Scheming partners / Lovers

I’ve been a sucker for those love lines since Chuck and Blair. I really miss that couple. I basically grew up with them. I spent 6 years of my adolescent life adoring their epic love. Sadly, I had to say goodbye to my precious Chair by the end of 2012 as Gossip Girl ended it’s final season. *creys* I just comfort myself with the thought that somewhere in UES Dramaland, There they are, living happily with their adorable son, Henry Bass. 

So thank you Kdramagods for Jinsung and Heesun, who remind me a lot of my epic OTP (well, a version that’s not as epic but stays in the “cute and funny” zone). They are the less complex version. Hiyeah Dair shippers you should totally check them out. They solved one of your issues on my Chair (where most are so not true). I’m guessing this couple is going to follow the Chair track. They are not the main couple but more people are gonna root for them. I tell you guys. Scheming-partners-turned-to-couples have their charms. *wink wink


Fanmade vid of BUMJI! <3