is discontinued (it will be replaced with a mini A5 print). The holographic Teleporters are also back!
  • LIMITED I’ve started hand decorating accessories! Right now have 4 hand decorated canvas tote bags for for sale. They will be a con only item in the future so get these before they’re gone!
  • LIMITED Silver Blackwatch stickers, only a few available until further notice!
  • UPDATE LGBT+ pride sparkle stickers now include Pansexual and Asexual Pride stickers
  • NEW LIMITED XL GOLDEN GUN DECALS: Gold vinyl with a full spectrum holographic finish, see item description for more details! 
  • NEW Holographic crystal skulls, a new style that will be a regular item, more designs in the future.
  • LIMITED $20+ orders with Overwatch items placed before September 6th will get a free sparkly Pachimari! Not stackable with sale items.

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at first I was wondering why Harry was so dressed up for rehearsals, and then I realized…. they’re probably filming the commercials and taking the bumper photos right now…. wow 


So I’ve always loved the bumper photos on SNL. These are always some of my favorite photography moments in pop culture, and I think they are often overlooked. But scroll through them sometime all together, they are really fantastic celebrity photos. Above are a few of my recent favorites, but there are so many to choose from. All credit to nbc.com and SNL of course.