BH 25  ….and a final image for this series of the fading light at the end our accent to Bumdra. The gods own country…..

When I get a chance in 2012 I will work on a series from a wonderfully intimate festival we visited but for now thats all from Bhutan.

We are in the process of planning photography tours for Oct/Nov 2012. Leave your name here if you want more information when it’s finalised end January. Last year the trip filled in a few days so its worth putting your name down.

BH11 Series link  ©robert van koesveld (CC-BY-NC-ND)

BH11 16  This week is from the top of our little trek at Bumdra itself. Bumdra means ‘the rock of a thousand footprints’. The name refers to it being visited by 100,00 dakinis. It has also been visited by an emanation of the goddess Tara during the 11th century. This image is our camp set up for our arrival complete with light snow.

BH11 Series link  ©robert van koesveld (CC-BY-NC-ND)