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So Sam never responded to WCC's request for a fist bump photo. Hmm. Doesn't sound like something Sam would do, does it? Maybe he thought TWO photos of his fist would be overkill.

Exactly, anon. He’s taken part in their other campaigns, so there is no reason that he would not also give them a first bump too. And since he and Cait planned his “when I was young” pic to have the special status of closing out the campaign I see his lack of response so far, along with the evidence provided by those telltale scars on the hand in Cait’s pic, as good reason to believe that he was the partner that Cait chose to make her “better together” statement with at the kickoff of the campaign. As their celebrity patron she will start the campaign and there is a special status for whoever she picks as her partner in that first bump since the campaign is about “better together”. She is going to choose someone who matters to her and that scarred fist is pretty recognizable as Sam’s, and the pic was taken late at night, and in a bed, so that her “better together” partner seems to be a different sort of partner than a friend would be. Thats “better together” in this bed, and in this relationship as a couple, and “better together” working together on this charity campaign- also as a couple.. That’s a big statement for both of them to make, and little wonder that no faces were shown. So while we might later get a more “official” pic of Sam in a fist bump with some friend or other, or perhaps even with Cait as they work on set together as the colleagues that they also are, I think his silence right now is good proof that he has already contributed and that he knows that everyone who is paying attention already knows it. His first bump pic, like his relationship with Cait, is hiding in plain sight. “Better together”. Late at night. In a bed. Easily recognizable scars plain to see in the photo. Who else could he or Cait possibly think we would think it could be but Sam?


The Fanon Adventures of Steve Rogers (and friends)

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Besides, I'm sure that Louis also works when he's in LA and he just made sure to do whatever work he had while Harry was there as well. Louis has an actual job. Oh, and also, Eleanor has literally given up her job which she could do from anywhere in the world. How hard is it to take a picture and post it?

I know lol they tried…. too bad they failed with “I’m a larri but” 


Im going to tell you my whole story yesterday because it was one of the greatest day of my life and I still can’t believe it happened.
I met the whole cast yesterday (except for Karol because was in a bar and she is a minor) even tho I could first met Gastón in the hotel.
There he was a sweetheart he went out, we were like 7 girls only so we talked with him a little bit and took pictures with all.
Then I, like the very shy person I am, friended all the staff that I could, and I talked a lot with their drivers, they told me that they were going to a bar just when some staff that were with Karol in another signing arrived, and then Gastón confirmed in mediapilaok.
So me and the girls that were there took a van and drove there, 15 minutes after we arrived they did it. Security in Colombia is insane, me and a friend were approaching to Agus and a security man didn’t let us, but then I saw the light of my eyes, I saw Rugge and everything else in the world disappeared for me.
I walked calmly in zombie mode to him and asked “Te puedo dar un abrazo? (Can I fue you a hug)” and he said “Claro (sure)” and when I asked for a pic he said no problem and I took him, then I asked him from a cheek kiss and he gave it to me without a doubt I told him that I was so proud of him, and GUYSSSSS, ¡HIS FACE LITERALLY LIGHT UP LIKE THE SUN! And said “Thank you so so much” and gave me another hug and security took him inside.
Im never will be able to forget his expression when I said that, because I said it so mean it, and god, if I love him before, i love him more even now.
When they were in the entrance of the bar we talked a little with everyone (I’ll post the video and translate later)
Then like two hours ago Sebas arrived and he went out just a couple of hours before wayyyy too mad, a couple of seconds later Jorge went out like following him very fast and talking on the phone, but when he was returning alone we asked for a pic and he said “Ofcourse yeah” and took a lot of pics, gave a lot of hug, filmed a lot of dedicatory messages and said he was so in love with Colombia and that he was planning on coming to live here after Soy Luna ended, I LOVED HIM SO MUCH. But like always, security come and took him inside again.
We waited there until they came out again but went very fast and didn’t took photos with anyone bc security (seriously fuck them) but Rugge sent us a lot of kisses.
Then we all went to our homes to sleep because today is the big day.
Guys I can’t believe this I’m telling you really happened, it all seems like a dream to me now, they were all so nice and looked really bumped for couldn’t take pics, except for one but I am not telling because doesn’t deserve the attention.
Really I am more proud and happy that ever to chose them like my faves ❤️

Purge -- I’m tired of thinking about this stuff

I have let so many things roll around in my brain for weeks now and have not taken the time to write. I am writing now (and hopefully not too long of a post) to purge this stuff from my mind and maybe echo or voice the way someone out there feels. There have been SO many good posts in the past few days and we are ALL entitled to our FEELINGS and OPINIONS and entitled to voice them on our blogs. First of all, I am not angry with Sam or Cait. Confused, side-eye, disappointed, questioning, dumbfounded, embarrassed for them, sorry for them……many of those words might describe it better than angry. They are not my friends and they have not done anything to me directly in my real life for me to be angry. I do not pretend to know or even comprehend their daily lives and careers and what they have to deal with. As far as I know though, they have plenty of money, a roof over their head, food, dream jobs, and lots of dream worthy travel. I AM a MPC2017 member and I do support WCC. I am an MPC member for ME. I needed a program to keep myself accountable. It was affordable and comprehensive and some of the money went to a good charity. I don’t care if Sam gets money from it or not……..I don’t worry who gets the profit every time I buy something from a grocery story so I’m not worried about this either. I actually bought a membership for my office manager so we could do it together and have encouraged my daughters to get involved. I support WCC because it is a good charity and those kids in Ghana probably don’t watch Outlander and many probably don’t have social media. As for the latest fandom shenanigans……..I’m a little over all the back and forth stuff that they have sponsored and encouraged. Yes….THEM. I think that after T2, fist bump and Rugby pic (I’m sure there are other things) I’m just tired of the are they/aren’t they narrative. Neither Sam nor Cait are dumb. They are highly intelligent people. That rugby pic wasn’t posted without knowing what it would do to some loyal fans. I don’t care if its your BFF and you had a fun day together and wanted to share……you KNEW what would happen and you are PUBLIC FIGURES now……CELEBRITIES. You have a responsibility to your charities, your show and your fans. Maybe it was to raise your Q score. Maybe it was  a ploy or plan to draw all the shippers out so that you could then bomb them and make fun of them so they would go away. (Seems like a silly way to treat fans). Maybe it just backfired. Who really knows. To me……that was cruel. If hundreds and thousands of your very loyal fans had never been abused by an obvious bully/troll because of a few trolls (every fandom has them) then maybe the picture would have been innocent and fun. But such is not the case in this fandom. Again…..I am not angry, not bashing them and in fact like their portrayal of J/C and I very much respect and love Cait for her political stance and voicing of that, and Sam for his work with MPC. I have considered myself a wishful shipper. I came to Tumblr after watching the show, reading the books and then seeing Sam/Cait interviews, etc. I was convinced they belonged together if not already together. It was obvious from everything I saw and read….even the IFH, Bafta, and all the other BS. I was mesmerized by their “love” and “chemistry.” No one is that good of an actor/actress. I saw the “dark side” first because that was what I saw first when I searched. I am here to tell you that NO MATTER what they truth and outcome I would not be part of some of the hate I saw on blogs. The shipper universe is so much more fun and kind. I will always be a shipper at heart and completely supportive of my shipper sisters here and on Twitter. I’ve had the celebrity troll/bully and the “journalist” blocked for quite some time but see screencaps occasionally. THIS is what makes me ANGRY. There is no excuse for what they are doing…..not in any fandom and not in any universe. Someone is making a lot of $$$. The names that good, hardworking, kind human beings were called was not acceptable on any platform.  What I saw on MPC mentions yesterday was deplorable. If fact, IMHO it was MORE despicable that what is on Mackenzie’s IG. I’ll probably get flack for that but do you know why I think that? She is a public figure. These MPC members are not. I read her IG for the first time ever last night. Disgusting and unnecessary, yes. Why people waste their time writing on her pages I do not understand.  Am I her fan……NO. I don’t follow her and never will…..no acting ability and bad reputation. I have daughters a couple years younger than her who are liberal and feminists. They dress and conduct themselves in a far more mature and professional manner than this women. I have never commented on anything related to her on any SM platform and do not plan to do so in the future…….but I am entitled to my opinion of a public figure and my opinion of her is not good. If my son was associated with someone that presented themselves that way he would get a good talking to and some side eye from not only me but his older sisters. Anyway, to conclude…….I needed to purge some of these thoughts. I don’t know what the “truth” is nor do I much care at this point. This is just entertainment. S/C aren’t my friends. I’d be thrilled if they are together. If not, whatever, I’m certainly not required to like/fan/whatever their SO’s. The most important thing about all this is the amazing friends I’m making on Tumblr and Twitter. And I will support and stand up for this group of people. I will fan any way I choose and it will always be respectful. I will support shippers/wishful shippers/neutrals…..whatever you call yourself as long as we stay kind to each other. And for me……my husband passed a month ago from a horrible disease……I need to get on with my daily real life and quit thinking about these 2 or 3 people who really don’t matter in my life and some others that unfortunately will no doubt meet Karma at some point. Ship on ladies…..how ever you feel appropriate to do so…..because there is nothing wrong with it!!!!

this week has been really weird and i get the feeling that something shady this way comes

Preference 28: Baby Bump Pics


Harry bought you shirts that made you laugh even if it was a bad day. He also decided a funny bump picture needed to be sent to the whole family to keep them updated. 


You made a blog that showed everyone your progress, after you taught them how to use a computer of course. It quickly became one of Mrs. Weasley’s favorite things to do.


When you found out it was twins you knew it wasn’t going to be easy. You did some nice progress pictures, but when you got to be past your due date, you decided some funny pictures needed to be taken too. 


It was George’s idea, you tweaked it a bit so you could send it to your muggle family members too. It was silly but it made you laugh. 


After the first time to doctor said “Your baby is about the size of a pea,” you went out and bought a pea and took a picture. And it continued, and got a bit silly, but how could neville resist? It was cute, and had to do with you and plants.


Ced got you a shirt that you could cross the weeks off. You loved it and crossed a week off with every picture. 


You and Oliver had gone to a “magic” show with your parents, who were muggles. That’s where he got this brilliant idea. When you heard it you laughed so hard you fell of your chair, but you still loved it. And they turned out great. 


You and Draco also got a cross out shirt, but instead of it just being you, you included your first son in the pictures. He thought it was the coolest thing that he should have a baby brother, and behind the camera Draco just smiled. 


tfw I really wish I could sleep but Im balls deep in serial killer youtube videos :\ at least I have all the babies to keep me company. Frankie is just as interested in this as I am while Gotham and Borey just wanna snooze. I’m pretty sure Borey is snoring…it might be Jack though. And this is the only time Grizzly can cuddle w Jack so she’s taking super advantage of that ;P

But just excuse me while I admire my family that’s only gonna get bigger <3

xoxo Steph

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Omg akaashi looks like he's going to run into bokutos arms

for posterity: did i save this pic or did this pic save me?

which fuels one of my favourite headcanons that seem to be popular in the fandom: every time they win or score a spectacular point, bo immediately picks akaashi up and spins him around, like at this point they’ve perfected the grace and speed needed for professional dancing idk, until akaashi is dizzy but everyone is still cheering and laughing and clapping them on the back, komi is demanding bokuto spin him next,