Brimstone Canary (Crithagra sulphuratus)

Also known as the Bully Canary, the brimstone canary is a species of finch (Fringillidae) which is a resident breeder in central and southern Africa. Brimstone canaries are often found in open, lightly wooded areas, like hillsides with trees or scrub and forest edges. In South Africa they are known to occur mainly in coastal areas. Brimstone canaries are less gregarious than other canary species, often feeding alone or in limited groups. Like other finches, brimstone canaries feed mainly on seeds, fruit, and occasionally flowers and shoots.  


Animalia-Chordata-Aves-Passeriformes-Fringillidae-Carduelinae-Crithagra-C. sulphuratus

Image: Francesco Veronesi

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someone deadnamed me on anon when trying to tell me I'm faking autism. and it was so scary bc it was like my really real first name that I have never gone by online and I'm so paranoid now and I just. needed to complain abt that I'm sorry

I’m so so so sorry, anon. *hugs* That’s terrible. I can’t even begin to process how that would make me feel, since it would undoubtedly be an old bully or someone like that. Know that you’re safe here. Please take care. <3

Stop bullying people w/ triggers

Despite psychologists, doctors, therapists saying triggers are real and valid, there are so many people who always assume that they’re faking it or saying triggers aren’t real at all. Most of those people don’t know what it’s like. I wish mental health is actually taken seriously like physical health. Triggers differ from person to person. It might be bigger in some case or it can be smaller for others. Person A’s condition might be a little smaller and Person B, who’s problem is bigger than theirs. You’re nothing but a bully who likes to poke fun at them for having these issues…and yet you say you believe in equality for everyone.

Personal true story:
When my father left, it truly ruined me. No more of him teaching me how to ride a bicycle. No more of him cooking for my siblings and I. No more of him hanging out with me when I had no one else. No more of him. I always hear of my classmates talking about how their dads always spend time with them, how they always willing to help out, and saying how much they love their dad.
Some of my classmates ask, “Vanessa, where’s your dad?” “We always see your mom, but what about your dad?” I usually say nothing and walk away, knowing how much it hurts to talk about him. In eighth grade, a classmate and I were talking about p.e. and lightly joking around, I joked with him and said “I got a Gatorade and you don’t” and randomly said, “At least I have a dad” I immediately ran off and was about to cry. Its even worse now since he’s been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and has a few years to live. He may not be the best dad, but he’s important to me and is always quietly supporting me all this time, he taught me a lot and would always defend me when my mom jumps on me. To this day, it still hurts talking about it. But I’m brave enough to talk about things that truly hurts to bring up. Some people don’t want to and that’s OK.

Don’t let these people get to you, they just want attention and choosing to waste time to be a bully. I’m pretty sure most people would never truly fake mental illness/triggers for attention, that’ll be too mean.

People with mental illnesses and mental triggers are just as important as everyone else.

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