bumper lip

Too Young for Lady Jams

Protective Aca-Mom Chloe finds evidence that her daughter may be growing up, and she just can’t find it in herself to allow it.

(This was seriously inspired thanks to the many comments about Emily and her Lady Jams. I loved all of them and felt the need to write this. I hope you like!)

Word Count: 1796

Chloe stopped in front of the white wooden door with the lime green sign with Emily’s name written in cursive with sparkly purple paint. She wiggled the nob and shoved on Emily’s door, stumbling into the room when it finally opened. She had told Beca they need to fix it so it won’t jam, but they both know that neither one of them has any idea how to do that.

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Nick Spencer is taking shit for his stance on the assault of Richard Spencer

You won’t see me defending Nick Spencer on this blog very often. I don’t like his writing much. Nor do I like how he feeds off rubbing people the wrong way. I knew him long before he got his first Marvel Comics gig, through the Bendisboard. I always got along with him fine, but my fun talk can be rougher sport than your average person. For the most part, he has earned the majority of the negative stuff people say about him. Personally, and professionally.

That being said, the response he is receiving for his views on the alt-Right’s , Richard Spencer, being punched, is a sad detail on where many people I would otherwise agree with, are fundamentally different from me.

To me, this shows the same limited level of processing that put Trump into power. It’s just applied at a different spectrum. 

I believe in the free expression and exchange of idea for all. That is not some slogan, or bumper stick I pay lip service to. It is a fundamental component  to my point of view. I believe my ideas will win out, because they are better, and if given the information and opportunity, most people will agree.

In my view, the dude who punched him differs little from the cop who assaults the protester. Their levels of power in relationship to each other matter little to me. Richard Spencer is a man with views that are abhorrent to me. But stifling his right to express them in a peacful manner is anathema to me as well.

It is an action that feeds into our base instincts. Characteristics of human behavior that we need to move beyond, if we are ever to rise above the weakness of our current society.