With same-sex couples, either person has 24 hours to send a message.

Whitney Wolfe, co-founder and former employee of Tinder, is the founder and CEO of Bumble. She says the rule isn’t just to give women more power, but to also keep the space safe for them.

“We want to encourage kindness and online accountability. If you send a [rude] photo, you are watermarked. If you send something hurtful, you will forever be stamped. We want people to treat others with respect.”


Something awesome is afoot in the town of Allouez, Wisconsin. Residents have been spotting Bumble, the Abominable Snow Monster of the North from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, taking a fluffy white poodle for walks on a leash. Or rather, it’s someone dressed in an impressive Bumble costume, which is still pretty awesome as far as we’re concerned.

As reports of the mysterious sightings rolled in, Wisconsin’s Fox 11 News got on the case and managed to track down and speak with Bumble and her poodle, whose name is Blizzard. When a reporter asked Bumble, “Why are you walking around with your dog dressed as a character from a children’s program?”, she replied in a delightfully gruff Bumble voice: “Bring joy, happiness.”

“While Bumble gives out plenty of waves, and some hugs, she doesn’t have a lot to say. However, she did leave us with one lasting message. “Love all, care about all, beyond holidays,” said Bumble.

We are honoring Bumble’s request to not reveal who she really is. As for Blizzard the poodle, it’s a show dog that normally goes by Andy when it’s not out walking with Bumble.”

But don’t just take our word for it, treat yourself to a bit of wonderfully weird holiday delight by watching the actual news video clip here.

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No two blow dries are created equal.

If you’re like us, the New Year means you’ve got a litany of self-improvement goals to tackle STAT. Your list is so long, you may find yourself too overwhelmed to keep your hair looking fly with regular blowouts. Before you resign to embark on your month-long juice cleanse journey wearing a perma-topknot, read these DIY FYIs by a Bumble and bumble blow dry pro. BECKY PEDERSON

STEP ONE: Choose the blow dry styler that will work best for your hair.

Repair Blow Dry: best for hair that’s dry or damaged from color.

Straight Blow Dry: best for hair that’s course, curly, or frizzy.

All-Style Blow Dry: works on everyone, but best for hair that’s fine or oily

STEP TWO: Spray Thickening Hairspray all over damp hair, from roots to ends.

STEP THREE: Rake your selected blow dry styler through your hair, from roots to ends.

STEP FOUR: Hand dry your hair until it is about 80% dry. To hand dry, use your fingers to move your hair back and forth across your head. This creates volume, shape, and helps eliminate cowlicks.

STEP FIVE: Section hair into five small sections. Blow dry each section using a round or flat brush, directing airflow down the length of the hair. Start with the sections at the top of your crown and work your way down and back.

STEP SIX: Finish by spraying Cityswept Finish through your hair’s midshaft and ends. This will hold your style while creating separation and sheen.


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This New Dating App is a Response To Creeps on Tinder

Last year, Tinder co-founder Whitney Wolfe sued the company for sexual harassment after ultimately getting pushed out of the business. Following that experience, Wolfe started Bumble, which describes itself as a feminist dating app where women call the shots.

Bumble, a free app, is similar to Tinder in that male and female users swipe left for “no” and right for “yes.” Both users receive a notification if there’s a match, but the woman is the only one allowed to make the first move. While this could be considered unusual, it turns out that many men are interested. The app has more than 500,000 users and the average user spends more than an hour on Bumble per day. The male-female ratio is about 50/50