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What do you think would happen if Team RWBY went skating? (Skateboards, Ice Skating, Rollers, whatever you like most)

Ice skating short arriving now!!

Ruby: are you sure this is a good idea?

Weiss: absolutely! It’s good for your stance and also *weiss grabs Ruby hand* I’ll help you

Ruby: *blushes* o-ok….

Yang: Awww look at my lil Rubles go!! I’m so proud of her!!

Blake: why did you insist on bringing me here….I don’t like staking

Yang: because it’s fun! *yang holding both hands of blake begins to spin around* WEeeee!!!

Blake: OH my god YANG STO-*before they could to anything they both fall down, with yang on top of Blake face to face*

Yang: HI Kitty cat! *yangs gives blake a playful kiss on the nose*

Blake: *blushes* Not in public Yang!

Yang: Awww we have done way worst in public like that time we f-*before she could continue Blake goes on top of her and screams*



Bumblebee: Adventures With Kitten

Yang walked down the hallways of beacon with her sassiest walk ever, pretty much doing it to annoy Blake. The kitty always got embarrassed when she did it, and that faint shade of pinky red blush that appears on the girls face always made Yang smile. She spotted Ruby and Weiss and pranced her way over to them, embarrassing Blake even more.

“Hey. Oh…uh Yang what’s with the strut?” Weiss asked looking at her skeptically.

“Can’t I just choose to be my sexy self,” she answered winking at Blake, who buried her face in her hands.

“That’s my sis! Hey don’t be late for Obleck’s class, he’ll make you do extra work!” Ruby told them before walking off to class with Weiss. She honestly didn’t feel up to going to class today, but the adventure calls to her. So…why not have an adventure. She grabbed Blake and ran to the class which awaited them, making the girl yell at her to slow down. Once they got there she sat in the back of the class, Blake choosing the sit one row in front of her. This would be fun.

“So class today we will be studying the difference in Grimm activities between Atlas and Vale. Please…” he went on for too long, Yang ruffled her blonde locks before looking forward at Blake, who was immersed in her erotic novel. A novel which she thought no one knew about, but Yang had found it the day they’d started sharing a room. As the professor went on she looked closer and closer at Blake, and her mind thought up all sorts of things. One just good enough to act upon. Carefully and gently she started to stroke the faunus’s kitten ears, the sensation obviously registering with the black haired mystery. Blake snapped her head back, a dark shade of red coving her face, and shot her a nasty look.

“Yang..” she whispered so that no one would here the slight enjoyment she got out of this. Yang kept going, petting Blake’s ears more and more, focusing on the tips of them before heading to the base. She loved seeing Blake so embarrassed, which some people would say is cruel, but she didn’t mind being a bit cruel once and a while. Blake purred which was a first, the sound bringing shock to even her. She moved to behind her ears, a more sensitive spot indeed judging from the reaction it held. Blake gasped making heads turn to the both of them.

“Are you alright Miss. Belladonna?” Obleck asked.

“Yes, I’m fine sir.” He went back to his story and quickly Blake looked back at her and glared.

“Yang, not here.” Blake turned away before she could get the chance to rebuttal the statement. Thinking quick on her toes Yang leaned in to Blake’s side and whispered so quietly no one but Blake would hear.

“Then later, kitten?” She added a purr to the end making Blake breath in awkwardly. When Yang got a chance to see her face the answer was clear as day, the blush almost red as a rose. She laughed and nibbled the girl’s ear before going back to ignoring class. Leaving Blake to hold back her purring.

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Good evening, my Queen! May I have some TFP Bee, Optimus, Soundwave, and Knockout reactions to seeing their human s/o sleeping in a self-made cocoon of pillows? Thank you ~♡

omfg i live for beds

Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, Soundwave, Knockout (TFP)

  • Bumblebee would screech with vocal feedback at how fragging precious you look, all bundled up in softness and swaddled like a baby in comfort. He’d have a hard time leaving you, and ultimately ends up joining you instead, curling around your entire cocoon of warmth and letting his engine rumble and whir away. 

  • Optimus would stand in the doorway and gaze at you with a longing look in his optics, as if he were reminiscing having his own cocoon of pillows and blankets to sleep in. He silently walks over beside you and plants a gentle kiss on your cheek, stroking your hair with one finger before moving away and out of your room as not to disturb you any longer.

  • Soundwave, normally so conscious to be stoic, would noticeably relax at the simple sight of you so snuggled up in pillows. He’d walk to you and sit beside you, letting his tendrils delicately trace lines up and down your body while you sleep. He’s careful not to get too carried away, however, and will do anything he can just to stay close to you all night.

  • Knockout would immediately want to try that as well, piling up huge mounds of pillows and plush blankets to make a cocoon big enough to hold him. He picks up your cocoon and places it beside him inside his own pile, and then lays down around you and falls asleep nearly immediately, with a goofy, blissed-out grin plastered on his faceplates.
That moment when...

You have the realization that you were, are, and will always be RWBY trash. 

I can’t help myself. I am also ARKOS trash, WHITEROSE trash, BUMBLEBEE trash, as well as RENORA trash. 


(*Also Pyrrha is fine. EVERYTHING is FINE!) 

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Knock Out?

How I feel about this character


All the people I ship romantically with this character

Knock Out x Breakdown, I ship it and I ship it hard.  Anywhere in the continental US, three day delivery. I have no idea what I’m typing right now.

I’m also a fan of Knock Out x Starscream, as a kind of fling.  Nothing long term though, more like “well, we’ve made a bunch of other decisions that will end in tears, what’s one more?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯”

Also Knock Out x Bumblebee, post-Predacons Rising.  

My non-romantic OTP for this character

Also Bumblebee.  I think he’s actually a much better bro for Knock Out than a love interest.

Miko too.  Because while all the other Autobots would be like “Noooo Miko, don’t do the dangerous thing”, Knock Out would be like “It’s your fleshy body that’s at risk, if you’re okay with putting it in danger then what do I care?”

My unpopular opinion about this character

I think he loved Breakdown very much, but also cheated on him a lot.  Breakdown would inevitably find out and beat the crap out of whoever Knock Out had been boinking.  Which was exactly what Knock Out wanted because he saw the jealousy as proof of Breakdown’s love, which probably didn’t get verbalized a lot because Decepticons. 

One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon.

Mostly I am just praying that the 2015 RID writers don’t screw him up too much if they ever include him in the show.  (Aside from the Easter egg in the impound lot, which I thought was cute.)

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Can we get some Bayverse bots reacting to their human s/o getting road rage while out driving with them? Like yelling at other drivers saying things like "What are you dooiiinnggg?!?!" or "Nice turn signal asshole!" Love ya Peach! <3

Aw, love you too!! <3 <3 <3 
Sorry it took me forever to get to this!

Optimus Prime TF Bay-verse 

He would be pretty confused

He understands that humans are notoriously bad drivers, but he still thinks a chill pill is order

Honestly Optimus Prime saying “Human, you need to take a chill pill” is too funny to me 

Bumblebee TF Bay-verse 

He would probably think it was funny 

He thinks it’s rude when people cut him off and he hates it, but seeing you flip out like that just makes him laugh

Ironhide TF Bay-verse 

He’s pretty much the same way, and is shouting along with you 

He would think it was funny how mad you got, like “yes that’s my s/o kick their ass baby”

Crosshairs TF Bay-verse 

He would chase down whoever cut him off so the situation would be less him telling you to chill, and more you telling him to chill 

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Why do you call everyone carninsts who aren't vegans? People can disagree with your opinions? I looked through your account in curiosity and you are a prime example of one of the reason everyone hates vegans. If people don't want to be vegan they don't have to, so you don't need to criticize people who aren't. :)

I don’t call all non-vegans carnists, those are not the same types of people. And yes, people have to be vegan, aka people have to prioritize someone’s freedom and life over their personal pleasure. And if they don’t, it should be enforced, because someone’s right to live is more important than your right to dress up as a bumblebee and go around shooting people because mommy never said no to you and now you think everyone’s allowed to do anything regardless of who gets hurt. 

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bumblebee for that ask meme :D!

I’m assuming TFP Bumblebee; if not let me know. :)

How l feel about this character

I have mixed feelings about TFP Bumblebee.  On the one hand, I dig his design.  On the other hand, it was annoying how often Raf or one of the bots would repeat what he just said for the sake of the viewer. “WHAT’S THAT, Bumblebee?  You want to go on the mission too?”  Couldn’t they have just done subtitles …?

On the third hand, who decided that freaky face was kid-friendly?  I mean I love it, but those optics are the stuff of nightmares.

I do feel that he had a lot of potential and some great moments.  I liked him the best when he was hot-headed and reckless–storming MECH’s base to get back his t-cog, trying to race Knock Out in that old truck, and so on.  OH–and reacting to that one car commercial.  Poor Bumblebee.

All the people I ship romantically with this character

Bumblebee x Smokescreen - not something I’ve given a lot of thought to, but I think they would complement each other well.

Bumblebee x Knock Out - Post Predacons Rising. An awkward “are we dating or not? I am not going to be the first one to ask, so I guess we’ll just … keep doing this, I guess” situation.

My non-romantic OTP for this character

Knock Out. Smokescreen. Wheeljack.  This guy loves hanging with other sports cars.

My unpopular opinion about this character

He really annoyed me in Predacons Rising.  “Hi, I’m Bumblebee!  I’m suddenly leader material, after never having done anything leader-like in the entiiiire series!”  Ugh.  And he just came across as so smug.

I also did not like the voice they went with for him.

But, an unpopular opinion on the positive side of things, I thought it was brilliant having him stab Megatron instead of Optimus.  And I found his death truly moving, even if he did recover from it a couple minutes later. ;)

One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon.

I wish they’d used him more as a character in his own right, less connected with the kids.

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Hello there, you run a really cute blog :) I was wondering if you could do a head cannon on how the RID2015 Bumblebee, Grimlock, Strongarm, Jetfire and Slipstream react to their S/O eating something they're allergic to to see if they're still allergic to it. My little brother recently did this while he was alone at the house for some reason. Good news he wasn't allergic to peanuts anymore, but yeah it was not something I wanted to hear him say he did. Thanks for your time and cute entertainment.

Oh gosh I would have freaked out, my family actually dubbed me the food police cos I’m always worried I’ll eat something that will make me sick lmao. And thank you! 
Also nobody actually try this please, there will not be a robot or resident junk yard dad to take you to the hospital

Bumblebee RID2015


If you ended up being fine he would still scold you firmly, since that was a pretty stupid thing to do

Grimlock RID2015

He wouldn’t realize what you did unless you told him. 

“Hey Grim”
“I just ate (insert said food here)”

He would get Denny to race you to the hospital, since he can’t really get you there himself 

Strongarm RID2015


She’s even worse than Bee, she would immediately drive you to the hospital with Denny and wouldn’t take you home until she was sure you were fine

She would watch what you ate like a hawk after that 

Slipstream and Jetstrom RID2015

“Oh, y/n that looks good, what is it?”
“Oh it’s (insert food here)”
“It looks delicious!”
“Yeah it is…I’m actually allergic, did you know?”
“Oh no, we didn’t-WAIT WHAT”

Both of them are running in circles screaming, because they’re positive you’re gonna die. They get Denny to take you to the hospital, and might cry a little in the process

Once you’re back they make sure you don’t get near that food again, no matter what your reaction was