Nurses and doctors ran from local hospital to save lives in London terror attack
Many Brits are saying emergency services have made them most proud of their country today
By Nicola Oakley

I don’t ordinarily share tablodi articles, but I felt it important to share this one. More than ever, today I’ve been reminded of that Mr. Rogers Quote:

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”    
And today we were reminded again of the helpers. I saw a clip in which a police officer called to transfixed passers-by, urging them to run to safety, making sure they got out of the way of danger. I saw the clips of passers by, doctors and nurses from Tommie’s run to the aid of the people who’d been injured. Pictures of politicians giving first aid to victims. 

But also, because, out of all the tragedy and chaos, this image summarises all that is great about the NHS.  A Ward Sister has evidently run out, blankets in tow, ready to distribute them amongst the victims. I don’t know who she and her colleagues are, but I recognise their resilience and their initiative because I see it every day in my amazing nurse colleagues. Despite the pain, I smiled when I saw this image, because of course a Sister would make order out of chaos and sort things out.

Rather than sharing images of the victims at their most bulnerable, I wanted to share an image of some of the formidable people who ran in when every fibre of your being is telling you to run away.

I’m proud to work amongst such people. And though I wish that we didn’t face such difficulties with the NHS, or face attacks like today, there’s nobody else I’d rather be stuck in this situation with than people like them.

yaboishanes  asked:

As I was stalking your fic recs tag the other day, you mentioned once that you don't like High School or College AUs. Is there a reason why or it just doesn't appeal to you?

Eeeehh. I don’t like them because it bores me to read about people going through school. I went through that and there was nothing especial about it. 

My most important memories about college, for example, are because of my friends and mostly outside school. 

But people uses this element of having to study and not having money as you do so like some kind of fetish to have the character stressed and bulnerable, sometimes even have the other half of the OTP paying for their crap and so. It’s disgusting.

In High School AUs, the romantizing of alcohol and drug use makes me roll my eyes 100/100 times. I know most americans like and cosume, or likes the idea of cosuming drugs, their culture is so different from mine, I just roll my eyes to it. Believe me, I don’t like the circle.

Yes, it made me laugh. But I don’t like what it is and how important it is to the characters to the point in season 8 we had an episode dedicated to Donna, Fez and Leo doing an intervention to Hyde for leaving drugs. They did an intervention for him to start consuming drugs again. That in my country is not only illegal, is considered fucking dangerous and just– whoever does that, especially an adult, is inmoral and disgusting. 

We don’t see drugs as this WOW shit like other cultures do, probably because of how violent drugs have taken lives and destroyed homes, entire states and families since forever in my countries. Worst part is that when shit goes wrong on the other side of the continent, we latinos are to blame for getting the drugs over there, when most people is on this site making posts about how cool they are for consuming.

Most High School and College AUs have this and it fucking makes me sick. I don’t read them and I don’t like it.

On the other hand, some High School and/or College AUs are like this: student A falls in love with teacher B. Or something like that. I hate that, too. Like… IT’S WRONG. No, no, no. I just don’t like that crap.

sleepover time!

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Autre escribí esto y me pareció bueno, me gustaría que lo leyeras. Me encanta lo que haces aquí y en aquihaylujuria es genial es auténtico es un aporte, todo seria mejor sin ese morvo o miedo. Eso que nos hace compararnos con la publicidad eso que nos inculcan de niños. Bueno saludos y gracias

No quiero más ruido, quiero más violonchelo
No quiero mas luz, quiero más tu con nuestros ojos cerrados
No quiero más palabras, pero quiero más lengua
No quiero más miradas, quiero más rose
No quiero más dolor, quiero más placer
No quiero más miedo, quiero mas abrazarte por abrazarte, por que quieres, por que quiero. Acariciar tu pelo por que se siente bien que te sientas bien. Quiero comer tu cuello.
Quiero exitarte. Exitarte tanto ese pequeño universo que hace que abandones la conciencia, yo quiero descubrirte con mi lengua. Hacerlo hasta que mi cuerpo no se pueda levantar a causa de ese destello de luz roja que sale de mi centro por causa tuya. Sentirte donde eres más bulnerable con mi parte más bulnerable y morir al mismo tiempo. Quiero que me devores el orgullo el odio o los miedos con tu boca incontrolable

No quiero solo avanzar, también quiero estar, olvidarme del frasco y ser la sustancia misma de la cual quieren enfrascar. quiero ser brillante arena de colores en el aire
Quiero ser eternamente ese momento en que la ola se forma para llegar a su estado más glorioso
Quiero estar recostado desnudo sobre unos centímetros de agua cristalina bajo un árbol al que se le cuela la luz del sol
No quiero mi nombre ni las palabras que me enseñaron y limitan, palabras que, en ocasiones, por expresar mas rápido nos distancian y nos acorta las emociones