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Hi! Well, let me start by saying that I’m not following any recent/current Iron Man story line and I don’t know if she’s appeared before (someone please tell me), but I’m being very possitive about it. 

As far as I know, she’s a 15 year old genius and she built up her own Iron Man suit, right? That is super cool! I also think that even when this might seem negative or that Tony is going to leave, I always think in Bucky/Sam taking over the mantle of Cap. There can be two of anything.

However, I do think Marvel is trying too hard and if this is not approached correctly it will explode in their faces.

Marvel: We need more POC and female representation.

Marvel: *Kills Rhodey and Jennifer Walters*

Marvel: ……

Marvel: Let’s make Iron Man a girl.

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i liked matpats theories but i really can't deny that i was turning a blind eye to a lot of his bullshit

Ya, I like some of his theories too…but really tho, for someone who self proclaims himself “the smartest channel in gaming” (from his twitter) he is really ignorant and bigoted, I dont think he really does that much of a research when talking about psychology or gender or other stuff, and he doesn’t check his white cishet privilege much, and he tends to be very biased from time to time, he really needs to wake the fuck up and realize the mistakes and bulshit he makes…plus if you’ve seen his GTlive things he has misgendered nonbinary characters (chara and frisk, mostly bc the fangame he was playing misgendered them too) and tends to make…really…weird comments sometimes (they arent bad, but make me uncomfy, like sayinh “intumblr anything can be of any gender!!!” In a joking way, or when he makes fun of his wife, i know they are playing but uuuhhhh)

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The Sun has another bulshit article about 1d boys's past girlfriends. Even Hannah is mentioned and of course Breona.

Are they reminding people of how very straight they all are?

GOT7 Drama...

Okay. I’m fcking pissed off. This whole GOT7 situation is a mess. This can literally end their entire careers. What Bambam said was not okay and will not be accepted in any way, BUT, why do people feel the need to send him death threats? Why not just chill out, and teach him why saying that certain word is not acceptable. And on with fucking Yugyeom, oh my sweet darling Yugyeom…look. I know that you need to be 21 to drink in America but underage drinking happens all the fcking time, why is it any different this time? There is no SOLID EVIDENCE that Yugi was drinking, people just assumed because he just LOOKED drunk…which he did but we don’t personally know Yugyeom so we can’t comment the truth. The thing that’s making ALL OF THIS FUCKING BULSHIT WORSE IS ALLKPOP!! They need to gtfo because they got the story of Yugyeom just up there and in the public not knowing any truth behind anything. It is also said that one of Marks friends told Bambam that that one certain word that he said meant “brother”. I’m just fucking pissed off that this can ruin GOT7. Sorry if some of this doesn’t make sense, I’m just fucking pissed off and I don’t care about grammatical errors. All in all FUCK ALLKPOP, they’re all cunts and they can go fuck themselves. Why did allkpop need to get involved…we already know that they’re in trouble with jyp. He is gonna whoop their asses. I’m sorry for the rant but I’m fucking pissed off and scared that this can ruin GOT7.

Ok so I’m having a go at Akinator and I think I’m winning.

He thinks I’m thinking of that girl from 50 shades of gross bulshit.

but he’s wrong >:D

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you put up such a bulshit bravado. you hurt real people witht he shit you say. you and your band of fucking gay lords are nothing. salt qeen? yeah right. get a life

C’mere and say it off anon fucker. step to my friends watch what I do