The Disease

Can anyone tell me why my body is insufficiently protected from a 22-40nm virus, but when I STAB MY ARM I make it out fine in a couple days… Sowwy. I didn’t mean to blow up like that. I just was thinking a small organism with only one goal in its life: (the term life is used loosely because viruses do not meet all requirements of life) to destroy your body. And yet it succeeds for a while. If you are strong you win, if you are not then… well another blog for a different time. Then i think (being a revolutionary) why can’t we learn from these little buggers and follow their strategy: lysogenic cycle the crap outta ‘em. Do what they do: attack from within. If we have something worth fighting for, we dismantle it’s core and break through. We CAN WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m revolutionthroughthemind and I approve this message.


Well done to all those people who managed once again to be total hypocrites and hurt someone. 

There are so many young people and teenagers on Tumblr. So many. And all they are, are people who still don’t really know how the world works, how to act in certain situations, how to deal with some problems and what is and isn’t okay yet.

Sending people hate, calling them horrible things, telling them they’re bad people because of this is nothing short of bullying. That’s right. Bullying. 

If they post something that is a ‘trigger’ for you, check the tags. Most of them tag their stuff so you can blacklist it instead of being assholes and calling them out for 'hurting you’ when all they’re doing it blogging, like everyone else on this site.

Making someone upset, trying to force them to change what they like and what they post is ridiculous. And all it does it hurt them. Isn’t that exactly what you’re accusing them of doing? Hypocrisy at it’s finest.

There are thousands of people who like the same stuff they like. Why are you attacking them? Because they can’t defend themselves? Because it makes you feel powerful? Or do you just get off on making teenagers upset and insecure?

If someone is posting about things that you don’t like you can either ask them to tag it and blacklist that tag or you can unfollow them. It’s not that hard.

But Stop sending people hate messages. Stop getting your friends to gang up on them. Stop making them upset and question of they’re a good person or not. Stop being a hypocrite. Stop trying to change who they are and what they like. Stop.

Just. Stop.


End Bullying