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i was having a bad time a while ago but then merle sat down by me, talked with me until i was feeling better, handed me some seeds and told me to plant them and give gardening a try and i did. its been a few weeks now and today i handed him a little flower pot with some small forget-me-not plants in them and he looked so proud of me and he patted my shoulder and im so glad because i got a thing to grow and now i have a small collection of flowers in my dorm. i feel better. thanks merle



Tobias: Are you kidding me? Following me all the way to the party without being noticed? It’s called stalking! And it’s giving me creeps!

Lennon: Chill, I’m a party guy! All I wanted was to help you out as you’re my new friend. Just trust me, if you’re seen around me you’ll have a better chance to be liked by people.

Tobias: I’m not your friend, and you’re a loser. Go away.

Lennon: As you wish, Toby.

Tobias: YOU KNOW WHAT YOU JUST DID? You ruined the last living chance of me warming up to you by calling me that.

Being an Athlete with Depression

Notes: some of you might know that I’ve been taking a break from Tumblr recently to focus on my mental health and I wrote this while I’ve been away to kinda explain whats going on in my mind right now so yeah. You can read it if you want, or just ignore this post all together, I just think posting this will help me get all these thoughts that are stuck in my head right now out so yeah…. I hope you all have lovely days/nights! 💞

warnings: mentions of depression and self harm

As an athlete, there is always constant pressure to perform at the top of your game all the time. Some find this an easy task. But for others like myself who have been beaten and broken down throughout their career, it’s not so easy.

I’ve been an athlete for as long as I can remember. Since I was 3 to be exact. It was at that young age that I strapped on my first pair of skates and fell in love with the sport of hockey. At the age of 7, I decided that I wanted a bigger role on the ice, so I became a goalie, and haven’t looked back for the past going-on 11 years. At 12, I was pushed up an age group to further my development because the organization I played for didn’t think I had enough of a challenge playing with kids my own age. When I was 14, I stopped playing for my hometown and started playing for a team 20 minutes away. That was when everything started to go bad. 

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Do you have any headcanons about Nick helping out the Railroad? He seems to know Deacon and who he is working for.

This is a really good one AND a really tough one. I do believe that Nick knows about the Railroad, and on some levels might even help the Railroad BUT I’m conflicted on what he thinks of the Railroad and just how much he’d help them.

I’m sure he’s totally gung-ho about getting synths away from the Institute and somewhere safe, but I have to think that the fact the Railroad routinely wipes Gen 3 synth’s memories for “their own safety” would be really upsetting to him.

His memories define him (as much as they define anyone). Nick’s character arc is about him struggling with human Nick’s memories inside of him, and through your time with him and his personal quest, he comes to understand that the memories he’s formed on his own as a Gen 2 prototype are just as important and valid. That he is his own person. Combined with the fact that we learn in Far Harbor that Nick had multiple personalities installed in his body during his time there, I have to think the memory wipes would upset him on a very personal level.

Having said that: I like to think that any of the Gen 3s that Patriot sends towards Diamond City are either intercepted by Old Man Stockton or Nick. Nick and Stockton have no less than three escape routes planned through Diamond City.

Old Man Stockton has kept synths at Nick’s offices. Ellie’s met most of them. 

After the Institute goes down, Nick reaches out to his network of clients, people who’ve always told him “if you ever need anything Nick, you just let us know”, to hide a synth with them for a few days while the Railroad sorts out their safehouses. Nick never tells the hosts that his “friend” is a synth, he’ll usually just tell them that his “friend” has some people looking for him and could they lay low. He’s never had one person refuse to hide someone for him.

Nick has been known to walk through town with a new synth in Wastelander clothes, disguised as a client who’s travelled very far to retain his services, and he’s just showing them around town. In actuality he’s trying to help synths acclimate.

Nick, by virtue of him having a Gen 2 body, is literally a familiar face to the Gen 3 synths. It’s very comforting for them. Nick is warm and protective, and although he doesn’t remember anything about the Institute, he knows what it is to be terrified and alone in a brand new world. He offers them information and insights into living in the Commonwealth.

He coaches them on Commonwealth history, verbal queues, slang, how to dress, how to defend themselves - all the things he had to learn the hard way.

He hopes if he can help ease them into things, they can have their wits about them enough that they can refuse the memory wipe.

Nick and Glory have spoken a few times. They don’t see eye-to-eye about the correct methods to use, but they do agree that the Institute has to be stopped and that they deserve respect.

If anything, I think Nick would work with the Railroad because there’s no other options for synths out in the Commonwealth. He may cringe or grind his teeth every time one is handed off to Amari, he may have even argued with Deacon or Desdemona about it more than once, but this is the best option he has.

He hopes that with the Institute gone, and the Sole Survivor working with the Railroad, that the Commonwealth will change and he won’t have to watch synths erase their memories in order to stay safe.

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disappointed in itori that she would let yomo die if it wasn't for uta

Might be bit bummer to know Itori would let Yomo die if Uta didn’t decide to stop him but I don’t find it disappointing as it isn’t surprising in least. 

Short verions: They might be unholy trinity but Yomo is Uta’s friend and she is friend with Yomo trough Uta because Itori has always been Uta’s friend. 

This is not to be taken wrong way though. Not saying Itori and Yomo don’t have any sort of friendship between two without Uta, but they wouldn’t even be friends if it wasn’t for Uta as Itori was with Uta since always and it was Uta who befriended Yomo so it is quite clear how did Itori and Yomo ended up being friends as well.

Take real life situation for example. Lets say you have a friend, one with who you hang out with and know. Then your friend introduces you to their friend and you two also become friends because of common friend you share but at end of day you still end up being friends of each other’s friend. 

Again not to be taken wrong way as you can end up being far better friends with your friend’s friend then friend you two got in common but if we look at how Yomo and Itori end up hanging out at all … 

xD Then is it surprising that it was Uta who decided to save his friend and Itori decided to tag along because of it.

From everything we saw in manga and even this omake when it comes to this trio, Yomo never seeks Itori nor does she him. If they end up hanging out at all is because they both seek or are with same person when they bump into each other. Uta. 

Their relationship sums up in:

  • Yomo - little brother everyone plays prank on. (being Yomo is suffering)
  • Itori - annoying older sister that loves teasing little brother most. (again being Yomo is suffering)
  • Uta - babysitter that needs to babysit these two when they’re together. (being Uta is suffering as well)

Itori and Yomo are long-term friends that have history but they both have bigger connection with Uta then each other since he is reason how they ended up befriending and how they end up hanging out with each other. 

Which is why relationship between Itori and Uta is one I’m interested in most. We know how did he and Yomo became friends and we can conclude how did Itori and Yomo ended up being friends as well from it. 

But how did Itori and Uta end up together in first place? Especially because Itori might be far older then she looks and she might have connections to Underground King. So what is even deal between two? Is thing I’m far more interested in.

Let me talk about The Legends of River Song for a bit. Because that book is just so pretty.

As I already mentioned when I posted a pic of the book, the cover is so so so nice. I love the colours, it’s so pleasing to my eyes. Also River looks so beautiful on it.

But also, when you take down the colorful paper cover, the hard cover is black/really dark blue (it’s a bit bummer that it’s actually not Tardis blue :( ) with golden writing on it, and it looks just so amazing. I’m really happy with the visual side of the book.

Now, the book contains 5 short stories, by various authors. They are all writen in ich-form, from River’s point of view, as a stories that she wrote down into her diary.

Three of the stories have the Doctor in it, the other two don’t. Though of course he is mentioned.

I could quite strongly feel differences in writing styles of the authors tho. But generaly, the book is really nice.

I’m gonna shortly write a about what caught my attention in the individual stories. I’m not gonna write what they are about, I’m lazy to do that, but it’s still gonna contain spoilers:

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{ @raidstombs } || luxury headcanons – status; accepting

GOLD: describe what you would call the most perfect meal.

“Oh, that’s a fairly simple answer, if I’m honest. I’m actually not that hard to please when it comes to food. I enjoy a wide variety of cuisines from all across Yggdrasil. I always say I’m willing to try anything once and I usually follow through on that promise. I do, however, have something of an intolerance for spicy foods. I think it may have something to do with my Jotun ancestry. I’m really not sure, but it’s a real bummer. I enjoy a bit of kick every now and then, but it leaves my stomach horribly upset.

     “Either way, my favorite meal, believe it or not, is actually shell-fish served with greens and a hearty helping of potatoes. The style in which the potato is prepared doesn’t really matter all that much. I usually go for lobster or something along those lines for realms that don’t actually have lobsters with a garlic butter sauce. Shrimp with a similar seasoning, vegetables, and potatoes. I’ll start off with a nice salad, sometimes a fruit salad, move onto my main course, and then cheesecake for dessert. Cheesecake is an absolute must for a perfect meal. It happens to be my favorite.”

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"A'm doin pretty good, althoogh a'm slowly losing mah eye sight. That's a bit o' a bummer bit ah knew 'twas gonnae happen yin wey or anither" She takes a slowly takes a swig of her whiskey tapping the wood of the counter with her free hand humming. She looked up at him from her glass. He looked much more familiar without his goggles and she smiled a bit to herself leaning her head on her hand that rested on the counter top.

“Are You? Well, I’m sure something can be done to help it, or replace it, if it does go bad.” He says, taking a swig of his own drink. “Something high tech maybe.”

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hi nis! i wonder if you have some theories regarding the mv? and also what do you think about jin not getting much part in the mv, i'm sad because i watched a lot of reactions/reviews but no one seems to notice :-(

Hello anon! Lmao i’m pants at theories, so i don’t think i will be able to enlighten you. But the theme that is going inside my head is the frequently mentioned 2 worlds - the world of good and evil. And I think the sequence of the story can be told in three parts, hyyh 1&2, hyyh young forever, and wings.
Warning: long post ahead! Press J to skip.

Hyyh 1&2
I think hyyh was set in the world of good or innocence, we can see in I NEED U, Run, and Prologue the scenes of bangtan being just that—innocent, happy, childlike. but we can also see that they (except for jin) are slowly being exposed to the evil (jm becomes suicidal, jh consuming pills, etc) and become out of sync with this world. Jin notices this, and he becomes uneasy, he feels like his friends are disappearing one by one from this world precisely because of that. The final snap that completely disconnects them with innocence is taehyung stabbing his father, which event most likely affect all of them, like the first ripple of butterfly effect.

Hyyh young forever
In fire mv they’re somewhat making a deal with the devil, like they are agreeing to accept the evil part of them. In here we can also see that taehyung is controlling something, like he’s controlling the boys’ behavior, like he’s luring the boys deeper in to the evil world. We can also see that he dives in to the crowd of hooded people (most likely the symbol of evil) and looking like he belongs there.

The Blood Sweat & Tears MV was set in the world of evil, i think, what’s with the references of fallen angels and siNFUL appearances of them lmao. And I think this time, it’s Jin who is out of place, because he’s someone who hasn’t been exposed to the evil, yet somehow was dragged in to the evil world by his friends. It’s like they’re giving Jin a ‘taste’ of the evil world, with the scene of them playing in the museum and the banquet. Jin in the whole MV always looks back, always seems uneasy and uncomfortable as he observes the world around him, as if he wants to escape from this world. In the interlude scene, where they’re all going somewhere and Jin is stalling, looking back again, taehyung notices and then proceeds to cover Jin’s eyes. And when he releases jin, we can see that he’s showing jin a statue of angel with black wings (fallen angel? angel of death? idk). This can mean that he’s giving Jin a knowledge about evil, I guess. And remember that Abraxas, the god of knowledge, was also mentioned several times in the short films. So this means taehyung acts like Abraxas towards his friends, he’s showing them the knowledge of evil, of something dark, something the opposite of innocence. And this time, it’s Jin turn.

Taehyung only shows Jin the knowledge, but the next step is Jin’s own choice. And as we can see, Jin chooses to kiss the statue, as if he chooses to accepts taehyung’s offered knowledge and embraces it. And right after Jin kisses the statue, we can see that taehyung smirks, like he’s satisfied with jin’s choice of exposing himself to the evil. And we can also see that he is indeed, a fallen angel (the scar on his back indicate his torn wings). Taehyung is someone who fell out of innocence and has accepted that fact, and now he’s content to be in the world of evil. This matches with his short film STIGMA, where we can see him struggling with his changes, until in the end he cuts his hair, like he’s resolved to change, to start anew, to leave the world of innocence, leaving the version of himself that was once untarnished locked inside a cage.

Going back to Jin, so we know that he chooses to embrace taehyung’s knowledge of evil. At the end of MV, we can see that he’s sitting in front of the mirror, and his face looks like it’s made of stone/porcelain, and starts cracking. This maybe telling us about the beginning of Jin’s losing his innocence.

Lmao I know it makes no sense and all jumbled, but it’s the only thing I can think of. And about jin, yes it’s a bit of bummer that he has a really short line in the title track. But hey anon, there are a lot of good things about this comeback?? Like how BigHit gives j-hope a shining center spot, which is fresh and new, and of course well deserved. Like how the storyline of wings seems to revolve around jin. Like how jin finally produces his own song, remember that he always says that he wants to be producing like the other members? Well this time, he’s really done it, and dAMn for someone who composes for the first time, that is a bomb song if you ask me. And it’s a solo song???? 4 minutes of his beautiful voice?? I mean this is just the beginning, anon. We don’t know what BTS has stored for us. Who knows, maybe the next time, jin will get more lines, more spotlight, more everything. Just wait anon, one good thing at a time! :)

Trick or Treat Bummers

Everybody loves getting a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup or a Snickers Bar for Halloween, but sometimes you get shittier stuff like these bummers:

  • Bit-O-Honeys
  • Mary Janes
  • Marty Janes
  • 6 Pennies in a sandwich bag
  • Bit-O-Baloney
  • Candy Corns
  • Just Corn
  • Snickers
  • Sneers
  • Talking Behind Your Back
  • Two Musketeers
  • Werther’s Originals
  • Werther’s Knock-Offs
  • Fruit

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Dear copperbadge, I need your advise as great writer and fandom adviser. What are some big do/don'ts when writing comments for fanfiction? Since I only recently started also reading WIP ffs I would like to write more comments, too. But I feel very insecure about stepping on somebody's toes. It probably varies from author to author, but are there things that are usually/basically never well-received?

It’s laudable to want to write more comments! Fic authors love comments. 

It’s an unwritten rule, and one I ran up against when I came back to fandom in the LJ era (I’d been gone for four years while at college), that your comments should be positive. When I was a very young fan writer on the usenet, constructive criticism was the norm. When I came back, concrit had gone out of fashion, and I now understand why – not everyone wants to have criticism, because a lot of people just do this for fun. Writing something for fun and posting it for fun and then getting “you misspelled this” or “why’d you do X instead of Y, Y would have been better” is a bummer, and it’s a bit like telling a total stranger you don’t like their hairstyle. Criticism of pop culture is acceptable because we pay for it when we consume it and it influences overall culture; criticism of fanworks, a lot of times it’s just kind of mean. (Sorry this is a bit of a soapbox but I’ve had this debate a few times so I figured I’d put my arguments out there up front. And obvs. this is less applicable when the criticism being formulated is about *ism in the fic.) 

So the best thing you can do is be positive – thank the author for writing it, tell them you enjoyed reading it, and maybe pick out one or two things you really liked about the story. If you have any questions about the story, about something that didn’t get covered in the text, comments are the time to ask those. If you’ve been having a bad day and the story cheered you up, let them know. If it inspired thoughts in you about the characters, consider sharing them. 

Comments take extra time to write, and authors understand and appreciate that you took the time out of your day, even if it’s just to say “Thanks for posting this, I really enjoyed it!”