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fdkjfh ok so my friend @homo-in-disguise wanted me to do that thing where u talk abt characters u dont know a damn thing abt bc those are always fun sO here’s 2 hours worth of me talking abt transformers
ze gave me the names & i just guessed everything else

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Team prime's reaction to puns maybe? :3

Ratchet rolls his eyes huffs. If you have any medical-related puns you may be able to pull a chuckle out of him. Other than that he gets annoyed with them because he’s trying to focus on his work.

Optimus Prime smiles his pretty smile- the one that lights up the room. He loves puns. One day he leans down next to you and says “Back on Cybertron, I did a theatrical performance about puns.” “Really?” “Really. It was a play on words.”

Bumblebee buzzes with laughter. Then he whirs and beeps, then looks at you expectantly. You have no idea what he said, but Raf is laughing, so you giggle along.

Arcee mock groans and rolls her eyes. “Primus help me.”

Bulkhead does finger guns at you “eeeeyyy”. You two exchange puns all the time. 

Wheeljack barks a small laugh. “I see what you did there. That’s funny, kid.” 

Smokescreen just found his soul mate. You two annoy everyone with your silly puns and cheesy jokes. Every time one of you makes a particularly bad joke you high-five.

Ultra Magnus take things literally, so you’ll have to explain things to him. He thinks it’s clever once he gets it.

Jealousy (Autobots)

Quietly upset. Doesn’t want to start a fight but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t bother him. You two will have a discussion about it later.

He gets SO moody. You’ll likely have to pull him aside and calm him down. Still glares at the person afterwards.

She glares daggers at the person while she straight up drags you away. But she will fiercely deny that she was jealous. She is slightly clingy afterwards.

Pouty. Pouty baby. He sulks in the background for the most part. If things get to far, he up in their face telling them to back off.

He gets huffy and immediately tells the other person to back and will be pouting about it for the rest of the day.

Cuddles you. That’s his solution to most relationship problems. Just cuddles.

He gets clingy. Silently saying, “This is mine. Back off.” He also cuts in EVERY TIME the other person tries to talk to you. He won’t even let you look at them.

Once again, Passive Aggressive King. He makes their life hell until he gets over it. He says it’s not personal, but IT OBVIOUSLY IS.

On the 12th day of Christmas Transformers gave to me...

12 minicons!

11 Cinnamon Rolls!

10 Lovely Femmes!

9 Murder Machines!

8 Gay-A** Robots!

7 Corset-like Waists!

6 Hunky Mecha!


4 Precious Children

3 Screeching Seekers

2 Sets of Twins


Anon asked: if u do transformers? can u draw tfp smokescreen knockout and bumblebee in sexy poses??? idk if u do tformers but i follow u and ur art is amazing :)) -tf anon <3

Wooooow I used to be so big into Transformers (yeah I was a major geek, still am :D) and this was a nice throwback?? Kinda sad that I remembered a bunch of their design parts… Not sure where you got the idea but thanks for the request! :P