A big thank you to all of our wonderful clients! We had a blast today at the studio. 

Here’s another piercing our guest artist Sosa did today. 

Isabella picked out this adorable yellow gold bee from LeRoi for her helix piercing. It couldn’t look cuter!!

Thank you so much, Isabella! 

Cody and Sosa will be back at the studio tomorrow 11AM-8PM. 

Monterey, CA

Bumblebee loves his GCFA sweatshirt. It’s perfect for Friday movie night! We watched Judge Dredd.

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TFA jetstorm, jetfire, sentinel, bumblebee, and starscream who do you think would ask for advice from another human when dating a human s/o? who would just watch tv and go from there, and who wouldn't even bother and just wing it? hope this isn't too much!

No it’s fine!

Sentinel Prime TFA

He wings it, he’s too proud to ask for advice 

Bumblebee TFA

He would act like he was winging it but in reality he got all his advice from tv shows 

Starscream TFA

Of course the jet would wing it 

Jetfire TFA

He would ask Sentinel for advice, and be disappointed when he was scolded/ignored 

Jetstorm TFA 

Same tactic as above 

#11:  For My Ninth Birthday, I Got The Coolest Walkie Talkies Ever!

By: DoubleDoorBastard 

Length: Medium

My ninth birthday was the greatest. I got a transformers play set with Bumblebee and Megatron action figures, a really cool Optimus Prime cake that my mom made herself, and a pair of old walkie talkies that my dad said were his when he was a little boy.

“Sometimes, son,” he’d tell me with a pat on my little shoulder, “the old-fashioned toys are the greatest. You would not believe the fun I had with these when I was a kid, and now, I want you to have that fun too.”

I wasn’t sure about them at first, but I came around pretty quickly. Dad would always have one, and I’d have the other, and we’d talk to each other like we were the Autobots carrying out a secret mission.

“Bumblebee, this is Optimus,” he’d say to me. My dad already did a great Optimus Prime voice, but the crackly reception of the walkie talkies made him sound even better, “I think the Decepticons are planning an assault on the kitchen, they’re going to steal all you dinner.”

I gave a gasp of mock-fear, “Oh no! What can we do, Optimus?”

My dad chuckled down the line. He loved my Bumblebee voice.

“I think they’ve already began stealing the fish sticks, those fiends, but if you get in here fast, I think we can save the chocolate sundae from Starscream!”

“I’ll be down there at the speed of light, Optimus.”

Then we said, at the same time, “Autobots, roll out!”

It went from being just an okay gift to one of my favourite presents ever. We got hours of fun out of the walkie talkies, at home, in the park, and even at night time - if I got scared by some of the funny noises that come out of the basement sometimes, all I’d need to do is pick up the walkie talkie and press the button on the side, then I’d hear my dad become Optimus Prime, and I’d feel safe again.

But, two weeks after my birthday something really awful happened. My dad was having some rooms in the house soundproofed so mommy could practice playing her violin, and while all the work men were in the house my dad’s walkie talkie went missing. It had totally and completely vanished.

I cried for quite a while after, even though I’m a big boy. I just had so much fun goofing around with my dad on them, it made me really sad that we wouldn’t be able to have that fun again. He told me he’d buy me some new ones in future, but that didn’t make me feel any better then.

One day something weird happened, though. I was in my bedroom playing with the transformers play set that mom and dad had gotten me for my birthday, when I heard my walkie talkie beeping underneath the bed - the kind of beep it makes when someone is calling me on it.

I’d stashed the walkie talkie under the bed since dad’s went missing, but I quickly dropped Bumblebee and Megatron and grabbed it. I pressed the little receive button on the side of the walkie talkie and I heard the voice of a little girl, probably about my age, and she sounded really worried.

“Please… I need help… Come and help me.” She said. She sounded like a hurt puppy.

“What kind of help do you need?” I asked, feeling so nervous. I didn’t feel as much like Bumblebee then.

She kept doing these quiet sobs, like she was really badly hurt.

“The monster, he took my arm yesterday. He took my leg last week when I tried to run away.”

“How did you get my walkie talkie?”

“I don’t know. It’s so dark here, I’m so afraid. I want my mommy and daddy.”

Now I was getting really frightened.

“Where are you?” I asked.

“I don’t know, the monster took me from my house and put me here. He wears a white mask and he has a big knife. I think I’m going to die if I don’t get a doctor soon. Please hel-”

There was a creaking noise, like a door opening, and the walkie talkie stopped. She must have taken her finger off the button, you weren’t meant to do that.

I didn’t hear anything from the girl on the walkie talkie after that. It seemed like such a silly, mean joke, but I did keep the walkie talkie close to me just in case she called back. I felt really worried for her.

The week after that, the walkie talkie started beeping, and I pressed the receive button with a trembling finger.

“Bumblebee, this is Optimus,” my dad’s voice was full of happiness, “guess who just found your walkie talkie!”

I squealed in excitement. My dad was beaming when he walked into the bedroom, holding the walkie talkie proudly and giving it a few clicks just to make sure it was in tip-top shape. Of course, I ran over and hugged him.

“Where did you find it?” I asked.

“Oh,” he said, “it was just laying around in the basement. It must have fallen out of my pocket the last time I was down there, silly me.”

Giggling, I gave him a great, big hug while he hugged me back.

I have such a great dad.

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jay, what if I were to call you bumblebee...


okay so the transformers movies are, by and large, terrible– but they got me into the transformers fandom and i kind of have a soft spot for bumblebee and sam’s relationship in particular, so. i was thinking about it?

and it struck me that my favorite transformers (/any robot show tbh) trope is “robots vs organic child care” and somehow the two thoughts got merged in my head so

au where, years before tf1, optimus gets a priority message from bumblebee to the effect of “I’VE ACCIDENTALLY ABDUCTED ONE OF THE HUMAN PROTOFORMS, ????? AHHHH ??????”. after a few repeated requests for clarification it comes out that, in pursuit of the map to the allspark, the decepticon’s attacked a group of humans going under the surname “witwicky”. the adult humans didn’t, unfortunately, make it– but bumblebee got away with a pair of odd glasses and a sleeping two year old human in the back seat (*panicked beeping*). because the decepticon’s seem to assume human-child-sam-witwicky is some kind of accomplice or pet (they understand the concept of “children” even less then bumblebee, it seems) attempts to return the human to its kind have proven unsuccessful, and bumblebee is left with the toughest assignment in his wartime experience: raising a human child.

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I hate seeing people force their ships on others, I used to not ship snowbird, your blog is making me start shipping them (cause they would be so adorable) and to think people would be so mean as to basically tell you "what you think is wrong because I don't like it" is just appalling. You are amazing and this blog is amazing, if they don't ship it don't follow just to make those who do feel bad (sorry if this seems mean I'm just agitated to hear this is happening here too)

Nah you’re cool my Guy/Gal/bro/dude/man/whatever

I’m glad my blog is converting you to the snowbird/Qrowin ways.

but yea i get what you mean, i think what people want is they want the drama and the satisfaction that all their ships would get touched on.

Like A lot of my ships are low key shown through my blog (ozglyn, whiterose and bumblebee because im a basic bitch and a few others that will appear in the future) but i try not to put too much of em cause it is a snowbird blog
I think i referenced winter x ironwood ONCE as a joke, because i do ship that too, and i also ship ironwood with heartache, but i get soooo many asks every so often of people “so winter how do you think about qrow’s history with (charcter)” or “qrow do you get jealous when winter is with (character)”

like those kind of questions usually dont bother me but CLEARLY theyre usually ship based and im just “???? this is a snowbird blog, it should be obvious “

im rambling too much now but yes i agree it is appalling that people wanna just drop their ships on my blog, especially with the main pair lol.



I had coffee and a nap right after again, and I dreamed about playing a racing game on our old PS2 in our brother’ room, it was so realistic… even the smell of the room was right, the way we remember it, it would always kinda smell like lego in there bc he had a huge crate of lego under the bed

And then we dreamed about our mom telling us to go outside and stay outside and get fresh air and ‘smooch a bumblebee’ like that was a daily task or something, but it was too hot for us out there and our body already wasn’t coping but she wouldn’t let us in