Magical Law Enforcement (RWBY AU Snippet)

Yang walked into the tavern like she owned it. Well, for all intents and purposes, she did. Her soldiers had surrounded the building, and she was marching in to apprehend the criminals herself. Renegade mages were such a hassle to deal with, and part of her sincerely hoped they would surrender to save her some paperwork. Another part of her, however, wanted them to fight. After all of the trouble they’d caused, setting them on fire or cracking their skulls would definitely improved her mood.

The renegade mages were still clustered around their table when Yang blew the doors of the tavern open. Startled patrons and workers rushed out the instant they laid eyes on her. They all knew that this was likely to end in a fight, and she was famous for property damage.

“By order of her Royal Highness, Princess Weiss Schnee of Atlas, you are hereby ordered to surrender yourselves into my custody. Failure to comply will result in your arrest by any means necessary, up to and including death.” Yang smiled toothily. “So… what’ll it be?”

Their answer came in the form of a flurry of movement. One of the mages immediately lobbed a ball of fire at her. She activated her gauntlets and brushed the attack aside, absorbing the majority of the magic into her weapon to reduce the attack to little more than a ball of sparks that fizzled harmlessly against the far wall. 

In that same instant, the other two renegades darted in opposite directions in a bid to split her attention between them. She chose to turn toward the one gathering lightning in his hands. As someone whose arms were covered in metal and whose body was likewise adorned with a reasonable amount of metal armour, lightning was not something she was looking forward too. 

The air ripped and tore, and a jagged fork of electricity crackled toward her. Yang channeled her magic through the seals inscribed onto her gauntlets, and activated one of several defensive spells built into them. A radiant barrier of light rippled into existence in front of her. The lightning hit the barrier, and a brilliant blue glow filled the air as the barrier strained to withstand the attack.

Yang snarled. He was strong. His attack hadn’t managed to break through the barrier, but her hair was standing on end. She fired off a cloud of fire to keep him occupied and then turned to meet the attack that she knew would be aimed at her back. The renegade’s dagger skittered off her gauntlets, and she saw the eerie, black and green glow of corruption magic. Interesting. A single touch from a weapon imbued with powerful corruption magic could be incredibly deadly, even for someone like her who was naturally resistant to most forms of magical attack.

As her opponent struggled to get his balance back, Yang grabbed his arm with one hand and then drew her other arm back. Magic bloomed to life around her gauntlet, an intricate matrix of heat and concussive force. The resulting punch shattered his magical resistance and left him a bruised and smoking heap on the other side of the room. 

She caught sight of something hurtling toward her from the corner of her eye. It was the table the renegades had been eating at. She braced herself and punched it out of the air, only to be greeted by a hand wreathed in flame hot enough to melt steel. She jerked back, and the attack singed the edge of her yellow cloak. 

Yang grinned. It was a good idea. The renegade must have noticed that her fire magic was stronger than his. Trying to overwhelm her with fireballs or bursts of heat wasn’t likely to work. But concentrating as much of his magic as he could into a single attack had a much higher probability of success - provided he could hit her.

She replied with a punch of her own, knocking him back, and then followed up with a hook to the jaw and then an uppercut that drove him into the ceiling. The ceiling cracked, and he thudded off it before toppling back onto the ground. Even so, he had managed to succeed at something: he’d given his ally, the one with lightning magic, an opening.

The lightning-wielding mage leapt at her back, a sword of pure electricity held in his hands. Even if she deployed one of her defensive spells, he was certain he would be able to cut through it and wound her, maybe even kill her. Well, that was the idea.

Yang’s shadow quivered, and the renegade was suddenly suspended in mid-air, ribbons of liquid darkness holding him aloft. A tenebrous mist rose from Yang’s shadow, and the last thing the renegade saw before a stout blow to the head rendered him unconscious was a pair of amber eyes.

“Seriously?” Yang grumbled as stillness fell over the tavern. “I could have handled that, Blake.”

The tendrils of shadow moved, twining around Yang’s body and forming an intricate symbol that stretched across her face and down past her collarbone, chest, and belly before expanding to cover her arms and legs. The dark mist took on a more solid, humanoid form with cat ears, and a chin came to rest on Yang’s shoulder.

“I doubt it.” Blake made a sound that was almost a growl. “He would have put a nice hole in your back, Yang. You should be glad I helped, especially since you know I don’t like coming out in the middle of the day.” 

“Yeah, yeah.” Yang sighed. “You Shadow Folk can be so picky.”

The intricate symbol began to fade, and Blake wrapped one arm around Yang’s middle before pressing her lips to the blonde’s cheek. “Be glad I picked you. Otherwise, you’d be bleeding to death on the floor.”

And then Blake was gone, retreating back into Yang’s shadow until she was needed again. Yang rolled her eyes. Blake could be so melodramatic. Oh well. Yang would have to wait until later in the afternoon before calling Blake out again. Her… partner was never happy when Yang decided to pick fights during the middle of the day when Blake’s powers were not at their strongest. 

“All right,” she shouted to the soldiers she’d stationed outside. “You guys can come in and arrest them. And for the love of Dust, make sure you put some suppressors on them. They’re not half bad at fighting.”

Rwbabies christmas snippets: Bumblebabies

(so yeah im doing this with all the kids, rip me. They will get out when im done and not all will be ‘christmas’ per say but still? Also i sort of gave the fuck up with this one cause i tried like 3 different story ideas, i was done).

With a flick of her wrist, Yang hits the egg in her hand against the metal bowl. A thin crack spreads around the shell. Carefully, Yang squeezes her fingers into a gap and opens the egg up all the way, freeing the yolk inside. She then gently throws the remnants into the trashcan sitting by her legs.

“Here you go, Cali-Cat Make sure it gets all mixed in,” Yang tells her youngest daughter.

The seven year old child who sits on the counter happily takes the bowl from her mother, her tail twitching a little as wraps one arm around it. Akiko right away stirs the cookie batter around. Yang grins as she watches her girl stir. Her attention then is drawn towards one of her other child. Heather stands on a stool with her sleeves rolled up her arms and her dark hair tied back into a ponytail. Cookie dough covers her face, arms, and shirt. Her tongue even sticks out of her mouth as she forms the batter into different shapes with the cookie cutters in her hands.

Yang walks closer to Heather. She ruffles up the young girl’s hair before looking at what is on the cookie sheets. Gingerbread men, Christmas trees, and candy canes all rest and wait to be baked in neat rows. “Nice job, Hezzy. Do you mind watching Akiko for a moment while I got check on your Mommy and your older sisters?”

Heather only gives a small nod, not taking her violet eyes off of her creations. Yang leaves her young daughters and walks into the living room where the rest of her family is. She pokes her head in the opening of the door way to see what everyone is up to.

Her wife is helping out their eldest daughter hang up the stockings over the fireplace. Blake is busy putting nails into the frame while Lian is digging through the box near her mother. The blonde hair child pulls six colorful Christmas stockings out. The two each take three and hang them up.

Turning her head, she finds her last daughter, Lian’s twin sister Yue, pass out on the couch. Her face is buried in a pillow. The near solid black cat ears on top of her head flick around as she sleeps. Yang rolls her eyes and gives a little sigh.  Always loving those naps.

“Hi, Mama!” Lian says when she spots her other mother.

“Hey, Li,” Yang walks the rest of the way into the living room. She walks up to Blake, giving her a peck on the cheek. Yang then wraps her arms around Blake’s waist, holding her close. “How are you two doing? I see Yue is just fine.”

“We are doing well. Just relaxing really,” Blake answers.

“Good.” Yang gives her another kiss before letting go. She is about to head back into the kitchen, not wanting to leave her young daughters alone in the kitchen for long, when she spots a red Santa hat on top of the fireplace. Yang snags it and looks at Lian, who has her back turned to her mother. Quickly, she places it on her daughter’s head. Lian gasps and jumps, her almost pure golden tail puffs up in her fright. She is quick to spin on her heels and give the same eyed glare as Blake.

“Be nice, Yang,” Blake tells her wife. She can’t help, however, chuckle a little at the sight of Lian staring down her laughing mother. Once Yang has recomposed herself, she walks back into the kitchen.

When Yang gets inside, she finds that Heather and Akiko are now standing together. The younger of the sisters multi colored ears are pinned on her head, her odd eyes staying on her mother as she slowly pulls the spoon she had use to stir out of her mouth. Heather also has a look of surprised on her face. Akiko slaps the spoon on the table.

“You guys save any for me?” Yang grins. Both Heather and Akiko sigh in relief. Yang walks over and looks at the now almost empty bowl. She takes a glop on one her finger and licks it off. With the help of her daughters, the trio places the trays inside the oven. Yang shuts the oven door and sets a timer on stove.

Before the three head back into the living room, they quickly clean up the mess they have made. Once all set and ready, they join the rest of their family. Akiko runs head of her mother and sister and goes straight for the couch, jumping on Yue. The older girl gasps, her bright red eyes wide as she turns around to see who as awoken her. Once she realizes it is only her sister, Yue knocks her off.

“Did you have to wake me? I was in the middle of a nice dream,” Yue tells Akiko.

“I couldn’t resist,” Akiko grins.

Yue only sighs before standing up to join her twin in hanging up other decorations. Yang nudges for Heather and Akiko to join their sisters before taking a seat on the couch. Blake joins her wife. She tucks her legs under her before laying her head on Yang’s shoulder. Yang starts to laugh when she sees her girls start to bicker a bit as they go to hang more things up.

“I so didn’t miss them fighting when I was on my mission. But I did miss all of you guys. I’m glad that to be back,” Yang says.

“Same. I’m happy that it was shorter than expected and you got home before Christmas. You’re the best present. I love you, Yang.”

“I love you too, Blakey.


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