An incredible find by Steve and Dave Mapes of Transformers At The Moon - from Sunbow studio tapes, deleted, never-before-heard dialogue from the Generation 1 pilot episode, “More than Meets the Eye, Part 1″! Listen out for extra dialogue throughout, including a completely deleted scene of Bumblebee and Wheeljack returning to Iacon and being greeted by Ratchet and Optimus Prime, as well as director Wally Burr!

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Could I request what each TFP autobots' favorite Disney movie is?

Transformers Prime Autobots

Optimus likes The Fox and the Hound!

Ratchet likes Mary Poppins!

Bumblebee likes Treasure Planet!

Bulkhead likes Brother Bear!

Wheeljack likes Atlantis: the Lost Empire!

Smokescreen likes Big Hero 6!

Arcee likes Tarzan!

Ultra Magnus likes Princess and the Frog!


The first reported retail sightings of Transformers: Classics came in around late September/early October 2006.

Happy 10th anniversary!

Transformers: Classics was a filler line, designed to bridge that gap between Transformers: Cybertron and the 2007 movie franchise.  Its popularity was unprecedented, and since then we’ve had a number of large heritage toylines, most recently Combiner Wars and Titans Return.

Classics’s 10th anniversary means a lot to me personally as well.  I was gifted Jetfire for my birthday in 2007.  He was my first toy as an adult collector, and the bug that bit me to complete the rest of the collection.  I remember sitting in an internet café in 2007 or 2008 getting excited over the then-upcoming Universe toy reveals.  An imported Henkei Megatron was one of the first things I ever ordered by myself over eBay.  I still have the order confirmation email from 2009 when I finally found Optimus and Grimlock.  I had the full roster of new molds (a mixed Classics and Henkei collection) before I ever had my own personal computer.  These are toys that saw me transition into adulthood.

Here’s to ten years more!


Thought you might like a dancing ‘Bee (for all of three seconds but STILL)

why is this even part of this video XD he never danced in AoE LMAo

Okay, I am feeling a little smug about this one. My son asked me for a Pokemon made out of some grey yarn he really liked the feel of. I asked if there were any grey Pokemon and he said, immediately, Minccino. I found exactly one Minccino crochet pattern on the whole Internet, and tbh I wasn’t that crazy about it, so…I made this up. Which I’ve only ever done before for the bumblebees (and the bumble-bis) that I made, and those are, let’s face it, really, really simple. 

THIS WASN’T. But I am quite pleased with how it turned out, and I am even more pleased to be able to show it off in a space where there are people who crochet AND people who know about Pokemon (and sometimes they’re the same people).

@mphelmsman9 @thursdayj @beautifullyheeled @bbcatemysoul @anyawen who else do I know who crochets?