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New favorite fact about Tim Lincecum

Okay so there are stairs with a railing that lead down to the player’s field entrance at AT&T. Apparently, last year Bochy made them add little prickly “speed bump” squares to the railing because Timmy loved sliding down it and Bochy knew his stupid trash child would hurt himself unless he intervened.

@ladamedemartelshit’s about to go down

“I could have done that.” The dragoness said defensively, trying to prove her point. She swayed a little but caught herself before she needed to use the wall for balance. She was thankful to be free of the tight clothing. 

“Wine.” She huffed dismissively, waving a hand and then pointing a finger at her. “I’m gonnna get you some real shit.”

Real shit is what had landed her the way she was now. Because if she couldn’t smoke, drinking was the next best option. Only drinking made her a bit more… passionate. Not that she could recognize that now. She stumbled out of the room and down the halls. The stairs were a challenge, but after bumping into the rails twice and half running over a stunned Tristan on the last few steps, she made it down to the main level, and the elevator took her to the cellar. She pulled a bottle of elf wine and a vial of troll tears out one of the spots and clawed her way back up to the room. Literally. If she were more sober she’d have winced. Reta was going to kill her.

“See!? Perfectly sober!” She proclaimed, waving the bottles around and plopping down on the bed with a giggle.

Detective Conan Chapter 973 [Japanese to English translation]

If you’re not familiar with my means of translation, I put it in a text below the original page. I’m sorry if there are any mistakes or typos. Once again, fixed a lot of inaccuracies, translation mistakes, forgotten lines and typos that were in the spoilers. This time there were big mistranslation issues in 973 spoilers. I’m sorry. Also sorry for being late, I just returned home.

  • One summer day 10 years ago Shinichi&Ran accidentally met an emotionless man and an open little girl…

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