Vive el Momento (Smut)


Requested: No, but @illuminateshawn and I live for drunk, festival Mendes in that red shirt from Amsterdam.

Word count: 4,947

“Can I have three large beers, thanks” I smiled, handing the girl in front of me my money. The sun was burning into my back, heating up my entire body slowly.

“I just love this weather” my friend Julia said. She closed her eyes, tilting her head back to fully enjoy the warm rays of sun burning in her face.

“Me too” I agreed, looking around the festival filled with drunk people having fun everywhere.

To me, this was what summer was all about; heat, friends, music and beers. Actually, going to festivals was my happy place, I loved the whole idea of just letting go and enjoy yourself as much as possible; meeting new people and staying up until the early hours when the sun rose again.

“Girl, don’t look now but that guy… he’s looking again” Julia laughed, taking of her black sunglasses.

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snow daze ☼ peter parker

summary : nothing beats winter in new york, except maybe walking to school in the snow with a certain peter parker. 

wc : 2.4k

author’s note : tags are under the read more and ik it’s august but it’s winter in my soul !

   There were people who dreamt of a Christmas in New York. People who sat by their windowsills, gazing past the confining glass screens and wishing to one day set their eyes upon a town blanketed by a mass of snow. In the city, it was a sight to behold and cherish. You go to Rockefeller Center and look up at the tree, lit with hundreds of lights and looking like a dream, and your Christmas in New York is complete. It was a thing of fiction for many people, but for you, it was the harsh reality. 

  You were not yearning for a white Christmas the way some people would. You were, however, hoping that your parents would surprise you with an impromptu vacation to the Bahamas for a month while the snow in your beloved city melted to more of a slush, whisking you away to a paradise where you were not forced to trek through the piles of snow surrounding your apartment building as you attempted to make your way to the nearest A train. 

    It was a miserable day, to be quite honest. You had forgotten your hat in your apartment after you had scrambled to get out of bed, you had underestimated the temperature outside and so you were wearing way lighter a jacket than you should be, and your jeans were soaking wet due to the way you had sunk knee deep in a pit of snow. This was absolute bullshit and you were ready to march back home, prepared to draw up an essay as to why you shouldn’t attend class that day until Peter Parker practically ambushed you in the middle of the sidewalk. 

  He had ran nearly a block to try to catch up with you. Peter had been waiting to take the train with you and walk with you to school for nearly two weeks now, but he had never gotten out of his apartment early enough, and if it wasn’t for his profoundly excellent eyesight, he probably would’ve spent another day walking alone. The sight of a boy dashing down the street with his jacket blown open by the wind and a ridiculous hat pulled down over his ears was enough to make anyone laugh, but you had been too preoccupied with fuming to hear his thunderous footsteps behind you. He nearly knocked you over when he finally caught up to you, his cheeks rosy from the bitter wind nipping at his face as he ran and his breath coming out in harsh pants. 

   “Oh my God!” You whipped around, taking a step backward and holding a hand to your heart. He did a little shrugging motion, somewhere between an apology and pleased with himself for managing to surprise you for once. 

   Grinning, he fell into step beside you, though not easily due to the random, deep pockets of snow that covered the path ahead. He bumped his shoulder against yours. “Not God, just me, though it’s been said that we’re practically the same thing.” You laughed, bumping his shoulder back. 

   “No one has ever said that, and no one ever will,” you replied, pulling your sweater down over your hands for more warmth. Peter examined your attire with a shake of his head.

   “You realize it’s not fall anymore, right?” He quirked an eyebrow, and you rolled your eyes in response, gesturing a hand at the mountain of dirt stained snow piled in front of an apartment building. 

   “Nah, didn’t notice at all.” You huffed. You crossed your arms, trying to preserve as much warmth as possible. “Especially ‘cause of the snow that’s starting to come down now, really throws a girl off.” As you said that, the puffy white flakes fluttered down and landed in your hair. Peter, ignoring the blatant sarcasm, pulled his hat off his head. “You didn’t gel it down today?” 

   “Nope,” he said, catching your wrist in your hand and forcing you to stop. “Didn’t feel like it.” Also, you said you like my hair when it’s curly, I heard you talking to Michelle. So here I am. Do you realize this yet? He stretched the hat out before plopping it down on your head, tugging it so that it covered your eyes. You lifted it back up, staring up at him questioningly. “You’re gonna catch a cold. The snowflake hair look is cool, but your health is better.” He said it because he knew it sounded ridiculous, and because he was sure you’d affectionately punch his arm or something and he liked the fuzzy feeling in his stomach that he got whenever you touched him. 

   “That’s lame,” you said, just the way he had expected. You smiled slightly at his ruffled mop of hair, reaching up to tousle it in a way that he supposed he should have found irritating, as it made his hair even messier than it had been before. “Nice hair.” 

   You turned to continue walking, pulling him along with you as he smiled smugly to himself. He tugged on a lock of his hair, the strand that had settled in the middle of his forehead defiantly. “Oh, you like it? Didn’t know that. Thanks.” You headed down the steps of the 71st avenue station, a little past Queens boulevard. You only needed to ride it one stop, but it was better to waste the $2.75 on your metro card than continue trudging through the snow with a murderous expression adorning your face. You boarded the F train together, Peter managing to find the only open seat and sliding into it quickly, laughing at the face you made at him. You took a step forward to grab onto the pole in the middle of the train but it lurched forward suddenly, and you surely would have been thrown to the other side of the car if Peter hadn’t grabbed your arm and pulled you backwards into his lap before you could embarrass yourself even further. The trains were tricky, and he knew you had more of a knack for falling down than anyone else. 

   You exhaled, turning your head to stare at Peter. He was staring back with a sheepish expression, the tip of his nose pink. “Thanks Peter,” you smile, patting his shoulder. His arms were still secured around your waist when he shrugged, appearing utterly nonchalant even though internally, he was sort of screaming. Sort of. “When did your reflexives become so good? You struggle to do one push up in gym, no offense.” Oh, you know, just when I become Spider-Man. I save Queens daily. I saved you once but you didn’t know. Should I tell you? Probably not. One day. 

  “Oh, um, you know, I need good reflexives so I can save your clumsy self from tripping down the stairs at school every day,” he lied not so smoothly, giving your knee a little tap. You nodded thoughtfully. Seemed simple enough. “You can keep sitting here, if you want.” 

   Mistaking this for sarcasm, you went to move. “Oh shit. Sorry Peter, I’ll get up.” Surprising himself with his own confidence, he pulled you back. “What are you doing?” 

   Peter didn’t know what to say to this. Just savoring the feeling of you on my lap? Too creepy, and too exposing. You’d sound like one of those cat callers on the street, the ones she screams back at with vicious insults and creative threats. Get it together, Peter. “You needed a seat and, uh, you know, this one is… available. I wasn’t being sarcastic or anything.” He winced as soon as the words came out of his mouth, moving his head to play it off like he just wanted to look out the window. There was nothing to even look at it. It was dark. 

   “I’ll take it then,” you said softly, and, for his sake, you pretended not to notice how embarrassed he was that he had said what he did in the first place. He was endlessly thankful for that, because the fact that you were sitting on his lap right now was enough to make him sweat through his winter clothes even though it was below 25 degrees fahrenheit. If you had started teasing about him saying that his lap was an openly available seat, he most likely would have imploded. Before either of you could say anything else to shatter the silence that had settled there, the train screeched to stop again, and Peter’s grip on your waist tightened. You glanced down at his hand, sitting there on your waist, a fist bunched in the sweatshirt you had thrown on in this morning not knowing how fucking deathly it was going to be outside. You stood up when the doors opened, your hand absentmindedly wrapping around Peter’s wrist as you pulled him up toward the doors with you. 

    “If you’re still cold I can give you my jacket, I don’t mind,” Peter said, glancing down at your hand, locked on his wrist. You bumped into someone as you turned around, giving them a quick apology. 

   “Peter, stop giving me your clothes-” Before you could finish your sentence, a guy cut in between you two, your hand slipping from Peter’s as he abruptly interrupted the conversation. 

   “Hey, you and your boyfriend are cute, but the PDA is too much. Lay off for a second, yeah? It’s uncomfortable.” The guy clapped Peter on the shoulder, then swiftly exited the car, leaving you and Peter to stumble out, flushed with embarrassment because while the guy was leaving, you had called out, “He’s- he’s not my boyfriend, actually!” 

   Okay, am I that bad? Does she seriously think I’m that, like, repulsive? Oh, God, she hates me and I made her sit on my lap. I’m awful. And creepy. Ew. I’m sweating too much. Is that why she doesn’t like me? Because of the sweat? I need new cologne. 

   You two trekked the rest of the way to school in awkward silence, as opposed to the tranquil one that you had felt on the train. You had Peter’s hat still tucked over your head and to be honest, you were in desperate need of his jacket at the moment. But you knew the words you had said on the train, shouted at the retreating man’s coat with such ferocity, had wounded Peter a little. You hadn’t meant for it to come out so harsh, like you could never be his girlfriend or that you hadn’t ever thought about it, not even once. You had thought about it on multiple occasions, in multiple scenarios. It just wasn’t the reality. 

    You were around the corner from your school when Peter turned you around and placed his jacket over your shoulders. “You’re gonna need it,” he said, stepping away from you. 

    “Huh? Why?” In replacement of a proper answer, a verbal one that is, Peter gave you his signature saccharine smile and threw a snowball at you, laughing when you shrieked, your hands flying to zip up his jacket. He was nearly doubled over with laughter when a snowball landed in his hair, the white flakes sticking to his curls and dampening his hair. 

    “Hey!” He exclaimed, wiping the snow off his hair frantically. “I have a look I need to uphold!” He launched another snowball at you, hitting the side of your leg. 

   You threw one back and hit his shoulder, laughing hysterically. “Look? What look, Peter? The disheveled curly mess look?” 

     He stopped, a half made snowball in his hands that was already beginning to melt. “You like it, don’t even lie.”   

   Instead of replying, the way he had done earlier, you chucked another snowball at him, and it was soon a full blown war of flying snow and screams of laughter, messy hair and flushed cheeks and the nothing but the brightest of grins. “We’re gonna be so late, oh my god,” you panted, your hands practically frozen from the amount of snow you had picked up. 

   “We’re geniuses, we’ll deal with it somehow,” he answered, watching your hands. He moved closer, taking his sweater sleeves and pulling them over his hands, then grabbing your hands in his and slipping them underneath his sleeve. “Just ‘cause you’re cold.” When you smiled up at him thankfully, your cold hands squeezing his, Peter knew that if he didn’t kiss you right then and there, he’d regret it for the rest of his life. You take a step closer to him, because you knew that he’s thinking the same thing you are and you need this, too, but you slip on a sheet of ice. This time, he doesn’t catch you, he falls right down alongside you. You land on your back with a groan and he lands on top of you, hoisting himself up so that he’s able to hover over you. 

     “Y/N, I have to ask,” he sighed, biting his lip, then continued, “why’d you sound so offended when that guy said that we were dating? Would I be that bad to date?” There was a slight pout to his lips as he looked down at you, his hands beginning to shake slightly from the pressure of holding himself up. “’Cause I kind of have a confession to make, depending on your answer.” 

   You place your arms around his waist and he falls down on top of you, his eyebrows raised in surprise, but he wasn’t one to complain about the position he was in. “You’d make a wonderful boyfriend, Peter.” 

   “Your boyfriend, maybe?” He tilted his chin, lips inches away from yours. 

   “I could get behind that.” Soft lips met yours, but Peter was smiling so hard he could barely do it right. Your hands moved to his face, tracing over his dimple. It was perfectly impossible to resist smiling back into the kiss. The snow was still falling, falling, falling, but neither of you deigned to move. He took a deep breath before opening his eyes, face still bright. 

   You continued your walk to Midtown holding hands this time, well aware that you were twenty minutes late but too blissed out on the kiss to even pretend to care. “I like being called darling.” 


   “If we’re gonna do the whole boyfriend and girlfriend thing, you need to call me darling.” You paused. “It’s my kink.” 

   He knew you were joking around with him, but he still shook his head, playfully rolling his eyes as he wrapped his arm around your shoulder. You said weird stuff like that all the time, it was no different now than it had been yesterday, except this time he was your boyfriend, and if it was going to make you happy, he’d call you darling for the rest of your life. “I could get behind that.” 

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Mesmerizing Love

Paul Lahote Imagine

Paul x Cullen!Reader


Prompt: Paul Lahote imagine where he imprints on a Cullen!reader and she has abilities kinda like wanda maximoff and she has the red streams come out of her hands and one day her and the rest of the pack were hanging out bc she’s an imprint so she’s aloud to go to la push and the whole pack including the other imprints ask if they can see her powers and so she shows them and there’s red streams flying around the room from her hands and they’re so mesmerized and Paul is just So In Love™™™ thank you!!

Warning: None

Author’s Note: I’m sorry that this is bad so please ughhh I’m so sorryy please forgive me

The day you met Paul- let’s just say it was very eventful. Many fights were involved between Paul and Emmett until you yelled in frustration, causing you to use your powers. Ever since then you guys gradually grew closer, every once in a while getting a comment from Rosalie which did annoy you.

Today, you were running through the woods with most of the pack, playfully bumping into them, running ahead of them and giving them false hope by falling back a little then finally catching up. Y/h/c whipped around as your golden eyes searched what you guys came up with, the finish line. You bursted through the tree line, spotting the packs imprints.

With a giggle you felt Paul’s hands on your waist.”We were of course going easy on you.” Jared teased, wrapping an arm around his imprint, Kim.

“Whatever helps you sleep at night.” You teased back. Watching the others shift back grab hold of their mates, while you turned earning a peck on the nose by Paul. 

Sam came out the house, Emily under his arm. “When it gets dark enough, we’re going to have a campfire out on the beach.” Sam said loudly, Emily slipped out of his hold and walked towards me with a smile,

“And you’re welcome to join.” She smiled warmly at me. “It’s okay if you-” 

You merely giggled, “Of course I’ll join you guys.” Everyone cheered and Paul chuckled behind you. Everyone seemed to go off in their own direction, while Paul had other plans and rushed you both into the woods.

It was much later when you both finally caught up with the pack on the beach. You both were playfully pushing each other as you both sat down, earning smiles from everyone. Especially Sam and Emily- They loved the fact how you seemed to calm him down easily and knew that if anything did happen, you could look out for yourself. 

“So. Y/n.” Quill said slowly, earning a playful shove from Seth who sat next to Embry. The whole pack was here, even Leah. 

“Just spit it out.” You grinned, cherishing Paul’s pattern on your hand.

“They want to see your ability.” Claire, Quill’s imprint, voiced everyone’s thoughts. All eyes seem to fall on you as you let out a chuckle.

“Sure.” You said softly, opening your hands. Slowly red streams started to drift from her hand, earning gasps in surprise. They seemed to dance around the group, twisting around the flame, wafting past people. 

Paul. Paul’s eyes seemed to soften and watched as their was a twinkle in your eyes and your face seemed to glow. He tried to contain his thought, but goddamn he loved you so much that he wanted to grab you. Leaning forward he put a piece of y/h/c strand and putting it behind your ear. He whispered low enough for only you too hear. “I love you so much Y/n.” As soon as those words tickled your ear, the red streams started to grow bigger and longer. Wrapping around the flames. 

You turned to look at Paul, most of the streams hovering near him. “I love you too.” She pressed a kiss to his lips and that seemed to last forever, which they both were content with.

All the while the moment was going on, everyone was watching. Watching how the streams started to hover around him and only him.

ATVfest - Ouat Panel
  • “Gideon is bringing Belle and Rumple together” - eddy (x)
  • Jen said it was really hard not to laugh during the scenes with “Old Crazy Drunk Hook” (x)
  • Old Drunk Hook “thinks he’s awesome. He doesn’t know he’s old and fat.” - Colin (x)
  • Jen’s talking about the fight with Gideon (x)
  • Colin wants a sitcom with Old Hook (x)
  • “There’s good Captain Swan-age” in upcoming episodes (x)
  • Jen suggests “Dark Swan with Old Hook. It’s a lot of black leather.” (x)
  • hasn’t been shot yet but will be soon (x)    
  • “Are there bumps ahead for Rumple and Belle?” “It’s a TV show” (x)
  • “oh true love” Colin on Emma leaving Hook at the beanstalk (x)        
  • They’ve made Jen a red leather jacket that’s warm for this season (x)
  • They said “black fairy backstory” and the crowd ooh'ed and Jen and Colin had the cutest reactions “I didn’t know people ooh’!” - Jen (x)      
  • “Be kind. It’s a tv show.” - eddy on social media (x)
  • “I’m picturing Emma with the Dustin Hoffman version [of Hook]. That’s a whole different story.” - Jen (x)
  • Colin wants Maui from Moana on the show. Adam doesn’t think they can get The Rock (x)     

Part 2

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Taken [Chapter 6]


Pairing: Suho x Reader

Warnings: Language; may have triggering situations including sexual situations, abuse, violence, etc.

Summary: You were just a normal girl. You were just trying to get by. Until a rather unfortunate relationship brought you to the hands of Suho, the leader of the greatest mafia in the country.

PrologueChapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5Chapter 6Chapter 7Chapter 8Chapter 9Chapter 10
Chapter 11Chapter 12Chapter 13Chapter 14Chapter 15
Chapter 16Chapter 17Chapter 18Epilogue

The ride was nothing like you expected. You were ushered into the same black van you were first dragged onto when Suho brought you here, but now you’re going on it willingly.

You were expecting a tension-filled, serious car ride, but these six boys were singing to the radio on the top of their lungs while joking and playing card games.

What the hell? This is more like a road trip than a mission.

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ATV Fest, Adam, Eddy, Colin and Jen Panel Roundup
  • When asked about a season 7, Eddy said: “The show is about hope, so have hope!”
  • On Gideon: “Gideon is bringing Rumple and Belle back together.” (x)
  • Jen thought she was going to “pee herself watching Colin film Wish Realm!Hook”. (x) (x)
  • Talking about Wish Realm!Robin, Adam and Eddy said “he’s a different character”. (x)
  • On reintroducing Robin’s feather: “It was a sign of faith..that she should be faithful about bringing this Robin back” (x)
  • Colin says that Hook thinks Wish Realm!Hook “is awesome, he doesn’t know he’s old and fat.” (x) Colin wants a sitcom with Old Drunk Hook. (x) Eddy jokes, “Old Hook was gonna be under the hood but his liver gave out so they gave it to Gideon” (x)
  • “If you like Captain Swan, there will be a lot of #CaptainSwan-age in the second half of the season… ‘Captain Swan’ fans will be happy!“ (x)
  • Colin and Emma tease each other about the ups and downs of #CaptainSwan. Colin says “Ah, true love!” in his charming accent.  (x)
  • Musical episode confirmed, Has not been shot yet, but will include all original songs. Jen is not as excited as the fans. (x)
  • Any bumps ahead for Rumple and Belle? “It’s a TV show!” (x)
  • They made Jen a warm red leather jacket for this season. (x)
  • “Producers announce that the new season will see Tinkerbell, Ariel, more of Aladdin/Jasmine, & the Black Fairy’s backstory.” (x)
  • Writers considered letting Hook keep his Irish accent for Hook. (x)
  • “Be kind, it’s a tv show.” -Eddy (x)
  • Colin wants Maui from Moana on the show but Adam doesn’t think they could get The Rock. (x)
  • “Q: Will we ever see Moana in Storybrooke? Ed: “We have a great relationship with #Disney and are always open to adding new characters” (x)

It’s nice to be sure (5000% sure) that Mon-El will become a hero and great guy and best boyfriend ever at the end of the season.

We have some bumps ahead (Daxam storyline) but at the end he is going to be proved a good guy big time. I mean superhero legend level. And destined great love material.

Looking forward to all the moments when he will prove me and Kara right.

Note to self: this prediction was made after 2x13.

Adore You (Dick Grayson x Reader)

Request: “Batboy of your choice dating a single mom please.” from anon.

A/N: My love for Jason is infinite but I need to start writing more for the other boys so imma choose Dick for this one. Also, you have a daughter in here….I’m also thinking about making this into a series but you guys will have to be the judge of that. So if anything, this will be the prologue.

Tags: @wynterrobin @wannabe-weasley @queen-of-all-the-fandoms

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You and Dick have been dating for a year now.

The first time you two met was when you were walking home from work. Dick was in his police car, driving home when he spotted a beautiful woman walking down the sidewalk. 

You cant blame him for staring. He almost bumped into the car ahead of him because of how your body distracted him.

When he saw someone shady following you he knew right away that that was his chance to drive you home and to ask you on a date.

You didn’t want to keep secrets so you told him right away that you have a four year old daughter.

He shrugged, “So?”

“That doesn’t bother you?” You asked, surprised.

He parked in front of your apartment building, “Well, yeah because you fell in love with another man before me.”

And from that moment on, you two were inseparable. 

You will never forget the first time he met Mary. And that was the day he told you his secret identity.

Before Dick came to visit you and Mary at your apartment, Mary was watching the news. The only reason she watches it is so she can fangirl over Nightwing. She loves the man. You had to buy her NIghtwing action figures, Nightwing pajamas, a Nightwing blanket, a Nightwing sippy cup, and Nightwing wallpaper.

She’s more obsessed with the handsome vigilante than you are.

When Dick arrived, Mary was skeptical. During dinner, she kept scrutinizing him whenever he wasn’t looking. You had to ask her why she was behaving this way and she answered saying, “I’m a detective, Mommy. Let me do my job.”

Dick chuckled, “You’re mother didn’t tell me she has a detective for a daughter.”

Mary jumped in her seat and slammed her small hands on the table, ignoring his statement, “Oh my glob, you’re Nightwing!!”

Dick choked on his food. You rubbed his back as he drank some water, “I’m sorry, what?”

Mary grinned from ear to ear, “You’re Nightwing! You have the same hair as him and voice!!”

You sighed, “Mary, calm down Dick is a police officer.” 

Mary jumped off her seat and crawled on Dick’s lap, giving him a huge hug, “You’re my favorite hero! Are you going to marry Mommy?! Can you please marry Mommy?!”

This time you choked on you food, “Mary!”

Dick laughed, hugging her back, “Well, only if she’s okay dating a vigilante first, of course.”

You let out a nervous laugh, “Dick…what do you mean by that?”

He smirked, “Can you keep a secret?”

Once you heard those words, your life turned upside down.

Tweets with replies by mags ✨ (@bellefrenchh) | Twitter
The latest Tweets and replies from mags ✨ (@bellefrenchh). a meme ma'am? what are you talking about?. mrs. dark one
  • Wish realm belle is dead
  • Ep ends w a rumbelle scene @ wishing well
  • We see Belle’s bones
  • “Gideon is bringing Belle and Rumple together” - eddy 
  • They asked if their were any rumbelle fans and I cheered and eddy stared at me LMAO BYE
  • “Are there bumps ahead for Rumple and Belle?” “It’s a TV show”
  • This is random but at one point Belle was wearing BLUE EYELINER in the episode I was  so hard
  • rumple won’t help Regina bc he went to look for Belle and found her bones due to the EQ starving her
  • he’s like “here’s what I found of her” and dumps her bones on the ground the audience gasped
  • Gideon hates Rumple ATM, they have a heated talk and Rumple tells him to take his anger out on him and not Emma, but Gideon won’t hit him 
  • Charming and Hook wanted to take Gideon out, Belle said nobody needed to be hurt and wanted to work with them 
  • When Emma defeats Gideon, he disappears. Belle and Rumple walk away in different directions
  • The black fairy wanted gideon to turned dark and it seems like she hurt him. He never went fully dark bc he remembered Belle 
  • He wants to kill Emma to become savior himself, so he can kill Black Fairy and become a hero
  • Rumple says something about being addicted to bad decisions, but he doesn’t want that for Gideon. He doesn’t want him to kill Emma 
  • Belle says it’s easy to rationalize the bad decision so it seems okay. She makes a wish in the well at the end of the scene despite saying she shouldn’t before because nothing she wants works out :(
  • Belle thinks she can talk Gideon out of it but we never got a scene w just them so  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • you know I like him as a character. but he does say it’s his fault Gideon’s the way he is rn
  • Rumple does know Gideon’s name he yells it at him
  • Before fighting, Gideon says “My name is Gideon” and Emma kinda turns and goes “I only know one Gideon and he’s a lot smaller”
  • also rumbelle fam he has his hand on her back in their first scene together in the shop
Taylor Swift Will Get Her Own Way Thanks To Spotify's IPO Ambitions And Its $1bn Loan

Ian Morris ,  

There are probably other artists that wanted their music off Spotify because of its policy, but Taylor Swift was the most vocal about it. The streaming firm had, previously, demanded that any artist available to users of its paid platform also had to be available to the free, ad-supported service too. It’s this decision which Spotify appears to have reversed.

This was historically a problem for Swift, who didn’t want her new albums available on the free tier. Her label president told Rolling Stone in November 2014 “If this fan went and purchased the record, CD, iTunes, wherever, and then their friends go, ‘why did you pay for it? It’s free on Spotify,’ we’re being completely disrespectful to that superfan”.

Ultimately, of course, it’s reasonable for any artist to withdraw their work from a platform for any reason, but Swift’s makes sense for her fans, and also for her bottom line. Spotify will never pay as much as pure album sales, so why cannibalize one with the other? Swift could sell her CDs and digital downloads until demand slows, then opt to pop them on Spotify.

So why now? Well the FT suggests (paywall) this is the product of Spotify’s move to an IPO sometime soon. The music firm borrowed $1 billion last year, a loan which will be repaid on IPO giving investors TPG and Dragoneer a 20% discount on its eventual share price. The terms of that loan mean that it will also see a further 2.5% discount added for each six month period. That’s in addition to an interest rate of 5% with a further percentage point added every six months.

Spotify then needs to get as many labels onboard as possible in order to be attractive on flotation. It’s also in the middle of negotiating new deals with the major labels, and this will likely help them achieve as low a rate per stream as possible.

So while Taylor Swift isn’t the only reason to sort out this problem, it’s likely being able to say she’s back on board would be a nice little publicity bump ahead of the IPO.

Spotify now has 50m global paying customers and 100m total active users, making it the largest paid music platform. It’s only the second biggest streaming service in the US though, where Pandora - with its own free service - has far greater penetration (32% compared to Spotify’s 18%) Pandora has 80m users of its free service in the US and is worth around $5bn. Spotify is said to have a value of around $8bn.

Crunchbase suggests Spotify has so far raised $2.56B in 15 funding rounds.

Heading home to Brooklyn

The subway car that had been nearly empty when they boarded lost its last passengers,  save for them. Sherlock and Joan sat side by side, tired, not talking …. there was no need for talking … staring straight ahead. They bumped and rocked in unison, swaying this way and that, surfing the rhythms of the train… heading home.

Out of the corner of his eye, he caught her first head bob. It was always a wonder to him that she could block out the metallic screeches and the chunking of wheels on rails, the rattle of glass, the odd smells and bright lights, and fall asleep.

There came the second head bob and soon enough her head would tilt forward and …. yes …. yes, there it was, Watson was now dozing at his side. Her head was wobbling with the car’s movements, distractingly so. For his own sake he moved an arm gingerly around her shoulders, and gently tapped her in his direction. Her head came to rest on his shoulder. Sherlock sighed. “That’s better,” he thought. Now he could concentrate on … on …. Watson adjusted her head on his shoulder … her hair tickled at his jaw … the world grew a bit hazy, a little quieter, and his eyes fluttered close for a minute or so before the crackle and tin of the station announcement jarred them both awake.

Thank you @heiots for the prompt “trains.”  It's not much of a ficlet … but I was able to get something out of my dry husk of a brain - grammar and punctuation be damned! 


One of my teammates brought this idea up at our track retreat this past winter. She said that she and her high school team had a sign like this by them and they applied it to track.

No matter how smooth or successful your running career is you’re going to have some obstacles or challenges. Whether it’s an injury that keeps you sidelined for months or merely a bad run.

Every runner has something that slows them down and stops their progression from going how they planned. She said it was important to realize that yes, these things will happen and it will be frustrating, but they’re temporary.

Just like a speed bump, any obstacle you face may slow you down, but you’ll get over it and things will get back to the way they were. The important thing is to not can caught up on the eventual bumps in the road, but believe that you are strong enough to get over them and have success on the other side.

I saw this on my run today and it reminded me of these lessons I learned from a friend. So whether you’re unable to train right now, having an off day, or just lacking the motivation to get out the door, just know that this will pass and you will succeed.

Speed bumps slow down things that are moving pretty quickly after all.

Due to the things we’ve got so far and hyper-analyzing the things we are not so sure about.I think what happened in 4.03 will repeat this season as well.I guess the next episode will be the beginning of the angst.Some reasons following,bear with me. 

 •The divorce plot

 • Munro’s return 

 • Jean dealing with deep internal affairs,her feelings and desires,her faith,the Church. 

 • Jean being target of the local gossipers.

 • Lucien and Jean as usual not talking about their feelings and relationship.

 • Will we see more of Mei Lin and Lee ? 

 • Lucien and Jean’s struggle about what the want to do against what they should do.

 • Being engaged while Lucien’s still married

. • Lucien’s reaction to what’s happening to Jean.

 * worried sigh *

 We’d better brace ourselves.It seems we have a long bumped journey ahead.

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Bump Ahead


Requester: @jared-padaloveme Thank you so much for this, it was so much fun to write and actually finished it faster than I thought!

Characters: single(?)!Jared Padalecki, Single!Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins (mentioned), Reader

Pairings: Jared Padaleck x Reader

Warnings: None

Words: 1454

A/N: I hope you like it! This is obviously based on an alternative universe where Jared and Jensen are not married to their respective and lovely wives, I love Genevieve and Danneel 

Forever tag: @deathtonormalcy56 @my-sharpie-sketches @mamaredd123 @professionalfangirl03, @fangirl1802, @cozyjaws

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“Hey guys, first of all, thank you for coming,” a blonde tall girl said, her hand doing a great job gripping the microphone even though it was shaking due her nerves.

“Thank you for being here” Jared and Jensen nodded their heads in unison, giving her a sweet smile.

“Oh my God, okay. You know how the boys, Dean and Sam, can be a little afraid of having a family and getting married with the life they have, but talking as Jensen and Jared, would you want to get married and have children?” The girl finished her question, and the crowd cheered making the boys laugh nervously.

“Is that a proposal?” Jensen smirked and winked at the girl, making the room be filled with whistles and screams.

“Only if you want it to be,” the girl said and all of her nervous and scared persona was replaced with a flirty one, reaching Jensen’s level.

“This is getting hot!” Jared joked using his beanie as a fan and threw his head back in laughter.

Jensen gave her a seductive look before breaking into laughter. “Well I’m single so marriage and children are not coming my way soon,” he said answering her questions.

“But Jared right here may have a different answer, right?” Jensen continued and Jared smile grew wider.

“Wait, Jensen, are you talking about this?” Jared said taking his phone out displaying a photo of him proposing to (Y/n).
The crowd went wild and cheered congratulating the newly engaged pair.

You were sitting backstage waiting for your fiancé to finish his panel when you heard a fan question that made your face get a pinkish tint and butterflies inside your stomach.

“talking as Jensen and Jared, would you want to get married and have children?”
You immediately looked down to your left hand that was now adorned by the most beautiful and engagement ring, Jared had popped the question one night before.
It was the most romantic and lovely evening, he just planned everything to make it so special and memorable for you.
What he didn’t know is that that same morning you just had found out that you were pregnant, making the whole night even more special.
Just like he surprised you, your plan was to let him know after the whole convention was over.

“And about children, well I’d love to have at least three. Whenever (Y/n)’s ready for them of course”

You heard the crowd say “aww” in unison and you knew that Jared smile was lighting the whole room.

“Funny you said that” your voice was heard through the convention room speakers and everyone was looking for you.

You appeared on stage and everyone started to cheer and give a warm welcome.

“What do you mean?” Jared said a little nervous, he wanted to know if his thoughts were true.

You took out the three positive pregnancy tests that were hidden inside your purse and showed them to him.

Jared’s eyes went wide open, he dropped the microphone and stood up, all happened too fast that when you least expected his arms were wrapped around your waist.

“What?” Jensen said, after thinking about it a little longer “Oh my God! (Y/n)’s pregnant!” He exclaimed and the whole room exploded in laughter.

“Congratulations guys!” He said and when Jared was done kissing you and broke the hug, Jensen hugged you and then hugged Jared.

You were overjoyed, and you could see from miles away that Jared felt the same.

When you were about to get lost in your own thoughts you felt other arms wrapped around you, Misha’s arms to be precise.
He congratulated you and then went to do the same with Jared.
Before you knew it the whole cast and staff that was at the convention had crashed into the stage to congratulate the both of you.

The night was shorter than what anyone had expected it was amazing and full of surprises, special in its very own way.

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My Emergency Room Travel List

My last reblog had a list of emergency room hacks and I thought I should post a thing about what I bring with me and maybe it will help someone or something.

1. Any medications I’m on. This one is obvious. Nurses in triage need to know and they’ll get sassy if you don’t know.

2. Wallet/health card/insurance information. Also obvious.

3. Sweatpants. Suck it up. You’re in emergency, no one looks good. Also, you will likely be there for many hours in a waiting room so if you can be comfy, DO it.

4. An extra big jacket and/or hoodie. To use as a blanket when you get tired and decide to nap because 7 people came in with severed arms and all got bumped ahead of you (hypothetical, but inevitable situation).

5. Snacks. Again, because wait times. Hospitals don’t generally have access to much food or even a vending machine and if you’re going to be there all day, you’re going to get hungry. My favorite snacks to bring are granola bars, cookies, a small bag of chips, or other foods that are pre-packaged and store well.

6. Water. For snacks and general thirst. I find hospitals incredibly dry. But that is also because I live next to the ocean and anything that isn’t soaked in seaweed is “dry.”

7. Phone. For talking to the people who care about you and for entertainment.

8. iPad/Tablet/book/music/FUN. This one should also be obvious, but I cannot count the number of times I have overheard people complaining because they’re bored in emergency. You are bored. In the emergency room. Be thankful you’re not dead. Plus, most hospitals have free Wifi and I can hear you bitching about your ill preparedness over my Netflix. So stop it.

9. Headphones. For blocking out the unprepared.

10. CHARGERS. The only thing worse then bored people are people who are flipping shit because they forgot their charger and their phone is dead. Waiting rooms have outlets. They are literally for waiting. Charge that shit while you wait.

I realize that the e-room is often not a planned thing, so it can be difficult to have all these things. But if you have time, these are the things I have found most helpful and least annoying to bring. They make the wait times a lot more bearable. Plus, it’s reassuring to have some of your personal belongs in the event you get admitted. I have watched an entire season of a show on Netflix in an emergency waiting room. You never know how long you will be.

title: how to survive a flight to australia

genre: fluff ??¿? v little angst

pairing: phan lmao

summary: inspired by “will dan and phil survive australia?”
in which dan suffers through horror in the form of planes, noise, and other people. but hey, at least he’s in it with phil

warnings: mentions of anxiety, mentions of airplanes, swearing and too many flight metaphors you’re welcome

words: 1.3k

beta: @wolfstarbaby my actual saviour ilysm

excerpt: “Just try to actually sleep this time,” Phil suggests.
“I don’t think you understand that I did try, Phil, it’s just that a baby two rows behind us kept screaming like it was being murdered.”
“I didn’t hear anything.”
“Yeah, well, you’re fucking deaf.”

- - - - - - - -

Dan aches to lean his head on Phil’s shoulder.

He resists. Instead he shifts his weight onto his right leg, stifling a whimper when his knee cracks uncomfortably.

They’re in line for the passport control, having just gotten off a plane to Hong Kong about two hours ago. A 12 hour flight, and another one of that duration lies ahead of them.

The prospect makes Dan want to cry. His legs and back are hurting from the cramped space and the too-small seat on the Asian airline company’s plane, and he’s anxious and gross and so tired.

Phil stood next to him seems impossibly unbothered by the impending horror.

His glasses are askew on his nose, his t-shirt is wrinkled but probably less disgustingly sticky than Dan’s sweatshirt (“It might be chilly on the plane, Phil, and unlike you I don’t want to freeze to death before we even get there”), and he’s playing angry birds on his phone.

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Northern Lights (art by comickergirl)

A few months before the annual trip to Norway, Tadashi had suggested to Elsa that they travelled out a week before, for a rare holiday abroad. They had spent weeks and weekends alone, outside of San Fransokyo, but had always stayed firmly - and relatively inexpensively - grounded. Tadashi’s suggestion had been a welcome one, but Elsa had been surprised at just how enthusiastic and excited Tadashi had been at her affirmative response. However, her own nerves about flying had distracted her from noticing how nervous Tadashi was becoming, the nearer the holiday loomed.

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The bidders reaction to an ex boyfriend


Since he’s usually a mask anyways, no one notices any differences. It’s highly unprofessional for him to get worked up and show it, but at the same time you’re his girlfriend now, and it is rude to start openly flirting with you, unwarranted and especially since you’re uncomfortable.

“Perhaps you didn’t hear me the first time so let me explain it so that you might understand. She’s taken. You had your chance, you blew it, and I thank you for that. Now leave.” But maybe once might not hurt…


At first he couldn’t believe it, he just stood there for a second. Surely he had seen Soryu with his arm around you, protectively as always, before he stepped away for a minute, so who in their right mind… Soryu walked up and gently placed his hand on your back. When you turned to look up at him he smiled.

“Is there a problem here?” He rested his hand on his hip, jacket pulled back slightly to show off his gun.

“No, I was just-”

“Leaving? Great. I’d hate to have to think that you were trying to pick up my girl.”


Mamoru just blinked at the boy, who seemed to not notice him to your right, or the fact that you two were together here at the bar. So Mamo decided to help his see this situation a little better. He chuckled slightly, grinning over at the boy, which caught his attention.

“What’s so funny old man?”

“Just the fact that you think you have a chance with her is all.”

“For your information I am her boyfriend, she’s lucky to have the chance with me.”

“Oh really now, you’re her boyfriend? Because as far as I’m concerned her boyfriend is a detective, you don’t strike me as the type.”

“What are you going on about?!” Mamoru flashed him his badge and sent a ‘try me’ look the boy’s way, before smirking and pulling you a little closer to him.


He was going to surprise you on your day off, but as he found you in the hotel lobby, it seemed your ex had already done so. Baba’s blood was immediately boiling, and he was seeing red, though he walked over to you with a smile that gave away nothing.

“Oh there you are darling, you finally found someone who works here! Did you get our rooms sorted out? The King’s Suite? I’m sure you wouldn’t want to disappoint the boss by telling him you had to turn away two very special guests.”

“What are you talking about, I don’t work here!”

“Oh you don’t? Hmm. See with your current clothing choice I would have never guessed, it’s anyone’s mistake really. Now if you’ll excuse us, I’ve got a gorgeous woman to show off.” Baba looked down to you with a genuine smile, before grinning over to your ex and winking.


He overheard the pest trying to chat you up, and so he stood behind him, arms crossed, thoroughly amused with what he had to say. Of course he grew bored of this very quickly and finally decided to butt in.

“As much as I enjoy watching your feeble attempts at trying to… What is it you’re doing exactly? Trying to win her back- right. I’d much rather watch you getting thrown out for trying to take something that isn’t yours. So, Soryu, if you’d please.” Eisuke said, moving to your side halfway through his rant and pressing you into his side rather forcefully as he gave the man a distasteful look.


Your ex was only making it worse on himself. It could have ended nicely. Okay maybe not, but it sounded good. He’d right off the bat called Ota a tool, and the line had been drawn at ever going out with you.

“I’m sorry but I don’t think she asked for your opinion. And even if she had it was poor judgement on her part, as I’m sure that’s how she ended up ever dating you.” Ota just smiled and adjusted his arm around your shoulders, before leading you ahead, bumping into your ex as you walked by.


Okay so this is my first imagine that I’m posting to this blog, I hope I didn’t butcher the characters too terribly, forgive me if I did (/-\) and yeah, don’t really know what else to put here.. So, I hope you enjoyed it and send in a request if you have any, I’d love to do them! n.n Oh also, I know Shuichi isn’t technically a bidder, but he is my favorite, so yeah x3

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Would you be able to do "Sylph of Breath"?

This one wasn’t scheduled until Wednesday, but since three different people have asked for it, I think I’ll go ahead and bump it up. And really, I can’t blame you. The Sylph of Breath has literally thecoolest god tier outfit in existence. 


This will be the last publication today.

The Sylph of Breath has a mythological role roughly described as “She who heals through air, and encourages the growth of freedom in others.”

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