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evermore (newt scamander)

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pair: newt/reader

lowercase intended 

song: evermore by josh groban (beauty and the beast soundtrack)

i was the one who had it all

i was the master of my fate

i never needed anybody in my life

i learned the truth too late

newt scamander thought he had everything. he was travelling the world, meeting new creatures, learning about these new creatures, writing about these new creatures for his up and coming book, as well.

then, he met you.

he met you during one of  his home trips back to london when he bumped into you while walking around the ministry of magic and spilled coffee all over your new blouse.

he apologized repeatedly and of course you were mad but, you made the mistake of looking into his eyes and you fell in love instantaneously.

he promised to give you a call and shot you with his award-winning smile.

i’ll never shake away the pain

i close my eyes but she’s still there

i let her steal into my melancholy heart

it’s more than i can bear

the next few months were magnificent at each other’s sides. 

newt extended his stay in london, spending everyday with you, introducing you to his creatures, even renting a flat together.

everyday was a dream and every kiss was heaven for both of you.

both of you had memories to last a lifetime.

but, this couldn’t last forever. this is reality, and as we all know, reality will find a way to screw stuff up.

now i know she’ll never leave me

even as she runs away

she will still torment me

calm me, hurt me

newt missed his life travelling. he missed discovering new creatures, playing with new creatures, and writing about these new creatures. he became less interested in the relationship but nonetheless, absolutely loved you.

you noticed newt’s change in behavior right when it started. you could tell the difference in his voice when he greeted you with the usual “hey love” everyday. you could tell he lost interests in the nightly conversations you guys had.

he spent more time in his case than with you, he went over his notes every night, not revising it or anything, simply just reading it, over and over again.

one night, you took a long walk out, pondering on what you should do. every time you thought about it, tears sprang into your eyes. 

but finally, you made your decision. you walked back home that night and walked into your flat, stumbling upon a tired-looking newt, reading his notes once more.

he looked up at you and put his notes down. “hey love, what took you so long?”

newt immediately caught on to your gloomy expression and lead you to the couch.

“y/n, what’s wrong?” he asked.

“newt, i don’t know how to come out with this.” you sighed. “so, i’ll just say it. newt, i want you to go.”

newt scamander felt his heart break a little when he heard those words come out your mouth. 

“w-wait what?” he stuttered.

you sniffled, “newt, i know you’re unhappy. i know you miss the creatures, i know you miss travelling around the world, and i know i’m keeping you from it. as your girlfriend, i want you to be happy. so, i want you to go. go travel again and finish your book.”

newt gave you a hug and you half-heartedly returned it. when you pulled away, he had tears streaking down his face. 

“y/n, i don’t want to leave you.” he mumbled.

“i know, my love, that’s why i’m leaving. i have my stuff ready and by the time i leave, i want you to pursue your journey. finish your book.” you smiled.

newt looked up, silently crying his eyes out in front of you and took your hand in his. “i love you so much”

“i love you too, newt.” you cried. “i’ll never leave you, wherever you are, you can bet i’m cheering for you.”

you turned away to wipe away the tears and you were about to summon your trunk before you realized you forgot to say the most important thing to him.

“newt?” you whispered, his head snapping to you as you turned back around, “can you promise me something?” 

newt ushered to you and took your hands in his.

“promise me you’ll find me when you finish your book?” you breathed.

newt nodded and kissed you tenderly.

“accio trunk” you whispered and your trunk came flying to you and you grabbed it by the handle and took one last look at newt.

“goodbye, newt. much love.” and you disapparated with a pop to your room in your parents’ house where you broke down crying.

move me, come what may

wasting in my lonely tower

waiting by an open door

i’ll fool myself, she’ll walk right in

and be with me for evermore

newt didn’t leave that morning, or the next, or the next. not for two weeks.

he waited for you to come back, for you to run into his arms and say she was just kidding. but, you never did.

after the second week, he gave up. he’ll just owl you and fulfill the promise he gave to you.

he packed his belongings and left london. he traveled to asia and immersed himself in the creatures he found there.

i rage against the trials of love

i curse the fading of the light

though she’s already flown so far beyond my reach.

she’s never out of sight

every night, newt never fails to think about you. to reminisce on your memories together.

every night, he replays the last words you said to him before you left.

every night, he cries a little before wiping his tears and falls asleep.

every night, his heart breaks for you.

now i’ll know she’ll never leave me

even as she fade from view

she will still inspire me

be a part of everything i do

after five months of steady research and writing, newt finished his book.

all he had to do now is write the dedication and he had the perfect one in his mind.

to y/n y/l/n

without her, this book would’ve never been finished


as soon as he wrote his “x”, newt apparated to the ministry where he gave them his final copy to publish and walked home to the flat he once shared with you.

he laid his stuff down on the couch and walked to the bedroom where he laid down and prepared himself for the wait.

wasting in my lonely tower

waiting by an open door

i’ll fool myself, she’ll walk right in

and as the long, long nights begin

newt woke up to a letter on his bedside from the ministry, which he tore up and read immediately, failing to notice the folded piece of paper with it.

dear mr. scamander,

we published your book, fantastic beasts and where to find them, and i am pleased to tell you that sales have rocketed.

we would be glad to hold a press conference, to further expose your wonderful writing to the wizarding world/

truly yours,

hector fawley, minister for magic

p.s. there’s something else in the envelope for you

newt dropped the letter he was holding and snatched the folded piece of paper in the envelope.

dear newt,

you did it. i am so proud of you, love. 

care to fulfill our promise?



newt scamander’s heart filled with giddiness and joy as he threw on his blue coat and shoes and dashed to the ministry of magic.

once he arrived, he sat by the fountain and waited for you to come out from your office where he’ll surprise you with a long, sweet kiss.

newt took a deep breath and prepared himself.

“here we go.”

i’ll think of all that might have been

waiting here for evermore

Signs as Mermaids

Aries: A merperson with a fiery tail, red and orange scales finishing with fins like flames of a fire, branching out. When they swim, it will look like a fire waving in the wind. Their hair is slightly spiky, and very textured, often in reddish/yellowish colors. It would be hard to see them, as they would be gone if you blinked, the most rapid and quick of all the signs.
Taurus: A merperson with a serene tail, green scales like of a meadow. Their tail is embroidered with pale flowers, and their skin inked in several nature scenes. Their hair is also combed with flowers. Their hair is considered the silkiest of all the signs, looking less and less like hair, and more like a smooth brook. Although slightly slow as they seem to almost be growing from the ground, they can make any living thing/plant flourish and grow quickly.
Gemini: A merperson with a yellow tail. Their tail glimmers in the sunlight, and the ends finish off the tail in two perfectly symmetrical fins. Their skin always seems to be tinted with a rush of blood, and their hair moves around their head as if it were alive itself. In fact, every part of them seems to be alive. If you were ever to look at them from afar, it would be as if they seemed to be dancing, but once you get closer, you see they are still. Their talk could enchant you, they are the most eccentric of all, and could entice you with their ideas. Their eyes are as deep as the sea itself, and they seem to be alive with thoughts.
Cancer: A merperson with a deep purple tail. Their tail is also highlighted with flecks of silver, gold, and dark green. Like Gemini, a Cancer’s skin is always flushed with a tint of red blush, and their hair seems to be an array of colors. It envelopes them in long waves. You can always tell what a Cancer merperson is feeling, when they’re upset their feelings are made known to everyone in the room. All the other signs look to the Cancer as their guardian, and will lean on them.
Leo: A merperson with an opal tail, no one color can be picked out, however, streaks of purples, blues, and golds are quite visible. A Leo’s skin is tinted with gold, when the blush, their cheeks are infused with a sunny color, and gold blood is in their stream. Their hair arranges in a lion’s mane, and when they are angry or surprised, it stands on end. Leo’s are adored in the kingdom, and are often sent tokens of others’ affection, and adorned in luxurious jewels. Pearls will run through their reddish/yellowish hair to show importance.
Virgo: A merperson with a bluish purplish tail. Their hair falls flat except when their emotions are at extremes, in which it gets wavy and curly. Their scales are precise and seem as if they were intricately carved one by one. A Virgo is known for their healing powers, both of the mind, body, and spirit. Most will have a Virgo close to them, either as a friend, or a romantic partner. A Virgo’s home is always tidy, but also bathed in several crystal balls, books, and crystals.
Libra: A merperson with a lilac tail. A libra may have lavender flowers inked on their skin. Their hair is always twisting around in the water as if a harsh wind were rustling through their hair. Many libras will put their hair in intricate styles to keep it from moving it around. Libras are considered the beauty of the sea. You will never see a Libra merperson bump into something or trip while swimming. They gracefully flounder in the ocean, and are brought gifts from other merpeople often.
Scorpio: A merperson with a deep red tail. Their hair is often deep red to match and embroidered with chrysanthemums. Their eyes are always decorated in gems to amplify their scorching gaze. They move slowly and if they look at you, they won’t drop their gaze until their message is put through. They can read you very easily, and like Virgo have several crystal balls, herbs, and crystals.
Sagittarius: A merperson with a light blue tail, streaked with orange flames. The Sagittarius merperson is always the one to go out adventuring, and is quite like the typical Disney mermaid, Ariel. A Sagittarius merperson is always bouncing around, finding new things, going up to the surface to get a taste of the outside world. Their hunger for new things is grand, but useful. Their smile brightens everyone’s day, and their hair seems to go out in every direction, dyed every color of the rainbow.
Capricorn: A merperson with a deep earthy toned tail. The scales are blues, browns, and purples, but they all come together to form a beauty. Their hair is straight, however it seems to tell a story to you. You will not be able to tell how a Capricorn is feeling, because of the set way they swim and look. The way they swim seems urgent, like they have places to be all the time. Anyone who looks a a Capricorn will see a merperson who is a mural of emotions all kept in a cage. Capricorns in the kingdom are typically of royal like the Leos, but prefer less flashy gifts, and the truth is very important when it comes to ruling over the other merfolk.
Aquarius: A merperson with a turquoise tail that almost looks as if it were dip dyed. Aquarius is more subtle than Gemini, not always darting around, yet still full of thoughts and ideas, Their hair is usually an array of colors, typically in the blues and pinks. It seems to float about calmly. An Aquarius is usually dressed in shells and other unusual objects they may come upon. They are not one for conventional beauty, and like to ignore whatever rules are set upon them in the kingdom.
Pisces: A merperson with a pale tail. The color may be pale pink, blue, purple, but is never deep. They have smaller fins attached to their waist, and their scales seem to shimmer in the sunlight. Their hair is either extremely short or extremely long. It typically falls in corkscrew curls or loose waves, also in the pale colors of their tails. You will always be able to tell how a Pisces feels because of the aura they put out. They enjoy the idea of being deep and emotional, and often write poetry or simply sit on the shore and gaze at the moon.

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Better | 01

word count: 1.987

Genre: fuckboy!Jungkook, insecure Y/N, angst, fluff

A/N: My first writing ever! Hope you guys like it. PS don’t think I’m overly insecure or something. I just felt like writing this. And my first language is not English, so yeah. In the next part there will be more angst and fluffy stuff.

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The only thing in the world you didn’t want to happen today was seeing Jungkook. And let it be the day BTS comes to visit the weekly idol special.

You always had a thing for Jungkook, when your group debuted you already were attracted to him. On award shows you always blush when he looked at you. But you always reminded yourself that you were an idol and you would never stand a chance with Jungkook.

“ Chungha! Where is my bottle of water!” You shouted a little too hard than intended. You were practicing your new dance before you went to weekly idol studio. You were exhausted from practicing.
“ What are you talking about y/n, the bottle is right beside you.” She said laughing.
I realized it was indeed beside me. My mind on so many things I didn’t even could find my own water bottle.
“ Oh yeah, your right I’m sorry Chungha.”
“ Are you okay y/n unni? You look tired, you should sit for a while. We’re going to weekly idol today you should be fit.” She was right, if I continued like this I would look like a zombie on screen.
“ I’m going to wash my face for a bit thank you for the advice!”

I still couldn’t believe I was going to see Jungkook today. Most of the time there would be like 20 meters between us. But today both our groups were going to weekly idol, so maybe there would be some interaction. But what was the point of it? Him noticing me, I don’t think he knows I even exist. Most people call our girlgroup I.O.I the same faced group. I have to admit we have the same style and faces, but we are still different people. I was always thinking about Jungkook, no way he would ever think about me. BTS is much more popular than our group and they are much more successful. If he ever noticed me it would probably be because I’m so clumsy and I fall all the time at award shows.
On moments like this I wished to not be an idol. Because I couldn’t be myself all the time, always being the perfect y/n from I.O.I. I always have to look good, which is pretty hard because I’m really insecure. When we debuted, I always thought I didn’t look good enough. And the mini skirts didn’t help either, revealing my thick legs and my belly wasn’t the smallest.
Although the members always cheer me up, saying nobody is perfect but you are y/n. Chungha and Yoojung are always so caring and so sweet, I love them they are my best friends since I gave up my childhood to become an idol. Still I’m insecure, and mostly because I want to look good for Jungkook if a paparazzi photo pops up in his social media feed. But why would he even take a moment to look at me.

“ 20 minutes till we leave to weekly idol, prepare yourself girls!” Our manager yelled. Man, I was nervous. No one knew about my crush, only Chungha. She said she had a crush on Taehyung from BTS but that didn’t last for long. She has been supportive and stuff, saying that idols always end up together. But I wouldn’t even think about that, never in the world would Jungkook end up with me as girlfriend.

“ Unni, come I’m going to change clothes, our concept is cute but not too girly.” I sighed, that means skirts.
“ I’m coming Chungha, I will come in a minute” I always feel like a terrible friend to Chungha, but what can I do about myself.

“ You look so cute unni you should wear this more often.” I said to Yoojung, I always thought that Yoojung was the cutest of us. And I was right because the fans always shout cutie Yoojungie.
“ Thank you unni, aren’t you wearing skirts today?”
“ No not really I’m not really feeling like it today.” And I actually never felt like wearing skirts, but yeah that’s idol life in a girl group.

“ Leaving in 3, 2, 1! We’re leaving girls!” Manager-nim shouted.
“ I’m so excited y/n, BTS, Twice, Got7 and GFriend are coming.” BTS with Jeon Jungkook yeah.
“ I know Yoojung, I’m happy to see Momo unni again.” I replied
“ Oh my god, yeah. We haven’t talked to them for so long. Have you ever talked to the boys of BTS before. They look so handsome in their new mv. Especially Jungkook-ssi, he looked very handsome, right y/n unni?” I held my breath after she said that. Does Yoojung have a crush on Jungkook too? I wouldn’t even be surprised.
Chungha looked at me like she saw a bomb fall on my face, she looked terrified. Maybe she thought I would get mad or disappointed or something. But I would never ever be mad about a boy to my friends.
“ Yeah, Yoojungie, he is very handsome.” I said while looking down.
“ Soooo, we are free this weekend. Do you girls want to do something? Catching up with the drama or going out?” Chungha said while changing the subject fast before it would be awkward.
“ I like going out, but I don’t know. What about you unni, what do you want to do?”
“ Yoojungie always clubbing, let’s go to the club if Chungha wants too!” We didn’t go to the club often, but when we did Yoojung was always the ‘party animal’. With limits off course because we’re idols.
“ Let’s club this weekend then!” Cheungha shouted happily.

After arriving at the weekly idol studio, we got our name cards and were directed to the girls room. In the girls I found Hani unni from exid. Before we even debuted I was friends with Hani, she was like some big sister to me. Unfortunately we grew apart, and we talked less. But my love and care for Hani never went down.
“ Hani! Unni! I’m so happy to see you today! Are you mc-ing at the weekly idol special?”
“ Y/N-ssi! I knew you would come, I wanted to surprise you. I’m the special mc today indeed.” Being overly happy, and running to me, Hani hugged me like there was no tomorrow.
“ I missed you so so much. Have you been well? Are you eating well?”
“ Always like a caring sister y/n-ssi. Off course I haven’t been well without you.” She said jokingly, Hani was always a sarcastic one. “ But have you been well? I heard you on a radio show, your cute voice always enchanting me.” I was indeed on a radio show with I.O.I.
“ Oh, you listened to the show? Thank you unni. And yes I have been well, just stressing about our comeback next month.”
“ Starting in a few seconds, Hani mc go and prepare!” Someone shouted way too loud.
“ Well I think I have to go, let’s grab some coffee after the shooting and good luck!” Hani said sprinting to heechul who was waiting for her at the entrance.
“ Bye unni!”

It was almost time to start the shooting.
“ Girls I need to go to the bathroom I’m back in a sec!” You shouted going to the bathroom as soon as possible. You drank too much water, because of stress and because Jungkook. Speaking of Jungkook, it was funny that you bumped in to him right after you rushed out of the bathroom.
“ In a rush y/n?” He said. You were surprised he even knew your name. You rubbed your head after bumping in to him.
“ I’m so sorry, I thought I was late for the shooting. Sorry for bumping in to you sunbaenim.” You didn’t even know why you called him sunbae because you have never talked before.
“ Why so many sorry’s, it’s okay. Let’s go to the shooting.”
Arriving at the shooting a tad late, all eyes were on you two, including Yoojung’s. She looked shocked, and that’s when you realized she too had a crush on Jungkook. You could see the jealousy in her eyes.
“ Sorry we’re late, sorry manager-nim” Jungkook said while he bowed. Quickly you bowed too.
“ Alright let’s begin the shoot.” The producer said.

While filming you noticed Yuju from GFriend was pretty interested in Jungkook. She looked at him from time to time ( just like yourself ) And they even had some interaction.
Hani had introduced a game, singing a ots duet, one girl and one boy from each group.
I was teamed up with Jimin, Chungha with Jackson and Yoojung with Woozi.
And guess who teamed up with Junkook? Yes Yuju.
My duet with Jimin was pretty good. He was shy but very cute.
I felt really cringey looking at Yuju and Jungkook. She was very touchy, wrapping one arm around him and dancing to the song with him. She looked really happy and he showed no other expression than happiness. You would think they were secretly dating.

After filming the special episode I went to Hani for our coffee date, until someone stopped me, like literrally and we both tripped.
“ Sorry, are you okay… Jungkook?” I was surprised I met him again while tripping or bumping in each other. Is this my way of saying hi these days?
“ Always saying sorry for everything y/n, it’s my fault we tripped.”
“ Oh no don’t be sorry, I’m really clumsy from nature so these things happen to me all the time.” And yes that was true, I am the most clumsy person in our entertainment.
“ Well do you fall for all men like this every time you see them?” He asked with a smirk. I didn’t thought he would be so flirtatious.
“ Oh ehm.. no I think?” Not really knowing what to reply
“ I hope I’m the only one then.” He walked away sending a wink. My heart just couldn’t take this.

Hani and I were walking to the cafe, should I tell her what happened?
“ So y/n why were Jungkook and you late at the shooting? Did something happen?” Damn she is good.
“ No I just went to the bathroom but I happened to bump into him, so we walked to the shooting together.”
“ Tell more, I know there’s more y/n.”
“ Okay, after filming, he and I both tripped again. And wel yeah, he was really, like really flirtatious.” For a moment she was still, she wanted to say something. Looking at her it wouldn’t be something good.
“ What is it Hani, why you looking so serious?” I was scared she would tell me she dated Jungkook or something but no, she told me:
“ Y/N, I know you have a crush on Jungkook for 2,5 years now, and I never told because I thought it’s just a little crush and would go away after a while…”
“ What Hani tell me.” I was getting a little impatient because she started talking slower and slower.
“ He is like a kind of idol fuckboy y/n, he will hurt your feelings don’t get attracted to him.”
I couldn’t believe what I heard, a fuckboy? Why have I never heard of it ever before. And more important, there are no dating rumors about him at all.
“ How, what do you mean Hani?”
“ Well, he doesn’t date idol girls, but more like…ehm. He just fucks and goes let me say that.” Fucks and goes? Since when did this happen?
“ I haven’t heard anyone talking about him, this is not true unni.”
“ Y/N believe me, he is a fuckboy.”
“ Why would I believe such thing?” I was getting angry, it sounded like Hani didn’t want me to like Jungkook or to even think about him.
“ I haven’t told you this, to not hurt you. But I had dated Jungkook a year ago and he cheated on me, with multiple girls.”

Rich Games pt. 20

Summary: School has never been anything but a time waste and game for rich boy, Yoongi.
Members: Yoongi x Reader (Appearances by EXO and BTS Members)
Type: Student! AU/ Drama/ Angst/ little Fluff
Length: 5,880 Words

So this came out longer than I expected. Ugh, this may take more chapters than I thought. I really hope you guys are enjoying it and not getting annoyed or bored. Anyways, I hope you guys like this Yoongi POV chapter <3

-Admin Kat

Pt. 1, Pt.2,  Pt. 3,   Pt. 4,  Pt. 5,   Pt.6,  Pt. 7,  Pt. 8,  Pt. 9,  Pt. 10,  Pt. 11,Pt. 12, Pt. 13,  Pt. 14,  Pt. 15,  Pt. 16,  Pt.17, Pt. 18, Pt. 19, Pt. 20,Pt. 21, Pt. 22, Pt. 23, Pt. 24, Pt. 25, Pt. 26

“Hey there, cutie?” Jungkook called out as he turned around to stare at the girl who passed suddenly. Yoongi looked up from his locker and saw as a girl walked away. She looked like she could have been any other girl at the school, but different at the same time. He watched as she hurried off quickly through the halls. Yoongi tilted his head. Her straight hair swished behind her, moving in the opposite direction of her swaying hips. He couldn’t help but notice how form fitting her clothes were. As he watched, he noticed her stumble slightly on her heels. He smirked, finding it almost redeeming for her average clothing. It added a sort of cute awkwardness to her physical attributes.

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Imagine first kiss with Elgang, please. *w*


  • Elsword would look at you with a big, stupid grin on his face while a light hue of pink colors his cheeks and then his face, he simply walks up to you, and he leans in closer pressing his lips against yours.
  • Aisha’s face would instantly turn dark red at the fact that you would be bold enough to ask her for a kiss. This kiss would have been her first, she wanted to do it for a while now, she was just waiting for you to ask. Giving you a light smack on the head with her staff, she leans in, giving you a soft kiss on your lips, her face getting redder after she pulls away.
  • Rena, seeming to have no problem obliging you with her first kiss; however, she seems to be a bit shy. Slowly she cups your cheeks with her hands, leaning in as her soft lips meet yours, you both close your eyes, holding the kiss for a little while.
  • Raven being drawn back, by the simple turn of his head, he blushed a shade of crimson red at the thought of you two kissing, a couple of seconds later, he wraps his Nasod arm around you, pulling you in as he looks back over at you, looking directly in your eyes. Leaning in to give you a quick peck on the lips.
  • Eve would blink gently and then ask you what a kiss was, you would end up blushing and telling her what a kiss was. She blinks lightly and she shrugs, not really understanding human emotions so she presses her lips against yours.
  • Chung’s face turned about as red as a tomato when you confessed that you had wanted to kiss him, feeling himself getting dizzy as he set his cannon down. Sitting on it to gain some closer, he tries to talk about it, but you can’t help yourself as you lean in, giving him a gentle yet passionate kiss. 
  • Ara starts to press her thumbs against her fingers while blushing as well, bowing to you while telling you that she is honored to have her first kiss by you. While walking up to you, Ara trips on a pebble and bumps foreheads with you while her lips press against yours. She quickly apologizes after while blushing like made.
  • Elesis simply blinks at the request, it takes her a little bit of time to register it, but when she does, she blushed a light shade of pink. Sucking her teeth, she gently wraps her arms around your waist for some comfort. Elesis pulls you in close and gently rubs her nose against yours, with that she smirks, having her hands tighten around you waist. To the point where you start to blush as well, a bigger smirk appears on her face as she leans in pressing her soft lips against yours, her fingers gently tapping against your waist as she pulls you in yet again. At this point your bodies are pressed together along with your lips, until finally you decided that you are tired so you decided to pull away for air. That toothy grin still on her face, which made her look adorable due to the fact she was still blushing.
  • Add simply looks at you as if you were crazy, but then he gets a thought and he shakes it out of his head as his cheeks turn a light shade of red, he then grabs your cheeks, gently pinching them together with his hand as he kissed you.
  • Lu, stomping on the ground like a little kid until her face gets red from utter embarrassment, she began to pucker her lips out. You leaned in and you gently pressed your lips against hers.
  • Ciel’s eyes began to widen with awe as he tackled you, squealing lightly while wrapping his arms around you while he cuddles you, nuzzling his cheek against yours. He can’t help but find you cute and he wouldn’t have anybody else take his first kiss so he leaned in kissing you.

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road trip shit - Rose bumping, like, Massive Attack's Mezzanine while driving at two in the morning through some desolate midwestern place. Iowa, lets say. she doesnt even realize shes been singing along until Terezi wakes up and starts laughing at her for being a dork.

My real question is when are they going to teach Terezi how to drive. Will they do it in a shitty Nebraska strip mall parking lot, and Kanaya facepalms as Terezi lurches around doing sick spinny donut moves and jolting over speed bumps? Will Rose just hand her the wheel while they’re on a two-lane stretch of I-80 and let her speed all over the road? Will Vriska stick her entire body outside of the car and whoop loudly throughout the entire process? Will Terezi try to use her “You wouldn’t arrest a poor blind girl” shtick when they inevitably get stopped for speeding? How many times will Rose and Vriska have to combine their luck powers to avoid dying horribly in car accidents? These are the questions I ponder.

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Drake was walking around in the town he had just moved in to "Maybe I should've visited here before I moved...I have no idea where anything is..." he muttered to himself. After wandering about for a while, he accidentally trips and bumps into a girl, making them both fall. He quickly gets off of her and gets back up "Oh my gosh I am so sorry!" His face turns red from the embarrassment of falling, and from falling onto her. He puts out his hand for her to take "A-are you okay...?"


“I’m alright, thank you.” Asuna reached up and grabbed his hand, standing up.

“Hi! I’m Asuna, what’s your name?” She smiled at him.

“You seem kind of new, want me to show you around?”

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How would EXO react if you were dancing ballet/jazz then all of the sudden you rolled down on the floor bc you sprained your ankle

Xiumin: *gets scared when he watches you fall* “OH SHIT WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!”

Luhan: *freaks out at first but then pulls himself together* “You’re hurt, so I will carry you to the car and take you to the hospital!”

Kris: *shocked* “How bad does your ankle feel??”

Suho: “I know your ankle hurts now, but it will get better once we get you checked out at the hospital!”

Lay: “How does your ankle feel? Do you think you need to go to the hospital?”


Chen: *looks away from you for a second and sees you on the floor clutching your ankle when he looks back* “What did I just miss?”

Chanyeol: *runs to your side to see if you’re hurt*

Kyungsoo: “How did you sprain your ankle? Did someone bump into you while you were dancing? Did you trip over something that someone left on the floor? Tell me so I can find whoever is responsible and break both of their ankles.”


Kai: “Are… are you hurt?” *confused and concerned*

Sehun: *enjoys watching you dance* “You’re dancing is amazing!” 

*sees you fall* “Wait.. What? Are you okay?”

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Distraction Part Two - Stiles Stilinski Imagine

A/N Five of you requested a part two,so I decided to write one. I hope you all enjoy and if you have any requests or feedback please message me :-) thank you all for your wonderful feedback and please let me know if you like this or not x

Distraction Part One


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Luke Hemmings One Shot based on Young God by Halsey.

He says ‘Oh baby girl,
you know we’re gonna be legends.
I’m a king and you’re a queen 
and we will stumble through heaven’

Stumbling out of some bar down by the river, laughing loud and light-heartedly, bumping into each other while tripping down the road. Luke grabbing your wrist and twisting you around, your laughs slowly fade and the childish twisting turns into slow dancing. Your hands around his neck, fingers intertwined in his hair, his arms around your waist while you stare into each other’s eyes, the streetlights making his sparkle like actual stars. The wind rushes the leaves down the sidewalk while the two of you move slower and slower until you just stand there, holding onto each other, feeling like heaven. Looking into his bright blue eyes, him staring right back at you with his lips forming this gorgeous smile makes you shiver. Luke, thinking you are cold, gently removes your arms from his neck, then his leather jacket from his broad shoulders to hang it around yours. 'Baby girl’, he whispers, leaning down, brushing your ears with his lips, kissing the sweet spot right underneath them. Closing your eyes you inhale his musky scent, clutching his shirt between your fists. You sigh quietly when his lips finally meet yours, feeling more alive than ever and you hope tonight is going to last forever.

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(Mia was flying to a some new space bar called boobies the new mass relay brought her here she stepped into the bar and bumped in a catlike alien) paragon mode: oh I'm sorry did it see you there.

 After bumping into Mia he started to stumble and almost collapse while tripping over his own two feet. His face was red; demonstrating his drunken state. Meow burped a couple of times before replying. “Oh sorry, it’s more my fa-fa-fault!" Meow said still staggering. "Actually ya-umm I think I’ll have another drink; wanna join me?”

#1 - Coffee Dates and Hotel Shenanigans - Luke Hemmings One Shot

Summary: You bump into 5sos while on a school trip and they invite you to go to Starbucks with them, in which you find you and Luke get on way more than you could ever have dreamed…

Pairing: Luke x Reader

Requested: Yes, by @mrshemmings26 who I promised I would tag in this once I had done it :) 

Warnings: None.

A/N: This is quite long, but I hope it’s good despite it lol. You can send requests here x


You take your seat next to the window on the bus, as your best friend, Lucy, sits down next to you. 

“I can’t believe we have to go on this stupid trip today” She groans as she fastens her seat belt.

You smile, “You can’t get much worse than an art gallery”

Your whole art class is being taken on a trip to an art gallery for your history work. You’re all confused as to how art comes into history, but your teacher has somewhat explained that you have to find three paintings on the topic you are currently studying - the French Revolution - and then use them to write an in-depth analysis on the views and representations of different historic events during that period in history. You don’t know why they didn’t just give you a number of paintings in class and then let you choose there, but apparently they thought it would be fun to drag you out to an art gallery for the day. Jokes on them.

The bus journey is boring as hell. The city where the art gallery is located is about forty-five minutes away from school, and that doesn’t even include the journey time once you’re actually in the city, not that it should be too long. 

Eventually, the bus parks up and the teachers run through the rules.

“You must stay with your groups at all times, and must not run off anywhere you aren’t supposed to. If, once you are finished collecting the details of the paintings you want to use for your essay, you wish to go and look at the other paintings in the gallery, you may. But you have to get your work done first. If you have any questions, ask the staff. Remember you are representatives of the school so you must remain polite at all times. I don’t want to hear complaints that you have been rude or impolite to staff or other visitors. Please respect everyone and everything in that gallery, okay?”

The entire body of students echo a ‘yes’ back, and we’re finally allowed off of the bus where they do a head count, telling us they’ll be doing another one once we arrive at the gallery in case some of us decide to run off. I don’t think anyone would be stupid enough to do that.

You follow the large group of students and the few teachers present through the streets of the city, talking to Lucy the whole way.

You and Lucy are trailing behind at the back of the group, when a guy with an Australian accent speaking to you catches your attention.

“Excuse me?” One of them says to you before you get the chance to look up at them.

“Yeah?” You reply, which is when you look and realise who it is you’re talking to.

“Oh my god” you mumble.

Ashton Irwin, the drummer of your favourite band, stands before you, “We were wondering if you could tell us where the closest coffee shop is?”

“Yeah, erm, there’s a Starbucks about ten minutes away from here. You just go down this street, take a left and then continue, and then take the second right and it’s somewhere down there” You explain, trying to keep your cool over the fact 5 Seconds of Summer is stood right in front of you.

Ashton looks at you, confused and you sigh, “I can take you guys if you want”

“Don’t you have somewhere you need to be?” He asks

You bite your lip, looking to Lucy for guidance. She shakes her head, “No, err, she was just walking me to the art gallery. But I don’t mind if she goes with you guys though.”

“You sure?” Ashton asks, nodding at Lucy.

Lucy smiles, “Couldn’t be more sure”

“Great” He smiles, “Thanks you two”

Lucy says her goodbyes and you’re left alone with all four members of your favourite band. 

“Follow me” You smile as you continue in the opposite direction, them following you closely, “I’m (Y/N) by the way.”

“So…err…what are you doing in this dump of a city?” You ask, not wanting the walk there to be awkward.

Michael laughs at the term ‘dump of a city,’ while Luke explains that they’ve had a photoshoot and an interview with a local magazine. 

“You have such a high opinion of your hometown” Michael comments

You shrug, “Suppose everyone thinks their hometown is a little bit of a dump at our age”

Michael nods, “Suppose you’re right. Maybe just a little”

Once you broke the ice, the conversation just seemed to flow. You’re having proper conversations, and you’ve barely spoke about them being famous or in a band. You figure they would appreciate a bit of relief, but you’re still hoping to get some pictures with them if they’re okay with that.

About ten/fifteen minutes later, you arrive at the Starbucks and you’re kinda disappointed that your time with them has ended so soon.

“Here you go” You smile

“Thanks!” Michael smiles back

“Erm…” You begin awkwardly, “I’m sorry if this makes it awkward, but I was just wondering if we could get some photos?”

They laugh, “Yeah of course you can, since you showed us here”

You take a number of selfies with each of them and you thank them, and they thank you bck, and you’re about to leave when Luke stops you.

“And where do you think you’re going?”

You furrow your eyebrows, “I’m leaving you in peace, where do you think I’m going?”

He puts his hands in his pockets and continues, “Well I just thought you might like to grab a coffee with us…you know, as a thank you”

“But…you took photos with me?”

He bites his lip, “But you know…coffee’s coffee, right?”

You giggle, “Suppose it is”

You follow them into the globally known coffee shop and Luke buys you your choice drink, before you take a seat at one of the available tables. You sit next to Michael, Calum sits at the end of the table, Luke sits opposite you, and Ashton sits next to him.

You take off your jacket and hang it round the back of your chair, revealing your halter nect top, which drapes a little bit - meaning you’re showing a little bit of side boob. But not too much.

While the conversation carries on, you can feel Luke’s eyes on you and only you. It’s not unsettling or uncomfortable, but it’s making you feel some kind of way and it’s doing wonders for your confidence. You keep playing with your hair, glancing over to him and smiling, which you would normally do. However, you do attempt one thing you never thought you would in a million years due to lack of confidence.

You stretch your leg out under the table and stroke his leg with it. You watch as he blushes and smiles to himself, but glancing at you at the same time. You don’t keep your leg there long, you take it away pretty quick.

The conversation turned to talking about the most rebellious thing we’ve ever done.

“Well…” you begin, “The most rebellious thing I’ve ever done was come here with you today”

Michael furrows his eyebrows, “And why would that be rebellious?”

You bite your lip, “I’ve got a confession to make…”

“You’re my fool?” Luke winks

You laugh, “No…but, I was actually on a school trip today and I came here instead”

They all look at you in shock, but then burst out laughing.

“We used to do shit like that all the time!” Calum laughs to Michael.

Luke just looks at you and smirks. He’s definitely sending you ‘I kinda like you’ signals, which you didn’t think would be possible.

After an hour of drinking coffee and laughing at each other’s jokes, you and the boys all decide it’s time to go.

You put on your jacket and follow them out, preparing to say your goodbye. You’re going to have to try and catch up with your history class at the gallery. They’re due to leave in about half an hours time.

“I’m gonna have to go and find my class, but thanks for today” You smile to them.

They all look at you, exaggerating a pout, before Luke turns to you and smirks.

“Come back to the hotel with me”

You and the boys all switch to your attention to Luke in shock, but he doesn’t blush like you expected him to do. Instead, he shrugs his shoulders and simply says, “You started the day rebellious, so you might finish the day rebellious”

You giggle, “Well…when you put it like that, I guess it’s hard to resist”

Luke opens his arm out to you and you take it, you and him lead the other boys towards the direction of an oncoming empty taxi. He tells the driver where their hotel is, and you all climb in ready for the journey.

Fifteen minutes later, you arrive at one of the most prestigious hotels in the city and you look at it in awe.

“Haven’t you ever stayed here before?” Luke asks, laughing at your reaction.

“Pfft!” You spit, “I couldn’t afford to stay here for the price of a one night stay for just one night!”

They laugh.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” Luke winks, holding his hand out for you to take.

He leads you inside and shows you to his room, allowing you to say goodbye to the other three, before guiding you in to the room and closing the door behind you.

“Do you want to order anything from your room service? They do immense chocolate cakes” He asks, sitting down on the bed.

“Erm…nah you’re alright” You shake your head, sitting down next to him.

He runs his hand down his thighs as if he was nervous, which in turn makes you nervous.

“So what a life you must live, ey?” You sigh, “It must be so…”

“Tiring, exhausting yet incredibly exhilarating” He finishes for you.

You laugh, “Well…I was gonna say incredible, but whatever suits you”

“Yeah, it is incredible. It is tiring though. It’s a good job I get comfy beds to sleep on otherwise I would look like a zombie all day from getting no sleep at night” He jokes, lying down onto his back

“It is…a very comfy bed” Copying him and lying down so you’re looking at the ceiling.

You feel Luke’s stare resting on you, and all of a sudden he sits up slightly so that he’s leaning and hovering over you. 

Within one swift movement, he kisses you softly on the lips. 

It’s short and sweet, but perfect all at the same time. His lips are soft, real soft. And the cold feeling of his lip piercing against your own lips, alongside the feeling of his slightly fuzzy beard against your chin…it was filled with exciting little details you’re certain to remember.

He looks at you for a minute and then sighs, sitting up, “Sorry…I shouldn’t have done that. It was inappropriate. You’re a fan and we only met a couple of hours ago. I’m…really sorry”

You follow his actions and sit up too, “Don’t be sorry. I didn’t object”

“It just seems like I’ve rushed you, or that I’ve pressured you into coming here. I just…we were getting on so well, and we were both flirting…I guess I just ran away with myself”

You shake your head, “Maybes we just…maybes we just ran away with each other”

“Sounds like the lyrics to a sappy love song, don’t you think?” He grins

You laugh, “Maybe…probably”

“I’ll tell you what” He says, suddenly, “How about we swap numbers?”

You blush, nodding your head, “Yeah, okay”

You hand him your phone and he hands you his, allowing you both to put your numbers in.

You stay at the hotel for another hour. He orders a chocolate cake each from room service, and you talk a lot about family and school and other stuff, before you decide it’s time you should be leaving.

“I hope you don’t get into too much trouble for not being at your trip thing” He smiles awkwardly, shoving his hands into his pockets.

“I’ll…probably get into a lot of trouble. But it’s okay, it’s worth it and nothing I can’t deal with” You shrug

“Here” He says, reaching round to the back of his neck and taking off his necklace, which has a key on it, and hands it to you.

“Take this” He continues, “Use it to unlock that rebellious side of yours”

You giggle, “Thanks”

He puts it over your head and takes your hair out from under the chain so that it lies right.

You kiss him on the cheek before you leave his room, just a little bit excited at the prospect of finding what could be the start of a new and exciting friendship.


2014 began with such naive goals.

Of course I wanted better grades and to have fun and to meet people.

But behind all that, I just wanted to encounter love.

I wanted to see what it felt like.

I wanted someone’s hand to hold.

And I wanted to know what it would be like to get a valentine or a “Good Morning” text.

But while none of those things happened,

I can’t say I didn’t find love.

I found love in the laughs of friends.

Friends I had sadly overlooked before.

I found love in late night texts filled with honesty.

I found love on the dance floor.

Not in someone arms during a slow dance,

but during a song that made no sense

with people that made me dance to it anyway.

I found love in a question

that made tears roll down in response.

I found love in a super sized cupcake.

I found love looking back at myself in the mirror.

I found it in curves and twists and turns.

There were bumps on the road but they made the trip worth while.

I found it in when I looked at myself in the mirror while crying,

and found that it was the only time that I did not see myself as beautiful.

So I wiped my tears and looked back at my red eyes

and smudged eyeliner with a smile on my face.

And I forgot for a second why I was crying.

And when I looked at my clear eyes again

I realized there was no greater love than the love you feel for yourself.

And I don’t know during what part of the year it happened in,

but I started loving myself.




Because it’s not so easy to start loving yourself all at once.

So I am welcoming 2015 with open arms.

Because I found that everything that is meant to happen

will happen no matter what you try to do.

And that destiny has some things planned out for us

that we would never imagine.

Every other year I’ve had so many goals for the new year.

But this year is so different,

because for next year my only goal is happiness.

To find complete bliss and joy.

Get rid of the hatred and the frowns and the tears.

Because that is no way to live.

And I don’t just want to live,

I want to feel alive.


Hello 2015. I’ve been waiting for you.