Roses Rant

It feels amazing to smell the roses. I’m high. I pray that everyone I love finds this content & thankful point in their life. I’m investing in a field I’m continuously passionate about. I’m in love. I have plenty money for days. My loved ones are healthy. Im healthy. Every time I feel stress, pressure, sadness, or get a potential anxiety attack or anger tantrum, I just always think of my life in someone’s shoes. I could be fucking deaf, blind, or hit by a bus & partially paralyzed. My cancer diagnosis could’ve became exclusive. My mom could be dead. I could be drinking water from a viral river. There’s so much other shit other people unexpectedly encounter that never have happened to me.. & it angers me so much that people have the audacity to complain with their first world problems. At the end of the day, do the little thorns matter? No. Because the roses are alive, & they smell fuckin amazing.