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Tfp Optimus, Bumblebee, Ratchet, and Smokescreen with a s/o who really likes baking and brings cookies and stuff to the base?


  • He thinks humans are so interesting! He sometimes asks you about your baking, since there’s really nothing quite like it on Cybertron. He admires the skill that goes into it.
  • The smell of your cookies are wonderful to him, as well as calming. Sometimes he catches himself wondering what they would taste like…
  • It makes him smile to see how happy your baking makes everyone. He watches Jack, Raf, and Miko happily munching your cookies, seemingly without a care in the world. Even June and Agent Fowler seem calmer as the eat the sweets.


  • He’s a curious boy. What smells so good? What are they? You made them! What do they taste like? How do you make them?
  • He enjoys those baking shows and the aesthetic blogs with the fancy baked goods. Look at these huge extravagant treats! 
  • He looks at your cookies longingly. He wants a bite…


  • He’s not too interested, but he appreciates the scientific aspect of baking. The treats on Cybertron aren’t nearly as complicated. 
  • Sometimes he watches you baking if he has time. He especially likes to see ice and decorate.
  • He smells the food and sees everyone eating. He grumbles under his breath until he finally goes to refuel. Good, he needs it.


  • IS. AMAZED. Look at all the flavors! All the ways to make sweets! He wants some sooo bad. He wishes he could be human- but, like, temporarily. Maybe there’s a relic for that! He does relic research and keeps his hopes up.
  • He brags all the time about you. His s/o is the best baker in the world! They’ll be famous one day with their very own bakery!
  • “Ratchet, can we make energon cookies?” “No.” “Pleeeeeaaaassseeeee?” “Smokescreen, I said no.” “But-” “No.” 

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Could I please get a reaction of Bayverse Bumblebee (your boi!), Optimus Prime, and TFP Wheeljack see their bot S/O being so tired that they're nearly falling asleep wherever they are? If they lean against a wall they nearly fall over for closing their optics for only a second, or if they sit in a chair they get so comfortable and warm that they're optics began shutting down w'either they like it or not. BOI DO I NEED THE FLUFF.

its so fluffy im gonna die

Bumblebee, Optimus Prime (Bayverse), Wheeljack (TFP)

  • Bumblebee, upon seeing you about to topple over from where you stood, would let out a series of electronic shouts that sound a lot like “Woah, woah, woah!” He’s quick to catch you, but not after a moment of “WHAT IS HAPPENING,” on everyone’s part. If it happened again, Bee would activate his radio and play a snippet of a track that just says “Oh s**t!” The loud censor beep scares you back awake. Bee decides that if you’re just gonna fall over anyways, you may as well just stay on the ground… so that’s where he puts you. Hell, you guys weren’t doing anything anyways. He guides you out to a field and you lay in the grass together, his hand stroking your plating while you recharge.

  • Optimus Prime would not handle it quite the same way as Bumblebee would. He’d catch you, of course, but he’d then immediately drag you off somewhere private and quiet so that he can check you over. If everything comes up to his standards, he’ll lay you down in his lap and rub between armour seams until you fall into recharge right there. He keeps his engine idling low so that he can generate some heat to keep you comfortable, as well as promoting calmness with the deep rumbling noises. He stays there for as long as you need to sleep.

  • Wheeljack isn’t really the snuggly type, so when you first stumble over in your sleep, he grabs you rather unceremoniously by the arm to keep you from falling face first into the ground. He makes sure you’re alright before trusting you to walk on your own, although he’s not letting you stray too far this time. If there aren’t very many people around at all, then he’ll wrap and arm around your waist “for supportive measures.” Sure, Wheeljack. Overall, he does a pretty good job of keeping you awake until you’ve gotten somewhere where you’re safe to rest for a while.

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Comfort headcanon for the pairing of your choice.

Always bumblebee. 

Yang is the most warm and comforting fluff ever. After a while she knows exactly what Blake needs. Sometimes a cup of tea and cookies. Sometimes drowning her in cuddles and caresses. Holding her close, keeping her warm, while gently stroking her hair the way she loves it. Distracting her. Listening. Yang is always so aware of Blake’s mood and feelings, she puts them before herself. 

Yang often pushes her own feelings aside to make sure everyone else is fine. Blake will often just cuddle up to her, kiss her and ask her if she wants to talk about it. She’ll listen, she’ll be there. She’ll tell her it’s okay to talk about herself from time to time, that she has to, and that Blake wants to be there for her. 

the Power Rangers movie has a single reference to Bayverse when a yellow car gets crushed in the final battle. not only did I think BUMBLEBEE NO!!! right when they stepped on the car, five seconds later one of the main characters screamed I’M SORRY BUMBLEBEE. the main goal of the villain is located beneath a Krispy Kreme, and they are very aware of how ridiculous this is. and yes, they do play the theme song.

so 10/10, campy as hell, would see again.

  • Yang: This looks like this is it, Ruby. *Yang panted as she shot a few more in coming Grimm as she and Ruby are backed into a corner.*
  • Ruby: *Ruby slices through some Grimm and shots another.* Yeah. It looks like. But hey, we had a good run.
  • Yang: Hehe, Yeah... Just wish I could see Blake one more time.
  • Ruby: Yeah Same here for Weiss. *The sisters admitted as the Grimm grow closer when suddenly an airship flies in above them and guns down the Grimm.* WHOA!
  • Yang: What the!? Who is tha- *Yang Questioned when multiple fire Blakes land in front of them, exploding as they hit Grimm, causing her to smile happily as she looked up to see her girlfriend.*
  • Blake: YANG! WE'RE HERE!
  • Yang: God I love that woman.
  • Ruby: *Ruby smiles as well when a glow beneath them to find it a glyph and looks up to spot Weiss.* WEISS!
  • Weiss: RUBY! JUMP! BOTH OF YOU JUMP! *Weiss shouted as she and Blake reach out their hands, Ruby and Yang looking at each other before leaping up being launched by the glyph and grabbing their lovers hands. Once in each other's grasp they pulled that sisters aboard into an embrace, hugging them tightly.*
  • Ruby: YOU CAME BACK! *Ruby cheered, kissing Weiss on the cheek and they hugged.*
  • Weiss: OF COURSE I DID YOU DOLT! I'm not going to abandon my girlfriend!
  • Blake: *Meanwhile with Yang and Blake, Blake begins to smother Yang with kisses saying.* Never! *kiss* Scare! *kiss* Me! *kiss* Like that! *kiss* Ever again! *Kiss*
  • Yang: Hehehe, If I get kisses like this. *Yang started pulling Blake in for a deeper kiss.* Then I may not be able to make that promise. *And with that Yang received a arm slap.* Ow! Kidding!
  • Weiss: Lets save the full reunion for later! Get out of here! *Weiss shouted to the pilot cabin, Ruby, Yang, and Blake holding back a giggle as Weiss hold Ruby even tight.*
  • Ruby: *Not a moment later, The airship quickly flew out high into the sky, barely escaping a few Grimm that tempted to jump about. Letting the four girls relax and let out a sigh of relief.* That was a close one.
  • Yang: No kidding. It's a good thing you guys got this airship working again.
  • Weiss: Well I'm just surprised your uncle knew how to fly one.
  • Qrow: Fly what? *Qrow asked and he came up from the engine room. All four girls staring at him with wide eyes then at the pilot cabin and then back at him.* ... What? I was putting the last of the dust in the fuel tank.
  • Weiss: Wait... How are... When you are...
  • Blake: If you're here, then who is flying the airship? *Blake question before all five of them look towards the closed pilot cabin.*
  • Ruby/Yang: *It was then Ruby and Yang both got up and slowly walked to the cabin door and opened it to look inside. WHat they saw made the sister's jaws drop before muttered together.* You got to be shitting me.
  • Rex: *Rex the Raptor wearing a pilot hat turned looking back at them.* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_bSEfx6D8mA