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can you believe people still think briana had a baby when she had no bump at 8 months, had an ever changing "bump" in pap pics depending on what we said, used cropped pics of baby bumps that didn't show her face and then posted one of her new face like over a year after she had the kid (why not sooner?), had 0 bump days after "giving birth" whilst wearing inappropriate outfits, had plastic surgery when pregnant, it's not even a question of whether louis is the dad .. she was just never pregnant

EXACTLY lol like it doesn’t even matter at the end of the day cause that kid didn’t come out of her 


The Fanon Adventures of Steve Rogers (and friends)

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So Sam never responded to WCC's request for a fist bump photo. Hmm. Doesn't sound like something Sam would do, does it? Maybe he thought TWO photos of his fist would be overkill.

Exactly, anon. He’s taken part in their other campaigns, so there is no reason that he would not also give them a first bump too. And since he and Cait planned his “when I was young” pic to have the special status of closing out the campaign I see his lack of response so far, along with the evidence provided by those telltale scars on the hand in Cait’s pic, as good reason to believe that he was the partner that Cait chose to make her “better together” statement with at the kickoff of the campaign. As their celebrity patron she will start the campaign and there is a special status for whoever she picks as her partner in that first bump since the campaign is about “better together”. She is going to choose someone who matters to her and that scarred fist is pretty recognizable as Sam’s, and the pic was taken late at night, and in a bed, so that her “better together” partner seems to be a different sort of partner than a friend would be. Thats “better together” in this bed, and in this relationship as a couple, and “better together” working together on this charity campaign- also as a couple.. That’s a big statement for both of them to make, and little wonder that no faces were shown. So while we might later get a more “official” pic of Sam in a fist bump with some friend or other, or perhaps even with Cait as they work on set together as the colleagues that they also are, I think his silence right now is good proof that he has already contributed and that he knows that everyone who is paying attention already knows it. His first bump pic, like his relationship with Cait, is hiding in plain sight. “Better together”. Late at night. In a bed. Easily recognizable scars plain to see in the photo. Who else could he or Cait possibly think we would think it could be but Sam?

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This can be headcanons or a scenario or whatever you want and for however many paladins you want! What is their favorite part of their s/o being pregnant? Do they like talking to the bump? Taking pics every day to watch their belly grow? Doting on their s/o? Your writing is so amazing!!

thanks babe!! this is a really cute ask and i’m sorry i took so long to get to it alkdjga


  • takes a photo every day until you give birth!
  • he has a whole instagram dedicated to your progress, including sweet pictures of you doing everyday things like cooking or stretching
  • “look at babe, working so hard!”
  • his favorite part about you being pregnant is just knowing that he helped make that? he’s pretty young when you get pregnant but he is so excited to be a good dad
  • jumps the gun and starts thinking about more children before this one even gets here
  • he thinks you’re super gorgeous, even moreso than before and he doesn’t know why??
  • he helps you with your stretches by motivating you with healthy foods that coincide with your cravings


  • you get pregnant sometime when keith is 20 years old, and he doesn’t know what to do, which makes him super protective
  • like he channels his doubt into being your protector
  • lifts everything heavier than five pounds for you and hushes you if you try to take it back
  • loves rubbing your belly, which really helps when you’re experiencing some pain down there
  • you’ll probably moan a lot and someone will walk in like ‘wtf??’ but he’s just rubbing you down to relieve all your aches lol
  • he dotes on you by telling you how brave you are and what a good job you’re doing, taking on all these tasks that are so much harder now
  • talks to the baby sometimes, stuff like ‘i hope you grow up strong. i promise you’ll have both your parents here for you, always. i’ll protect you.”


  • cries when he finds out you’re pregnant, but that’s a given! you’ve been trying for a while, and it finally happened!
  • is notorious for sneaking you junk food in the middle of the night
  • knows when your cravings hit and when he has to have a six pack of twinkies smothered in hot sauce ready for you
  • he doesn’t have a favorite part about you being pregnant, but enjoys it when people see you together and inquire about the baby
  • doesn’t let you slack off on your exercise!! with all the junk food he’s feeding you, you definitely need something to combat that
  • falls asleep with his hand on your stomach most of the time
  • tracks your trimesters and throws you a celebration after each


  • you’re still defending the universe when you get pregnant; it’s a complete accident
  • spends the first few weeks stressing himself to death, thinking about how dangerous the situation is
  • but eventually he gives in and becomes the doting father figure who greets you and your belly as soon as he gets back from wherever
  • spends a lot of time picking out a room in the castle and baby proofing it for when you pop
  • his favorite part about you being pregnant is knowing that his child is in there and this is probably the greatest thing he will ever contribute to
  • you have a lot of sex while you’re pregnant. don’t ask me why–it just happens.
  • rubs your belly randomly while doing menial tasks just to reassure himself
Preference 28: Baby Bump Pics


Harry bought you shirts that made you laugh even if it was a bad day. He also decided a funny bump picture needed to be sent to the whole family to keep them updated. 


You made a blog that showed everyone your progress, after you taught them how to use a computer of course. It quickly became one of Mrs. Weasley’s favorite things to do.


When you found out it was twins you knew it wasn’t going to be easy. You did some nice progress pictures, but when you got to be past your due date, you decided some funny pictures needed to be taken too. 


It was George’s idea, you tweaked it a bit so you could send it to your muggle family members too. It was silly but it made you laugh. 


After the first time to doctor said “Your baby is about the size of a pea,” you went out and bought a pea and took a picture. And it continued, and got a bit silly, but how could neville resist? It was cute, and had to do with you and plants.


Ced got you a shirt that you could cross the weeks off. You loved it and crossed a week off with every picture. 


You and Oliver had gone to a “magic” show with your parents, who were muggles. That’s where he got this brilliant idea. When you heard it you laughed so hard you fell of your chair, but you still loved it. And they turned out great. 


You and Draco also got a cross out shirt, but instead of it just being you, you included your first son in the pictures. He thought it was the coolest thing that he should have a baby brother, and behind the camera Draco just smiled.