bumble and bumbl

anonymous asked:

how do you style your hair and make it all wavy? what's your routine? it's perrrfect.

Ahhh, thanks! :D 

If it’s truly curled in a photo, that means it’s post blow-out, like I’ve just had it done, but if it’s just my regular hair, I don’t wash it every day, so it’s that, plus a combination of Bumble and bumble surf spray post-when I do wash it, and Bumble and bumble Pret-a-Powder dry shampoo in between for texture/lift, plus it’s short, I always just air-dry it, and I mess it up with my hands a lot, so it’s literally the most low maintenance thing I could find without a pixie cut, so I guess my advice is just give up, and if it’s not a Natural Color and the rest of your ~aesthetic matches it, it looks like you have a Look tm.

Bee themed Asks🐝
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