bumped flights

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Hello there! Thank you for your wonderful blog!!! May I please ask how Midorima, Aomine, Haizaki, Kagami, Hanamiya, Akashi, and Kise would react if they believed their s/o was dead (the plane you were supposed to be in crashes and everyone is reported dead, what they don't know is that you got bumped back a flight so you're on a different plane). How would they react during the "mourning" period and then when you appear in front of them, showing them you're actually alive?

thank you for your support! and wow ok, let’s just say that they saw the news of the plane crash and thought that their s/o were dead but then the s/o showed up because they took an earlier flight. more under the cut!

AKASHI: He held up a glass of wine as he watched the television calmly. That was until the breaking news popped up about a plane crashing down on a mountain. Where did that come from — his brain stopped. The location it was so familiar and yet — oh God. The sinking feeling began to settle in the depths of his gut. He instantly reached for the phone, and with trembling fingers, dialed the number of the airport. His heart thudded loudly in his chest, threatening to break free of its constraints. He couldn’t think about anything else. What if you were there? Oh God.

God, please don’t take someone else he loved away from him. He’s had enough funerals. Too many funerals for a man his age. He couldn’t lose you too. Yelling at the man on the other side, he wondered how such imbeciles could be working there. The man stammered out something about no news of survivors yet and that was when his heart stopped. He couldn’t breathe. The air tightened around him as he grasped the armrest to steady himself. Not another one. Not another burial. He’s had enough. He couldn’t deal with— “Sei?” Your sweet voice filled his clouded mind. His head jerked up to find you standing there. “What’s wrong?”

He whispered words of appreciation to the God above. First, he took your hand, making sure that you were really there and not merely a figment of his imagination, before pulling you into a tight hug. “Thank you, thank you.” You were left confused but could do nothing else to comfort him except to slowly stroke his back.

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