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Request please! Tfp Autobots reaction (like all of them lol. Including Cliffjumper, SS, Magnus, Knocks, ESPECIALLY Wheeljack;) to when their s/o (whether human or Cybertronian or both lol) comes home frustrated or crying from a long day at work? Plsssss that would so make my day after a long day at work 😘 love you!

Went with human on this one. Hope you like it ♥♥♥

Optimus invites you to cuddle in his berth and tell him about your day. He gently pets you as you vent and you both end up falling asleep and getting the rest you need. 

You and Ratchet have a bitch fest. You both go on and on about how stressed and underappreciated you are. It turns into you telling each other how awesome you both are and how much you appreciate each other. You both feel a lot better afterwards.

Bumblebee beeps sympathetically. Here, your favorite show is on! You cuddle and watch together, Bee occasionally poking and tickling you to make you giggle.

Arcee just smiles and tells you to hop on. You ride far out past the roads at what feels like a million miles an hour. It’s exhilarating and liberating to feel the wind whip past you, and by the time you stop for a milkshake back in town you’ve forgotten why you were upset.

Cliffjumper’s supposed to be working, but you’re more important. You’re obviously in dire need of a smoothie and tons of horrible puns. He won’t rest until you’re dizzy from laughter.

Bulkhead is your personal giant teddy bear. He turns on the radio to your favorite station, giving you snuggles and smooches until you fall asleep against his warm plating.

Wheeljack offers to teach your boss and co-workers a lesson. No, Wheeljack. Instead he rubs the tension out of your back as you sit on his lap. Occasionally he reminds you that his offer still stands. No, Wheeljack.

Smokescreen is on a Mission to make you feel better. Worry not, baby, he’s got blankets, snacks, and some mindless cartoons! You’re wrapped into a burrito and fed gourmet junk food while you snuggle your giant robot boyfriend. Life is good.

Ultra Magnus suggests filing a complaint about your awful co-workers. He’s still busy, but he lets you  sit on his shoulder until he’s available for cuddles.

“My boss was a jerk today.” “Kill him,” says Knock Out. You roll your eyes, saying you wish you could. Knock Out offers to do it. That makes you laugh, and Knock Out suggests a drive-in movie. Yeah, that sounds nice.

Every week, a bumblebee comes into my home and finds itself tired & stranded on my floor. Unfortunately I’ve found one that had died, so I wasn’t able to help it. But today another one has appeared! I’ve used a Tupperware container with some soil and stones to enclose it along with some sugar water to drink and regain its strength. But my question is this..

Why do they keep appearing before me? Is this a test? Throughout my life I’ve always stumbled across bumblebees in distress and 99% of the time, I’ve done my best to help them.

I’m rambling aren’t I?


“Wake up wake up! It time to wake up and feed me!”
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One of my Pseudomystus heokhuii “hiding” under a leaf in her sweet new home. (The 60g Sumatra tank.)

She is that round because she’s a mature, eggy little lady. :) Hopefully with the new setup providing the correct conditions, someone in here will have some successful spawns! (It is a breeding group - 4 female, 2 male.)

Ashton + Lily's Apartment - Tuesday, 1pm

Lily was so busy at the table with her breakfast that she hadn’t noticed the person coming through the front door wasn’t Ashton. It was his twin, Ashley. The only difference between the two brothers were their hair and eye colors.

Not to mention Ashley actually owned more than just all black everything when it came to his wardrobe. Even though he was currently dawning a black and yellow outfit reminiscent to a bumblebee.

Nonetheless, it was a surprise to see him. The uncle to her children, he didn’t come around on a constant basis, but he made sure to keep a connection.

“Ashley, hi.”

“Hey, Lil.” He seemed off. Not as charismatic as he usually was. “How are you?

“I’m…alright. Listen, Lily, we need to talk.”

“Alright. What’s this about?”

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Bimbo’s Initiation. I noticed a lot of people comparing Fleischer Studios (creators of Bimbo, Koko the Clown, and Betty Boop) to Sillyvision.

Really, the worst here is the overabundance of butt slapping.  Now if you want to see how some people imagined how Joey and Henry treated Bendy and Boris, that’s the “Out of the Inkwell” series, which is where Mark Fleischer often mistreats Koko.

Yeah, Bumblebee won’t understand some parts because she keeps trying to use logic.

What… I need to go re-evaluate my life…

This is Brady. He is 8 months old and he’s the best pupper I’ve ever met. He’s quirky and odd, he has sad eyes and a little bit of separation anxiety. His hobbies include sleeping under the couch and chasing bumblebees. I love him and even though I left his house 6 hours ago I miss him already.