Jazz is a cat. There’s nothing you can convince me otherwise. (Joking aside, this one is one of my headcanon on how Cybertronians show affection between friends and families [depends on where they are from in Cybertron].)

I got inspired by Strongarm’s reaction to humans kissing and thought of how Cybertrons show their affection to lovers/friends/families.

Rubbing cheeks or nuzzling against one’s cheek is an affectionate greeting between friends. However, this depends on where certain Cybertronians are from (It gets really complicated). Jazz is most likely from old family of Doorwingers (Praxians-one of the thirteen races in Cybertron), which it is his tradition to rub his cheek against his friends face as showing affection or greeting. Bumblebe also follow this tradition, but not by much due to his unique background.

As for the rest, they are unfamiliar to this forgotten, golden-age tradition.


This is a ‘kiss’ between lovers.

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how would mtmte swerve, G1 soundwave and G1 bumblebe react to their s/o making plushie versions of them???

Too cute!

Swerve MTMTE

‘BABE YOU MADE THIS?! FOR ME?!’ -squealing-

You just made his day, he’s so happy 

Soundwave TF G1

He would give the plushie a little squeeze, then bend down to thank you. He might seem unemotional about it, but he’s actually super happy and keeps it in a safe place 

Bumblebee TF G1 

He thinks it’s the neatest thing, and eagerly shows it off around base. You’re probably gonna have some other members of team prime coming to you asking if you can make one of them

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Unpopular opinion: I ship whiterose but not Bumblebee (and I ship Blacksun)

strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree

Ok, to be fair, I wanted to put “disagree” on this one just because I don’t ship Whiterose either. 

However, if I really had to choose between Whiterose and Bumbleb/y, I’d choose the former while still be shipping BlackSun too. That’s why I put the “neutral” reply - I don’t agree, but I also don’t disagree either. 

RWBY Volume 3 thoughts

-Finally the Festival and Tournament

-Can Scarlet and Sage get screen time please

-What is Cinder up to


-Who is Team ABRN and why should I care

-Uncle Qrow, yes. Vic McNuggets, no.

-Winter Schnee? Sign me the fuck up

-Lie Ren is being voiced by Monty Oum’s older brother and I’m fine with that

-Can Seamonkeys and Bumblebe be confirmed as canon now please?