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Tony has to stay awake for a very long time for some reason, and when he finally is allowed to rest, he physically can't, so the rest of the Avengers (but especially Steve) take care of him until he can.

With two hours to deadline, Tony finally managed to unsnag the last line of code and send it through. A new smart AI bot, one designed for searching and detonating IEDs so soldiers wouldn’t have to, whirred to life and aimed its tiny periscope cam at him inquisitively, awaiting input. The right mix of AI–not so sophisticated that army programmers could turn it into an offensive weapon, but not so improbably slow that it failed to do its job. Three iterations ago it’d tried to bring the dummy bomb to Tony, and that was clearly a no go, so he’d started the code from the bottom up and programmed until the edges of his vision went blurry. It needed testing. Testing.

“Find,” Tony grunted and the bot happily rolled off to the mock test range. “Not perfect,” Tony murmured, slumping down against the table to watch. “Just functional. Just need you to do your job. Can tweak later.” It’s little treads bumbled across sand and rocks, grinding a little in a way that, just for a moment, sent Tony back five years in time. His fingers clenched compulsively at the table before he forced himself to let go.

In the sandbox, the little bot scanned back and forth with infrared and ground-penetrating sonar and blessedly, beautifully, it located the payload. The shovel arm activated and started digging. Tony nearly wept.

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Bumblebee Agate skull  - Java

Bumblebee Agate (sometimes called Bumblebee Jasper) has been known only since the late 1990s and has been found only on the Indonesian island of Java. It is not really agate or jasper but a mix of minerals in a matrix of a volcanic material mined from sulfur vents. It is composed of anhydrite (gypsum), sulfur and hematite in a matrix of volcanic tuff (welded ash). It may also contain plumose calcite and ilmenite.

🎶Apple bottom jeans~🎶

Anyway, AJ came out alot faster then I expected.

Rainbow Dash: http://bumblebunn.tumblr.com/post/98274370322/done-d-3

Rarity: http://bumblebunn.tumblr.com/post/99530816677/we-can-sew-it-my-human-rarity-she-was-so-much

Pinkie Pie :Coming soon

Fluttershy: Soon

Twilight Sparkle: At some point.

Who could this daring duo be? Perhaps forbidden lovers?

Jiffy Nicket and Crumbs-A-Bumble, a pair of jewel thieves who seek the ultimate thrill. both were born aboard a spacefaring zeppelin designed to support a modest population, secondary to its main objective of orbiting Clownworld 4 and using its advanced zero-gravity gardens to grow/mass-export the species of giant daisy that can squirt seltzer, harvested to near-extinction on most planets for its use in boutonniere gags. Jiffy was the daughter of a simple pruner/maintenance worker, while Crumbs was the child of the vessel’s captain, who lavished all his affection on the collection of lunar gems he considered his only vice. as teenaged ruffians the two of them dared each other to sample a few of Crumbs-A-Bumble Senior’s precious rocks, and decided that from then on they would eat nothing else. all lunargem-enthusiasts have since learned to fear them. throughout all their adventures, Jiffy has restrained herself from confessing her longstanding love for her partner in crime. neither of them believe in getting serious about anything and she doesnt want to betray their shared philosophy and/or cramp their styles. faction: Gourmands

We can sew it!

My human Rarity! She was so much fun to draw. I originally had about 3 outfits sketched out for her.

Rainbow Dash: http://bumblebunn.tumblr.com/post/98274370322/done-d-3

Apple Jack: http://bumblebunn.tumblr.com/post/99888199037/apple-bottom-jeans-anyway-aj-came-out-alot

Pinkie Pie :Coming soon

Fluttershy: Soon

Twilight Sparkle: At some point.

My mom and I are in the process of making this. It’s going to take a long time since the log was just cut and needs to dry out, but it’s going to be a great thing to have what the little ones are outside to play!