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Killing Stalking Chapter 19

So as I was reading Chapter 19 (before you ask - @kslations on instagram) I noticed the bra and remembered it from Chapter 14, when we see it in Yoon Bum’s apartment as Sang Woo is going through his things.

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When Bum is crying in chapter 15, a lot of people think that he is not going to love Sangwoo anymore literally, but this is not what Bum was trying to say.

Bum loves Sangwoo a lot,that’s the reason that he says “ I can’t love you anymore”, because if he continues loving him, he knows he’s is going to get crazy.

Bum is noticed that he lost his mind, like chapter 18,when Sangwoo is doing it with Jieun and Bum wants to grab Sangwoo’s hand.He know that he is going to get crazy but it’s all because he loves Sangwoo.

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Why was Sangwoo shaking when he hugged Bum?

I’m assuming you’re talking about back in chapter 13? 

This was after Sangwoo thought he lost Bum, and when he completely lost his composure. I’ll show you a couple of shots from right before he hugged him because panicked Sangwoo is my favorite Sangwoo.

He’s shaking here too because he thought Bum abandoned him 

And this is when he realized Bum never left. He was so shaken by the whole thing he even fell. He hugged Bum and was trembling because he was so afraid of losing him, and honestly it was one of my favorite scenes because I love how it reveals exactly how emotionally dependent he is on Bum and how weak he is.

Seungbae in the light offering Yoonbum salvation, and protection…. but Bum is lost in the shadows of doubt and fear to move.
Doubt there’s a change he could leave or come out of this innocent.
Fear that he will too go to jail once Seungbae finds out Bum is the one who killed Jieun and helped hide her body.
One thing though in Bum’s though process not once did he think I have to protect Sangwoo. Which is good for Seungbae, it means Yoonbum won’t betray him for his love of Sangwoo. Bum is way past that, he has shown he’s over him and was just settling with being stuck with him just to survive.
The draw back. Bum will do anything to not be murdered painfully by Sangwoo (suicide he’s okay with because it’s by his own hands) since Sangwoo has returned will Bum sell Seungbae just to survive a bit longer?

“As much shit as Seungbae gets as a character, as a police officer, and in general I feel bad for him on one level: Losing his dad.
The poor guy was told it was his fault and that if he would’ve called sooner they would’ve been there faster. Seungbae mentioned it himself that he was told it was his fault that his father was murdered. That’s so unbelievably fucked up in so many ways. Who would tell someone who just lost their parent that it was their fault that they were dead for a murder they didn’t commit?
The panel of him holding the graduation photo of him and his dad is by far one of the saddest panels in Killing Stalking to me and seeing him cry broke my heart.
Say what you will about Seungbae, but that part of the story alone was very heartbreaking and just like in Bum and Sangwoo’s cases, he lost his parents and possibly his world. His determination to catch a killer is probably the drive because the police are “looking ” for Ji Eun and the man. He doesn’t want those families to get what he got.“

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The moon doesn’t emit its own light. Some nights it’s completely engulfed in darkness. but that doesn’t prevent it from being adored by tons of admirers. same goes for humans, just because you’re feeling bummed & temporarily lost your interior sunshine doesn’t mean you’re still not loved by those around you. Stay tough. The only consistent thing in life is change, your sadness won’t lurk around forever.

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Could you do something with Lance having a drug problem? Idk why I want this but I think it'd be good. Like the gang finding out him smoking weed every so often is just covering up his real addiction.

I was actually planning something similar to this already! 

Warning! Explicit and Glorified use of Drugs

Lance took one last toke before licking his fingers and pinching the end before it burnt his lips. He dropped the roach into his bowl that was his makeshift ashtray before picking up one of Hunk’s test trial cookies. They were too hard but Lance didn’t care, he lay onto his back and let the calm wash over him, his worries left him and he didn’t have to think about the war.

It was as though his ind were over taken by a peach coloured haze as a warm blanket shrouded him. It was moment like these when he felt best.

He was paranoid about the door opening, however.  He had shoved a towel under the door to stop any smoke from leaking and shoved a weird ornament under to stop anyone trying to get in. He also put a filter over the vent so the smell wouldn’t pass through there as well. He had a room deodorant handy which was really just a water soaked bunch of flowers.

But, he let his worries, his insecurities roll off him in a relaxing drape as he stretched upwards. He had almost boxed the room out and giggled when he felt a nibbling on his foot. He looked down to see a skinny mouse there and he laughed at it. The creature ran up Lance’s body and squeaked loudly in Lances ear.

“Yeah buddy?” Lance said loudly and laughed at the sound of his voice. The mouse grew frustrated as it ran off and through a hole. Lance frowned at the loss of his buddy before shrugging and shutting his eyes, he sunk even further into the blankets of his bed.

He basked in the calmness.

“Lance!” Allura snapped, frustration clear in her voice. Lance jumped at the mention of his name and looked at Allura blearily. 

“Yeah?” Lance spoke out nasally and yawned slightly.

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I find Killing Stalking to be really interesting since it portrays how someone can dually be a victim yet also an abuser at the same time. We all feel a lot of empathy for Bum, not only for his current situation but also his backstory and mental state, yet in another situation he would certainly be the antagonist. He is obsessive and a serial stalker. 

Which is why I’m finding it really hard to understand how people can feel so betrayed after chapter 19, it’s not like Bum as lost his “smol bean precious cinnamon roll” status but that he never had it in the first place. 

I mean, did you read chapter 1? Before anyone knew that Sangwoo had no morality whatsoever, look what Bum was doing. He was obsessively trying to break into Sangwoo’s house for months and the first thing he does he try to masturbate on Sangwoo’s bed. 

As we learn from chapter 19, in his past, he told a rape victim that men were only interested in her for her breasts. It doesn’t matter that Bum opened up to her, she did not owe it to him to continue their friendship. She wasn’t seeing “smol bean precious cinnamon roll”, she was seeing someone who she had bonded with other their mutual abuse, then Bum became obsessive. He began insisting that they were dating, he stole things from her, he even knew what her bra size was. Then when confronted all he could focus on was her body. 

I love Bum’s character and I’m rooting for him, but c’mon he is not a good person himself and he never has been. He’s a deeply flawed person, a tragic figure, an unreliable narrator, and an amazing character, which is really everything you need for a horror webcomic to really stand out. Because of his mental state and his very petite build, he’s easy to woobify, but I think he’s a lot more interesting as the depraved stalker victim protagonist then the cinnamon roll

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I basically said that to my friends and they were like "no the dnc made Hillary the candidate if the dnc didn't interfere then he would've won" like my friends aren't Bernie bros they actually like Hillary but in 2020 if it comes down to burning vs booker or someone idk I'm worried they're gonna vote Burning

burnald lost because he took every goddamn issue and tried to fit it under the scope of economic inequality. burning lost because his campaign only focused on a narrow set of platforms geared towards the wwc. ernie lost because when asked about abortion he’d bring up banks. birdy lost because when asked about foreign policy he’d bring up the 1%. barney lost because he accomplished absolutely nothing his 30 years in congress. burn lost because dems didn’t want a candidate with a lackluster resume. bumming lost because voters didn’t fall for watersheds or “revolutions” that suddenly make things better overnight. burnt lost because he was the weaker candidate. burdo lost plain and simple because he received less votes. 


“Before I forget.” Niall moved over to the sofa. “I’m throwing my annual after show party in January.”

“After show for what?” Louis asked.

“For the year.” Niall grinned. “Anyone can throw a New Year’s party. I’m throwing an after show party in January. You guys are invited, of course.”

Louis glanced at Harry, not sure what to say. They wouldn’t go together, after all. There wouldn’t be any reason to.

“Liam already agreed to come,” Niall added, as if he knew Louis needed a reason.

“I’ll be there,” Harry said. “As always.”

Niall hummed, watching Barbara. “I didn’t have a doubt about that.”

“Can we bring people?” Louis asked.

“‘Course.” Niall shrugged. “No problem.”

“Cool.” Louis turned to Barbara. “Will you go with me, Babs?”

She jumped a little, almost cutting Harry’s ear. “What?”

“Fuck, Louis.” Harry kicked his foot against Louis’ shin. “Don’t do shit like that while she’s cutting my hair.”

Louis chuckled, reaching out to pat Harry’s cheek lightly. He kept his eyes on Barbara, though. “What do you say?”

“It’s not like she wasn’t invited already,” Niall pointed out.

Louis rolled his eyes at him. “You want me to help you out here, or what?”

Niall raised his hands in a defensive gesture, lowering his head a little.

“Why should I go with you?” Barbara asked, crossing her arms.

“Because I hate going to parties on my own. You’re fun.” Louis shrugged innocently, knowing he had his biggest ace still up his sleeve. “Also, I’ll take Lottie, and I’m sure she’d love to have you around.”

Barbara’s eyes lit up. Louis knew that it didn’t need any more convincing than that. “You really think she’d want that?”

“Of course.” Louis nodded.

For a moment, she was quiet, glancing at Niall a few times. She pursed her lips, tapping the comb against Harry’s shoulder. “Yeah, okay,” she said then, grinning at Niall first, before she looked at Louis. “I’ll go with you.”

“Oh my God, I love you.” Niall jumped off the sofa and hugged Louis, kissing his cheek sloppily.

Louis laughed, shoving Niall off. “The rest is up to you, mate.”

Barbara shook her head, still grinning while giving Harry’s hair a few final touches.

“How come you never got to convince her before?” Niall asked Harry. “Did you even try?”

“Not once,” Harry said drily, removing the towel from his shoulders.

“I’ll go get something to sweep the floor.” Barbara fled the room.

“Wait.” Niall followed her, hot on her heels.

Louis gazed after them for a moment, then he turned to Harry. “As if she needed any convincing.”

Harry shook his head. “She knows exactly what she wants.”

Louis stepped closer and reached out. Harry’s hair was still damp, and messed up from Barbara kneading products into the strands. “You look cute.”

“Cute.” Harry looked a little uncertain. “Not sure about that.”

“I like it.” Louis pulled Harry’s head a little closer, lips brushing over Harry’s. “You had nothing to be scared of. Still gorgeous.”

Harry’s breath hitched and he leaned in to kiss Louis properly. Maybe Louis had said too much; maybe he wasn’t supposed to call Harry gorgeous. But he was. Why shouldn’t Louis tell Harry? There was a reason, wasn’t there? Louis couldn’t remember. Not with Harry’s lips on his own.  

“Thanks for calming my nerves,” Harry murmured, resting his forehead against Louis’. He still had his eyes closed. “It’s just hair, I know.”

“It’s your hair,” Louis reminded him. “You’re allowed to be scared of a change like that.”

Harry opened his eyes, and they were dark; the green turning into a stormy grey. “You’re not supposed to be this nice to me.”

Louis managed a smirk. They’d leave in a few hours, and he had no idea how he was supposed to muster up the courage to tell Harry how he felt about him before that. He didn’t know if he should tell Harry at all. Maybe today was the last time they’d ever see each other, anyway.

“Am I supposed to tell you that you shouldn’t be this whiny about your hair? That you’re a vain chinless wonder?” Louis tilted his head a little. “Is that what you’d like to hear?”

“Is that what you really think?” Harry asked.

“It’s what I should be thinking.” Louis ran his fingers down Harry’s back, resting it over the curve of his bum.

Harry’s gaze lost focus. Louis knew exactly what he was thinking about, where his thoughts had drifted off to. Louis had finally got around to thank Harry properly the night before. Things had turned a little heated, and definitely intense between them when Louis had fingered Harry open. He didn’t think he’d ever forget how beautiful Harry had looked when he had ridden his orgasm out on Louis’ fingers.

It had probably been the last time they’d slept together, touched each other like that. The thought made Louis swallow around a lump in his throat. He didn’t want this to end.

“There are kids in the house, you know.”

Louis startled, and Harry pulled back, eyes clearing. He cleared his throat, crossing his arms behind his back.

Lottie hip-checked Louis when she passed him, a small bag in one hand. “Babs allowed me to take over from here and style your hair.”

“Great.” Harry sat down again, nervously glancing at Louis.

Licking his lips, Louis stared back. He wondered if they were on the same page, at all. He couldn’t tell, didn’t know. All he knew was that Harry had planned to be with Luke once January rolled around.

Was he just a pastime? A replacement as long as Harry couldn’t be with Luke? Louis had no idea what to make of all this. Harry certainly enjoyed his company, and he definitely enjoyed the sex. Louis just wasn’t sure there were any feelings beyond those on Harry’s part.

He left the room, needing distraction from his thoughts – from Harry.


New Zealand Slang

I might not know them all, or I misremember them. Nonetheless, here’s a list from memory.
a into g: get going, arse into gear, as in ‘I’ve got to get my a into g’
anklebiter: small child
arse over tit: head over heels
Aotearoa: Maori name for New Zealand, it means the land of the long white cloud
beaut, beauty: splendid, terrific, as in ‘beaut of a job you did’
bit of a dag: hard case, comedian
bite your bum: go away, get lost
boy-racer: young man who drives fast in a car with a loud stereo
brassed off: disappointed, annoyed
bugger off: go away, piss off
carked it: died
chocka: choc-a-block, full, overflowing
chocolate fish: chocolate covered marshmallow fish, frequently given or offered as a reward.
chippie: potato chip
couldn’t see the road to the dunny if it had red flags on it: said of somebody blind drunk or slow witted
crash hot: excellent
crikey dick: expression of surprise
crook: sick, poorly, also to go crook at, meaning to be angry with, or to put someone crook, meaning to give someone bad advice
cuz: cousin
dairy: corner store, the only shop allowed to open 365 days a year
dear: expensive
doodackie: thingamajig, or doodad, an object that you can’t think of a name for
drop in it: get someone in trouble
dunny: toilet
Eketahuna: doesn’t exist. It’s like saying 'timbuktu’ or 'shangri la’.
fizzy drink: soda pop
flat stick or flat tack: full speed, as fast as possible
fuckwit: idiot
full tit: as much power as possible, “cmon! We need to go full tit!”
get off the grass: disbelief, 'stop pulling my leg’
gizza: give us a
going bush: get away from it all, take a break, become reclusive
good on ya, mate!: congratulations, well done
good as gold: good job, not a problem
guts for garters: in big trouble, as in 'I’ll have your guts for garters!’
home and hosed: safe, completed successfully
hoodackie: what you call someone when you cant think of their name
hard yakka: hard work
heaps: a lot of work to do
how much would you charge to haunt a ten room house?: rhetorical question to suggest a person is ugly
if your brains were barbed wire you couldn’t fence a dunny: you are stupid
jandal: thongs, flip-flops
kai: food, from the Maori word for eating
Kiwi: New Zealander
my arse is a red cabbage: ’ if he can do that, my arse is a red cabbage’
Other Side: Australia
pack a sad: become morose, ill-humoured, broken or dead, as in 'the washing machine packed a sad’
pack a wobbly: get angry
pakeha: non-Maori person
pav: pavlova
piece-of-piss: easy, as in 'that was a piece of piss’
piker: slacker, a person who gives up when things get difficult
piss: any alcohol
piss around: waste time, procrastinate
piss awful: very unpleasant
piss easy: very easy
piss up large: large scale drinking of alcohol
piss up: party, social gathering
pissed: drunk, inebriated
pissed off: angry, upset
pissing down: raining heavily, pouring down
prang: minor car accident, as in 'he was in a prang yesterday’
puckeroo: something that is buggered or broken
quite nice: something you say when you want to be polite but can’t really think of anything to say, as in 'his tie is quite nice’; can also mean the opposite of the actual words: 'Your car is in quite nice condition’
rattle your dags: get a move on, hurry up
rellies: relatives, family
root: to have sex
rough as guts: unpolished
two sammies short of a picnic: brick short of a load, a bit thick or crazy
she’ll be right: everything will be OK, it’s not a problem
shitheap: utter mess, as in 'your bedroom is a shitheap’
sickie: to take a day off, apparently sick
smoko: break, rest period
sook: silly or a scaredy cat, as in 'just a big sook’
suss: figure out, as in 'I’ve got it sussed’
ta: thanks
tata: goodbye
tiki tour: scenic tour, roundabout way
tin-arse, tinbum: lucky person
togs: swimsuit, speedos
two-thirds of five-eighths of fuck all: very little
up shit creak in leaky gumboots: in trouble, variant of up shit creek without a paddle
up the boohai shooting pukekos with a long handled shovel: none of your business, used kind of like “up your butt and around the corner”
Waikikamukau: pronounced 'why kick a moo cow’, its basically so remote it makes Eketahuna look like the capital of the USA
were you born in a tent?: sarcastic question asked of somebody who has left a door open
what’s that got to do with the price of fish?: challenging the relevance of some remark
whinge: complain
wobbly: tantrum, as in 'he threw a wobbly when he heard that’
wop-wops: out of the way location
wouldn’t know shit from clay: naive or stupid person
wouldn’t know them from a bar of soap: I do not know this person
yonks: a long time, ages, as in 'haven’t seen him in yonks’
yack: conversation between friends, natter
you ain’t wrong: you’re right
you get that: resigned acceptance
you make a better door than a window: said to somebody standing in the way, perhaps in front of the TV
you think you’re a flowerpot because you’ve got a hole in your bum: you love yourself