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2 Day Body Sculpt Workout For Women

This is a beginners routine for women who want to blast fat and tone up 🔥 simply alternate the days for an all over body sculpting workout 🍑

Day 1 (Legs and Cardio)

Barbell/Smith machine sqauts 4x12

Straight leg deadlifts/good mornings 3x12

Hip thrusters 3x12

Leg extensions 3x15

Calf Raises 2x20

20 mins on bike

Day 2 (Upper Body and Cardio)

Press ups 3x as many as you can do

Cable row/bent over Barbell row 3x12

Seated dumbell shoulder press 3x 12

Barbell curls 2x15

Cable tricep extensions 2x 15

Crunches 2x as many as you can do

20 mins crosstrainer

Give it a try and let me know what you think in the comments 💬

If you enjoy this workout a ♥ or a 🔄 would be greatly appreciated 😄

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