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Confusion and Awkwardness

Title: Confusion and Awkwardness

 Prompt: @most-angels-are-dicks: Hey, how are you feeling? I hope you’re well. You wanted a request so…how about a Lucifer x reader where the reader is hella confused by Lucifer and Lucifer is confused by the reader but eventually they realize they like each other? Just a thought.

 Summary: After a couple run ins with the Lucifer, you aren’t sure what is going on.  You are attracted to him, but is it just a thing?  He acts differently around you too, does he feel the same thing?  What is going on?

 Warnings: mild language.  Injury.  

 Tags: @grace-for-sale, @lucifer-in-leather, @percywinchester27, @thewicked-end, @chaos-and-the-calm67, @nerdwholikesword, @chelsea072498, @pizzarollpatrol, @savingapplepie-eatingthings, @cici0507, @wayward-mirage, @charliebradbury1104, @melonberri, @bellastellaluna, @pinolief2001, @feelmyroarrrr

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“Ouch!  Son of a bitch!”  You cried out as Sam carried you into the motel room.  


“I’m sorry…Dean, have you tried calling Cas?”  Sam asked as he laid you down on the bed.  The large gash in your leg was going to need special attention, and not the whiskey, thread, and needle kind.  What you needed was a hospital, but a local cop made you and the boys on your way out of the haunted building, so that wasn’t happening.  And what you needed was-

“Damn it, Cas! We need you now!”  Dean screamed out, trying to call the angel down.  You were losing blood fast, and if someone didn’t come to help you soon.  “Damn it!” Dean screamed again as he moved to your side.  “It’s going to be okay.”  

You gave him a weak smile as you uttered words you didn’t think you would ever say.  “Call Lucifer…please?”  Dean’s eyes went wide before he gave a quick nod and looked over to Sam, giving him permission.  You sighed as you waited to hear the fluttering sound.  Lucifer.  After the darkness was taken care of, Chuck had granted Lucifer a pardon.  He rebuilt his old vessel, Nick, for him, and then gave him the task of overseeing heaven, and also helping you and the Winchesters when needed.  And you needed him now more than ever.

“Lucifer, please help her.”  You heard Sam’s voice say.  You tried to fight the weariness, the darkness descending, but you didn’t feel like you could.  You felt a cool hand on your face and another one on your leg.  Your eyes fluttered open and all you could focus on was his crystal blue eyes.

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