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Human s/o was playing truth or dare with Miko, Raf, and Jack. Miko asked them truth or dare and they chose truth. She asked "Do they think the bots deserve them?", thinking she'll get a sarcastic answer. Instead, they said "No, s/he doesn't. They deserve so much more and I'm nowhere good enough."with bittersweet smile. What they didn't know is that the bots overheard this. How does our beloved Team Prime react?

(I’m not dead, guys I promise,

I’m just dead inside. (× ×) )


  • Wide eyes that turn to a cute and smol smile. 
  • He won’t do anything now, but he will try to show a bit more appreciation of you being there for him.


  • No outward reaction, but maybe his frown grows deeper.
  • Over the time period of being with you, and the other kids, it’s not the size, it’s the mind.
  • And despite thinking this, he won’t admit it or that you’re bigger than him.


  • “Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-” he runs in.
  • “-eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-” he picks you up.
  • “-eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-” he covers you both with a huge fluffy blanket.
  • “-eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!” cuddling and movies.
  • Now.


  • She’d go out somewhere the second she heard it.
  • The next time you’re alone with her she’d hold you close and say you’re more than enough for her.


  • He’d be taken back. Yeah, he’s a big bot, but he doesn’t believe he deserves anything.
  • You’re a great s/o and he’s perfectly happy to have you as you are!


  • “I’m standing right here!” he’d holler. 
  • “And you’re more than enough for me, I think you have it backward.” he’d say, uncrossing his arms and walking over to pick you up and steal you away from your game of truth or dare. ;)


  • When you say it he’d freeze and then rush towards you.
  • “H-hey! Not true!!” 
  • he’d then go on about how great of an s/o you are.

Ultra Magnus

  • B L U S H.
  • He never thought about if you felt worthy enough in the relationship.
  • After this, he’d try to bring you out places more and make you feel a bit more comfortable.

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A mother daughter day Blake and Yin going to the library or Yang taking her to the beach

Why not both? 

Blake: And then the princess and her dragon knight lived happily ever after. The end. *Blake read as she closed the book that she and Yin read before looked down to her daughter.* Did you enjoy the story honey?

Yin: *Yin looked up with a smile and sparkles in her eyes.* Mhmm. It was like hearing about you and mama.

Blake: Hahaha, it does sound like my and mama doesn’t. *Blake laught she picked up yin from her lap and stood up from the chair while looking at watch.* Speaking of mama. It’s about time we get ready to go meet her outside to go to the beach. 

Yin: *Yin gasped with excitementbefore getting an idea.* Mommy can I get some books to bring with us? 

Blake:  Okay sweetie but remember you can only rent out two books at a time. *Blake told her daughter then watched her zip away in a blink of an eye for quickly returning with two books in hand. Then as her daughter gave her the two books Blake looked at the titles and raised an eyebrow.* Uh. Are you sure you want these two?

Yin: Yes.

Blake: Alright. Let’s not keep Yang waiting. *Blake shrugged before taking the little cat Faunus’s hands and walked to the front of the  Library to check out the two books. *

~later at the beach~

Yang: Alright Tiger! Here comes the big one! Are you ready!? *Yang smirked as  she hold her daughters legs who sat on her shoulders watching as a wave came towards them.*

Yin: Ready captain! *Yin said, adjusting her goggles and arm floaties*

Yang: Here we go! Dive dive dive! *Yang smiled with her daughter as her and Yin went underneath the water just as the wave passed over them pulling them both back up so that as the water lowered around them Yang still stood on her feet. Once resurfaced both mother and daughter laughed happily before a second wave knocked Yang back  causing her to fall as her daughter back to short while riding the wave*

Yin: Hehehe, Lets do that again. *Yin smiled as she sat on the edge of the shore, watching her mama body surf a wave in before getting onto her feet and walking up to her daughter and picking her up, ready to take her back out when Blake called out to them.*

Blake: Yang! Yin!  Time to put on more sunscreen! 

Yang/Yin: Aaaaaw. *Yin and Yang playful groaned before Yang catcher Yin back to their Beach chairs and blanket.*

Blake: So are you two having fun? *Blake asked her love and her daughter.*

Yin: Yes. I saw some fishies. *Yin smiled.*

Yang:  oh yeah! This was a great idea, Blakey. *Yang smiled giving Blake a kiss as she finished putting on Yin.*

Blake: Of course. *Blaked smiled back, Giving her wife a kiss before turning to Yin.* So what would you like to do now sweetie? Go back in the ocean?

Yin: Nope.

Yang/Blake: Nope?

Yin: Nope. *Yin shook her head and she reached for her bag to pull out the two books she rented from the library and showed them to her moms.* I want to do this.

Yang: *Yang took the books, reading the covers and backs of them.* Are you sure tiger? *She asked, seeing her daughter nod before standing up taking a few steps away from the towel and smiled as she activating semblance.* Okay Tiger. One epic sand castle coming up!


Blake: What a beautiful View.

Yang: It sure is. *Yang agreed as she looked at the setting sun.*

Blake: So is the sunset. *Blake added, smiled when Yang looked at her and blushed.* Love you Yang.

Yang: Love you too Blakey. *Yang said, Kissing her wife’s hand before looking back.* I think it’s time we headed back.

Blake: *Looking back as well and smiling at the site on their little girl sleeping on her sand throne wearing a glass crown  decorated with seashells.* I guess so. Besides, the tide coming in and being on a two-story Sandcastle may be a little dangerous.

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(Not a request!) So I was watching my sisters (they're like 13&14 yrs younger) and we're were watching Lion King and I was thinking about a Lion King AU for transformers and obviously Megatron is Scar and I was like??? Is Optimus Mufasa or Simba??? But anyways I was thinking, if Optimus is Mufasa does that mean Bumblebee is Simba (sorry this is dumb I just imagined Timon and Pumba as Bulkhead and Wheeljack)

I agree with all of this!  <3 <3 <3


Shizi (on Yang’s back): NO!! Untill I got MY weapon. I will PULL YOUR HAIR.

Yang: (groan) Blake! Please!

Blake: Shi…Stop before your mom get angry.

Shizi: You mean YANGRY?

Umbra: Mama,when will we get home?

I start a project on RWBY family AU. XD I will give more detail in future.


A whole buncha G1 stickers, my friends!

These will be available at the table I share with the endlessly wonderful, sweetest @larrydraws at TFNation in the Forge! :D Come ‘n say hi!




Arryn is such a pure woman okay, and fuckin.



Black Superheroines (Commission)
Nubia, Darla (Marvel Family), Star Sapphire (Fatality), Bumblebee, Storm, Spectrum, Crimson Avenger, Ladyhawk, Empress, Vixen, Silhouette, Lightning and Thunder.

(Note: The characters depicted are picked by the person who ordered the commission and not meant to be “every black superheroine in comics”)