I want to re post this one again because I feel like a lot of people didn’t see it.
chest clip placement is a huge deal and its a very big part of keeping your baby safe.
it needs to be at armpit level.
those strap cushions that you find at Babies R Us or other baby stores are generally too long and will prevent the chip the chest clip from being where it’s supposed to be, and honestly you really don’t want any cushioning between the seat belt or the strap and your baby.

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What about instead of beeblr, bumblr? I mean I know it's mostly honeybees but still


They are both ridiculous and appropriate tags. I think you should tag however you want and then see what catches on.

The possibility of rival tags made me wonder if there are rival gangs of bees. I asked the google and yes there are! Here is an article about Australian bee wars.

I’m sad that the bees are fighting, but the article does include the phrase “Game of Drones” :o

Looking through fyeahbiphobia and their posts today, I feel pretty confident that it’s run by a radfem (noticing transmisogyny, cissexism abound). Not only is that blog not safe for bisexual people, it is not safe for trans folks. Quelle surprise! Also with the focus on bisexual women and “all their failings”, it’s likely you’ll run into a fair bit of misogyny as well.

So take that into consideration if you want to peek through that blog. I myself am adopting a personal policy of writing commentary on the posts there when I think it’s relevant, but I will not reblog or interact in any way. 

Oh bumblr. 

Endless unwanted changes here…..

Now, when you ‘like’ something a clusterf*** of unwanted images pops up on the right hand side of one’s dash, making it even less enjoyable to be here than it already has become, thanks to the Tumblr staff - and I’ve only been off of here for 5 days.  It’s endless, the way they are driving this once wonderful site into the ground.  Sorry guys, I’m super fed up.   It’s like a ghost town here because of all this - sad.

Race DNS :(

Well today’s 15k race never happened. OK, actually it happened, just without me. lynnucla and I were working to finish installing a new floor in a room in our house, and we realized it was time to go to the race (she was planning to run the 3k at the same event). So we quickly changed and jumped in he car, weaved through traffic and got to the site just in time…except we had no idea where to go once we arrived, to find the registration table or the start. And it took forever to find a place to park.

There was a festival going on at the site with lots of people milling around, and booths, food trucks and rides, but nobody dressed like a runner except us. Finally we asked a policeman where the race was starting and he directed is to a community center, where we still saw no runners. We finally saw a sign pointing to the 3k - by now the 15k runners were long gone - but led to nowhere. Finally we headed the other way and saw 3k runners…finishing.

What a CF. And a big fat zero on mileage for the day. At least we went home and finished the floor.

Tomorrow is a new day, and no longer a rest day. As for the race it was never an A race, but a B at best. I won’t get a tuneup race now before Army Ten Miler, but I’ll deal with that. Either way, while I didn’t exactly leave myself enough time to get ready, given the chaos onsite once I got there I don’t think I’ll sign up for this one again.

Apologies for the lapse in posting, you guys

It got so bad here with all the random tweakages and “improvements” (Ha!) to the site that I could barely do any reblogging, or tag seaches or anything - I’m sorry for there not being any recent updates, but I had to take a break.  I wish they’d STOP continally changing things here for the worse, making Tumblr harder to use and driving people away from the site, but I think that’s wishful thinking on my part.  I love this Tumblr and appreciate all of my followers so much - I hope I can resume postings and am able to suss out all these unwanted changes - m’wah!