only if I wasn’t 18. only If I was still in high school. only if I could really protect you, you’d be safe. only if I didn’t graduate like I planned I could of helped you. only if you wouldn’t of kept this from me. I’m so sorry this is happening and I wish I could change it for you..

The Young Mage



“Where the hell is this place?” Dominic asked, peering out the window uneasily. “It feels like we’ve been driving for hours.” And that was hours after a full day’s journey by train.

“We have, sir,” commented First-Lieutenant Bradshaw uninterestedly. “Westinvitch is not centrally located, like you’re used to.”

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Just because something is highly requested doesn't mean you should actually do it. Of course she would say it's fine to make it - she'd sound stuck up and get hate for not allowing you to make one. Asking her is just manipulative and cruel - and now there's a platform for her to get bullied on. This just makes me sad.

In what world would she sound stuck up if she said no.

Yuu’s Pokemon Team

Charizard (Fire/Flying): A hotheaded and fierce pokemon that searches for strong opponents. I was also thinking about Ash’s Charizard in the anime. When it first evolved it refused to listen to Ash’s orders for a while, but still cared greatly for Ash and was protective of him.

Zangoose (Normal): Zangoose have a feud with another species of pokemon, Seviper, and attacks with its sharp claws.

Chesnaught (Grass/Fighting): A powerful and forceful pokemon that will shield allies with its own body.

Pangoro (Dark/Fighting): A temperamental pokemon that is quick to attack, but also will not tolerate bullying. 

Mismagius (Ghost): A ghost pokemon that will chant and torment humans and cause hallucinations. I was thinking of Asuramaru.

Swoobat (Psychic/Flying): Swoobat evolves from high friendship levels with its trainer. I was alluding to the fact Yuu is friends with a vampire hah-

like at least in real summer camp u learn half-assed practical woods shit like how to start a fire or somethin meanwhile @ day camp the only thing I learned is how far bullying will go before some 20-something y/o decides to half-assedly step in n go “hey… we’re all friends here :)”

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i dont like the majority of the few friends i have and i feel kinda bad about it but like they get on my nerves and they dont make me feel good about myself but idk how to get away from them ?? i feel tied to these "friendships" ya know

i had the exact same problem a few months back. they were homophobic and very rude, calling everyone horrible names (I even suffered the bullying)
SO what you’re gonna do is this: tell them you don’t want to hang out anymore. if they ask why, just tell them you want to focus on school. if they bother you, just keep telling them that. if they STILL bother you after that, ignore them and don’t talk to them. it worked for me, and i’m glad i’m not friends with them anymore . hope everything works out babe :]


The fact I’ve been a Swiftie for 11 years since I was 13. It has been the best 11 years of my life. Taylor means the absolute world to me. She helped me when I was bullied and when I was heartbroken. She was always there to cheer me up and became my best friend. She has helped me through so much and I can’t thank @taylorswift enough for what she has done for me. Plus Taylor has given me some of the greatest friends every and I’m so thankful for her and them. She changed my life and learned me that I’m beautiful and worth while. That I deserve to be happy. Thank you Taylor for being the best idol ever. For being so sweet and caring. Thanks for interacting with us so much and for always being so grateful for us. Thanks for writing songs and doing concerts and wanting to meet us it means a lot. It’s my biggest dream to meet you. To get one of your amazing hugs and to thank you in person for what you have done for me and telling you I love you in person. I’ll always stand by you and I’ll never leave your side. I love you so much. 💕

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28 y 36

Bueno, respondo muuuuy tarde porque no había leído esto antes 😅

28.- ¿De dónde eres?: de Punta Arenas, capital de la duodécima región de Magallanes y la Antártica Chilena, al sur austral de Chile, país extenso al borde costero situado en América del Sur. ¿Más específico? Jajaaj
36.- ¿Alguna vez alguien ha inventado algo sobre ti? La verdad, si. Demasiadas cosas, desde chica tuve problemas en el colegio con las chicas mayores, siempre inventaban cosas, hasta cuando tuve 15 más o menos, otras seguían molestándome y haciéndome pasar vergüenzas, el 2013 fue mi último año y en ese también tuve un gran conflicto con una compañera que me hizo bullying indirectamente y cyberbullying, la enfrenté y siguió con su tontera.. Entré a la universidad y chicas de mi clase decían cosas raras sobre mi.. Y así sigue.. Siempre tuve problemas, no sé por qué :/

Day 44/366

How do you feel about Valentine’s Day?

I’ve always been a sort of Grinch, not just about Christmas but about any other holiday/celebration. Valentine’s Day to me is the most meaningless of all. I think I have to clarify something, though. What I feel is not hatred; it’s more like sour indifference. I’m the kind of person who thinks that if you love someone, you can tell them or buy them something nice whatever day of the year. If I want to give chocolates on a Tuesday in the middle of fucking September, then I’ll do it. It really bothers me that Valentine’s Day is about buying stuff and spending money. It bothers me that restaurants are crowded with couples, that having someone to spend the day with becomes almost necessary and that people feel they’re entitled to bully you if you’re single on February 14. In my country people always want to play “Secret Friend” either at school or work for this date. You always end up participating because if you say you don’t want to, they see you as if you’ve grown two heads. It’s a disgusting custom here. I wish people would stop behaving as if that freaking day is different from the others! 

PS: I have felt this way about Valentine’s Day when in a relationship and when single. When in a relationship, it’s been even worse for me. So much anxiety just for nothing! 


Self hate

Self hate: that voice inside your head that’s constantly telling you that you’re not good enough. Self hate is not something anyone should take lightly. I long for the day when everyone can finally see their worth, the day when anyone can look in the mirror and not wish that they were somebody else. I feel strongly about self hate and putting an end to it, I believe that if we all really wanted to make this change in the world, we could. Self hate, in some ways, is worse than getting bullied by someone else because when you look into the depths of self hate, you’re the person generating the hate towards yourself. It’s your point of view of yourself. You can beat yourself up mentally and criticize every little thing you do or say, but at the end of the day, you’re the only person you’ll ever be and even if you’re blinded by your faults, you’re still a beautiful creation and nothing will ever change that. It’s difficult– to hate yourself but wish that the people around you still like you. It’s like you’re stuck on a never ending staircase and every time you reach the next step, you end up pushing yourself down, over and over again. Self hate is not something that can go away in seconds, but something that’s a continuous fight. Fighting against yourself is different than anything else. It feels as if there’s no winning. You’re trapped inside your own head, fighting a battle against your mind, your thoughts. Everything you do, everything you say, never seems to be good enough for that voice. Through all of it, you have to have hope. Hope that one day, you’ll overcome that voice, you’ll be strong enough to beat it. It’ll be hard, a struggle but you’ll get there. One day, you’ll truly love yourself.