bumper lip


Ice breaking on the waterfall feels
like the first solo notes of Sookie, Sookie,
the perfect practiced tumbling of Grant Green’s
fingers; like shaking hands at Oak45,
first with a stranger

then with a bottle neck,
traffic outside slowly blurring
into long exposure rings of light.
On the bar counter, fingers exchange checks
and quiet suggestions.

Outside, bumpers bump bumpers like
lips, headlights biting and blinking
bright on the circle,
a stuttered dance of following and
letting go.

Our latest game is pretending
to be grown-ups,
putting on brighter lipstick than last year,
clicking across the bridge in heels,
acting like our toes don’t pinch,

saying that tomorrow morning
we’ll call the electric company,
we’ll clean out the refrigerator
and throw the old milk away.
The air from our mouths fogs our eyelashes

as it rises to the moon.
And the moon, she is so old.

-cleo rohn


Diary of a jzx. Fitting bumper, made a bash bar and painted it, currently oak ting bumper and lip. Made a lower bumper support which doubles as a mini diffuser. Just after a large snow dump this week