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1. Hak x Yona (akatsuki no yona) 

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2. Vegeta x Bulma (dragon ball)

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3. Hiruma x Mamori (Eyeshield 21)

4. Sesshomaru x Rin (Inuyasha)

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5. Gray x Juvia (Fairy Tail) 

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6. Okita x Kagura (Gintama)

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7. Kyo x Tohru (fruits basket)

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8. Solomon x Sheba (magi)

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9. Mai x Trunks (Dragon ball)

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10. Sharrkan x Yamuraiha (magi)

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International Women’s Day 2017

Here are all of My Favorite Female Characters from Different Anime/Manga

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What I think the FT ships are like

Starring my top five. Of course, this post begins with Nalu (I mean, what doesn’t?)

Natsu and Lucy are the usual sappy-butterflies-in-my-stomach-childish-besties-but-something-more partners-in-crime that we love. Admit it, when you first read/watched Fairy Tail, you thought they’d make a cute couple. Nalu is the face of the story, given that the two are the main characters, and there’s nothing wrong with that.


Where Juvia Lockser is the moderately-attached cute admirer of the tsundere ice butt Gray Fullbuster. How do I put it uhhh… JUVIA’S VISION IS LIKE THE FAIRY TAIL VERSION OF GINNY’S DREAM COME TRUE: BEING WITH HER CRUSH, HARRY BLOOMIN’ POTTER. Although Harry wasn’t like Gray, both gentlemen find/found/will find their ways to notice the girl who likes, err–love them, and learn to reciprocate the feeling. So people, never give up on your crushes.


Does the ship Vegebul ring a familiar vibe to you? Blue-haired beauties and spiky-haired baddies? Gajeel is quite similar to Vegeta: from bad guy to good guy image change. Levy and Bulma are both geniuses in their own ways AND only them can tame their badmen. Also proves that your past shouldn’t matter, as long as you get up and move on, improve, and learn to protect who you love.


WARNING: If by any chance you are not a fan of this ship, then skip. Don’t babble nonsense and say, ‘Laxus/Mirajane is better with ______’ because I think it’s disgusting.

Okay. The ship with the 5-second to no screen time (at all), and that makes me sad. But their interactions are so gold, their shippers make the tag explode with awesome fanarts, wonderful fanfictions, and headcanons–appreciation. Mirajane and Laxus tell us that a relationship needs not to be too exposed to the prying eyes of the public; and [the original] an image change takes courage! A change of heart can be swoon-worthy for the hottest girl in Fiore.


JUST MAKE BABIES ALREADY! Jellal and Erza are the couple who will endure time and life injustices because in the end, they both know that their love was worth every single blood and tear fucking drops and heart fucking aches they had for years. It is never too late to free yourself from the guilt of yesterday (well hello there Mr. Fernandes); there’s someone waiting for you, always.

+plush: 3″ Vegeta & Bulma: Watching DBZ Kai and DB Super on Toonami has been making me nostalgic, so I made these two in my spare time for fun :) Went with Bulma’s Namek outfit ‘cause I like it, and because that’s when the whole “when Bulma met Vegeta” thing started. For Vegeta I just picked my favorite armor style.

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Favorite Anime OTPS??


but I’ll try..

1) VegeBul

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2) MadoKyo

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3) ChibiHelios

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4) SanaAkito

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5) Takari

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6) InuKag

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7) Kanasuke

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8) OscarAndrè

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9) NaLu

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10) YuRo

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11) GoChi

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12) Sorato

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13) Michi (LOL also TaiMimato bahaha)

14) Shaokura

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15) AshMisty (oh my this was probably my first ship along with vegebul and takari)

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16) YuuMiki

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17) Godel

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I’m sure I’m forgetting someone, I did it without thinking that much! But THE Otp of all Otps remains VegeBul <3

Gajeel is basically Vegeta

Seriously, it’s true. 

1- They both have a rivalry with the main character (Natsu/Goku)

2- They, along with the main character, are members of a strong and rare species (Dragon Slayers/Saiyans)

3- They both started as antagonists to the main characters group (Fairy Tail guild/Z Fighters)

4- After being beaten by the main character, they both became members of that group

5- They both have a higher form of their respective species, but only after the main character got theirs (Iron Shadow mode because he doesn’t have Dragon Force yet. YET!/Super Saiyan)

6- They were both antagonistic towards a blue haired genius friend of the main character (Levy/Bulma)

7- They both have that same blue haired genius as their love interest 

8- They’re both tsundere’s towards their blue haired genius love interest

9- They’re both tsundere’s in general really…

10- They both have nasty attitudes.

11- They both have black cats. (Lily/that cat that’s always with Bulma’s dad. I admit, I’m stretching a bit with that one.)

12- They both get way stronger when their blur haired genius love interest is in danger (Vegeta when Beerus hits Bulma/Gajeel going Steel Dragon on Torafuzar after Levy is in danger)

13- Only their blue haired genius love interest can really keep them in line.

14- They’re both badass!!

The fanfiction Twice Upon a Time by NinjaWhisper was recommended to me.  It includes an AU where Bulma and Vegeta have 4 kids and two of them are 6-year old twins.  They were so cute, I had to draw them!