bummer zone records


We have some updates people may be interested in:


First off: We are going on tour this winter. However, we are not going on tour with, or accompanying, Park Jefferson, despite what they may have said. When Cameron and I were still in the midst of figuring out Old Gray’s winter tour plans, our friend Nicholas Stutsman approached us about playing some shows with his band, Park Jefferson, in the winter. Naturally, this appealed to us very much so we expressed interest in playing together at some point. Within a few hours, there were multiple Facebook events created for shows that our bands were to play. However, neither Cameron nor I had agreed to play any of these shows. Furthermore, all of these shows were prior to the timeframe in which we planned (and were available) to originally tour. Because of this, we are formally announcing that no, we will not be playing any shows with Park Jefferson this winter except for one on December 31st, somewhere in Connecticut. It doesn’t make sense logistically for us to play shows in NJ as our first shows of tour. 

With that being said, we are still going to tour. The aforementioned December 31st show is going to be our “tour kickoff” show and we’ll be going on a short 4-5 day mini-tour in the days following. We will be posting more details for this as the time comes but we’ll hopefully be playing in MA, CT, PA, NJ, NH.

Bummer Zone Records

While we think it’s great that Nicholas was trying to “help the scene” and whatnot with his record label, Bummer Zone Records, we’ve recently decided it was time to part ways. While it’s nothing personal, our time on BZR has not exactly been a positive experience. The label seemingly exists only to promote Nick’s various musical projects and the validity of the label itself fluctuates depending on whether or not Nick wants it to exist or not. For these and other reasons, Old Gray is no longer part of the Bummer Zone family. 

This announcement would have been made sooner but, due to a lack of internet access, this was the earliest it could be posted. Apparently, “Bummer Zone is dead,” which is news to us; bummer. However, we wish good luck to Nick with future endeavors. 

Future Plans

Unpleasantries aside, we do have some good news! Aside from tour, we do have plans of releasing some new music in the near future! Sometime in December, we will be recording four songs with our friend Tyler Bradley (guitarist/vocalist of My Fictions; owner of Triumph Studios). We’re really excited to be working with Tyler on these songs and we can’t wait for everyone to hear them. In fact, some of these songs will be included on some splits we have planned. We’ll be posting more details about who the splits are with, along with how and when they’ll be released, as the time grows nearer. 

Also, shirt pre-orders were very successful! We should be printing them within the next week or two and they will ship out as quickly as we can make them! 

Until then, thank you for all of the support- it means a lot to us.

~Rbaby / Old Gray