bullying ponies


“You know, earlier this evening/morning, I was so angry, I just wanted to hop a bus down there and kill her with my own bare hands.
I hate her.
YEARS of harassment.
I want it to stop.
I want her to leave me alone.
Stop trolling me. Stop bullying me.
I was bullied my entire childhood. Now I’m 36 and I’m still being bullied, by some fucking asshole who’s willing to throw away her own supposed pro-trans stance just to hurt me.”
“[…]I see you typing that and I know you’re using hyperbole[…]”
“No, I literally had homocidal thoughts.
She made me THAT angry.”

These are the unedited words of a woman who knows where I live and lives in my state. Her name is Jessica Blank, she goes by Purple Tinker on most social media platforms, and is well known within the Brony community. These statements were made several weeks ago, and after consulting with legal counsel and exploring my options, I have decided to make one final post on this subject.

Over the past two years, Jessica Blank has made repeated and multiple threats of harm against me, including informing me directly that she wants to hurt me:

As well as publicly inciting others to hurt me:

“She needs a fucking smackdown.”

The link (which I have censored for my safety) lead to a close-up photo of myself/my face, a map of the city I live in, my alleged IP address, my real name and all of my associated screen names/email addresses, and a list of fabricated crimes.

Over the past two years, Jessica Blank has also continued other various forms of harassment against me (which is documented here), including spamming her Twitter feed with my name/photo, changing her icon to be a picture of my face, posting my name and personal information on 4chan and 4chan-affiliates, sending innumerable threats/harassment over various messenger services/email, befriending my Facebook friends so she could view my private FB page, and getting me fired from a volunteer position at a convention by harassing the people working with me (including a VIP IDW artist), all while making false claims that I am violent, delusional, transphobic and/or “crazy”.

Jessica Blank has also continued to send me multiple threatening emails and messages, despite multiple requests to cease all contact, and being blocked on every front. She frequently tries to force me to make contact with her, either by finding a new account of mine to contact, or coercing my friends/contacts to speak to me on her behalf. She also stalks this blog on a daily, and sometimes hourly basis.

This is abusive behavior.  

Over the past months, I have ceased to publicly speak about her at all in the hopes of stopping this, but my actions have no effect on the level of stalking and harassment; she has now convinced herself that I am anonymously commenting about her on other websites, with zero evidence. 

Here is my final statement on this matter:

Purple Tinker, AKA Jessica Blank has escalated her obsession with me to a level that is unacceptable. Any further contact to, or about me, will be considered harassment, and will be logged and saved for a future harassment case.

If anyone would like to offer their support or advice, it is welcome, but this is the last time I will be speaking publicly about Jessica Blank. Thank you for your time.



Friend sent this to me, think its something that some of us need to hear.