Marvel Cinematic Universe #ExplainAFilmPlotBadly

Iron Man (2008) : A billionaire eats cheeseburgers and talks to his machines that do all the work for him.

The Incredible Hulk (2008) : A scientist fails to become Captain America and instead turns into Shrek.

Iron Man 2 (2010) : Same billionaire, but richer, more famous and crazier.

Thor (2011) : A hot blondie is outcast from his planet just because he wanted to kill his fathers enemies.

Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) : Creepy CGI dude gets make over and gets hot AF and everyone loves him suddenly. And he asks out a girl when he’s about to crash into ice.

The Avengers (2012) : A hot Rapunzel wannabe bullies his little evil brother with the help of Buzzlighter, an old man with frisbee, Katniss Everdeen, Shrek and Fiona.

Iron Man 3 (2013) : Same billionaire drags his destroyed suit around and at the end he gets a surgery so he won’t glow in the dark.

Thor: The Dark World (2013) : hot blondie takes his nerd girlfriend to his planet and Loki dies. But he’s alive somehow. Again.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) : The best MCU movie. Best. Done. No word.

Guardians of The Galaxy (2014) : Everyone makes fun of the main character because of his name. And everyone chases around an ugly ball.

Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) : Buzzlighter, old man with Fresbee, Katniss, wannabe Rapunzel, Shrek and Fiona can’t defeat Siri and everyone makes fun of Cap because he doesn’t curse.

Ant-Man (2015) : A criminal becomes friends with ants and fangirls over Falcon.

Captain America: Civil War (2016) : Rich guy with metal suit fights two 95 years old men, one with metal prosthetic arm and another with frisbee.

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So I was a shy and quiet kid in school. You know the kid that chills in the background and hangs by themselves bey they're lonely . I also got bullied an awful lot. One day this kid turns to me and goes 'go on hit me if you want!' And I smack the fucking shit out of him. Then I get sent to the head teachers office and he tells me of and then he tells me off for smiling while he's telling me off. The guy deserved it. After school my parents bought me a muffin and said 'well done' -- school story

DANG MAN PAYBACK. If they have been bullying you then they totally deserved that. They were literally asking for it. x’D. Pft the head teacher should have seen that coming if this guy has been an issue. It’s nice that your parents saw that too and didn’t get upset for it. PLUS muffins are one of the best things.

But on a more serious note I hope that things are better and you’re not being bullied anymore because no one deserves that. <3

Thank you for sharing Anon.

Craziest story from school?

D-Agency’s Mean Spies Girls ft.The Holy smol Trinity (Hatano, Miyoshi, Jitsui)

The New Lars: Re-View

The New Lars is interesting as I feel it’s one of those episodes that change the more you look at it. The first thing people point out is that this episode makes Lars just some evil bully but let’s examine that. For one his parents. One thing no one has noticed that his parents are never mentioned by ANYONE, let alone seen. In times of crisis or just events where we see most of the parents for BC they’re never around. The “cursing” thing is also interesting as we’ve HEARD Lars do his version of a curse word when he spilled coffee on Garnet: “Criminy!” Someone who says that is probably not tossing f-bombs if you ask me. Next is his report card, first of all there’s like 10 classes which makes no sense whether he’s in high school or college, plus he’s supposed to hold down a full time job while also taking that silly amount of classes? That’s just not possible. The fact that his parents stalk him and seem to just accept that Lars will probably be a failure despite the MASSIVE amount of pressure put on him is a red flag. Next is The Cool Kids, we know Lars loves them to death and is shown to be a lot softer around them. There’s no way he’s a bully to them whatsoever, yet they seem to be rather blunt with their dislike of him. Which considering how much they influence Lars could explain why he’d probably try to imitate them so he could be like them. They also show no sympathy for him having his body stolen, whether they liked him or not asking him “where’s your chill?” is ridiculous and rather cold-hearted. If they had such a problem with Lars they should have told him, instead they act petty and rude. Sadie is an interesting example as a lot of what she says is a very skewed version of past events. She says Lars would never apologize, which is a lie. We’ve seen in Joking Victim and Island Adventure Lars trying to reconcile with Sadie but her own actions (lighting him on fire and just cutting him off) caused him to not be able to do so. It’s her own fault. She also says Lars would only say I love you to hurt her. Forgetting her blatant manipulation of Lars in Island Adventure to get him to confess to her under trying circumstances instead of just, talking to him, this only made Lars (who was a bit of a flake) become much more cautious with hanging around her. Notice that like in all his episodes Lars never defends himself, he isn’t able to. But what’s interesting is that Lars isn’t potrayed as some devil child whenever he (as in himself) is actually on screen in the episode. He tries to talk to Steven but Steven getting in his face and yelling frustrated him. He simply gives up on his anger with Steven and just accepts Sadie’s warped viewpoint of him. Let’s be honest here guys, we know Lars isn’t cruel like that and the fact that Steven could tell him that Sadie thinks he is and he just goes “ She’s probably right” means he doesn’t care what’s right. If someone else thinks it then it most likely is his fault. Which is a bad mentality to have. I think this episode wasn’t how bad Lars is, but more about how Lars has no control over the perception others have on him. He’s nowhere near as bad as others think he is but it doesn’t matter because he assumes he’s at fault.

Gay Cyclops. (Sebastian Smythe x Reader)

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My request! Y/N is Sebastian’s girlfriend. Or was. They had an unhealthy relationship. And to chop it all off, he cheated on Y/N with a girl from another show choir from a school not too far away from Dalton. To make things up for her, he buys her the necklace she had always wanted from Pandora which was way too expensive to afford. But thanks to Sebastian’s wealth, he got it just in time. Along with the help of Blaine Anderson, the once gay cyclops - who has better things in mind.

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Some angels are destined to fall. Their wickedness and vanity causing them to fall from the sky and be destroyed with their wings ripped or damaged.

Sebastian Smythe felt like that. He was an angel with broken wings. Everyone misunderstood him. The bully, the evil villain of Lima, Ohio, the prince with the wannabe Disney prince haircut. The New Directions came up with so many aliases for him. Most were hurtful. He knew he didn’t deserved to be treated unfairly but after what he did to his now ex-girlfriend Y/N, he had second thoughts.

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