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When You Became Mine - Zig x MC Special Part 1.

Valentine’s Day Special Part 1 (The Freshman)

- When You Became Mine.

Summary: Another late night with Zig turns into a morning worth remembering. But just what exactly does this heartthrob have planned for MC on Valentine’s day?

[Happy Valentine’s Day to all the @playchoices fandom. We know a couple of you (myself included) were pretty bummed that Zig wasn’t included in the Valentine’s Day Special for The Freshman, so @choicesmyway,@hollyashton and I put together a Zig x MC Fanfic that’ll hopefully help you through the Zigless choices week we’re going to have. We’ve divided it into three fantastic parts. A lot of hard work and dedication came into making this and we hope you enjoy it!]

Hartfeld was a quiet and unhurried place by the crack of dawn. Until the morning rush began, the silence of the community was a sweet melody to only the earliest of risers before the rest scrambled to start their day. Some slept through their alarm, others sprang out of bed with the intention of reaching the bathroom first and hushed tones argued over television shows from the night before.

All of this was missing as her alarm went off. Eyes jerking awake, she dragged a hand through her tousled dark brown hair before frowning at her surroundings.  It took her a moment to realize that she wasn’t in her dorm and a moment longer that she was in unfamiliar territory.

Another late night. Another night out so late that she had forgotten to call and ask for a ride home from a friend. She hadn’t returned to her dorm last night and the events leading up to it caused her cheeks to flush before she glanced warily around for any sight of him.

She remembered spending the night at his place. They hadn’t wasted anytime once they got through his front doors, half stumbling into each other before they tore every piece of fabric between them. Their clothes had been carelessly tossed aside in their quick haste to sink into each other’s skin. She remembered being pressed up against his firm length and raking her fingers across his back as their bodies collided. She remembered him bringing her to the edge multiple times and only giving her a final release when he could join her. She remembered all of it; except for the part about how they had made it to bed.

Yawning, she stretched her stiff shoulders and winced at how sore she felt. She didn’t waste any time once she got her bearings. She threw off her covers and glanced around the room in search for her clothes.

No such luck.

To make matters worse, he was nowhere in sight and this was the first time she was left alone in his personal space without him present. It was an opportunity that she wouldn’t take for granted and her eyes scanned the room for any signs of the man behind the mask.

Something caught her eye; a photo on his bedside table. She crossed the room quickly in order to get a better view. He was younger here, maybe in his late teens surrounded by a family that clearly loved him. An older woman with a tender expression and smiling eyes was the tallest out of all of them. Two younger girls with dark ringlets that were caught laughing as they hugged him by the waist. The four of them were obviously close; their arms linked around each other and they were grinning from ear-to-ear at the camera as if they were hiding some secret away from the rest of the world.

It was the only picture in sight and left her with the impression that family was very important to him. She smiled at it before looking away to study the rest of the room. She hoped that something in here would divulge some sort of knowledge about his past. When nothing jumped out at her, she felt a twinge of disappointment.

Everything was surprisingly neat.  

There were folded clothes set aside by the dresser. A small desk space followed and had a series of novels with familiar titles that she swore she’d seen before. Curiously, she stepped closer until she had a better look, her eyes skimming some of its content before she realized most of them were books she’d already come across. She remembered seeing them in the campus bookstore.

Her heart warmed at the sight. Even though he wasn’t a student –  anyone could tell by looking at the meticulously placed pile that he was completely passionate about going back to school. She was heartbroken at the thought that he might never get that chance. The incident he confessed weeks ago at Madison’s birthday party, reminded her that he had been robbed of the chance.

Shoving those thoughts aside, she grabbed one of his dress shirts, only stopping to inhale its musky scent before quickly slipping into it. It smelled like him and she was happy that she’d gotten a chance to see all of this instead of heading home last night. She buttoned the first two before heading down the hall, intent on finding him.

Her feet froze in their languid pace as her nose caught a pleasant smell coming from the kitchen. The gentle aroma of pancakes made her stomach grumble in response. She ignored it as she padded inside. Her grumbling stomach turned into full flip-flops at the sight in front of her.

Zig’s back was toward her and he had a pair of sweats that hung low by his lean hips. He seemed intent on flipping a pancake and hadn’t heard her come in.

She admired him for a few seconds longer, feasting her eyes on every muscle that followed his efforts. Eventually, she seated herself near the counter. Propping her elbows up, she cleared her throat. “What’s all this?”

He turned to her, a cheeky grin on his face when he met her cheerful expression. “Morning to you too gorgeous.” He finished the last pancake and brought a plate of them towards the counter. “I figured I owed you breakfast for not taking you home last night.” He brought two plates forward.

She inhaled its delicious fumes and uttered a small sigh. “This looks so good.” She didn’t waste any time, piling two onto her plate before beaming at him. “And I graciously accept.”

He laughed. “Good.”

“Besides, last night was fun.” She added, nibbling on a small piece before pouring maple syrup on the rest of it.

“It’s always fun when you’re around.” He told her before digging into his own.

“Oh, just fun?” She teased. With exaggerated slowness, she dropped her eyes towards his pants.

When she glanced back up at him, he was smirking at her. “You know what I mean.” He took a huge bite.

She did but she liked teasing him anyway and did so at every given opportunity.

“But the fun doesn’t have to stop there.”

“Oh?” She paused to glimpse at him in time to realize that his eyes weren’t innocent anymore, in fact there was a glint to it that made her wonder what he was thinking. Probably, deliciously naughty thoughts.

“I’m sure the rest of today could be too.” His voice dropped an octave lower and her cheeks flushed at his double meaning.

She slapped his hand playfully away when he reached over to try and brush his hand on top of hers. “No way.” She shook her head. Her decision was resolute, even though the rest of her body wasn’t cooperating. She shuddered by the look of desire in his eyes.

She pointed her fork at him. “I’ve already missed one class for today and I don’t intend on missing another.”

“Not even if it meant that we could spend the entire valentine’s day together?”

Her heart skipped a beat. “I can’t say I’m not entirely tempted.” She tried to keep the excitement out of her voice. Just be cool, she told herself firmly. Meanwhile on the inside she was practically squealing. “What did you have in mind?”

His grin told her he had a plan but his eyes wasn’t giving anything away. “It’s a surprise.”

“So you’ve actually got something planned?” The more time she spent with him, the more he surprised her. She had to constantly revisit the way she saw him. She didn’t take him as the romantic sort.

Now she wasn’t sure if she wanted to make it to class after all. “And if I agreed, where would we go?”

His silence told her he was keeping it a secret.

She pouted, “Can I get a hint?”

He paused his fork in mid air but otherwise kept quiet. She pleaded with her eyes only to have him raise his own to wink at her.

Letting out a frustrated sigh, she ate the rest of her pancakes in silence.

He wasn’t playing fair. The least he could do was give her a hint.

Her mind was whirling with ideas. It had to be something in Hartfeld – anywhere else didn’t make any sense. There was an influx of tourist because of a passing festival on campus grounds and with the weekend behind them, it couldn’t be for an overnight trip. “Well if you aren’t going to tell me the least you could do is drop me by my dorm so I can change.” She gestured to her lack of clothes and his eyes flickered with amusement.

“Or you can keep what you’re wearing.” His eyes traveled lower, admiring her shapely. “My shirt has never looked so good.”

She blushed and dropped her gaze to the nearly empty plate. “I don’t mind if it’s just for you.” She made a face when she glanced back up at him. “But the rest of Hartfeld – not so much.”

He chuckled before nodding in agreement. “I do like the idea of having you all to myself.” He gave her an appreciative once over as they stood to clear the dishes.

She swatted him playfully before she handed over her dish. Leaning against the counter, she watched as he washed them and put them away. “Now I’m really excited.”

Before she could leave the kitchen, he grabbed her by her wrist and pulled her to him. Pleased but slightly taken aback by his sudden advance she stared up at him, memorizing the planes of his face.

Without saying a word, his firm hands gripped her by the waist and lifted her until she was on top of the counter. “I’ll give you something to feel really excited about.” He murmured.

Cheeks flushing, she tilted her head to meet his lips. No matter how many times they did this, she would never get tired of it. Their lips touched and tasted each other as if it was their first time. She loved running her fingers through his hair, of kissing his eager lips and touching him.

His hands sunk under her shirt and he lightly stroke her exposed flesh. He was rewarded with a delicate whimper from her lips before his grazed hers again.  

Looping her fingers at the side of his pants, she tugged him closer; wanting to feel him pressed in between her thighs.

He pulled away first, glancing at his phone before giving her a rueful smile. “If we want to make it in time we should start probably start getting ready.” He stepped back a few inches to give her some space so she could hop off the counter.

Her mind was still reeling from his kisses but otherwise, she cleared her throat and smiled. “Lead the way.”


Floral dresses reminded her of all the good things about spring – the sweet aroma of freshly picked flowers, the feeling of the sun’s generous rays across her shoulders and against the nape of her neck. She picked one of her favorites to commemorate the fantastic weather; a dress with pink straps and the floral patterns of brightly colored dandelions. She grabbed a simple pair of flat shoes on her way out.

The rest of her suitemates were probably finishing their last classes for the day, so she wasn’t surprised that Zig was the only other person waiting by the door.

His eyes lit up when he saw her.

She twirled in her dress. “You like?”

“Definitely.” He crossed the room in two quick strides and placed his arm around her waist. “You look beautiful.” He murmured before his lips crashed into hers.

His kiss was soft and turned into a series of artful kisses. His gentle caress became less steady and more urgent until he finally had backed her into a corner. He coaxed her mouth open, sending shivers down her spine as he kissed her more roughly this time.

A soft sigh escaped her throat and she looped her arms around his neck, meeting every kiss with her own enthusiasm. When she felt his expert hands slide under her dress, she firmly placed her own hands on his chest. Gathering willpower, she pushed back a little; keeping at least a few inches between them. When she could find her voice again, she spoke. “I thought we were on a schedule.”

He braced his arms on either side of her. “Seeing you like this is giving me second thoughts.” He bent down to whisper into her ear, “It makes me want to stay in.” He pressed his hard length into her, drawing a groan from her lips.

“No way.” She made light fists to thump against his hard chest. “Quit distracting us.” When he moved to kiss her again, she giggled and turned her head away at the last second. It landed deftly on her cheek.

“You’re not charming your way out of this one.” She warned with no real edge to her voice. “You said it’s a surprise and I happen to like surprises.” She brought a hand up to smoothly graze his cheek. “Especially when they’re coming from you.”

Their eyes locked for a long moment and she held her breath as she waited for him to respond. She felt a twinge of triumph at seeing the resignation in his eyes before he released her.

“Okay, okay – let’s go.”

She gave him a quick peck on the cheek, feeling reinvigorated by the time they got to the door. She stopped to grab herself a spring jacket that hung by the front of the dorm’s closest before they closed the dorm behind them.

They walked in almost perfect unison and she hid a smile when he entwined his hand with hers. “I can’t imagine spending the day with anyone else.” She hadn’t realized she had spoken the words out loud until she could feel his breath by her ear.

Her heart warmed by his soft response. “Neither can I.”

She was eager to see what the rest of the day had in store for them.

[Enjoying it so far? Click right here to see part 2 written by the sweet and awesome @choicesmyway and part 3 written by the amazing @hollyashton​ ]

Some Stats on AO3 Comments

Decided to actually run the numbers in my spreadsheet and see how I’m really doing for comments… Caught some things I never really thought about… 

First the basic facts:

I get…

1 comment per 1,634 hits.

1 comment per 3,751 words I write

1 comment per 30 kudos I get

Of course, that’s not remotely evenly distributed…

40 of the 87 fics I’ve published have never received a comment.

Including 10 fics with 50+ kudos, one of which has over 100 kudos.

That’s 1328 kudos with 0 comments. Ouch.

But probably the biggest thing that stings is my most popular series:

1101 kudos with only 12 comments

Only 7 of 27 works have comments.

Remember that overall average of 30 kudos per comment?

92 kudos per comment for my biggest and most popular work

That bottom one really leaves me pondering how much I’m left in the dark about WHY people are reading those works. Feedback helps. Like there are some bright spots (like my newest series has a much better kudos: comments ratio, which makes me feel more like working on it than anything else.)

It's No Secret (Fred Weasley x Reader)

(Y/n) slowly started to open her eyes as she woke from her nap. She closed her eyes temporarily to savor the comfortable and secure feeling of having her boyfriend spooning her. He wore a soft cotton shirt and plaid pajama pants that his mother had mailed to him. (Y/n) snuggled into him and listened to his little snores. Fred Weasley was the biggest snuggle bum and cuddle bug in the world. She remembered how they’d met. She was in the library reading Shakespearean literature and annotating the double meanings and jokes with her quill. Fred and George decided to play an innocent prank on two random people. Fred chose (Y/n) as his “victim”; he used his wand to have the words on the pages of her book to turn into birds and fly away. This didn’t upset her. She didn’t panic and try to chase the words as other students have done. Instead, she watched as the words flew and smiled. It was the most random and yet most interesting thing that had happened all day. Fred saw her face and since then had become infatuated with her. He conversed with her first resulting in a close friendship [in time] and the friendship evolving into a healthy relationship. They’ve been on many dates. Have shared many laughs. They still did, of course.

A knock at (Y/n)’s door came. “(Y/n), may I come in?” Asked Professor McGonagall (her aunt). (Y/n)’s eyes burst open and quickly turned around in Fred’s arms shaking him with care.

“Fred!” she whispered. “Wake up! My aunt’s here!” She turned her head in the direction of the door and yelled, “Just a moment, aunty!” She shook him again and lightly tapped his cheek, “Wake up!”

Fred sleepily opened his eyes with quickness and got out of bed with a wobble. “Alright alright, love bug. I know the drill,” he whispered back as he picked up his wand and casted a spell the opened a portal to his room. Just before he stepped inside the portal, he pecked her on the lips. (Y/n) exhaled in relief sitting up in her bed. “Come in!”

Professor McGonagall walked in with a soft smile and sat on her bed after closing the door. “How are you, dear?”

“I’m quite tranquil, thank you. What’s wrong? Are you alright?”

“I’m fine I’m fine. There has been a case of a Egyptian sphinx cub on the loose in the castle. It’s strangely darling, but I was wondering if you’d seen it. Hagrid has been looking all over Hogwarts for it.”

“…You mean to tell me, there’s a baby manticore running around Hogwarts?”

“Yes. One of the male Slytherin students has cut it loose and let it roam free. Some of the females have spotted it here in these halls. It has a little bell attached to the collar.”

“I’m sorry, aunty. I’m afraid I haven’t seen a- a cub was it?” (Y/n) winced. Her aunt nodded. “I didn’t know this was happening until now. Are the other professors searching for it as well?” “Yes, except for Snape. If I remember his exact words were ‘I’m far too busy teaching to be chasing after a foreign animal.’ You know he’s his own individual. Anyways, I shall see you for class tomorrow.” “Okay.”
And with that, she left (Y/n)’s room.

The next day, (Y/n) was walking out of her second to last class, Potions. She made her way through the outside halls when a smallish, bright green thing caught her eye. She moved towards it and found that it was a praying mantis. Strange, she thought to herself. Mantis’ don’t live in England let alone Hogwarts. She stood in front of it with her books in her arms. It swiveled its head in different directions then started doing a little dance by moving its body side to side at a normal pace. The insect, too cute to ignore and not laugh at, successfully distracted (Y/n) just as Fred hoped. He slowly crept behind her and grabbed her hips causing a frightened yelp to come out of her. She tilted her head and saw it was her boyfriend trying to sustain his giggles. (Y/n) furrowed her brows and pouted him, upset that he scared her.

“Aww, love, I couldn’t resist! I’m sorry,” he cooed in her ear as his arms snaked around her waist, pulling her to his chest. He embraced her from behind.

(Y/n) calmed and blushed when Fred kissed from her cheek down to her neck. Then he surprised her by pecking all over her face earning laughter. “Fred, I’m ticklish!” He chuckled in response and pulled away from her. Just as he did, Professor Dumbledore called the students attention. (Y/n)’s heart dropped.

“Children, I would advise that you come with me,” he spoke. The two followed him. They soon ended up in Professor McGonagall’s classroom, leaving (Y/n) to hold Fred’s hand in anxiety.

Her aunt stood slowly from her chair, made her way around the desk, and stood in front of the students alongside Dumbledore. Her countenance had “I’m thoroughly upset” written all over. “(Y/n)… How could you not tell me?”

Fear slowly started taking (Y/n), “Aunty, I’m SO, SO sor-”

“Because you didn’t tell me, I lost 20 gold pieces.” (Y/n)’s mouth shut and her eyes widened as her head tilted back in surprise. The Professor handed a small pouch to Dumbledore in defeat. McGonagall glanced at (Y/n) with genuine concern, “Is something the matter?”

“I thought you’d get angry.”

“I’m not angry at all! I already knew you two were together.”


“Oh yes. I saw you two holding hands the other day out of my office window,” she chuckled.

“Soooo… You aren’t mad?”

“Of course not! You two make a fine couple. I know you care about each other very much.”

“Can I call you Aunty?” Smiled Fred.

“No,” joked McGonagall.

(Y/n) saved Fred’s life in the middle of the whole Voldemort mess. George was infinitely grateful. “I can’t wait to be best man at my brother’s wedding,” he thought.

Catharsis - fmpsimon - 킬링 스토킹 | Killing Stalking (Webcomic) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 2/2
Fandom: 킬링 스토킹 | Killing Stalking (Webcomic)
Rating: Mature
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Relationships: Oh Sangwoo/Yoon Bum
Characters: Oh Sangwoo, Yoon Bum
Additional Tags: Murder, Violence

The whole world is quiet. All I can hear is the throbbing of my own heart, pounding in my ears. My hands are covered in blood. One of them holds a knife. An ordinary kitchen knife. What have I done?

Excerpt below the cut:

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Woc Series: Organic Markets & Assets

Hey guys!! I know that I’ve been gone for a while but I’ve been going through a rough period.  Hopefully, I’m back for good, because I find a lot of solace in writing and in this fandom!  Anyway, this requested imagine is about Harry being totally obsessed with Y/N’s bum!  I didn’t want to make this imagine too smutty because I wanted it to be an everyday cute thing between Harry and his girl.  As always, comment, like, ask questions, and enjoy!!


The clock had just struck six and the sky had begun to turn pink from the early sun’s rays.  The slight snores coming from your boyfriend bounced around the bedroom, and the soft bird chirps came in through the open window. It was the beginning of a beautiful summer day and something about the warm breeze flowing in put you in a playful mood.

You were already up, had taken your shower, and were admittedly a tad bit bored; however you walked over to your bed and carefully lifted up the covers to climb back in and cuddle with Harry for a bit, not bothered that he was still dreaming. With soft fingers you grasped his arm closest to you and wrapped it around your waist, grinning at Harry’s bedhead that laid splayed around his face.  You quietly placed a finger to his nose and his breathing stuttered.

“Haz,” you whined out with a pout.

“Hmmm,” Harry mumbled, his green eyes still closed, but he squeezed your waist with his large fingers, showing that he was awake if just for a moment.

“I’m bored.”

“No you’re not.”  

You scrunched your eyebrows at him and scowled slightly.  “Yes, I am,” you insisted.

“Then do something, love,” he grumbled out, his voice groggy with sleep, and his eyes still closed.

You looked at his smooth face for a second before biting the inside of your cheek.  His breaths began to slow again and you realized you were about to lose him to sleep.

“Harold,” you whined once more, your voice high.  You scowled deeper when he gave you a sigh in response.

Deciding to get back at him, you quickly came up with a plan and smiled to yourself before biting your lip.

“Okay, I’ll leave you alone. I’ll go to the organic market to get some ingredients to make some smoothies for when you wake up.  Does that sound good?”  You cooed to him, and he nodded slightly, too tired to hear the playful tilt in your voice.

“Okay, babe,” you leaned in to kiss his cheek before untangling yourself from his hold and quietly went back into your closet to pull out something that you knew always sent him in a frenzy.  You quickly put it on, giggling slightly to yourself before reemerging into the bedroom.

You walked over to the bed once more, stopping on Harry’s side so that he would get a good view of you.

“Okay, Harry, I’m leaving,” his back was towards you and you huffed out a large breath.

“Haz,” you tapped his shoulder and with an annoyed sigh, your boyfriend turned over, his eyes finally open but still slightly guarded with sleep.  

Until he saw you.

You couldn’t help but giggle as his eyes brightened and roved over your form.  You turned slightly, shaking your hips at him and you heard him groan.

“You’re going out like that?”  He whispered, his voice terse.

“They’re just yoga pants, Haz,” you raised an amused eyebrow at him.

“We both know that’s not the case…”

You pursed your lips at him, knowing that he was right.  You were curvy, endowed with a large ass and bust, and the particular yoga pants that you were wearing showcased your former wonderfully.  It always put Harry into a tailspin, and you pulled it out on special occasions when you wanted more of his attention or you were feeling extra playful.  And with your small tshirt on, you were a walking Harry’s wet dream.

“Well, I gotta go,” you smiled at your boyfriend.  You saw his eyebrows scrunch together before he quickly sat up, the covers pooling at his bare waist and tendrils of his hair falling in his face and skewing your entire form from view.

“I’m going with you,” he murmured, his eyes not once leaving you.

You poked a hip out and smiled genuinely.  

“Great,” you grinned as Harry rolled his eyes.


By the time the two of you walked out the door it was a quarter to seven, and the air was sweet and warm.

“Do you wanna walk?” You asked him as you skipped down the steps of your walkway.  You looked over your shoulder and smiled as you noticed Harry’s gaze on your shapely hips.

“Haz,” you laughed.

His eyes quickly shot up to yours and a small smirk appeared across his face.

“Yea, I love this view.” You shook your head at him, brushing back some curls from your face before leading the way to the organic market.

It was only a ten minute walk, but you were happy when you walked into the store and the cool air blasted you; it was summer after all.

You grabbed a basket and pursed your lips as you thought about which aisle to go down.

“I’m assuming you want a kale smoothie?” You called over your shoulder to Harry.

“You know me so well,” he joked, a smile in his voice.

“Why don’t you walk beside me,” you playfully asked as you turned left down an aisle to find the green leafy vegetables.

“I don’t want anyone else to see this view.  It’s mine,” he pouted, causing you to laugh.

“Haz, there’s no one in here besides us,” you whispered to him before hearing him sigh.  You heard him increase his pace before seeing him beside you, making you smile.

Your smile widened when you felt him lay a large hand across your ass, pulling you closer into him.

“Really?” you laughed up at him, momentarily getting distracted by his green gaze and pointed nose.

“Yes, really,” he squeezed your ass in his hand lightly, causing you to fix him with a warning glance.

He glanced down at you with his famous smirk, and you simply shook your head, letting it go.

“Ok, here’s the kale,” you murmured before reaching to grab a good two handfuls as Harry brought over the plastic bag to put them in.  

With the bag grasped lightly in your hand, you turned back towards Harry and lifted yourself on your toes in order to place a small peck on his inviting lips.  You gasped slightly when with his strong arm, he pulled you closer to him and used his other hand to palm your ass in his large hand.

You smiled as you pulled back, closing your eyes as you felt him massage you lightly.

“Haz,” you warned once more, trying your best to give him a stern glare.

“Yes, love?”

‘We are in public….” You whispered carefully, slightly reveling in the feeling of his hand on you.

“I’m very aware,” he chuckled to you, his eyes alight with mischief.

“You can’t grope me in public…”

“Like you said, there’s no one in here.”

“Harry…” you whined out, quickly grasping his hand and moving it to your lower back, ignoring his groan of protest.

“I can’t help it; I’m in love with you and your assets..” Harry grinned down at you.

“Yea,” you raised your eyebrows at him as you shimmied out of his grasp in order to go to the fresh fruit aisle.  “Come on,” you called over your shoulder to him, listening out for his footsteps.


“Come on take a sip…” Harry teased you as he held the green smoothie towards your scrunched up face. You turned your nose up at the disgusting drink and shook your head like a child.

“Absolutely not,” you licked your full lips, gathering the rest of your strawberry smoothie from off of them before dipping underneath Harry’s outstretched arm to head toward the living room.

“But it’s so good,” Harry teased as he followed you to the couch.

“Ooomf,” you let out a sigh as you fell onto it, stretching out and kicking your legs so that Harry couldn’t sit down with his kale smoothie.

“Kitten,” Harry’s voice held a playful edge to it that made you grin into the cushions.

“Come on, just one sip will finish it, love,” Harry hummed to you.

You stopped kicking your legs to look back at his pouting face before rolling your eyes and stretching out a hand for the glass.

“Fine,” you huffed. There was only a little bit left in the glass and with a playful attitude you snatched it from his grasp and plugged your nose before downing it quickly.

“Ughhhh, why do you drink that, Haz,” you whined out, small tears gathering in the corners of your eyes.

“It’s good, love.”

You shook your head adamantly at him before burying your head back into the cushions as Harry took the now empty glass and set it on the coffee table.

“It wasn’t that bad,” Harry chuckled at you.

“I deserve something in return..” your voice came out muffled.

“Massage, perhaps?” Harry offered.  Your ears perked up as you heard him walk towards you and you felt as he moved your legs to the side to sit down before adjusting them on his lap.

You fixed your arms underneath your head before turning it to the side in a more comfortable position.

Before you could say anything, you felt Harry’s fingers ghost over your legs, too faint to tickle you but enough for you to feel his presence.  You sighed happily, closing your eyes, reveling in the feeling of Harry.

You grew goosebumps as Harry trailed his fingers up your legs to your thighs and eventually to your ass where he stopped to palm it with his large hands.  You bit your bottom lip, trying to hide your growing smile.

The truth was, Harry was in love with every part of you, but he especially worshipped your ass.  It was always so “plump,” and “round,” and “earth-shatteringly perfect,” and it was rare for a day to pass without him grasping it or talking about it.  And when paired with the yoga pants that you were currently wearing, it seemed as if he held no power to stop himself.  That’s why it wasn’t that much of a surprise that Harry was running his hand over your hips and ass softly, lovingly.

“Mmmm,” you hummed out, extremely pleased.

“Feels good,” Harry’s voice came out deep and low, carrying through the room.

“Yes,” you were certain that Harry could hear the grin in your voice.

You were sure that was what prompted him to softly squeeze you before rubbing you once more.  Harry used his thumbs to rub the dip in your lower back before returning to rub your cheeks in small circles, gently making his way across the whole surface of your ass.  

Your breaths began to deepen and you felt your body grow heavy.  You felt like your lower body had small electric currents running around your hips and you knew that it was due to Harry’s touch.

“I love you, Harry,” you murmured dreamily.

“I love you more,” you heard the smirk in his voice and before you could start up a playful banter you felt yourself slipping into a light sleep.