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this week has been really weird and i get the feeling that something shady this way comes

in january she kept posting pics without her face and almost a year later she posts “a throwback pic” like couldn’t she post that pic when fans and big bad larries were saying she was using someone else’s baby bump to pretend it was hers and instead of proving us wrong she posted another faceless bump pic ???????? cause the fact that she posted this picture now (and WITH HER NEW FACE she got AFTER the pregnancy) shows that she did exactly what we were saying so thanks Byriani, another brilliant moment of your life. 


The Fanon Adventures of Steve Rogers (and friends)


tfw I really wish I could sleep but Im balls deep in serial killer youtube videos :\ at least I have all the babies to keep me company. Frankie is just as interested in this as I am while Gotham and Borey just wanna snooze. I’m pretty sure Borey is snoring…it might be Jack though. And this is the only time Grizzly can cuddle w Jack so she’s taking super advantage of that ;P

But just excuse me while I admire my family that’s only gonna get bigger <3

xoxo Steph


I’ve finally done with bump mapping tweaking for the stone wall texture. Now the template package file is ready to be cloned and turned into other stone wall pieces.
Also had a chance to test this wall and gate piece in lot mode. And I must say I’m quite happy with the result!
As you can see (especially in the second pic), the gateway scale is quite accurate to the average real life private gateway. Not gigantic two lane industrial building scale, but rather normal residential street size for just an average car to get through (in our case, even a bus or fire truck could get through without any issues).

☣Starter Call!!☣

Since I have a small amount of threads I need to get this blog up and going with a thread storm! So if you want a starer with Leon then give this post a like! Length may very depending what I can think of but expect at east 3 - 5 paragraphs. For my lovely mutuals of course. And yes it doesn’t matter if we already have a thread. And another note don’t worry about rushing with replies everyone can take their time I dont drop threads without telling peeps cuz dropping is something I rarely do ^_^

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Between the shipper bloggers and the shipper anons I'm here to tell you that there is some mad skills going on over in here. Dang! My hubs laughed at this last photo anon pics (the girl did it again!) and told me NOTHING gets by you ladies. And he's right! Once Sam and Cait come out and are settled happily we should all get together and form an organization to solve crimes or dead end cases across the world. Shippers are the best!! Nothing is too small for us to solve. haha

There are some mad skills going on around here! And some pretty good people too! And I think that the skill set available is well enough known that anyone putting out such a recognizable shot as that late night fist bump pic knows that is is bound to be seen for what it is. And I think that was the point!

Preference 28: Baby Bump Pics


Harry bought you shirts that made you laugh even if it was a bad day. He also decided a funny bump picture needed to be sent to the whole family to keep them updated. 


You made a blog that showed everyone your progress, after you taught them how to use a computer of course. It quickly became one of Mrs. Weasley’s favorite things to do.


When you found out it was twins you knew it wasn’t going to be easy. You did some nice progress pictures, but when you got to be past your due date, you decided some funny pictures needed to be taken too. 


It was George’s idea, you tweaked it a bit so you could send it to your muggle family members too. It was silly but it made you laugh. 


After the first time to doctor said “Your baby is about the size of a pea,” you went out and bought a pea and took a picture. And it continued, and got a bit silly, but how could neville resist? It was cute, and had to do with you and plants.


Ced got you a shirt that you could cross the weeks off. You loved it and crossed a week off with every picture. 


You and Oliver had gone to a “magic” show with your parents, who were muggles. That’s where he got this brilliant idea. When you heard it you laughed so hard you fell of your chair, but you still loved it. And they turned out great. 


You and Draco also got a cross out shirt, but instead of it just being you, you included your first son in the pictures. He thought it was the coolest thing that he should have a baby brother, and behind the camera Draco just smiled.