[There’s a group of Ares kids gathered in a semi circle around the back side of the arena, Robin getting shoved around between them. He’s not saying anything as he’s berated, able to block the mostly harmless blows. Robin’s not making a sound until one of the punches gets thrown a bit too hard and he goes down with a yelp. The children of Ares laugh and continue to hit Robin while he’s on the ground.]

;; Okay, look. Here’s the deal. I love you guys and all, but please don’t send peer pressure-y asks, okay? Pressuring my muse to act in a way he really doesn’t want to, is in fact a form of bullying, and I will no longer answer asks that make me uncomfortable. They will be deleted from here on out. I’m not being mean, I’m being a mature adult. Thank you.

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Send me a face for a headcanon about my muse!

ヽ(´ー`)ノ : What calms your muse down?

  • thunderstorms.
  • Crying.

(´∀`) : What could your muse care less about?

I’m just going to go with the assumption of COULDN’T since that’s a common mistake in English…

Depending on her relationship with a person, she doesn’t normally give a shit over their thoughts on her. They could think she’s complete and utter trash, and she’d only shrug her shoulders.

ヽ(`Д´)ノ : What irritates your muse the most?

Do not ever try to mistreat another human being in any sort of way that would seem uncalled for from her perspective. She will fucking wreck your shit.

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on that post on "how was it kl*nce" I've seen kl*nce fans call the scene in the elevator where they both agree to stay on opposite ends of the pool "sexual tension" and I've also seen them accuse the staff of queerbaiting with kl*nce so. they seem to get a lot from nothing

i’m just super baffled yunno