bullying gif


The non-dominant hand is in a 1 hand shape, signifying the person that is being bullied. The dominant hand is in the Y hand shape describing the head of a bull with two horns. The dominant hand touches the non-dominant hand’s index finger in between the two horns and hits the index finger and twists at the wrist as if the finger is being head-butted by a bull.

American Sign Language: Advanced Vocabulary 1.A

I know that Koe no katachi is a typical “bully turns into bullied” kind of movie but I really admire how they show that no one wants to be accused of bullying. 

When the school FINALLY decides to take action and defend Nishimiya everyone is quick to blame Ishida and take no responsibility themselves because of their fear of being socially shunned. Even the teacher takes no responsibility. He would see the bullying and he would also indirectly discriminate against her and yet, he just blames Ishida instead of realizing he should have handle the situation better. 

When you step back and take a really good look at the movie and it’s themes it is executed really well. The whole take on how you define what a friend is and wanting to be socially accepted is handle really well.